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He controls all of time, dithering from this place to the next. To worlds unknown and new, from adventure to adventure. He saves races, species, people from certain death.

She becomes a companion, simple and with no concept of what lies beyond her own home.
Christmas Day comes, and Time finds a new meaning. Lesser and somehow more.

I don’t want this to be overly ‘worked out’. I’d like for me and my partner to discuss and such.
I am not experienced at sci-Fi style so this is a big learning curve with me so please be patient, I prefer to play females because it’s easier for me.

Loose plot, sort of Doctor Who based .
Message me if you want to join in, we can have a discussion.
Open to plot twists and discussing ideas.
This is just a rough plot idea.


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Penny stirred and opened her eyes, giving a small smile at his joking.
“Hm, welcome back to the waking world.” She remarked as she sat up, stretching a little and almost ripping her coffee. She looked him over, he seemed a little better. He at least didn’t look like he was going to topple over anytime soon.
“Yeah, I just mashed in some stuff. Brought us here.” She gestured our the window, “It’s nice, almost put me to sleep.” She said and stifled a yawn as if to add to the affect. Penny watched him get some pain killers and water.

“Huh?” She looked at him like he was crazy when he mentioned going home and she thought for a while. Okay, so they had very nearly died back there but they hadn’t, right? They were both alive and well. Well, almost. She shook her head,
“No, thank you.” She said to him quietly at his offer of taking her home. This was the most adventure she had ever had, it was thrilling and she couldn’t just go back home and go about her day to day life knowing all of this was out there.
“For several reasons.” She started before he could argue.

“One; I don’t want you to see me get old and wrinkly while you get to say the handsome young traveller.” She explained with a small smile,
“Two; Someone needs to make sure you don’t get yourself killed.” She commented and pushed herself up from the chair. She placed a hand on his shoulder,
“I’m sure about this, alright? Don’t overdo anything.” She looked him over before realising she was staring and she gestured to the bed,
“Just gonna... you know. Try and sleep.”She shrugged and headed over to the bed, settling amongst the blankets. She was in way too deep to just call it quits right then, besides she liked being around Tyler. He was exciting, he was charismatic and he had a magnetic personality.
  Penny / Nullification / 6d 18h 36m 0s
Tyler wasn’t used to being this indisposed and while he tried to stay conscious, it was a losing battle that he eventually succumbed to. He had been placed onto the bed by the guards who left just as quickly as they approached them initially. When Tyler awoke, he was a bit disoriented, forgetting for a moment how they had gotten back to the RV. He wondered what Penny had said or done to convince the man to give them their freedom. His mouth was dry and while his head was still pounding, he didn’t feel as bad as the day before. Still, Tyler was slow in his movements as he sat up. He could sell coffee and once his eyes adjusted to the somewhat dark surrounding, he could make out Penny.

The RV seemed to be functioning fine, which he wasn’t as surprised to find considering Penny seemed to have a good head on her shoulders. “No flames?” he jested softly, not sure if she was awake or taking a snooze, it’d been a complicated couple of hours for the both of them after the relaxing waterfall trip they had. Taking his time, Tyler came to a shaky stand and slowly traveled the vehicle, making sure the modules were set and taking. A peek out of the window. They certainly were alone and for once the silence wasn’t intimidating nor making him mad.

Tyler had started toward the front of the RV, stopping to grab himself some water and pain relief tablet to be washed down. He took a seat in the driver’ side of the cabin, “I understand if you want to go home,” Tyler had said then. This adventure was seeming to become more and more dangerous and Tyler was worried that he was awfully close to putting Penny’s life on the line.
  tyler / kshahidx / 7d 53m 5s
Immediate worry was all Penny was filled with when she set eyes on Christian. He wasn’t himself and evidently there was more going on, his injuries were substantial and Penny glanced to the King with a small nod.
“Thank you.” She murmured although it was a weird sort of territory because they had reached an understanding, both of them but it was by no means friendly.
“He needs help to walk.” She said to the guards as they came in,
“Gently.” Penny added for good measure as the guards took Tyler’s arms around their shoulders.

Penny was exhausted and the long walk to the shop didn’t help matters. Still, they made it back safely and Penny knew they were working on borrowed time given the officers would know where they were. She helped the guards settle Tyler on the bed from earlier and she thanked them as she took the fuel, eyeing it over. Where did the fuel actually go?
“System insisted. Status; Healed, insert fuel.” Cane a mechanical beeping and Penny raised an eyebrow as she looked around, stepping outside and figuring it would go where the gas pump went. Sure enough when she opened it, there was a sealed unit to insert the rock. The ship had bonded together the cut from earlier and Penny sighed softly. She inserted the rock before heading inside and eyeing the dashboard.

“We need to go somewhere peaceful, quiet.” She murmured to herself as she eyed the input for the year and place.
“Alright then.” She said as she I put a few things, hoping for the best more than anything. The ship set off and Penny had to admit she had no idea what she was doing but when the ship slowed, they were floating in space, distant planets glimmering and surrounded by stars and space clouds of all colours. Penny breathed out a sigh of relief and got to her feet. She figured the ship would alarm them if officers came close but hopefully they had lost them for now. She wet a cloth and set about cleaning out Tyler’s injury on the side of his head. He needed to rest and Penny wouldn’t accept an argument on that fact.

Penny pulled the blanket over him, refusing a bandage over his knocked head before finding a switch to dim the lights as she took a seat once again, a fresh cup of coffee in her hands as she relaxed and just took a moment to breathe.
  Penny / Nullification / 8d 5h 16m 56s
Tyler was struggling to remain conscious, somewhat fearful that he would die in the hut. He was too tired to fully be freaked out at knowing that Penny was not in the hut. Where had she gone> Was she okay? His head was pounding, and he wasn’t even sure if he would be in decent enough condition to be able to get them out of this situation. Penny had so much faith in him, he didn’t want to disappoint her. Eventually he awoke, sitting up and once the scenery stopped spinning, he took a deep breath to collect himself. His hands had tried their hardest to wriggle out of the ropes he was bound by, which proved to take a lot of energy. The next thing he remembered was the sound of Penny’s voice, her touch gentle as she tried to shake him conscious. He blinked slowly, his face burying into the touch of her palm.

“Let us go?” He asked in shock as he was sure that the King would have definitely attempted to kill him and maybe taken Penny hostage. To know that she had changed his mind was surprising.

“Are you ready?” The King asked as he peeped into the hut. He could see that Tyler was not in any condition to walk let
“My guards will escort you to your ship. They have one rock which should last you. You are no longer allowed back here.” Tyler figured his grandfather must’ve had the ship autopiloted to this area should he run out of fuel, not suspecting that he wouldn’t be welcomed. Tyler knew the he was in no way good enough to fly. The guards had lifted him before laying him flat on a stretcher pulled by four other men.

“You’re going to have to get us out of here Penny,” Tyler had slurred as he looked to her.
  tyler / kshahidx / 8d 16h 46m 48s
Penny knew things were still dangerous, she didn't know how the King would react to this. She didn't know these people or their customs. She washed her hands and looked over when the King entered, nodding to him respectfully. She had done all she could for the mother and child, and hopefully given them a great start to their new life. She looked to the King as he entered and glanced around warily.

"There is one thing." She said to him, thoughtfully. She didn't understand the technology associated but she did know they needed the fuel from here and for them to get back to the RV.
"We need to get back to our ship, the sky walker ship and we need fuel." She explained,
"The stones, they are what we need to get out of here." She explained, choosing her words carefully.
"My companion knows more than me, please." She said to him, imploringly and hoping that then the debt could be settled.

The King thought for a while before giving a grunt and nodding,
"Fine." He grumbled, evidently in a good mood at greeting his son for the first time.
"Thank you." Penny said before ducking out to give him some time with his wife and son and heading back to the hut they had been held captive in. She approached Tyler, placing a hand to his shoulder before trailing it slowly up to the injury on his head.
"I got us a way out." She said, quietly.
"The King is a father now, he's agreed to give us the fuel and help us return to the ship, Ty." She murmured.
  Penny / Nullification / 8d 23h 41m 18s
The king of course was a bit skeptical to let Penny help out, but he also didn’t want to risk the life of his wife or child. He had been fooled once by the Skywalkers and it was a risk to trust them again. When Tyler’s grandfather had come across them it had been under the same conditions of his kin; his machine had broken down from loss of fuel. At that time Tyler’s grandfather was still using gasoline, though with advances in technology it was a bit more cleaner burning, it easily and quickly ran out. When he came across the Natives, they had showed him to the mountain to which many green rocks [I grew]. Though there was one big one to which they worshipped that only came around once a year. Tyler’s grandfather was able to use this rock as a means of fuel: clean burning and it lasted way longer. However, instead of asking for it, he had stolen it.

Tyler and Penny had been unaware that while they were at the waterfall, one of the citizens had cut the lines where the fuel went in and stolen the remainder of the rock at the orders of the officers that were following them. Had they not left that day; they would’ve been caught either way. It was a miracle for them to leave.

That said, the Natives no longer trusted anyone from the sky and once seeing the familiar vehicle, they knew it was their chance to get justice. Though this had changed once Penny had offered her services.
The king entered the hut then, looking at his wife who was sweating and looked exhausted, yet still had a smile on her face as she looked down at their child. He knew by their laws he owed Penny for what she had done.
“Thank you for saving my mate” the chief said. “By our customs I owe you one favor.”
  tyler / kshahidx / 9d 46m 55s
Penny watched proceedings, for a brief moment she thought that maybe her pleas had fallen on deaf ears. The king snapped his fingers and she was escorted out, giving a look to Tyler as he slept. She looked to the King who motioned inside a hut and she could hear a woman screaming. Penny let them check her for any weapons and she was allowed entry. She could tell immediately something was wrong.

Penny knew talking would be of little consequence given the language barrier but she did know the woman needed help. Penny took a moment to assess the situation before washing her hands in a makeshift basin, shedding the cloak she was wearing to reveal her loose jeans and vest. It was more hygienic and she looked to the woman,
“Alright. This is manageable.” She said quietly and mostly to herself. She knew this thing, she had seen it before and she could tell baby needed some help and the woman was losing blood.

After an hour, Penny had managed to deliver the baby, placing the little squealing boy into his mother’s arms after making sure he was healthy and breathing. She had done her best to fix up the mother, keeping her actions as smooth and gentle as she could.
“She has to keep drinking.” She said to the other women, “Water, lots of water.” She explained as she motioned to some of the containers of water. She was exhausted and she washed blood from herself, getting to her feet.
“She is alright.” She murmured, still wary of what would happen to her.
  Penny / Nullification / 12d 18h 39m 57s
Tyler was struggling to stay awake, but his body had taken a lot of damage and he was feeling the familiar tug of unconsciousness pulling at him. He had laid down, his stomach grumbling for food, but he feared everything would just come back up. He closed his eyes and laid against the ground, the cool earth relaxing almost. For a second he was at peace, despite knowing the reality of where they were and the possibility that they wouldn’t make it away from this camp alive. Tyler had tried to stay awake as best he could for Penny but had eventually fallen asleep.

One of the guards had looked to the woman with a raised brow, trying to decipher her words. Their understanding of the modern English language had even learned, but it took time to process and translate. The guard had looked to his tribe leader.

“How can you be a healer? All Skywalkers are nothing but trouble, you bring death and destruction – thieves.” He said. Though he was curious, considering that his wife was due to have a child soon and she didn’t seem to be handling the labor very well. As if on cue, one of the women had come running to the tribe leader to announce that his wife was starting to go into labor, and she was bleeding terribly. It was certainly a gamble on deciding whether or not to trust the woman, but he was afraid of losing his wife and their child as so far, their methods had not been working.

He snapped his fingers to motion for the guards to take Penny to their hut.
  tyler / kshahidx / 12d 18h 48m 31s
Penny was utterly lost as she watched but it soon became clear that Tyler’s grandfather had come here for the rocks. She didn’t know much about any of this sort of thing but she guessed this was some sort of tribe, a clan. She gasped as they were dragged back into the hut and she was at least glad that her restraints had been removed. She got to her feet slowly, looking to the doorway and thinking for a while. There had to be a way to get out of this, to pay this debt back.

Penny was scared, mind racing to think up any idea and she eyed the scraps. She chewed her lip, thinking over an idea that came into her mind. She eyed the guards at the hut and peered at them.
“I can heal your sick.” She said, “As payment for what was taken, please. I can help your ill. I’m a healer, a doctor.” She tried, it was a loose attempt that gained a couple of looks and Penny looked to Tyler. They couldn’t just sit down and die here.

Penny was desperate, she just wanted to get them out of here before others arrived and it became a terrible battle or slaughter of these people.
  Penny / Nullification / 12d 21h 59m 48s
Tyler was trying to remain strong and not show defeat, but he was terrified, and he was confused. Though it seemed these men knew him or at least his grandfather and it seemed he had stolen something from them long ago, leaving his grandson to pay the price for such crime. He was worried to know that Penny as well was drawn into this mess.

“Home?” The man repeated. He leaned forward; his face illuminated by the bright red flames of the fire. “There is no going home.” The man stood up then, walking toward Penny and Tyler. He looked around, watching as the others watched them intensely. Tyler’s stomach turned and he found it hard to keep himself up with the pain he felt. He was seeing double and his wound had reopened, blood dripping along the side of his face.

“What do you mean?” He asked in a breathy voice. Tyler looked to Penny, hoping that they wouldn’t hurt her. She didn’t deserve this, and he surely was blaming himself for getting her into this mess.

“I know who you are, skywalker. You have been here before and you stole from our shrine of the mountains; the glowing rock.” The man reached up to show a necklace around his neck which held a small green rock, one that he recognized as what was used for fuel.

“That was not me, that was my grandfather, but please – please you must understand how important it is for us to leave here. We are in danger and you may be too.”

“Is that a threat?” The man’s voice was loud and certainly had made the hairs on his arm stand up.

“It’s not – “

“Silence!” He said. The man snapped his fingers and they were grabbed then, dragged into a hut, but this time together. Their restraints were removed, but it was clear guards would remain outside of the hut. A platter of food or what looked like scraps had one cup of water was offered to them. Tyler sighed out, resting his head against his knees to help with the pain.

“This is a mess,” he said finally. For once, Tyler didn’t have a plan.
  tyler / kshahidx / 12d 22h 54m 2s
“Stop it!” Penny said when she saw Tyler get hit with a stick and she was shaking all over but she was at least glad he was alright and he was alive. She stared at the intimidating figure on the throne and she wasn’t sure what was going on. Pay? How did they intend to make them pay? She watched Tyler until the man addressed her and she looked at him. Mate? She thought for a while.

“I’m his friend. We travel together.” She said, not that it really mattered right then given the situation they were in. It was like something out of a movie and she really was frightened something terrible was going to happen. They were both tied up, there was nothing they could do and Penny was genuinely afraid. She looked to the others in the area and then back to the King.
“Please, we just want to go home.” She murmured, she wasn’t sure this man was even going to listen to them.

A thought occurred to her, if they were stuck here then the agents chasing Tyler would have a good amount of time to catch up. And what would happen then? She couldn’t let them get ahold of Tyler and she wasn’t even sure what would happen to her if they caught up with her.
  Penny / Nullification / 13d 4h 20m 53s
Tyler could make out shadows on the other side of the hut, and he could hear voices, but the language was something that he didn’t understand. He shifted some, finding it incredibly difficult to get out of the restraints, but he had at least managed to sit up. He was relieved when he heard the sound of Penny’s voice. His head was aching, but he was trying to keep clear and pay attention, their loves could depend on it. Tyler realized they were at a disadvantage. Their weapons had been stolen, they ere nowhere near the RV as far as he could tell, and he had absolutely no clue where or when they were.

“Penny I don’t know, just – “he paused as he heard the panic in her voice and what sounded like her being dragged out. “Penny! You leave her alone!” he yelled in fear then, hoping that they wouldn’t kill her. Tyler then heard the sound of the opening of his hut and saw the tall figures, painted and with stoic expressions as they began to drag him out of the hut as well. He was then dropped to his feet beside Penny. He looked to her, wanting to reach out and hold her, glad to see that for the most part she looked unharmed other than from the crash. His eyes then looked up toward the man sitting in what appeared to be a throne, there was silence other than for the sound of the fire crackling.

Please,” Tyler had started, before being hit with a stick on his shoulder. He cried out in pain.
The man in the throne placed his hand up.
“Why are you here?” he asked, his words slow as though still learning the English language. Tyler caught his breath and waited for the man to motion for him to speak.
“We mean no trouble, we were stuck. Please, we just want to go home.” Tyler said.
“Home,” the man repeated. He held up a rock then, one that Tyler realized was what his grandfather had used for film. “Man, from sky returns to steal from us again,” the king said. “Steal no more, now it is time to pay. I know of you sky traveler. This time you will not escape.” Tyler looked at him confused then. The man had removed the mask he wore and stared into Tyler’s eyes: it was the he was filled with a. vision. His grandfather had been here, and he had stolen what presumably had been the leading resource for fuel for his machine. Something so incredibly valuable to the Natives, and this time they weren’t letting them go.

“Who are you? His mate?” the leader directed his question toward Penny.
  tyler / kshahidx / 13d 13h 40m 41s
Penny didn’t quite know what had happened, everything had happened so quickly and she had tried to warn Tyler that she didn’t want to stay behind him but before she could, everything went black. Jenny wasn’t sure what happened next.

She came to in a hut, it was darker and she looked around. She tried to stand but found herself constrained and tied up. She groaned and she heard Tyler’s voice from somewhere. He was in the hut beside hers, she could hear him through the thing walls.
“Tyler!” She said in complete relief, desperately trying to get herself free but she couldn’t believe how much her head hurt. She gasped as there was movement outside and she pressed against the wall.
“Tyler what’s going on-“ She gasped as people filtered into the hut, one of them roughly yanking her to her feet.

“No, please! Listen to me, please my friend is hurt-“ She cut off under the glare of one of the people and he shoved her to her knees before a fire. She let her eyes adjust as she stared around. She was terrified and she wasn’t sure how to get these people to understand. They seemed to speak in a different language before a tall man with bright head fear of feathers and skins emerged and sat in some sort of throne.
“Please.” Penny said quietly, pleading that they could just understand that they weren’t here to harm them.
  Penny / Nullification / 13d 17h 5m 49s
Tyler could hear Penny’s voice, a bit distant sounding as though she were far away. Eventually he started to wake up and he was getting through the fog of sleep. He furrowed his brow against the pain as he sat up, the rushed moment making him incredibly nauseous. “Company?” he repeated with confusion. He sat up then and came to his feet, finally starting toward the window. He looked out to see their vehicle was surrounded and being examined by what appeared to be soldiers. Their dressing gave him the suggestion they were Natives. Tyler pushed up the sleeves of his shirt as he started slowly toward the door, that’s when there was the first push. He gripped tight to whatever he could take hold of as the RV shook.

‘Shit,” he said then. He was unsure whether or not it was safe to exit, but new that if they didn’t make some kind of contact, this RV was going to eb turned over soon. Tyler felt the next push and lost balance as he made his way toward a cabinet. Tyler had shuffled around before finding two guns. He handed one over to Penny for her to hide before securing his own. Tyler was breathing hard, which wasn’t helping with his injuries. He knew Penny had it much worse though and quite possibly was hiding it.

“Stay behind me,” he told her as he started toward the door. He opened it to find three men now standing in a line and watching them. He’d no chance to speak up before they rushed into the RV, knocking both of them unconscious. When Tyler woke up, he was inside of what appeared to be a hut, his head hurt even more, and he realized he was tied up. He groaned in pain, his eyes blinking to get accustomed to the darkness. “Penny?” he called out, hoping hey hadn’t been separated.
  tyler / kshahidx / 13d 17h 23m 7s
Penny looked to Tyler, giving a small smile.
“I’m alright.” She said to him, catching his hand before he could withdraw it, giving it a squeeze and watching him finally lay back. She brought a thin blanket over him and rubbed her eyes, determined to keep awake. She looked at him, watching him rest and it was a relief. He needed the rest and she swallowed a little, feeling a little nervous as she stayed sat on the bed for a while.

She could feel herself getting drowsy so she forced herself to her feet, looking out the window to see something shifting. She stepped outside to get a better view. She watched the figures and saw their muddied skin and the red stripes. Penny paused for a moment, unsure of what to do as she stepped inside and shut the door, locking it tightly behind her and looking to Tyler. She didn’t want to wake him but she had to.

“Tyler.” She placed a hand to his face, very gently,
“Tyler, we have company.” She murmured, doing her best to rouse him softly and without panicking him. Maybe it was nothing. They were on Earth, right? She figured her Planet was safe.
  Penny / Nullification / 13d 18h 50m 29s

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