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come join nd roleplay or just chat with anyone... this is to have fun so don't hold back... but follow the sight rules

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"True", she says as she smiled then looked at the crow as she sat down
  amyumino / 4d 14h 15m 17s
"That still doesn't mean that I have to like it." Dyluck said.
  Byleth / Catlover33 / 4d 14h 32m 27s
"Hes the one who brought me back",she says as she coughed up dust
  amyumino / 4d 16h 5m 14s
"Honestly, I hate that bird with everything I have." Dyluck said.
  Byleth / Catlover33 / 4d 16h 48m 21s
She nodded as she hesrd the crow caw again then looked around some
  amyumino / 4d 16h 52m 41s
"Then I'll stay here with you..." Dyluck said before smiling at Amy.
  Byleth / Catlover33 / 4d 16h 56m 29s
"W..what if the crow brings me back..for good?",she asks as she looked st the crow
  amyumino / 4d 17h 1m 5s
Dyluck hugged Amy and smiled warmly at her. "Why don't you stay here with me?" He asked Amy.
  Byleth / Catlover33 / 4d 17h 4m 16s
"Yea in the year 2020",she ssys as she laughed some
  amyumino / 4d 17h 9m 18s
"I'm glad that we finally met again after all these years." Dyluck said.
  Byleth / Catlover33 / 4d 17h 23m 34s
"Thank you, they wouldve killed me even as a baby",she says as she smiled
  amyumino / 4d 17h 31m 15s
"And that's when I found you as a baby and sacrificed my life to save you." Dyluck said.
  Byleth / Catlover33 / 4d 17h 34m 43s
"I was living in a small village at the time, to keep away from everybody cause as you know witches weren't taken lightly then",she says
  amyumino / 4d 17h 42m 17s
"I was a knight and I was trying to protect the people that I had sworn to protect." Dyluck said.
  Byleth / Catlover33 / 4d 17h 43m 28s
"Oh shit, you were one of the first victims",she says as she looked at him
  amyumino / 4d 17h 44m 29s

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