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She jumped, almost spilling her gfuel then looked at Riku confused
Riku looked at Amy and screamed. He was covered in cuts and bruises that were caused by the same scientists that Yozora had escaped from. He was scared and didn't move at all.
  Riku / Catlover33 / 235d 9h 46m 40s
"Dude...seriously?",she asks as she walked to the kitchen and grabbed her Gushing gummy gfuel, which tasted like fruit gushers
Yozora opened the door and dragged a young male into the house.
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 235d 10h 1m 34s
"Come on, we just woke up",she says as she sighed then walked to the front door, holding her gfuel cup
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 235d 10h 8m 13s
She nods as she coughed then grabbed some of her gfuel from the cabinet then grabbed her blender bottle
"It's nice to see that you're awake today." Neku told Amy
  Neku / Catlover33 / 235d 10h 11m 16s
Sh waved as she grabbed some tissues and blew her nose, grunting
Neku yawned and looked at Amy. He was still slightly tired.
  Neku / Catlover33 / 235d 10h 13m 59s
She dried off and got dressed, new bandages on her back and arms then stepped out of the bathroom
Neku smiled and yawned. He was sleepy from the gentle sunlight that was hitting him.
  Neku / Catlover33 / 235d 12h 50m 46s
She washed the wounds gently as she hummed quietly to herself
Marth was sitting by the window and was looking at the trees.
  Tidus / Catlover33 / 235d 13h 2m 54s
She had removed the bandages, showing cuts all over her back and arms from a backyard wrestling match with her brother

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