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it's the witchy roleplay|||||| tell me if you want to do a 1x1 or do it with a group. if its a group and you show up in the middle of the roleplay. then you are considered late/ new kid
You live in a world where humans and supernatural are at war. some cities are filled with normal people and vise versa.
The cities that have supernatural people, have schools that teach you how to act normal so you don't get caught. They also are secretly supernatural so you have to act normal or the government finds out. whenever people from the school board come over to your school, you all have to act normal wether you like it or not, or you get put in a witch trial. the First school that is like this, is the one that you go to. It was made last month and my character's uncle helped design it. Some humans go to the school and there is one in everyday class.
You go to competitions against a normal school like sports and musical stuff and still have to be normal.
The thing is though, you learn like a norma person at day and have your supernaturail lessions at night. you get a five hour brake in between which is fine because you all don't need lots of sleep.

if you wanna join, then pm me or a member of the roleplay or request access and tell me your character

-- thank you

your a witch/ wizard, at a magic school and you want to be the best witch/ wizard possible


be nice
no cursing
basically all the rules I have for my other roleplay's
Pm me, tell me what roleplay you want to join and put the name and description for your character in the pm before you start roleplaying so I can add you as a student.
your character MUST be a WITCH/WIZARD

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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I sighed a little bit "Well I do not know how to do that personally. Then again I am more hunter then guardian. I know how to kill in every possible way possible making even a single baby finger or toe deadly with just the right pressure on a full grown adult."
  Notte / Black_Storm_Prince / 80d 19h 20m 42s
[i I thought about it for a moment and remembered] [+orange Im going to babysit my cousin for a few hours]
  fawn / bellpepper / 90d 14h 38m 50s
I walked beside Fawn and then sat down in front of her. I asked after getting in a few bites of the first burger "So after school what are you planning?"
  Notte / Black_Storm_Prince / 111d 14h 38m 0s
[i I looked over and saw the spot too] [+orange oh okay!] [i I started walking over there and sat down to eat my food]
  fawn / bellpepper / 117d 15h 43m 38s
I smiled gently once more and then moved up behind Fawn. I ordered just two burgers and a thing of fries myself. I also got some pop to wash it down when I need to. I looked around and then saw an opened spot. I said to you "Found a spot for some privacy so we can talk and eat in peace."
  Notte / Black_Storm_Prince / 117d 16h 34m 53s
[+orange I don't mind.] [i I got in line and waited for it to move up. When It was my turn, I ordered a milkshake, two cheeseburgers, and large fries and paid fo my food]
  fawn / bellpepper / 118d 12h 38m 48s
I moved up beside the female named Fawn as she was going to BK. He said calmly to her "Mind if I join you with lunch. Though things will be complicated for a while since I have just bean made enforcer and with this life it will be the first time. I am normally a hunter." I then stretched a bit more still in my normal form even though humans looked at me confused as to wondering what I am while worried that I would hurt them simply because of how I felt. I sighed a little bit and waited while I walked beside Fawn.
  Notte / Black_Storm_Prince / 157d 15h 45m 15s
[i After the match, gym was over and I grabbed my water and took a few sips and the went to go change. I went and put on my other clothes and went to my next thing. lunch! I decided to go get some food and Went to Burger King]
  fawn / bellpepper / 159d 15h 33m 23s
I nodded to Fawn and just stood once more. I did a second look around and noticed that the girl was right. I sighed a bit and did another spell and all the shorts got up and left the area without a second problem at all. I sighed once more as all the boxers where gone. I put the bottle back down beside me and waited for Fawn to finish up.
  Notte / Black_Storm_Prince / 163d 15h 31m 4s
[i Ì took it out of his hand and opened it to get a sip. I finished my drink and looked at him] [+orange Im pretty sure thats an extra pair... there everywhere in the gym.] [i I saw the coach gesture for me to come to play again so I got up and wave to Notte and picked up my racket and ran over to the couch and stood by the coach as she told us our next match]
  fawn / bellpepper / 163d 16h 1m 0s
I sighed a little bit "Well alright I can do that at least. Thanks for the name as well. My name is Notte as you already know." I then got up and grabbed the bottle easy enough. I noticed the gym shorts and sighed a little bit. I did a simple spell once more this time on the shorts and they came to life and went to the one that where suppose to wear them and attached itself to the person. I chuckled a little bit as the person tried to take them off but could not. He then walked back to Fawn with the bottle and handed it to her. He said calmly "Well it seems that somebody forgot about the gym shorts and here is the water as well."
  Notte / Black_Storm_Prince / 163d 19h 9m 39s
[i I turned over to look at the guy who just sat down next to me. I had my hair up in a short pony-tail since my hair was super short and I was being over while I was sitting. my elbows rested on my knees as I watched a tennis match in the court ahead] [+orange actually, could you get me my water? its the blue, fading to green bottle over there.] [i I pointed to a metal bottle that was a little big and it was next to someone's gym shorts. jeez, people! I sat up a bit and scratched the back of my head, right where my hair meets my neck and looked at the guy] [+orange and actually, My names Fawn.]
  fawn / bellpepper / 164d 4h 22m 50s
It has taken longer then I would have expected for one member of the elder council members even though low member still a member walk out of the building and was in front of both myself and the female sentinel. The elder said calmly so we could hear along with the human and the two guards "Well well well my old friend it seems that the tables have turned." He then smiled a big smile and started to laugh an easy one. He laughed for about 5 minutes before settling down. He wiped the tear that was in his eye away and said to the female in a more serious manner "Notte Crow have bean an asset to this community since this town have bean made from a village and even before then. He has seen this town rise from the ground to where it is today. His punishment is going to be a simple one and one that will be harsh non the less. He is to help the only student that has wings on her back." When I herd who I was going to have to help was wanted to argue but I did say that I would accept any punishment and I would stand by it no matter what. The elder looked at me and then said calmly "Hey your not getting the death penalty though with the one you will be helping well you would be asking for it but we know that you will not break your word no matter what happens to yourself. Oh if you have any questions go ahead and ask. You do not need my permission after all we are old friends. And stand you kneeling is so confusing for me since you are the first elder. " I stood up then and said "Okay why the hell do you want me to help the girl that just shot lighting at me as I drag this human.." Right when I said this human I pointed to the human that was there "From the classroom and broke the second rule of the community to do so as well as used it on the humans in the classroom so they learn that fear would keep them alive around those that are able to use magic." The elder laughed a little bit "Well they should have learned to be fearful of magic since there are people that would loose control of that power. As for the human that you brought. I herd that you stop this one from killing anybody and that is something that an enforcer would do." The elder got into a council member and a leader role and the voice matched with it "That is where we the elder council have decided to put you but instead of the entire town it will be the school itself. You are to keep the place safe and if you find anybody human or non break any of the rules you are to make sure that nobody else does it. The sooner they learn of those rules the better." He then turned to the human "This one will be getting 50 lashes and then dragged throughout the entire town and then double it with the school itself to show that we show no mercy even to those that would be close to breaking any of the rules." He then turned to one of the guards that have the staff pointing at the human still "Change weapon to whip and do the sentence here and now." The guard nodded to the order and let go of the staff and it vanished. He then held his hand out once more and a whip showed itself completely uncoiled with the handle in his hand. The whip looked alive and in a way it was but not the way most people would think. The human was suddenly stripped to bear chest and back to the one holding the whip. The human was trying to get out of a sudden grip from two other sentinels and was forced on his knees.

The whip suddenly sliced the human a little bit flesh slice but did not go further and the human screamed in pain and each time the whip went against his back. I looked at the elder once more "I see that you gotten more fucked up then the last time we talked." The elder sighed a little bit "The council have decided both your fate and the human boy's fate as well. I suggested the drag across the school twice but somebody else suggested the the lashes and another suggested the entire town after the lashes. So all three have bean combined. As to who is dragging the boy on the school grounds it will be you with his back facing up so others will understand we do not have any tolerance for those that break the rules. We make the acceptation for you because of who you are and what you have done for us when we needed shelter from hunters in those dark days." I nodded to this and then sighed a little bit more when the whips where done.

The boy was then attached to an old horse cart and was dragged across the entire town from main streets to the allies so nobody would wonder why they herd a scream of pain in the first place. The boy's rope was then handed to me and I took it. I said calmly to the elder "The next time I come here it might because I have killed somebody and if I have I will do only the death penalty for the oldest of justice rules 'life for life'." As soon as I finished the saying I then turned back to the school and headed back. I then said to the human "You brought this on yourself. The same goes for me. For me death would be a release but I cannot truly die." I continued to walk till I was at the front gate of the school itself.

I sighed one more time before did a spell that allowed everyone on the school grounds hear my voice "Attention both faculty and students of the school of all. This is a broadcast to all and mandatory for all to witness the punishment of one that was about to break one of the rules of this town. My name is Notte Crow. I have bean put into the enforcer role." I then did a simple step into the courtyard of the school grounds and then dragged the human face down to show the whip slice back of the human and everybody watched as I walked around the entire school starting outside and then inside and finished outside once more. I then let go of the rope itself and simply touched the human once more. I did a simple heal spell on the human and the body was healed up to a point. The only evidence that the human have bean put through the ringer was the scars that were left. The human could still feel the pain without moving. I said calmly to the human "Now just remember this is just a fair warning to those that would even consider breaking the rules. The next time you do well death would be mercy to what would come."

I then left the human where he laid and went to the gym. I noticed the female and sighed some more. I walked over to her and sat down next to her as she was taking a break. "Hello once more young lady. Well this is strange for both of us. I have bean ordered by the elders to help you in what ever you need help with. That is my punishment for breaking the rules. From what I gather I would want death over this punishment. However I am one of the few that stick to my word and I said I would accept any punishment that they deemed worthy. So I will stick to it." I then looked up to the ceiling and wondered what tonight would bring. I closed my pure sapphire eyes slowly and took a few breaths. I opened them up once more and looked at the female "From the look of things you do not need my help just yet." One of my ears twitched hearing a bit of murmuring and sighed some more hearing humans in general saying nasty things about me specifically once more.
  Notte / Black_Storm_Prince / 164d 14h 49m 19s
[i After class was over, I went to gym. I got in my gym suit and my shoes on and started stretching] [i Today we are playing tennis. easy enough~ I grabbed my rackets and went to the courts. I was paired with this self-absorbed dude who looked like a potato. He served and I hit at first.] [+pink 15. love!] [i I called out. my score kept going up. his stated the same. I won and then I took a break. ha! bet he's not gonna be so preppy now~]
  fawn / bellpepper / 170d 15h 1m 4s
[i interesting there but I was thinking about the school being much older then it looks and so are the rules though the rules have just bean just more opened up since it became a true co-living the same with the school but that is my idea anyway.]

I finished leaving the school easy enough and decided to do a few things different then I have bean doing my lives. I looked at the human once more before headed to the one place where true criminals go. I was at the entrance and called up "Yo, Notte Crow have come in to make amendments for what I have done and I bring one that would break rule number 4. I have brought the weapon that would have bean used." As soon as I was done talking two sentinels came out with weapons ready for us. I handed the knife over and said calmly "I myself am turning myself in for breaking rule number 2. I will accept the punishment without complaint." The sentinels still had their weapons trained on me and the human as a third one came out ready to read our rights. I held the knife's handle out to the third one and went down to one knee while holding the blade. I said calmly to the third one "I Notte Crow desire to re-instate myself as a hunter." The third one was really surprised to hear the name Notte Crow and looked at the other two. She said calmly "I cannot make that choice. I will speak to the elders about this. For now though old one you and the human will be placed in cells one for you and one for him." She then turned to the human "I can smell your intentions human. So much as try to take even one of these weapons you will be no more then skewered meat to us and your corps will be used as food for those that require human corps for what is needed." I then removed the spell easy enough and just waited now. The human was surprised on what was happening at the moment but one that he expected non the less for he planed on have a death exit over a run away one. He was about ready to grab one of the staffs but was stopped real quick before he even had a chance to move since the female sentinel was right there and landed a hard punch to his stomach to get knocked out. The blades of the staffs where at my neck and I just waited for judgement right then and there.
  Notte / Black_Storm_Prince / 170d 15h 21m 53s

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