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this is a sandbox roleplay were everyone on here has to be single and it works like a sandbox roleplay obviously. You have to find your love before you get too old. you are in the age between(19-25) then you can play but if your characters not then you're out of luck!

no cursing please I hate it when people use it a lot~

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[i I looked over at the girl and shook my head] [+purple we need to be fully recovered in case any more encounters with those snipers. were going to rest] [i I landed on one of the branches and looked at our surroundings. it looked like forest ahead. way better coverage then cities.] [+purple Come on]
  Ikanu / bellpepper / 90d 15h 14m 3s
I looked at the tall tree than at everyone else. I was now holding my caked up bloody arm, I did a fake smile and sighed. [+pink "N-no I'll be fine...we should keep moving!"]
  NatakaStargazer / 111d 16h 3m 22s
[i Fand nodded and I saw the first girl that I met woke up. I Scratched the back of my head as I wet through my mind on whether to start our trip tonight or wait till tomorrow. We were on a time-sensitive mission but the team is hurt and one of us didn't have a fast healing ability. At least I think. I looked at the ground than at a tall tree] [+purple so. we go tomorrow morning as soon as we hit sunrise. we'll sleep in that tall tree and recover. I'll take first watch.]
  Ikanu / bellpepper / 118d 15h 43m 40s
couldn't log onto my account for some reason. now Im scared to log out and go on my other accounts because I don't want to be locked out again~)
  Ikanu / bellpepper / 118d 16h 3m 53s
She had regained consciousness a couple of hours later, and stared at the caked up blood on her arm. She tried to move it but it hurt badly, She yelped and tried to contain her noises but it slipped through like paper under a door. "My a-arm! OW!"
  NatakaStargazer / 134d 7h 43m 49s
[i I glared down at the guy who I just beat and I spit at him. I leaned down and picked something up and slipped it in my pocket. He woke up after and looked up at me with one eye, the other swollen shut from my foot's tantrum. He spoke. Then I noticed a dirty, curly beard and mustache. He was cleary from the south. his voice spoke with a very... very strong country accent. His teeth were black and gross. I almost let sorry or that thing.] [+brown Yall can't get away from us. well, get you. yall aren't fast enough. ain't no one fast enough~] [i He spits on the ground. Well! Im guessing he was an actor in his younger years. he acted like he was dying. he wasn't even close to death. I just knocked him out. I Snarled at him and then spoke with bitter, cold tones leading from my vocal cords.] [+purple listen you creep~, We don't have time or this. Who sent you and where are they!?] [i I bellowed. Making my voice sound low and demanding. I squinted my eyes and spoke a little quieter. not losing my tone] [+purple speech in five seconds or you'll never see a living soul again.] [i Then I spoke up. Bloodlust in my eyes. I was not playing] [+purple YOU HEAR ME!] [i My glare cut through him like a knife I waited for him to speak] [+brown well would you know. Your little animals grew up there.] [i Disgust grew on my face like a sonic vines as I spat at him again. I wasn't gonna kill him. Im not that type of person. I kicked him in the side and took some steps back to the group. Then he puts a shotgun from his jacket and weakly aims it at me. acting~. I looked back as I heard the click o his fingers against the black metal. Before I could think I took out the object that I put in my pocket before and aimed it a hi. It was a gun. I saw him pull the trigger and then. BAM!. I shot him. The bullet grazed my hair and my eyes widened. I thought I killed him before he scratched his neck and pulled out .... food? Creep. I still stared at him. My heart was pounding and I as actually scared. I didn't want to shoot him but if I didn't then I would've been shot. I only realized that when I started thinking more. When I fired at him, the pulse from the gun made my head moe slightly right before the bullet cut through my hair. I almost died If I didn't pick it up. My hands shook at the thought and I almost dropped it. I slipped it back in my pocket and took a deep breath. I wasn't near the group yet so they couldn't see the shock and fear on my face. I blocked a few times and put my slick, leader-ish face on and flew over to them. I smiled and looked at all o them] [+purple Look what I got!] [i I pulled the gun out of my pocket slightly before putting it back in. My left-wing felt cold. Why? I looked at it and saw a little blood. Oh, yea. When the old creep, shot at me like 12 seconds ago, it grazed my wing in the flap back. It didn't hurt bad enough for me to not fly.] [+purple so... Newyork.] [+grey who said we were going to newyork?] [i I see fang glaring at me. he didn't look at all surprised but he did look aggravated] [+purple Well we were going to newyork To look for some answers. ] [+grey well I was going to texas] [+purple whats in texas? [+grey ...] [i I gave him a tired expression and looked at the setting sun. We could ly at night. It's not hard. It's actually easier to not be spotted. I looked at him carefully and smiled then frowned at that old man far...far...far below us] [+purple well. we're almost there and we don't have much time. how about we do NewYork, then texas. ] [i He nodded and looked at the other girl. She said nothing the whole time. I then thought of a plan. well. not really a plan but a flight plan? im not sure] [+purple so. If we go north-east for three hours then go north-east-east~ For the rest of the flight then well get there by tomorrow night. If we get split up by any means, We meet up at the paper museum. there's a forest by the lake behind the museum. If you go farther for 3 miles then you'll find a cave. Thats were well meet up. not the museum. too many people. Before we get there, We need food. so we'll make a stop somewhere in the second hour and look for food.] [i I looked over at fang to see that he had an empty bag. I pointed at the back] [+purple we'll put our food in there. not too much or it'll weigh us down.] [i I looked at my group and smiled as I realized that this was a plan. ]

  Ikanu / bellpepper / 118d 15h 47m 58s
I was out completely out, I heard the noised of gunshots and yelling. I may have not been up..but I heard everything. It was painful though...the real world had been going through the "dream" world and been hurting me. It was bad...this situation was bad. I wanted to get up and go crazy, why must we get hunted just cause our differences. It made me sick knowing that the people who shot me was thinking they could've made a quick buck if they had all of our heads. Not like that girl who saved me would've gotten her head taken off. She seemed stronger than me...stronger than I could ever be for now.
  NatakaStargazer / 134d 14h 17m 3s
[i I looked down and at you to see you unconscious] [+purple GREAT!] [i I looked at the little group of people. they were flying around and bullets whizzed past us. I squinted my eyes. I really didn't need this. none of us did~. I flew higher and start circling in the sky to find the shooter. bulzeye~. I flew over to and placed the girl in his arms and started speeding down to the shooter. I flooded in my wings and went into a speeding, falling motion the I flipped out my wings and pressured my bare foot right in there face with all of my strength, knocking them backward and passed out. I kicked their gun into the water and pushed them one last time before turning to the group]
  Ikanu / bellpepper / 134d 15h 39m 25s
I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder, blood was dripping onto the floor. Crap! I got hit! Staring at the blood began to freak me out, Hallucinations began hitting me about the testing they did on me. I soon began to twitch as I suddenly passed out.
  NatakaStargazer / 138d 16h 54m 44s

  Ikanu / bellpepper / 138d 17h 4m 48s
(ye i wanna start, im bored and wanna rp. also haven't seen them for a while.
  NatakaStargazer / 140d 6h 47m 59s
wanna go on with the roleplay? i don't know if thier coming back~ and im kinda bored)
  Ikanu / bellpepper / 140d 16h 35m 49s
(sure fillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerfillerGODDAMN FILLERS SUCK
Also wanna be a rockstar?
  NatakaStargazer / 154d 19h 59m 25s
[i We got back to our little camp area to see no unsettling things. Thats good. Or it was good. until I felt a pain in my leg. I looked at my leg and it was bleeding. I GOT SHOT!!!! Two options. get down or fly up. I going more to fly but one of us couldn't! I ran over to you and picked you up] [+purple fly and scatter!]

  Ikanu / bellpepper / 154d 20h 19m 21s
[i What was I thinking.....running away from them. I was a fool, I let fear corrupt me. Because they couldn't have been harmless.....except for the new-comer....That guy looks like he would deck me in the gut and not care. I stopped the girl for a second to give her a quick feel better hug. :3 :< ) After a couple seconds I let go and followed her back to the others.]
  NatakaStargazer / 154d 21h 49m 48s

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