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I heard that they're remaking the movie Candyman
[i I still sleep]

  Minyia / bellpepper / 156d 7h 31m 55s
She lit some candles and grabbed one of the many pumpkins from the backyard
[i I fall back to sleep, hoping I could just disappear]
  Minyia / bellpepper / 156d 7h 37m 9s

She began to make some soul cakes and hummed some

[i I whimpered a bit as I just realized what happend]
  Minyia / bellpepper / 156d 7h 39m 36s

She looked around as she heard a noise then coughed some

[i I turn over on my side looking at all the decorations]
  Minyia / bellpepper / 156d 7h 50m 0s

[b She also made some fruit pies and coughs some.]
[#e299ff I could smell it and it was amazing. I looked at the ground and layed there glumly]
  Minyia / bellpepper / 156d 7h 57m 41s
[b She put some pumpkin cookies in the oven and made some mulled wine.]
[i I sit down on the couch not doing anyhting] [+white njhbgvgfhjjgvtddrx]
  Minyia / bellpepper / 156d 8h 18m 0s
[b She left her to have her alone time and started to prepare for samhain.]
[i I lay there almost lifeless. as color starts to come back to my body, my eyes tear up. wishing I were dead]
  Minyia / bellpepper / 156d 8h 24m 21s
[b She carried her to the guest room and covered her up.]

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