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Tidus tapped Neku on the shoulder and started being playful
  Tidus / Catlover33 / 235d 14h 23m 45s
She got in after him and felt the hot water on her face and mumbled something
Tidus got out of the shower and gets dressed. He was feeling relaxed and calm.
  Tidus / Catlover33 / 235d 14h 33m 37s
She woke up after Neku then yawned as she went to go get a shower, yawning some
Neku wakes up and gets off of the bed. He yawned and stretched so that he could feel like he woke up.
  Tidus / Catlover33 / 235d 17h 26m 45s
She was still out and was mumbling in her sleep, twitch il my some
Noctis wakes up the next morning and stretches. He yawns in order to completely wake up.
  Tidus / Catlover33 / 235d 20h 4m 0s
She moved around and leaned into Noctis, coughing some
Marth didn't notice that Tidus had grabbed onto him as he was still asleep.
  Tidus / Catlover33 / 236d 7h 9m 52s
She itched where one of the bandages were then groaned some
Tidus was hugging Marth in his sleep as he liked him as a friend.
  Tidus / Catlover33 / 236d 7h 17m 20s
She wrapped her sem around him as she fell back asleep then started to snore again
Neku apologized to Amy in his sleep and stayed silent for the rest of the time that he was asleep.
  Neku / Catlover33 / 236d 7h 23m 4s
"Your kicking me right in the back wounds dude",she grumbled out
Neku screamed and woke up. "That was one scary nightmare." He muttered to himself before going back to sleep.
  Neku / Catlover33 / 236d 7h 29m 27s

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