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Riku felt something enter his body and tried to find a safe place to hide.
  Riku / Catlover33 / 233d 1h 29m 57s
The demons howled with laughter but soon burst into dust, screaming in pain
Ventus found himself in a cave while Lann found out that he was in a lake. Riku soon found out that he was in the deepest part of the woods. All three of them seemed to be trapped.
  Ventus / Catlover33 / 233d 1h 42m 42s
Amy had her gun filled with holy water filled bullets then looked around keeping watch
Ventus ran deeper into the woods as Riku followed him. Lann sighed and followed Ventus as well.
  Riku / Catlover33 / 233d 1h 48m 31s
The demons knew that there was traps all over the yard and house and that it wasnt worth losing their lives over two humans
Riku saw two young males outside of the house and ran towards them. He noticed that they were being attacked by demons. "You can take me but leave the other two alone." He told the demons.
  Riku / Catlover33 / 233d 1h 50m 52s
Amy had installed a holy water spritzer if it senses any demons as she looked at him
"There might be more of them. Is everyone safe?" Riku asked Amy. He knew that she was capable of this.
  Riku / Catlover33 / 233d 1h 58m 17s
The demon smiled then suddenly shrieked in pain as it began to turn into dust
"Y-you win... I can't move anymore and that means that I can't fight." Riku told the demon. The others had no idea where the smell of blood was coming from.
  Riku / Catlover33 / 233d 2h 54s
She could smell blood in the air then looked at everybody else
Riku noticed that one of the attacks hit his leg and that hindered his speed. "That's bad." He muttered to himself.
  Riku / Catlover33 / 233d 2h 5m 38s
The demons started to claw at him like a wild animal
Riku dodged the attack swiftly and taunted the demon. "TOO SLOW!" He yelled out.
  Riku / Catlover33 / 233d 2h 8m 37s

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