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She was coated in sweat and her eyes were half open
Noctis wiped the blood off of Amy's nose and chin and got her a blanket.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 196d 2h 39m 7s
Blood was dried under her nose and chin and she was snoring some
Vaan yawned and woke up. He was slightly tired and had just woken up.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 196d 2h 41m 50s
She ended up passing out, her head leaned back on the couch, breathing heavily
Rain picked up Amy and placed her on the couch where she could rest
  Rain / Catlover33 / 196d 2h 46m 51s
She finished then sat on the ground "s..shit",she rasped
Noctis walked towards Rain and made sure that he was alright.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 196d 2h 56m 28s
She wiped sweat from her face then started to heal them again
Rain stayed beside Amy in order to make sure that she was okay.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 196d 3h 5m 36s
She thanked him as sweat beaded down her face then continued to work on them
Rain sighs and grabs a bunch of tissues for Amy to use
  Rain / Catlover33 / 196d 3h 11m 6s
"S..son of a",she says as she got the other trackers out and wiped more blood from her nose
Rain sighs and told Amy that there were two trackers in Vaan and that there was another tracker in Marth.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 196d 3h 18m 29s
She cut the tracker out and heard him, blood dripping from her nose but she wiped it away and continued to work on them

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