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Lann was still asleep and woke up only to find himself face to face with Amy. He screamed and fell off the bed.
  Lann / Catlover33 / 234d 9h 28m 49s
She woke up and looked around groggily as she sat up
Lann went back to sleep so that he could ignore Amy clinging onto him.
  Lann / Catlover33 / 234d 9h 35m 21s
She was curled up now and was snoring slightly, her breathing sounding raspy
"Why is she grabbing onto me..." Lann muttered to himself. He had no idea why he was grabbed.
  Lann / Catlover33 / 234d 9h 52m 15s
She was mumbling and turned on her side, wearing a tye dye tank top and her orange Jeffree Star track pants.
Lann woke up and almost screamed. He froze in fear as he was never touched by another girl before.
  Lann / Catlover33 / 234d 9h 57m 30s
She was snoring slightly as she mumbled some, her hair soaked in sweat
"When is she going to realize that she's snuggling up with Lann." Rain muttered to himself.
  Riku / Catlover33 / 234d 11h 34m 11s

She snored as she snuggled into Rain and was mumbling some
Noctis sighs and falls asleep on the bed as well. He was tired.
  Riku / Catlover33 / 235d 2h 42m 18s
She was sleeping in between Riku and Tain, snoring softly
Noctis smiled at the sleeping group and giggled. He was amused by how they piled up.
  Riku / Catlover33 / 235d 3h 33m 41s
She leaned her head b as ck as she started to drift off to sleep
Ventus sighed and saw that Lann had fallen asleep as well.
  Riku / Catlover33 / 235d 4h 8m 2s

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