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Marth had already fallen asleep and saw Tidus in his dream. He learned that he was alive and that his death was an illusion.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 236d 9h 41m 16s
She hugged him as she looked around then felt her legs turn to jello
Marth stops crying and almost falls asleep. "Tidus thank you for patting me on the head like you used to do when we were little." He muttered softly.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 236d 9h 43m 52s
She looked at him with unfocused eyes then smiled as she pet his hair
"You kinda remind me of Tidus." Marth told Amy. He was still crying.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 236d 9h 49m 13s
She moved and flinched when she was touched by a person she didnt know, sweating through her shirt and her hair soaked by sweat
Marth hugged Amy and tried to calm himself down. It had been hard for him ever since Tidus was killed by the scientists.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 236d 9h 51m 12s
She listened to Marth's voice but it sounded so far away and squeezed her eyes shut
Marth left the picture on the table and tried to remember why Tidus was always able to make people smile.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 236d 9h 53m 50s
She looked at him, her vision still swimming then stumbled a bit
Marth didn't pay any attention to Amy. "I fulfilled your final wish Tidus. I'll live a normal life so that you'll be remembered." He said out loud.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 236d 9h 56m 43s
She squinted her eyes as she looked at him confused, coughing some
"Why did those scientists have to take your life. We could have escaped together. Tidus why did they kill you." Marth said out loud.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 236d 10h 54s
She got up, tripping on the blanket and fell, smacking the ground
Marth didn't notice Amy at all and continued to cry. He had escaped the lab because Tidus's final wish was to let him have a normal life outside of the lab.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 236d 10h 5m 26s

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