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[i I thought about it and... he's right! There should be a source of freshwater!... I stood up and picked up my stick and leaned on it a bit. I took off my glasses which were mysteriously not cracked. and I ran my hand along with the lens. It's really strange because I almost drowned. I was fr down in the water and im pretty sure that the air pressure would at least scrape it or something. especially when I hit my face on the rack. There should be some damage. why isn't there any? I was perplexed but I was thinking about it too hard. Im is still suspicious of it. I turned to both of them and then I looked around. I wasn't hungry for that was good but I was tired. The guy was also right about pushing me too much. Im one of those people who overwork and stress themselves until they get something done and I was kinda doing that. not harsh though because I could deal with pain. Pains fine. Im a professional fighter who has to ignore the pain. Im good at that because pain is like an annoying message from your aunt or someone who acts nice because they want to please someone but really they don't care at all. And I can ignore that! I coughed and covered my mouth. the taste of seawater is making me sick and Im trying to barf everywhere. I can't give up! If I barf, I barf but If I die then I don't get to see Bryan. That sweet little boy. I have to make it. Im going to get back to my brother!. I realised that I was on the ground gagging when I stopped daydreaming about being home. my eyes were watery and my through was dry and scratchy. I forced myself to stop and I covered my mouth. If I was gonna barf then that was it. I had nothing in my stomach to bring up.] [+purple Im sorry. The saltwater.It's just messing with me... Im fine] [i My voice was scratchy and rough from me cutting through a horrible feeling. My head was hurting and now my stomach from my body trying to force me to puke the nonexistent food in my stomach. I took a deep breath out and stood up. this wasn't me pushing myself hard yet. the gagging is just normal life. Im fine I can make it out of here. I waited until my head stopped pounding and I asked] [+purple should we look for more survivors?] [i I was feeling better and I calmed myself down. If there are then they probably are going to do the same thing. Still in the back of my mind, Im wondering why my glasses aren't messed up a bit. there only wet]
  benyo / bellpepper / 5h 10m 47s
[i I heard a growl and could tell they were close. I stopped and quickly turned around and kicked one with my eyes closed. wait we're the fur? oops, that's not an eraser! ] [+purple omg Im so sorry!] [i I said quickly before ducking while one tried to grab my neck. I scissor kicked the eraser that tried to grab me. it fell and reached for my arm but I jumped back. I hope this person didn't know about my wings~. I was wearing a hospital dress so it kinda felt like I was crazy and not even fighting but... this was real alright. the smell of wet dog was everywhere. These things are gross. I have to fight back. I jumped up like 7 feet in the air. and landed my hair foot right in the jaw of one. I landed on my face but I sprang up just in time to head-butt one in the chest. that's gonna leave a mark. I ducked again and rolled under its legs to the other side and kicked it hard in the back. They're not gonna take me back! IM NOT GOING BACK!!! I waited for it to turn around before chopping it very hard in the collar bone, almost breaking it. Now time for a list of pros and cons of being a mutant run-away freak while im fighting for my life!]


Can run faster than the faster man alive pus a cheetah combined.
Im stronger than 5 grown adult males that a pro, pro wrestlers and fighters
I can heal pretty quick
Im a great fighter!
I can fly and develop powers and stuff
additional air-sacks to the lungs so I can be up real high and not get lightheaded


Im being chased by other mutant freaks that would love to rip me up and kill me at all cost
Im on the run 24/7
I don't get a break
I'll never fit anywhere
trying to free all the other mutant freaks without getting cause again

[i Thats all of those~ now let's get back to me trying to live! shall we? I kicked another on the face but then it bit my foot. OUCH!!! that freaking hurt! this will pay! I punched it hard in the chest but it didn't do anything!. Ughhh. I ran over to a tree and picked up a huge rock. I climb up the tree and jumped down from it over to the eraser's head and smashed it right on it. Blood everywhere. Ew! even there blood stinks! It grabs my wait with my arms and all and starts carrying me back. I try kicking but it doesn't work! so I bite its arm. It dropped me like a rock and I quickly slid backwards to avoid being kicked in the face or stepped on. I threw another rock at its face and drop-kicked it. causing it to fall over.] [i I was breathing really heavy but that didn't matter since I have air sacks, I was fine. really. I had blood on my face and bruises from when I was trying to escape. And if you thought that this was it, then your wrong... Theres much more where that came from. and Im not only talking about the erasers. But there were tons of erasers coming at me and This was all strange. Not to mention the random dude that just showed up out of nowhere And I accidentally kicked him~... Other grinding someone who might be helping me~ this seems like it's going to be a normal day for me...] [i Im still not done fighting. Im kicking and picking and the occasional, getting kicked and punched. I didn't stop though. Im never gonna stop. Im gonna live!. I have to~thats just who I am]
  benyo / bellpepper / 7d 3h 23m 44s
[i I started driving and headed to the 13th ward. when we got there, I put my mask on and turned the car off] [+red I gotta plan okay?] [i I waited for a nod then explained it] [+red there right over there. it looks like 2 or 3 of then. I get them from atop and distract them from you. as soon as they see me, you sneak behind then and I dash to another building. you draw attention to your self so I can move and I'll attack them from ahead. they will probably focus more on me and that will give you time to snatch their suitcases. before you do that you need to hide and wait until they think you've gone. I'll yell Kayhki when they do. when you get their cases, run away and I'll use my kugane. I want you to smash the cases and hind the contents in the car when your away and come back and you can use yours. we corner them and fight them. we [b Kill] them. okay?] [i I looked dead serious and there was no sign of softness in my face. I had a cold dead stare and it was like suicide when you look into my eyes. that's how I was all the time. this time was different. its hen Im ready to kill. My eyes would murder anything in my path] [+red if we mess this up then were dead! those two, I don't know If you heard of them before. their names are ''Kawargwi and chansukine'' they are the deadliest of all. the head of the investigators. there also the sickest] [i My face gives a cold dagger to the throat of Kawargi] [+red I've fought them many times and they are shits] [i I remember the time when I saw Kawargwi kill my best friend '' Tsuknichan'' I stabbed his eyeball out. I considered eating it but then I'd be eating that creature. for humans when you think of that~ you want to eat the person you hate for breakfast for torture but for people who have to eat humans, you'de rather just kill them] [+red I'll leave the trunk unlocked and When I say go... we carry out our plan] [i My eyes are blood-shot at your throat] [+red and no playing around this time] [i I thought about saying please but that's too nice. I need to show this is serious. I opened the car door and stepped out of it and slammed the door and went to the roof] [+red actually I won't say go. I'll give a sign instead] [i I put my hands to my chest with my index finger and middle finger together with my other fingers apart. then I shot it forward braking the wall like-look and it was parallel to you. it was like I was pointing at you] [+red lets go] [i I didn't give him a chance to speak. knowing that he would probably say something smart ass. But then again he might not. don't feel like taking the chance though so I went on to my spot hoping that he got the signal]
  Sasha / hotpotato / 14d 1h 19m 38s
[i After she left, I rushed to the bathroom. It was empty. Good!]
[i I went in o of the stalls and bent over it feeling a huge wave of nausea. I could feel the piece of food coming up. I bet it tasted amazing to regulars.] [+red [b [size20 U][size10 r][size13 P]]] [i I swallowed hoping it wouldn't come back up. god, she took a moment of her time to make this. I didn't want to waste it. went went back down for a few seconds but I could feel it coming back up] [+red [b [size20 U][size10 r][size13 P]]] [i I reached for my water. my eyes red with tears. my nose burning. I took a swig] [i It went back down. Then I felt it come back up] [+red [b [size20 U][size10 r][size13 P]]] [i I swallowed again. this action went over and over for 0 minutes. I went through 5 bottles of water. My throat burned.] [+red [b [size20 U][size10 r][size13 P]]] [i I drank a whole bottle of water and I could feel the cold liquid easing down my pained throat. I could feel the human food easing down. ] [+red go down. please go down] [i It came back up! I slid myself, banging my back on the stall wall. [+re go down!] [i I pounded my fist on the floor and the wall. how long am I gonna have to go through this? she's my best friend. an Amazing cook. I just can't eat her food.][+red [b go down!]]] [+red [b [size20 U][size10 r][size13 P]]] [i I swallowed hard and drank some more water. my head was spinning. finally, it went down. wait do it didn't] [+red [b [size20 U][size10 r][size13 P]]] [i I swallowed hard and pounded my fist in the wall again] [+red go down go down go down] [+red [b [size20 U][size10 r][size13 P]]] [i I drank some more water and clenched my mouth with my hand] [+red [b [size20 U][size10 r][size13 P]]] I swallowed again and felt it eas down my throat. after about five minutes of not gaging and almost barfing, I took a breath out] [+red thank you] [i I was breathing heavily. I got up and threw the bottles away and put my bookbag on. I went to the water fountain to drink some more water and I headed to class] [+yellow Sasha why are you late to class? do you have a slip?] [+red no ma'me. I was in the bathroom.ummm ] [i The teacher noticed my face was green and nodded. I went to sit down and I got my books out]
  Sasha / hotpotato / 14d 4h 41m 50s
[i I looked around for some way of getting around. leaves? no. Tree stump? ha if I had the power of hulk, still would need to [b use] it. Bugs? ew oh god no. branches? ehh I could try.]
[I I skooch over to the branch thing and I took one of my hair bands and wrapped it around a brand and stuck another one to it. totally not gonna work. I leaned on to my butt and. . . OW... oh hair pins.]
[i I took a hairpin out of my back pocket and bit the round parts off so it was sharp and I stabbed it through the two '' branches turned to sticks by braking the leaves off''. ] [+purple that would work~ ... hopefully] [i I heard voices off in the distance. guess I'm not the only one who landed here] [i I got up and leaned on the branch] [+purple, please. please.[b please] don't break. god, this sucks] [i I started to try to walk and it... worked. sort of] [+purple looks like the wise don't only think a lot but age faster] [i I chuckled to myself to lighten the mood. god I hope Bryan is okay] [i wait... Bryan isn't ..well wasn't on the boat.] [+purple ughh this is the worst..] [+purple mmmmmhmmm] [i I moaned and complained and pouted until I got to rock. I lean against it to take a break] [+purple guess my parents were not lying when they said pain is tiring] *sigh* [i I started again to where I thought the voices where and [+purple OOF] aghh god what was that?!?!] [+purple god my head is killing me~] [i I looked up and saw a tree.] [+purple ughhhhh great. just what I needed. another injury. concussion Islan here I come~] [i I watched where I was going this time and made my way slowly to a large opening. footprints! perfect. let's just hope these don't belong to some maniac killer] [i I followed the footsteps and saw someone. nice purple hair.. looks like their helping someone. hmm. Can I trust them? help gonna go find out. ]

[i I struggle over to the person. a girl. I struggle over to the girl and see that she's helping a guy... okay this might become awkward. don't care. I made it halfway across the sand on this side and looked at them closer. then I fell] [+purple frick. MY Arm] [i I sat down on my butt again and relaxed. this could wait a few minutes, can it? sure it can]
[i My breath heavy, I started examining my wrist a second time and my leg] [i Swollen. turning purple, horrible pain. yep, it's broken~ what about my wrist? probably just a sprain. goddddd This suuuucks. please just take me now] [i I leaned forward and placed my arms down in the sand. I planted them. I looked down straight at it and slowed my breath. when I was calm, I sat back up and wiped my dirty, sandy, grubby hands on my shirt, and took a deep breath out. My shirt was short and black and it showed my belly. It had a picture of Mario on his knees praying and it says '' Hey God, Its a me a Mario''. I wore black leggings all the way to my feet with a pair of jean shorts over then. the shorts were light blue with wholes in them. I wore a pair of black and grey Vanns and long black socks which I tucked under my leggings. I had circle type frames on my glasses and a thin lens. I had my hair cut short and straightened before we crashed. I had light brown freckles and they were only under my eyes and on my cheeks] [i I didn't feel like getting up. hey I guess growing really takes it out of you, doesn't it? he he. I wanna go homered. Bryan, Shelbie, Tess, and Jackie are gonna be worried sick about me. we were supposed to come back next week. I bet they're gonna check their phone, try to call me, I don't answer and they have a mental break-down] [+purple ughhhhh God this is the worst] [i I yelled unintentionally and quickly covered my mouth with my un-injured hand] [i This is gonna be a long day]
  benyo / bellpepper / 15d 4h 7m 14s
[h4 another save ]

[i I look over at the targeted and ignored it as I was getting to class. my friend came up to with a dish of food]
[+red here we go again]
[+pink hay Sasha!! you wanna try this new fried chicken I made?]
[+red Uhm Um su~sure ] [+pink hmmm what's wrong? ][+red theres nothing wrong~] [+pink sure there is. you usually love my food!] [+red . . .] [i She brought a pair of chopsticks yo my face. I opened my mouth and I swallowed the chicken then I faked chewing and smiled] [+red great] [+pink glad you like it]
  benyo / bellpepper / 14d 5h 37m 54s
[h4 storage because my post keeps getting deleted]

[i I walk to school. trying to not let my wand fall out of my hand. its strange to go to a school where all the people are like you. But thats not until sundown. I smile and start thinking of ways to only participate in the magic part but I almost run into someone so I had to start watching where I was going. *sigh* it looks nice outside. I bet I was gonna be tired as soon as 3rd period started. I hate having to learn actual school stuff. why does the world didn't hate magic. I would be able to put on shows and everything. I then realize how much I hate people. well. normal people that is~ ughh im already bored from walking. I get to the gates and take a thong breath out. this is where im gonna live basically...]
  benyo / bellpepper / 17d 5h 52m 14s
I open my eyes and they burn. so do my lungs. wait I can't breathe where am I. the last l thing I remember was being on a cruis~ OH GOD it crashed. Im drowning. help somebody! wait. they can't hear my mind~. I have to get out. but I can't swim I'm sinking. IM GONNA DIE!!! get it together Benyo. if you die then well oof! but I don't want to die. not yet. aghhh god, my throat .. saltwater taste horrible. why is everything getting so hazy. wait, no!!! COME ON !!! GET OUT OF THE WATER! BRYAN NEEDS YOU!!! you can't let him down! I start to move but the icy cold water hurt my body. Im getting super low but I'm not dead. Am I? Maybe I already died and this is what heaven feels like! nooo, I don't think its painfully cold. and hell would be hot! come on! sim. Oh god, I wish I could swim! I know the doggy paddle. no, not fast enough. come on think!!!! I start moving again. I see some glistening when I look up. Am I dying now? I go farther and my ears start hurting. AM I getting to the surface? Ahh, my lungs are dying I need air. I can't do this. I don't want to die!!!! help I try to scream but I can't I'm in the water. I ish they're was something to grab onto. this sucks big-time!. My next stroke is Smith me my right arm . it hurts my? I suddenly feel the air on my hand. It's cold but that means I made it! I get my head to shore but I don't take a large gulp of air. I'm already getting hazy and there's water in my throat. how is it not in my lungs. It doesn't matter!. My eyes are blurry but I still look for shore. At least if I did it wouldn't be bye drowning like that girl revera from the book. I don't want to be a zombie. I teased myself sometimes. I know its weird but hay. At least I'm already insane. not have to wait for it to start from starvation or whatever~. I start swimming to shore and when I feel land, I grab on. I feel dead from no air. How am I not dead! My feet touch the sand and I evidently throw up a bunch of salt water blehhhdrjnfgkjbfkhghvkf I was about to kiss the ground but that's the spot where I puked. Ewww. I take a huge breath of air and choke.. oops. cough jnvijfjhrtkjhbkrstghlyuvjrhg After I finish my choking-like-an-idiot session, I stand up and was about to wipe my eyes. but saltwater. I stand up but fall over. aghhhh my leg... I broke it I guess. It's swollen and hurts. hey, I could be worse. I could be stranded on an island without a knowable source of food and clean water~. Oh, wait. I am. I wonder if this is some kind of show. If so then take this!!! My voice crack, I stick up my middle finger at a random area in case there were cameras. probably not. I put my hand down and I get up. then I fall again. fuck! why do I keep doing that!?!??!
  benyo / bellpepper / 19d 1h 2m 39s
[i They were choppers... I could see them in the distance and they were coming this way. I slowly moved, turning invisible but if they were the wolf creatures, then I'd have to try to stay as far away as possible]
[s crapp... do I start flying or stay here]
[i I decided to slowly clumb around to the bottom to get on land but when I got there, the wolf creatures were there... we didn't fight immediately because I wanted to say something first]
[+purple. Oh so~ I see you've found me again~?]
[+brown Well always find you... your not invinv=clibe. your only...weak, and weak mutants don't get very far]
[+purple well I've been out for 3 months. I think I've gotten far enough]
[+brown yea you are far enough. and now you've reached the end of your travels. come with us and it will only make it easier on you]
[+purple I' de rather die then come with you]

[+brown If you are so sure then you will die... I'll just tell the boss that you weren't strong~ enough]
[i My eyes grew wide]
[+purple ha- you're not as power~ful as you think [b BOZOH]]
[+brown thats funny, because last time I remember you saying that is when you were strung up by chains and helple-]
[i I threw my fist to his side before he could say the last word. I didn't want to hear it. then we heard a [b crack] sound]
[+brown Is that the best you can do~?]
[i I guessed the choppers are theres and thats how they got here but I still leaped into the air and started flying above him]
[+brown your not the only one who has wings~] [+purple yea but I am the only one who's wings aren't taped on... wered you get em done? Walmart?~]
[i this made him really mad. he threw his wings out too but only his~ were huge lopsided flappers that didn't even move in since... I almost felt sorry for him until I remembered that he was trying to kill me, so I used my right foot to kick hi in his back after flying behind him. It lunged him forward and he started falling until he remembered his wings.]
[i I was about to real in joy and I closed my eyes for a second. HUGE mistake]
[i before I knew it, I felt a hard thud in my chest and start going back a bit. I didn't have enough time to feel that pain before another hit came to the backside of my neck. I turned around to only receive a big hairy paw fist to my face]

[i I still reacted fast and fley up... they didn't have air sacks so they could fly anything over 12 feet into the air I then thought of something] [s dangit... I should've flown higher earlier instead of letting them drop to the ground]

[i There leader didn't care though if he had air sacks or not. all he cared about was my dead body being hug in his dog kennel.]
[i he flew up to me and was about to throw a punch but then I pushed him back. knowing that it would throw off his flying ]
[i hi hit me with a powerful punch to my chin... any human would've gotten a broken jaw from that... but still. I'm not a human. Im a mutant thats stronger and faster. still, I don't feel like explaining it]
[+brown okay Ika. I'm gonna give you one more chance~ to stay alive. You see You and I go way back. which it doesnt feel right killing you yet, which will make it all more the fun-]
[+purple yea Let me just make su~per boring for you to get me... even though wouldn't be able to. Big bozoh]
[brown would you stop calling me that!~]
[+purple oh my [b Bohzoh?]
[+brown I said stop]
[+purple but thats what you are... a big]
[+brown your gonna regret finishing that sentance]
[+purple Bozoh]
[+brown thats~ it-[+purple bozoh]
[+brown argh]
[i [+black he lunged at me! I tried getting ready but I wasn't fas~t enough~]
[i [+black he grabbed me around my back and stomach. I could get out because he was holding my arms in his grasp. usually im really nimble and strong in the air but right now I feel helpless]]
[+brown say hi to dad for me]
[i [+black he put a cloth on my nose and mouth. I knew it was going to put me to sleep but I couldn't hold my breath any longer after a few minutes]] [+brown Come on... I know you wanna breathe. you can't, not, breath~]
[i [+black I tried holding it in but I gave in... [b by accident]
it was a small whiff but it didn't change the fact that they were drugging me... the smell was sickening but sweet.. It was horribly amazing drifting off to sleep] [i [+black wait what am I doing... I'm supposed to not, give up! I tried with all of my might to get out but. dang, how was he soo strong... I can't wait to dream~~. aggggg come on Ika ... I have to get out but my eyelids got heavy. my entire body was feeling heavy. we were going back tot he ground and I was out cold... I could do anything about it earther]]

[h4 [+white nothing]]

[i [+black I woke up and could smell the horrible stench of floor cleaner and everything medical... I opened my eyes and was on a lab table. my arms and legs strapped in by silver metal bars. I then knew where I was... The school~]]
  ikanu / bellpepper / 36d 22h 23m 56s

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