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come join nd roleplay or just chat with anyone... this is to have fun so don't hold back... but follow the sight rules

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Roleplay Responses

Marth curls up with Amy, Machina and ace. He was in the form of a child.
  Marth (Child) / Catlover33 / 5h 5m 50s
She snuggled up in the blanket and fell back asleep
  amyumino / 5h 50m 47s
Ace stayed in his chibi form and purred in his sleep.
  Ace (Chibi Form) / Catlover33 / 5h 59m 3s
She shook her head as she smiled some, some of her teeth chipped in places
  amyumino / 6h 15m 29s
"What's wrong Amy? Is something troubling you?" Machina asked Amy.
  Machina / Catlover33 / 6h 22m 20s
She ignored it as she looked around again then sneezed a couple times
  amyumino / 6h 28m 47s
Machina was still asleep and was hugging the chibi version of Ace.
  Machina / Catlover33 / 6h 39m 58s
She woke up and looked around then heard her stomach growl
  amyumino / 6h 46m 33s
Machina smiles in his sleep and turns back into his normal form.
  Machina / Catlover33 / 7h 3m 21s
She was snoring then groaned as she twitched a bit
  amyumino / 7h 15m 22s
Tidus was sitting with Vaan and was snuggling up with him.
  Tidus / Catlover33 / 8h 8m 10s
She mumbled in her sleep as she twitched some then groaned
  amyumino / 8h 16m 10s
Ace smiled and fell asleep next to Cloud. He felt comfortable around him.
  Ace (Chibi Form) / Catlover33 / 8h 25m 52s
She ended up falling asleep and was wrapped up in a blanket
  amyumino / 8h 47m 38s
"You'll be alright now... I promise you that." Ace told Amy.
  Ace (Chibi Form) / Catlover33 / 9h 25m 3s

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