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She went back to playing video games then coughed again
Neku sighed and walked around the living room. He was awake and alert.
  Neku / Catlover33 / 196d 11h 2m 28s
She helped Neku out as she coughed some then looked around
Neku wakes up and tries to get out of Marth's grip. He didn't want to be held.
  Neku / Catlover33 / 196d 11h 9m 36s
"Everybody is always sleeping here",she says as she laughed some
Prompto also falls asleep on Noctis. Rain sighs and laughs at this.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 196d 11h 19m 53s
She was in the living room with the door closed since she was letting everybody get some rest
Noctis yawned and falls asleep with the others. He was tired as well.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 196d 11h 23m 5s
She ended up playing some rainbow siege and was talking to her friends
Neku falls asleep in Marth's arms and doesn't even bother trying to get out of his grasp.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 196d 11h 48m 17s
She ate some sushi and sighed as she rubbed a hand through her hair
Marth slightly giggles and grabs Neku before falling asleep yet again.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 196d 12h 11m 2s
She was still awake and was playing around on her laptop, her duffle bag with her magic powder bags by her just in case
Marth falls asleep and wakes up a few hours later. He had felt better after sleeping for so long.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 196d 12h 18m 26s
"Tou should sleep",she says as she looked st him then coughed some

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