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Marth sighed and sat down on the couch. He was slightly tired.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 234d 18h 1m 12s
She humped at the voice then looked at him, coughing
"They're always like this for some reason." Marth said out loud.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 234d 18h 16m 58s
She covered them both up then went to the living room, Midnight saying something in the back of her head
Yozora was still holding Riku and wouldn't let go of him.
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 234d 19h 6m 2s
She carried Yoroza to the bed and set him down gently
Yozora falls asleep without warning and wouldn't wake up.
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 235d 6h 39m 53s
She nods as she drank some more of her gfuel, coughing sime
"I'll clean up the wounds and bandage them." Yozora told Amy.
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 235d 9h 33m 37s
She sighed "do I have to heal him like I did the others?",she asks him as she coughed some
"He's bleeding and the blood got on my hands." Yozora told Amy.
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 235d 9h 42m 0s
"Everybody here has been hurt by somebody, me included",she says as she drank her gfuel
"Wait! He's been hurt by something and that's probably why he's scared." Yozora told Amy
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 235d 9h 48m 48s
"Chill, I'm not going to hurt you",she says to Riku as she looked at him
"P-please don't hurt me. I've already suffered enough pain." Riku told Amy.
  Riku / Catlover33 / 235d 10h 5m 11s

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