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[h4 [center [b [i Welcome all to the new ES Academy! Where you can learn how to make a decent roleplay or be a decent roleplayer! Lately we've been getting a flood of new users who have been seeking help but no thread to find! Well luckily ES Academy is here! Hopefully ES and RP vets join in and help out. This site really needs it. Now onto the juicy stuff!]]]]

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[h3 [b [i [center Paragraphs]]]]

Paragraphs, everybody loves them. I think? Anywho paragraphs are one of the many things that make a story/roleplay look neat for both a post and an RP description.

Having a big block of text makes it super hard to read and people lose interest or get confused and maybe even intimidated...Thus making them leave your roleplay.

Instead break your stuff down like I am doing right now, you don't need to do the traditional 5 sentence or more rule for paragraphs. For me if my paragraphs sentences have closure at the end and there's nothing more to say on that topic I move to a new one.

Time for a new paragraph! Yeet!

Don't do this though.

Or this.


^^^^^ Those three "paragraphs" are incomplete. Yes it's one sentence but you can have a nice lengthy sentence or maybe 2 like how I'm doinf right now, but something like "He died." and then you move to a new paragraph it'll look sloppy.

Now if you put that "He died." as closure for a scene or post then that would be okay and invoke mystery and intrigue.

I am about to do an example post. Here you can see the structure of the post. It's also a neat trick to make posts look longer hehehe. Not that it matters. Length doesn't determine skill.

Now you don't have to do this way if you don't want to! Many people on here have different styles of writing, the reason I use this method is because it's simple for me.

And remember these five words; "One liners are not bad" they really aren't! Quality over quantity.

[h4 [b [i [center Example Post]]]]

The night was a long and dreary one for the police of Haverson, they were busy investigating an unusual murder at a church. Everybody including the pastor were all dead but seemed unharmed, no injuries at all. They all looked like they just had heart attacks and that was it.

Detective DeLaney entered the church and felt uneasy, he wasn't a believer in God or Jesus or any reliqion for that matter...The onlything that mattered to him was whiskey and his job, Usually at the same time.

DeLaneys partner; Mattias, sighed a heavy sigh when he noticed the detective stumble in Gods house, nearly knocking down the basin of holy water in the process. He knew his partner all too well and it wasn't even noon. "You drive here?" Mattias asked DeLaney.

DeLaney chuckled. "Of course...hold on." DeLaney let out a burp and continued. "Of course not. I'm not stupid." He told Mattias while swaying. "In fact I do better under the influence." He said.

Mattias rolled his eyes and they soon got to work examining the scene.

[h4 [b [i [center End example post]]]]

Also try to give each character their own paragraph so people know who's who and such. :) makes it easier.

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[h3 [b [i [center Music]]]]

Oh music! What would we do without it? I cannot imagine a world or life without music, can you? It is literally one the core inspirations for all art forms! Even music itself is an art!

Music is very complex and can invoke all sorts of emotions. These help write out specific scenes for stories and roleplays. Music is a necessity for stuff like this.

However it would be wise to find the right genre of music to write out a specific scene. Let's say you're listening to a very uplifting and happy song and the scene you're writing out involves stuff like a funeral or someone dying or any sad content then it would be hard to do, at least for me! Don't take my word for it if that's your thing but the two different types of genres can conflict with each other. Instead find a sad song. Something that fits the mood of the scene.

There are tons of genres out there but for now these are the ones I know of;

Uplifting music; These are great for scenes involving a happy resolution or a triumphant victory. Right now I'm listening to the GTA 5 Pacific Standard Heist End Theme. Its a very uplifting piece and would go great for any happy ending. This song is really good for happy endings.

Epic Music; This genre of music has many many genres but for now I'm just sticking to the bare minimum. Epic music is mainly used for fight scenes or an epic outcome or a trailer. Mainly used for movie trailers and such. Right now I'm listening to a song called Music for the Fearless - Be Bold and Be Brave. This song is really good for an openinf scene to an RP or a breakthrough scene where the hero figures everything out and rushes to save the world.

Heavy Metal - This is really great for fighting scenes or just badass scenes in general. Be careful with this though because if you pair it with Epic Music you might blip out of existence. All jokes aside I am listening to a heavy metal remix of Clock Tower - Kerosene and it sounds like it would go well with a badass end boss or such. Look at Rules of Nature. That shit goes good with everything. Kind of like Franks Red Hot!

80's Synthwave - Now I might be getting this genre wrong but this is really great for cyberpunk roleplays and maybe a fight scene if it is epic enough. Right now I'm listening to Carpenter Brut - Leather Teeth. This song sounds great for an end boss as well or even a trailer or maybe an opening. Like the ones Borderlands does with how their opening scenes are in sync with the music, Always loved that!

Emotional Music - Emotional music is a bit complex and involves a lot of genres featuring emotions. Usually emotional music is sad though and is usually used for sad scenes. Not much to say there. Right now I'm listening to A Better Place from an amazing movie called Upgrade. I can see this song being used for some sad plot twist at the end of the RP or anywhere else.

There is so much more I am missing and I will get back to it but for now lets move on!

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[h3 [b [i [center The Assignment]]]]

Okay! Now what I want everyone to do is to make a post using these two subjects. Find a song that fits the posts mood and use about 4-5 paragraphs with at least two or three sentences. Then PM me the post. :)

Also this is not meant to be fancy. This thread is still a work in progress, I'm just making it so I don't forget next time and I wanted to get the first assignment out there.

Remember to have fun and not stress yourselves! After this assignment we are all going to have a discussion on cybering and how to take precautions when someone on here asks if you want to cyber with them and stranger danger! Stay safe dear ESians and once again welcome to the ES Academy!

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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I need to describe properly
  ~No Character~ / Myth- / 160d 26m 14s
Like I said go visit the character discussion thread. It's on the left sidebar and it's by a user named K.

There is loads and loads of info on his thread in the description. Make good use of it and learn from it.
  Voss The Boss / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 160d 51m 53s
just helping

  ~No Character~ / Myth- / 160d 4h 40m 52s
I know I'm still trying to fix him so leave him alone DX
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 160d 5h 37m 53s
All that needs to be fixed is the stats. and the way alfa is roleplayed. so over powered!
  ~No Character~ / Myth- / 160d 8h 30m 28s
[ Character Discussion Thread]

That is more suitable for your issue.
  Voss The Boss / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 160d 21h 42m 33s
Full name: Acute Life Form Alternative
nickname: Project A.L.F.A
taken name: Alfa

age: 15 - 26

species: Dragon-Fox hybrid

gender: ???

Sexuality: ???

likes: not to be noticed, doesn't like to fight, likes nothing else but himself, likes to hide in the shadows

dislikes: being noticed, hatred, and bullying

Personality: is very shy, trusts no one, is very brave but sometimes very nieve
Fears: failer
Backstory/Bio: What was it like before they were snatched from their home? He was taken from his Original family as an egg and infused with multiple DNA once at the age of 5 he has blown the building upon accident killing himself and a few minutes later he was back he later walks around eating other living things to live he has come across a nice family and allowed him to stay he stays and the government comes and gets them

Foster Family: Madika and Andam
Unknown family: Alpha
friends: Ashton and Starfire Stella Maxtra

cell #: 279

wings can glow
can breathe in space
will bond when kissed
can shoot five lasers at once
has DNA system reconstruction

scratching the back of his ears
push in between the wings
stabbed with lead
Dark Dragon

Project A.L.F.A/Alfa
HP: 5

H.W.W stats
Height: 3.5 meters/11.4829 ft
Wingspan: 13.5636meters /44.5 ft
Weight: 226.796 kg/ 500 lb

Energy: 60,000
Energy creation: 600/hour

Armor: 30,000
Kinetic-energy Def: 29,000
laser-energy Def: 1000

Speed-flying: 770 mph
Speed-walking: 10 mph
Speed-running: 20 mph

Attacks/Atk and energy consumption
Kick Atk: 1
Kick energy consumption: 300

Scratch Atk: 2
Scratch energy consumption: 100

Laser Atk x5: 5x1 one hit, 5x2 two hits, 5x3 three hits, 5x4 four hits, 5x5 if all hits [25 max damage]
Laser energy consumption: 6,000 or 1200x5

DNA System reconstruction/DNA-SR: ???
DNA-SR energy consumption: 40,000

Glowing Wings/Temperature Raising 10,000,000,000: ???
Glowing Wings/Temperature Raising energy consumption: 10-1000

form time
Dark form: 30 minutes to 40 minutes
light form: 20 minutes to 30 minutes
chaos form: 10 minutes to 20 minutes
recreation form: 1 minute to 10 minutes
any other forms: 1 hour

can you help me fix him
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 160d 21h 56m 16s
Yes, yes it will be fun. Hopefully. I should also up the character limit to be honest. Let's say 100k?
  Voss The Boss / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 160d 22h 41m 37s
Hello my friends and one to accidentally delete the school XD well this will be fun >: )
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 160d 22h 44m 15s

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