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He controls all of time, dithering from this place to the next. To worlds unknown and new, from adventure to adventure. He saves races, species, people from certain death.

She becomes a companion, simple and with no concept of what lies beyond her own home.
Christmas Day comes, and Time finds a new meaning. Lesser and somehow more.

I don’t want this to be overly ‘worked out’. I’d like for me and my partner to discuss and such.
I am not experienced at sci-Fi style so this is a big learning curve with me so please be patient, I prefer to play females because it’s easier for me.

Loose plot, sort of Doctor Who based .
Message me if you want to join in, we can have a discussion.
Open to plot twists and discussing ideas.
This is just a rough plot idea.


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[I “We’ll be fine. I’m sure you can set that genius brain of yours to work.”]
Tyler had nodded, smiling at her in agreeance. Though, in the back of his mind he was still worried that was not true. How right he had been as when weeks went by and he couldn’t find work he eventually settled and took on a job at the restaurant his mother had been working at. She spent time at home, keeping up the place as both him and Penny had such odd hours. With their schedule, they barely saw one another. Sometimes it felt like they were strangers barely managing a kiss here and there as they each made their way in and out of the house. Tyler himself was still struggling to assimilate. Being a busser wasn’t hard, but that was the issue: the ack of brain activity. He didn’t know how to really blend in, his conversation seeming to go over many of the other guy’s heads. He felt different.

He was hoping with the holidays coming up it would distract them from how down things had seemed to be as of late. His mother was extremely happy at least and putting up decorations had sent her over the moon. She was already in the kitchen working on breakfast and Tyler was sitting at the table, trying to distract himself with an invention, just a simple robotic toy, something to do in his spare time when he had it. It made him think about those moments he shared with his father. Sometimes he wondered if it would be so bad for him to take the RV and go on a trip without telling anyone. He didn’t want Penny to worry and he didn’t want to put her or his mother’s life in danger.

Still, he’d always end up putting the keys back in his dresser, climbing under the sheets in the middle of the night and forcing himself to fall sleep and ignore such thoughts. Penny had finally come into the kitchen then, much later than usual, but he supposed she needed a lot of rest for an off day considering her schedule. She had seemed tired as of late, he knew her schedule was getting to her and suspected that was the reason why.

“Morning,” he said. “Yeah a tree sounds good.” There was a small twinge of anxiety one could tell from his tone, though tyer tried his hardest not to let it show. It had been a while since he spent time with his mother during the holiday. He’d finished his breakfast then, pressing a kiss to Penny’s cheek. “You feeling alright?” He heard his mother make a noise in the background, mouthing behind Penny that maybe that wasn’t the question you usually asked a woman as it insinuated something different.
  tyler / kshahidx / 2d 2h 18m 25s
“We’ll be fine. I’m sure you can set that genius brain of yours to work.” Penny said and watched Tyler. Something seemed off but she could linger before his mother put down a fabulous looking roast and she instead slipped back into idle chit chat. Would Tyler stay? Had he ever stuck it out for long periods of time with anyone before? He had left his own mother, his own home, why would things be any different now? Penny did her best not to dwell on it. If he was unhappy then she couldn’t keep him in one place, some people were just born to wander.

Her work pattern was a lot to get use to and honestly, she was exhausted most of the time. Twelve hour shifts really seemed to take it out of her but she finally managed to get a day off. The money was good and was giving them a good life, still she had noticed she seemed more tired lately. She put it down to stress and just working a lot, but one of the doctors from the hospital had run a few tests. The main concern was a nasty bug going around but Penny figured it was nothing. She woke in the morning and rubbed her eyes, glancing to the time and realising it was almost ten AM. She got up and went for a shower, getting dressed into something comfortable. Winter would be coming around soon enough and she knew that would be problematic. It would be colder but she figured she should start putting up some Christmas decorations in preparation. She always loved this time of year.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to sleep so late. I figure we can put up decorations today.” She had been eating a little less lately and sleeping more but she had explained sometimes bugs could travel through hospitals and it was nothing to be worried about. She frowned as her phone rang, there was no way she was going into work today. She sighed softly as she stepped outside to take the call,
“Hey, Matthew!” She beamed brightly, “Let me guess, a bad virus and I should sleep it off?” She said with a short laugh.
“Penny, sweetheart...” Something was wrong and she could tell by his voice.
“Can you talk? I uh... You should come into the hospital, we should do this properly.” He said gently and Penny frowned,
“Matthew, please. I’m having a family day.” She said to him.
“No, we need to do some X-Rays, but Penny- We think you might have cancer. It’s probably not and the X-ray will confirm but-“
“Where?” Penny asked quietly.
“Lungs. But you’re young and if it is then we caught it early, we can probably do a little surgery and have it sorted in no time.” He explained and Penny swallowed.

She couldn’t tell Tyler, he’d run for the hills and she knew his mother and him relied on her.
“Okay well, I see you at work tomorrow.” She hung up and took a few deep breaths. They could do the X-rays tomorrow on her break, right? Tyler and his mother didn’t need to find out any of this. Penny stepped back inside and out a smile on,
“So, I figure we’ll need a tree and everything!” She murmured, finally making herself some coffee and helping herself to some breakfast. What about a future? What about Tyler? What if this was serious? She swallowed some coffee and eyed their home. He would always have a home and a safe place at least.
  Nullification / 6d 22h 41m 26s
Tyler hadn’t been all too truthful with Penny. Though, with the time they spent exploring there left very little time for them to talk about their past and what came with it; sharing only small tidbits when they could.
[I I’m not going anywhere]. He had made that promise before and broken it. In some sense Tyler always thought this was for fun, but some part of him was running away from the truth – that life wasn’t consistent and was ever changing. Life wasn’t permanent and he wasn’t sure he could handle that. Of course he aged, he wasn’t immune to that, but there was something chilling about knowing he could go back – that he could escape whatever horror of that time was. What he did sat in the back of his mind, sometimes a glint of shame in his eyes when he faced himself in the mirror.

He had left before.

He was young and unable to accept that life wasn’t perfect, that he had the power to pop anywhere he wanted and when he wanted that was maybe a really exciting time: like watching Picasso paint, or the Berlin wall coming down – getting the good parts of history. But there was the downside: wars, plagues and deaths So many deaths.

When he met Alice he had thought things were going fine. She didn’t question when he would disappear for weeks on [I work assignments]. Yet he noticed, how she seemed just a bit thinner and paler whenever he would return from his trips. Cancer, she had explained to him finally when he brought it up. Terminal. It was hard for him to wrap his head around it as in his time cancer was practically eliminated. People didn’t die from cancer. Yet she got weaker and weaker and finally it was the end of her days. He hadn’t even made it in the door when he heard her weakly calling for him and yet, he turned his back unable to face her.

The trips consumed him, Tyler searching for that spark that had seemed to be lost until he met up with Penny.

“In the morning?” He asked obviously shocked. He wasn’t used to responsibilities, already staying stationery for so long was unusual to him. “Maybe I can go and see about work?” He wasn’t sure how Penny was handling being back. He felt terrible honestly thinking about what she had gone through in the month of his disappearance.

His mother had brought dinner to the table, a roast and some vegetables and he settled in his seat. Was Penny happy? He thought as he started to eat. She’d done a lot to get them this house.
  tyler / kshahidx / 8d 3h 37m 12s
Penny tried to read Tyler’s expression, there was something swimming around his eyes, some odd emotion that she couldn’t quite place. She hadn’t ever seen him like this, she had seen him at his best and worst but she didn’t know what this was. She eyed over Tyler and was just relieved when he leaned into her kiss. Would he leave? Maybe. That was always going to be the thing, he would maybe leave her one day and never explain why. Had Tyler ever seen anyone he cared for age outside his mother? Had he ever had friends long enough to deal with that sort of thing? What would happen if she started to age? She wouldn’t be young forever, she knew that it would be a shock to him one day.

“C’mon.” She murmured as she held his hand and they went downstairs. She gave a gentle smile to him, she wasn’t sure she could ever make him stay around forever, but she would always do her best and find some way to be interesting. Penny started on setting the table and looked to Tyler,
“I have to work at five.” She said to him. 5am was an early start and it was a long shift. She didn’t know if Tyler would understand how demanding her job was and what he would do to occupy his time. Would he be able to find a job? Penny knew she could manage on her own.

Penny sat at the table after pouring out some drinks and she eyed Tyler. She would much rather not work, maybe pursue her dancing career or gymnastics but it seemed impossible. She looked to Tyler, as if worried he might just disappear on the spot.
  Nullification / 11d 23h 6m 9s
“A friend?’ he asked with a raised brow. Admittedly, Tyler was aware that he was slowly still learning things about Penny. She had more of a handle on this world too considering it was closer to her time. They were a far away from home, but they were trying to build something and Penny was doing her part to make it happen. What was he doing? Some part of him wondered if he should get off his high horse and accept the job his mother had opened up to. Besides, if she was going to upkeep the home while Penny worked, they would still need a secondary bit off income. It was a bit of pressure on him, maybe more so that he was placing on himself. He tried not to show it though, tried not to acknowledge how he was excited for their home, but also how it planted a seed of worry in him. This was real, being tied down to this one place.

He was distracted, only coming to when he realized he was lagging behind Penny and his mother who were already heading upstairs. He followed them, taking a look around. Had he ever had a dream house, this certainly would be it.
“I really like it,” he said, his hands now shoved into his pockets. It was the right amount of space for them and as mentioned still a bit away from everyone. Was he disrupting a sense of normalcy for Penny? Did she feel she could have friends, have a life outside of him? Tyler took Penny’s hand and followed her upstairs. Of course there was a balcony, some way for them to be just a bit closer to the stars. He thought about that night they slept amongst them after their frightful first adventure.

“Penny –” he had started to object, but stayed quiet allow her to speak. He looked into her eyes, she had meant a lot to him. How could she expect him to up and leave without a goodbye? And yet, a part of him feared that if it came down to protecting her, he’d do all he could to make it not so traumatic. Though could he actually make that promise.
“I’m not going anywhere,” he said finally as he leaned into her kiss. Yet again he was unsure if that was a promise he could keep.

His mother couldn’t wait to get into the kitchen and had already started to eagerly cook lunch for them. He was going down the stairs then before taking Penny’s hand, his fingers interlocking with hers. He could see forever with her couldn’t he? So what was stopping him from making that final? He shook his head, excusing his strange behavior.

In the future, his escape was not unnoted and nor was it appreciated. This time he was being hunted by the cop with a chip on his shoulder. He wasn’t going to let him get away with this.
  tyler / kshahidx / 12d 49m 43s
“I have a friend in real estate.” Penny said to Tyler with a smile, glad to see they were both so excited. It was out of the way, they wouldn’t gain too much attention staying up here. But it would give them peace and time to adjust to the new lifestyle. She looked to Tyler,
“Do you really like it?” She asked him as they headed inside. There were two bedroom upstairs, an en-suite in one and downstairs was an en-suite bedroom that Penny figured his mother would benefit from given the stairs. The kitchen was beautiful and the room Penny had set up for them both had a beautiful view of the lake.

Penny smiled softly,
Hey, come upstairs a second.” She said and tugged his hand as they headed upstairs. She waited until they were alone as she stepped out onto the balcony.
“So, I know you’re putting on a brave face and I’m not sure if it’s for my sake or your mothers. But I understand if this gets too... dull?” She said to him. It hurt to say,
“Look, you’ve been everywhere and every time. You’ve seen things most people couldn’t even imagine. I’m just saying I understand if things are too slow or boring. But if it does, don’t just up and leave or anything, tell me and say goodbye.” She murmured to him and gave a soft, understanding and patient smile.

Penny cupped his face gently, leaning up to kiss his lips. A first kiss in a house all their own to hopefully make their own lives. She did worry every day the cops would burst in and rip him from her, the confusion about possibly getting married or having children and not to mention if any other woman took his fancy. He was an attractive man with a quirky nature and an air of mystery about him, women would flock to him for his charisma and intelligence.
  Penny / Nullification / 18d 20h 55m 25s
Tyler didn’t have much trouble getting them back on track and eventually they were on the right plane. He found them rushing pass certain points in time, flashing like a sped up slideshow. Eventually they had come to land in a secluded spot in the mountains just so they could have some privacy while they took the time to figure everything out. Tyler spent most of his days trying to figure out how to hack into the system to get him and his mother identities. He knew it was a risk, but they couldn’t go around with no id at all and his from the future was completely useless. This meant for the most part Penny had taken over role as lead and was spending her time working. He felt terrible about it and he didn’t tell Penny but it had been stressing him out. Fortunately, it was easy for his mother to get work at a local diner and there was a position for a busboy open, but he just couldn’t see that as something he could do. His mother was right though, he couldn’t eb picky and no high paying science job was just going to fall into his lap.

He had finally managed to finish their identification which had taken weeks. As far as the government knew they were from this time. Penny had just gotten back then, lately she had been a bit distant or he supposed she just had a lot on her mind.
“You drive?” he easked then with a raised brow. What was she up to?
“Oh stop trying to figure everything out,” Tyler’s mother said as she handed Penny the keys. He stared agape. She was in on it?

Tyler’s mother was trying to do her part and carry her weight too. She knew in some sense it was a bit odd for her to impeded on the couple’s adventure, though it wasn’t like they had much of a choice that would make it easy to sleep at night.
“Alright alright,” Tyler said. He reached to cover his eyes then, everything inside him wanting to peek, but he kind of liked the feeling of being surprised, it was relaxing for some reason.

Eventually he felt them come to a stop and when Penny instructed him to open his eyes, he was surprised to find that they were parked in front of what Penny had declared would be their new home. He looked to her shocked. She had really outdone herself, it was a dream place to live. So secluded which would do well in making sure they were protected. Still, something in the back of his mind dinged. How long until he couldn’t take it here?

“You’ve done great Penny,” he said in disbelief, kissing her cheek.
“I can’t wait to see the inside,” his mother said with a smile as she started in. She already had plans to make a big dinner, glad to be back in the real world where she could buy real groceries. Now there was the possibility of a farm. She was so excited.
“I can’t believe you made this happen,” Tyler said to Penny.
  tyler / kshahidx / 19d 3h 59m 15s
Penny moved over to the passenger seat,
“Sure, I can probably sort something out but it might take a while. You’ll have to get use to old technology.” She said to Tyler with a small smile before buckling you. She rubbed her eyes and thought for a while as she watched everything. This was going to be hard. It would be better if they were somewhere secluded. She could work, earn enough to keep them afloat for a while.
“Unless you wanna go figure out the lottery numbers or something.” She said with a small laugh.

Landing was easy, finding a house took a while, a few weeks actually. A log cabin, on a lakeside that had some land around to farm and such. Penny had been rather secretive about it all, and she figured the mortgage payments would be a lot more than she expected but she could slave away at the job at the hospital for a while more. She hadn’t told Tyler and she was excited as she showed him the way up into the mountains and forest in the RV. “Okay okay now wait, let me drive and close your eyes.” She said to Tyler, making sure there was no peeking.

She parked up and looked to Tyler,
“Alright, open your eyes.” She said quietly and hoped he liked it. They could make a life here, with his mother.
“I can keep working at the hospital for a while, I’m sure you can do some tinkering or something like that.” She explained, she didn’t mind working but she knew it would be long hours and exhausting.
“And your mom has some chickens and things to look after, so she won’t get bored.” She murmured and got out the RV, handing Tyler the keys.
  Penny / Nullification / 19d 20h 33m 5s
As they took their seat at the table, Tyler pondered on Penny’s question. “It’s not stupid,” he said to her with a smile. Honestly, it was stupid of him not to think about that. There was no technology he had that could all of a sudden put funds in an account without it coming off as alarming toward the sates. Of course, there sudden presence was more than suspicious. Especially so for him and his mother who he would have to figure out on getting identification for.

“Well, if we go back to your time, just a different place, then maybe can use what you have to find a house t purchase.” It did seem a bit weird for him for Penny to put up most of the funds initially. Honestly, now he was thinking about how different things had been. He had always been the one to figure things out, to support them during this trip. Now he was going to depend on Penny a lot. Would she lose interest in him> No longer seeing him as the fun and adventurous traveler that had enchanted her on that night.

He tried to hold back on the worry. They had just started planning things out. This would work he was sure. His mother seemed happy enough and Penny, that was all that mattered right? After finishing his meal, Tyler headed toward the control panel. They had enough fuel to push through. His mother had started to clear and pack everything away tightly. It kind of seemed nostalgic in a sense. She had only been on one trip with her husband before it was made clear that what they were doing was illegal. She had pleaded for him to settle and live a normal life, but he just couldn’t give it up. She wondered though, if Penny was right. Would Tyler really be happy?

"Everyone buckled up?’ he asked as he started inputting their coordinates.
  tyler / kshahidx / 20d 1h 4m 11s
Penny watched his mother and she could tell how much she had been through. Not only was her husband a traveller but her son had gone down the same path. Penny fixed some of her hair,
“Hê has to be happy too.” She murmured and looked over as Tyler appeared. She gave a smile when Tyler kissed her and they settled down for lunch. She thought for a while,
“Weird question. How are we going to afford a house and stuff?” She asked. Then again Tyler must have had some sort of plan given he had gone hopping through time.

“I mean- if it’s earth my bank account might work right?” She pointed out. She had some savings, the only perk to her job was the money.
“Or we could start a farm or something, I’ve always wanted to own a zoo or something.” She said and went a little pink. It was a childish dream to have ever had and she knew that sort of thing was incredibly expensive and she didn’t have millions.

“Stupid, really.” She said with a small laugh. She figured they would work something out and Tyler would no doubt have to understand that some tech wasn’t as advanced as what he was used to and that people were different too. It would no doubt prove amusing and little odd to him but it would take time.
  Penny / Nullification / 21d 3h 26m 26s
Tyler’s mother wasn’t surprised that Tyler was feeding more on processed food. That would all change with her in the kitchen she was positive. She had managed to find some [I fresh] items she could work with to at least whip together a stew. She didn’t know about him or Penny, but her stomach was all sorts of unsettled after their little [I trip] through time. She didn’t see how her son or his father could do it. She thought about the comment she had made about how he looked at Penny. It was true, he could see he loved her and she had to love him considering how she had risked her life for him. Her freedom. And it seemed Tyler was willing to commit to giving up his freedom for her as well.

It wasn’t that the men couldn’t give up the adventure, some just wouldn’t and as much as she loved Tyler’s father, she wished he had been selfless enough to give up travelling and to stay home with them like any other normal family.
“It’s alright,” she said when Penny awoke. She smiled at the female, still wiping the sleep from her eyes. “As his father would say, it’s easy to lose track of time when you’re the one controlling it.” That was when he’d missed Tyler’s sixteenth birthday. Though he had made up for it in gifts and there was of course that one week he stayed, spending time with Tyler in the downstairs room teaching him all sorts of things.

“It’s hard not to worry about someone you love.” She worried about Tyler constantly in those years he was gone. Was he okay? Had he been hurt or captured? He couldn’t even send her a letter or call her for fear of being caught. “It will be hard, he doesn’t realize that now. But I know that, like his father, he is a determined man. He wants you happy.” She told her. She soon finished the stew just as Tyler had come out of the bathroom. She settled everything in bowls over rice.

“Not much, but I will say when it comes to a kitchen, I am undefeated.” Tyler smiled at his mother before turning his attention to Penny. He kissed her lightly on the lips. “Alright let’s get to eating.” Tyler figured after lunch he’d be well enough to get to working on finally getting them to head to their goal location. Hopefully things went as planned.
  tyler / kshahidx / 21d 7h 13m 23s
Penny dreamt of stars and galaxies, of endless lights swirling and colours blazing. It was beautiful and wonderful. She woke some times after Tyler, smelling food and slowly sitting up, looking bewildered when she saw his mother. She looked a little embarrassed as she got to her feet to fix her hair and wash up. It was a small while before she came back out looking refreshed and brighter.
“I didn’t realise we slept so late.” She said to his mother with an apologetic look. Lunch looked good and honestly beat the usual RV food.
“Thanks.” She murmured, still waking up properly as she sat down with some food.

“Do you think Tyler will cope?” She asked, “I know he said he will, and he’ll never tell me if he gets restless.” Penny said before she took a drink. What if he ended up miserable or frustrated? A domestic life was a huge change for him and Penny knew it would seem dull to him. She wasn’t sure anything on earth, stuck could be as exciting as the stars and such. She chewed her lip and knew it sounded stupid but she was worried.

“Sorry I just worry.” She explained to his mother with a small smile. She wasn’t sure they would ever be normal. He didn’t even exist in their world, they would never get married and kids would be questionable. She couldn’t help but give a small smile at the thought though, it was nice to think of a calm life together but she wasn’t sure it would ever be his cup of tea.
  Penny / Nullification / 21d 20h 43m 55s
Tyler supposed they would always live with the fear they could be found again. He wasn’t sure if the government took kindly to him escaping prison not once but twice. It would certainly send the wrong message and as far as they knew, he still had access to his to the time machine. “Well I guess there’s the chance they will, but I mean it’s just a risk we will have to take. We’ve gotten this far, we just have to be careful.” He smiled at Penny, hoping he was instilling some sense of confidence in her.

“As long as I have you I can live anywhere.” He even had his mother with him. Yeah tit would be tough and he was sure that eventually he would get bored, but who was to say there wasn’t beauty or excitement in something normal. After all he had met Penny in such a boring time period and she was such an enigmatic and special person.
“You’re right. We should rest, it’s been a long day,” he joked. He kissed Penny’s forehead and eagerly drew in closer to her. He closed his eyes then eventually falling asleep. Penny was right to assume he was exhausted, when he woke up it was what would have been the afternoon.

He could smell something cooking and when he sat up, he was surprised to find his mother working up something with what random ingredients he still had. He’d thought everything had been a dream.
‘I thought you were going to sleep all day,” she said. Tyler chuckled, shaking his head then as he got out off the bed, trying not to wake Penny.
“So, have you decided what we will be doing?” She asked him. Tyler had shuffled through his belongings on the shelf for his toothbrush and toothpaste.
“Well, we decided we’re sticking to Earth, maybe find some house on the outskirts of this little country.” He looked over to Penny. His mother was smiling at him.
“Why’re you giving me that look?” He asked with a smirk.
“You look at her like your father used to look at me.” She said softly. She patted his cheek then. “Go ahead and wash up. I’ll have lunch ready for you guys soon.”
  tyler / kshahidx / 23d 15h 53m 58s
A house with a garden, huh? It all sounded so wonderful but Penny wasn’t sure that Tyler was the sort to just settle down like nothing had ever happened. And the cops wouldn’t stop hunting him either, they would carry on trying to capture him and get him back in a terrible prison. Penny didn’t want to lose him, but his mother had explained so many times that Farnsworth men were explorers, adventurers and nothing could keep them grounded for very long.
“What if they still find you?” She asked him. It hadn’t even occurred to her that she would be in just as much trouble as him given she has now messed with time technology too. Even if she did understand the implications, it wouldn’t have changed her thinking.

“Can you live a quiet life?” She asked him gently, not wanting to sound rude but she knew his life had been fast paced, full of twists and turns. She knew what that meant for the most part. He could very much grow bored. She wouldn’t blame him either, she had tasted a little of his life and although she still didn’t understand why he had chosen her out of the billions of women on the planet at that time, she would be forever grateful no matter what happened to them. She regretted nothing except it fighting harder to keep him out of jail.

Penny wrapped her arms around him, feeling comfortable in his arms and cradled by his warmth in the bed.
“We can figure it out. You should rest.” She said to him and leaned up to kiss his lips softly.
  Penny / Nullification / 24d 2h 12m 22s
Tyler was more than happy for the simplest of things and that included a peaceful shower. The water was the perfect temperature and pressure, unlike the weak cold showers he would endure in prison. They were quick too, and the guards hadn’t really been fair to him. Knowing he was safe and with Penny now, he was able to get over that part of his life and he wanted to never go back to that point again. He knew Penny couldn’t handle it and neither his mother. She had been through so much and they all were so close to never seeing one another again. After his shower, he dried off and changed into something a bit more loungewear like. He felt like a whole new man. Tyler had realized that Penny had switched from the seats to the bed. He smiled at her invitation, getting underneath the covers then. He drew her into him, his lips finding her cheek.

“Do you think it’ll be a bit weird? Going back to living such a regular life?” This was something Tyler had thought about of course, but now he as actually going through with it. Would they stand out? Would they be able to fit in? He had to figure out about getting them proper identification too or it was likely they wouldn’t be able to work. They couldn’t have a normal life living in the rv either. Tyler wanted Penny to have more than that, his mother deserved more than that too.

“We can get a house, with a garden in the back. Maybe grow our own produce?” He suggested with a chuckle. All he knew was that was long as he was with Penny, he would be happy no matter how anything turned out.
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