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He controls all of time, dithering from this place to the next. To worlds unknown and new, from adventure to adventure. He saves races, species, people from certain death.

She becomes a companion, simple and with no concept of what lies beyond her own home.
Christmas Day comes, and Time finds a new meaning. Lesser and somehow more.

I don’t want this to be overly ‘worked out’. I’d like for me and my partner to discuss and such.
I am not experienced at sci-Fi style so this is a big learning curve with me so please be patient, I prefer to play females because it’s easier for me.

Loose plot, sort of Doctor Who based .
Message me if you want to join in, we can have a discussion.
Open to plot twists and discussing ideas.
This is just a rough plot idea.


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“I’m sure we could pick something up for you,” Tyler said then. “Imagine, shopping in 1925 – peak of jazz. Hey, I know the perfect place!” He rubbed his hands together and smiled. “And in fact, I might have left some notes there as well.” He thought of seeing Penny on the dance floor, beaded strings flowing gently left and right with each shimmy. Tyler’s watch began to vibrate then and he noticed the tracking of a familiar ship was getting exceptionally close. He tried not to show how nervous he was and looked up at Penny. “Ah yes, I should’ve given you a mini tour maybe.” He said as he came to a stand. “Clothes here, laundry underneath. It’s all in one, trust me you don’t have to worry about what to wear – it’s the same two outfits that are washed regularly.” He pointed toward the coffee maker and gave her a smirk as though it was obvious, he didn’t need to mention what it was.

He showed her where the food was stored and of course the lavatory. “Think of it as a much cleaner airplane bathroom with a shower.” He said. He showed her the basic functions and made sure there was a towel prepared for her. “As soon as you’re all set, we are out of here.” He said with a smile before turning to give her some privacy. He made another cup of coffee, pulling up the map on his watch. There were some places he remembered, and some places he was trying to narrow down. He could remember the place, just never the time.
  tyler / SincerelyLily / 2d 19h 43m 33s
Penny looked him over and smiled a little at his appearance. She looked thoughtful as she drained her coffee mug and eyed the residue at the bottom. She did remember Tyler saying he enjoyed Jazz and if he wouldn’t pick a designation then she would make it enjoyable for them both.
“Flapper girl.” She said to him with a small smile.
“Although... I uh.. don’t think I’ve got the outfit to pull of a flapper girl.” She remarked to him with a small laugh.

There was an odd sensation that he wasn’t telling her something, but then she figured that could be anything. He could know when she was going die or what happened in her future and she figured it would be difficult knowledge to know about so she didn’t bother to ask him. He seemed the mysterious type either way. She glanced to where he had come out and raised an eyebrow.

“Is that a shower? Cuz uh... I’ve got prehistoric mud and stuff and I should probably clean up.” She said as she figured a good scrub would wake her up a little and help her adjust to everything.
  Penny / Nullification / 4d 1h 7m 38s
Tyler had changed into a white thermal and a pair of dark green joggers. He was putting his boots on when Penny started to awaken. He took a sip of the coffee then, they were hovering in the sky to which you would think would feel uncomfortable, but the ship was almost at a standstill, just placed in the sky like a magnet on the fridge. “Well,” he said as he took a seat in the driver’s side, adjusting for a much more relaxed sitting position. “You have a choice. I won’t count last night as I thoroughly enjoyed coming out here. I haven’t slept that good in ages. “So, we can either choose anywhere in the past, or maybe a little, [I a little] into the future, maybe to walk an alien planet.” He told her with a wiggle of his brows.

They had done good so far, they hadn’t left their past destination with any cuts or any heads or limbs getting chomped off, so he surely felt like that mission was a success. As long as they played it smart, he was positive that they would be able to get through the next stops no problem. Though, he wondered then what would happen when his mission came to an end and he returned her to her time, the interesting thing was that their rime in the ship affected their organisms which helped a lot with aging. He could plot Penny back in her time any time he wanted, and she’d look the same as when he plopped her away.

“So, what will it be, flapper girl or – little green men,” he jested. Of course, aliens like humans came in all shapes and sizes – well that was partially true, his future the people were a bit more monotonous. There were still outsiders and those who did their own thing, but his country was going through a dramatic change where uniform and conformability mattered a lot. Soon, they would be pushing the [I others] out. Tyler left at the right time.
  tyler / SincerelyLily / 4d 15h 6m 32s
Penny stirred in the morning, the smell of coffee permeating the air and she realised her chair had been put back and a blanket to keep out the chill. She furrowed her brow and sat up, rubbing her eyes and looking around the RV. She stood and stretched her limbs, stifling a yawn. She thought for a split second that everything had been a dream and she watched Tyler come into view. It wasn’t a dream.

She gave a small smile to him and a wave as she got herself coffee so she would at least wake up properly as she looked out the window. It was beautiful out here and she knew Tyler was picking the next destination.
“Where did you have in mind? Or when?” She said, doing her best to remain cool and calm about the entire thing even though she was a mixture of excited and terrified at the same time.

Penny drained the coffee and eyed Tyler. She wondered why he travelled so much, he was a good looking guy with an infectious personality that was so wild and wonderful, surely he would want to settle down. Maybe he already had and just wanted to explore and he would pop right back into his living room with his family. He was a curious creature and Penny couldn’t quite get a grip on him and what made him tick but she almost didn’t want to, wanting to go along with the untamed time traveller for as long as possible.
  Penny / Nullification / 5d 22h 35s
They both had eventually settled to sleep; Tyler had woken up in the middle of the night then to check in on the ship and make sure the values were still in place. He saw how cramped up she was, walking over to her to gently lay her seat back for more space. He placed a blanket over her before checking the engine levels as well. They had enough juice to last lightyears. Tyler had soon headed back to sleep, turning the lights lower and placing his blanket around him. Tyler had fallen back asleep until the morning sun came, shining straight through the windows. Tyler stretched out then, yawning. He looked over, surprised at the female there. He had forgotten that he had picked her up. He came to a stand, trying his hardest to be quiet as he put the coffee on. He walked over toward the cleaning pod. It was somewhat of a small space, but very comfortable though. He got out of the shower and dried off behind a covered sheet.

Tyler wondered where to go next. He thought that it was possible that maybe somewhere they could walk around in and blend in would be a bit better and easier – the towering dinosaurs that could swallow you in one gulp had seemed to come off a bit too intimidating. He would have to confirm the web, maybe if she saw the place beforehand it would be fun. Or maybe, he could take the plunge and they could visit an alien planet.

That certainly was an exciting though, if they surpassed his future far enough, there was a chance he wouldn’t bump into himself. Not to mention humans amongst aliens wouldn’t be [I that weird] which would mean less dangerous. He could only hope though.
  tyler / SincerelyLily / 6d 20h 13m 16s
Penny looked to him and wondered what he had in mind. She figured this would be a shock to any sane person and she was still wrapping her head around it somewhat. She braced as he worked his magic and she had to admit it was a lot to get used to and she peered out the window as they ground to halt.

Penny shifted and rolled down the window of the RV, leaning out and staring down at the lights that glistened in the night, swirling and moving with the water and she watched. She leaned out the window with her head resting in her arms as she watched. It was like time and space had met with the ocean and she couldn't believe it. It looked as if the stars had come to life and were playing mere metres below her and she couldn't quite believe it.

Penny was stunned into speechlessness, looking over to Tyler who seemed as relaxed ever. She gave a small smile before resuming her position, at some point exhaustion must have taken her over because she couldn't stop herself falling asleep, curled up in the passenger side seat.
  Penny / Nullification / 7d 1h 22m 43s
“Well I don’t just kidnap people,” he said then with a chuckle. He rolled his eyes at her. “Though, there are a few people who I have brought along, but I also made sure to return them to where they are supposed to be. I just try not to make it a habit, not everyone can easily accept this type of [I hobby]. He said to her then. “Somewhere with a view,” he repeated to her. How strange and simple of a request. Though even the most subtle things could still hold some sense of complexity,” Tyler figured. “Alright alright, as you wish partner.” He told her with a smile. It would be a bit interesting to see Penny as a flapper. That certainly was a wild period in life.

He didn’t say much then, pressed in a few keys. It for the most part was a soft humming as the machine began tow arm up and soon, they were off, slipping through the illuminated portal. “I take it, or at least would hope for shock value, you’ve never been to Japan am I right?” He headed toward mid-March, but a few bumps in the road had led them a bit closer to April. Nonetheless, he figured any time was the best time to see one of the most exciting and illuminating marvels of earth: the bioluminescent beach at Toyama Bay where at night swimming below in the dark sea were the colorful and stunning illuminated sea life. Thousands upon thousands of the firefly squids, peacefully swimming around.

This was a hard moment to capture, though as they hovered over, they were able to capture the moment. Tyler had been around before, though he never set his mark perfectly, he was always just barely on time. He turned down the lights of the RV, only furthermore casting a glow. “So, how’s this?” He asked her then. Tyler closed his eyes for a moment then, enjoy the silence with just a soft drum of the motor playing in the background.
  tyler / SincerelyLily / 7d 3h 7m 40s
Penny watched Tyler and raised an eyebrow when he mentioned a special person.
“You’ve brought other people along before, huh? Just don’t... leave me anywhere strange.” She remarked to him with a small shrug as she thought for a while. They had so many options and she peered our at the landscape. She didn’t know the universe and time like Tyler knew it and she had to think for a while.
“How about somewhere with a view?” She asked him, curiously.

“Anywhere, anytime. You must have seen beautiful sights on your travels. Even if it’s just for tonight and then we can go wherever or whenever tomorrow.” She said to him, peeking up somewhat and she didn’t seem as tired anymore but the thought of watching a beautiful view as she fell asleep did sound alluring.
“You can even teach me how to be one of those jazz girls from the jazz era, just show me a view.” She asked him, a smile playing on her lips because it wasn’t often she saw good views.

Anything beautiful, a sunset, a sunrise, a galaxy of stars, Penny would take anything right then before he chose where they needed to get the next stamp for whatever he needed them for. At least the dinosaur part was over with for now and she wouldn’t have to worry about getting eaten. She pondered if it was lonely travelling the stars and the worlds between them, she didn’t imagine he got much company and if he did, people wanting to go home.
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Tyler could tell that Penny was a bit scared and she had every reason to be, though it did give him a chuckle. And despite being a bit more comfortable, that didn’t stop him from tensing up at the sound in the darkness. Though he was relieved to find that it was, but a child and Penny did well enough of the little one, who well enough was on his way to have the strangest dreams or nightmares in the future.
“Alright,” he said with his hands up, following Penny who seemed to navigate her way nicely, which was good as if they were to ever separate, it would be easy for them to find one another considering she had a good sense of direction.

Inside, he shed his coat and sat in the driver’s seat. “Hm, that’s hard to say,” Tyler admitted. “I guess I would say 6th Century B.C – Athens: the birth of philosophy. Though I also quite enjoyed the jazz area. Every part of time kind of has its own special moments for me I suppose – sometimes a special person.” He shrugged then, not sure why he said that, considering that other than the spare few he brought along, there was no one he had truly connected with or at least felt as comfortable as he did with Penny. It was an odd feeling then, which made him sad for some reason. He pushed pass the feeling though and looked up to her.

“Well then,” he said as he placed his hands behind his head and looked toward Penny. “You get to choose where you’re going . We’ve got more than enough time to find more stamps,” he told her with a smile. Though, little did Tyler know the time cops were hot on his trail and had finally managed to locate his position, which meant wherever they were going, they would need to leave soon.
  tyler / SincerelyLily / 8d 20h 7m 49s
Penny watched as she followed Tyler, looking baffled when he mentioned aliens and laws allowing them to live together. She figured it was a nice thought and she doubted that aliens were the funny green men in films. There was so much to the universe, things they couldn’t ever dream of and even Tyler admitted he didn’t know everything. She followed him, watching as he scanned the writing he had left behind. She smiled a little and it quickly vanished when she heard movement.

She peered in the dim light to see a child, albeit entirely different from modern day kids. Penny knew if the little one sounded the alarm, they would be done for and she stared at the child who looked confused and terrified. Penny did the only thing she could think of, pressing a finger to her lips in a motion to keep quiet and the child stared for a while before backing off and back towards the family unit. Penny breathed out in relief,
“Okay, you got your scribbles, let’s go.” She ushered as she started back towards the RV.

Once inside, she looked around and was grateful of the warmth, moving to the passenger seat so she could look out the window. She still couldn’t quite understand how they were here and why she was here with this remarkable man from the future who could travel in time. She leaned on the dashboard and propped her chin in her hands, feeling safer watching everything from inside the RV.
“Where’s your favourite place to visit?” She asked him and then thought about what she had said.
“Or time to visit, I suppose.” She murmured as she watched some prehistoric birds fly overhead, peering up to get a better look as they soared overhead and it seemed magical.
  Penny / Nullification / 9d 8h 11m 54s
All set to go, full and in a better set of clothing, they headed away from the RV, through the brush of grass and heading toward the caves. There were small orbs of light. Fire, that had been an interesting thing to teach them of. Of course, his initial engaging of fire was an accident to which he was spotted using a lighter to get things going. Fortunately for him, history had always been a fascinating subject along with science and his family had always been there to help and guide in his exploration. Teaching a caveman how to make fire with sticks certainly seemed nothing short of exciting on his end – it was exhausting to be honest, considering the language barrier. However, it was interesting to see how they took to it as though he were a man of magic and it wasn’t surprising; even Penny looked at him as though he were some kind of figment of her imagination.

“Aliens?” He asked with a raised brow. He recalled then though that she wasn’t from his time. “There is more to this universe than even I know of – I’ve yet to truly explore the future,” he admitted. More so considering it was dangerous as there was a higher risk of him bumping into himself or bending time which would dramatically have a major impact on the future. “Well, in my time there are what I guess you would consider [I aliens], though the law for them to live on Earth only just recently passed. Usually they stay with their own [I kind]. “ He was surprised then at how excited he became at the prospect of visiting an alien planet.

They’d come closer then and he tried to think if there was some kind of landmark that would help him identify. He eventually spotted it, on the side. “There,” he whispered as he walked toward the outside of the cave. Being this close to the cave people was a bit nostalgic for him. He quickly took a scan of the writing. He stopped then when he heard some movement.
  tyler / SincerelyLily / 10d 3h 8m 42s
Penny watched him and it was still bewildering how he kept everything so light hearted, like he was invincible and maybe he was but she wasn’t. Tyler was used to this sort of stuff and she wasn’t. She just nodded and somehow managed to follow him back to the RV. They had to go to a dwelling and find a time stamp. It didn’t seem very safe but Penny figured it was important to Tyler to find it.

Penny didn’t complain at the food or the change of clothes, grateful for the thick jumper that kept the chill out. Darkness wasn’t the safest of options in these times and she was nervous but she figured if they found this stamp then they could get out of here a lot quicker. But at least she was warmer and had a hot meal inside of her. Penny thought for a while on where she would want to go after this. There were millions of options and she wanted to find somewhere peaceful.
“Are their aliens? Different races and stuff in the universe?” She asked him but she shrugged it off for fear of sounding foolish.

She eyed the outside as she stepped out to try and find this time stamp Tyler so desperately wanted. She could see the flickering of a campfire in some caves in the distance and she figured her ancestors had discovered fire and she looked to Tyler.
“Do you remember where it was?” She asked him, figuring if he’d left important stuff lying around on walls then maybe he would remember. She let her eyes adjust to the moonlight and watched a lumbering group of stegosaurs Male their way through the forest.
  Penny / Nullification / 12d 11h 29m 25s
“Well I’m sorry we didn’t step into a nice bar during the Roaring 20s,” Tyler said with a chuckle. He realized how serious Penny was though and he felt bad that maybe he had jumped the gun a bit too soon. “Yes, well a while ago in the past – well the future – wel3l I mean, you get it.” He said with a chuckle. “I had written down something on the walls of one of the dwellings. It is a crucial piece of documentation which details where I’ve been. It’s kind of like a time stamp,” He said . In the hopes to hold onto the secret of time travel, Tyler had written down each page of the formula anywhere that he had visited. However, now on the run he was sure it best the complete code be erased completely and the only copy to remain was his journal. Though, the madness in that was Tyler had left the journal in some part of time – his memory was fuzzy, so he was trying to replicate the code by travelling – though the law had also got in his way and Tyler found himself in places he didn’t necessarily need to be – much as the time he went for a sandwich and ended up bringing Penny along for the ride.

“It shouldn’t take long for me to just get a quick jot down and who knows, maybe our enemies will have some compassion and share dinner,” Tyler said with a shrug. “And after that, I promise we will visit anywhere you please,” he mentioned. It was getting a bit dark though and he knew it would be a drop-in temperature. “Maybe we should get you changed into something more comfortable, besides it’ll probably be safest for us to go out while the animals are asleep,” he said to wave off any sense of worry.

Tyler had drawn made his way back toward the truck then. Time went by so quickly it felt and after whipping them up a quick meal, it was soon dark, and they were to make their way into the dwellings of man before man.
  tyler / SincerelyLily / 13d 23h 9m 44s
Of course it had scared her, this was the sort of thing she had only ever seen in films and television. Penny watched him as he approached and there was a mingled look of shock and utter confusion on her features.
“When you said adventure I just figured something....” She wasn’t sure of the word and she gave up trying to find it. It didn’t matter anyway and somehow she just didn’t imagine being stuck inside. Time with dinosaurs and cavemen with spears pointed at her.

He piqued her interest when he mentioned he had left something.
“You left something? Here?” She looked around and wondered what on Earth he could have possibly left and given the vast density of foliage and the thousands of critters that would sooner kill them then offer any sort of condolences, she doubted he would find whatever he was looking for. She sighed out and raked a hand through the hair that had come loose.
“Alright, fine. We’ll find whatever you’ve lost or left behind but pleas after that can we go somewhere where things don’t want to endlessly murder us? A peaceful alien colony or something?” She was half joking because aliens weren’t real, right?

She adjusted her boots and figured she should have work more comfortable clothes but then again she hadn’t been expecting to run around a Jurassic era. She looked to Tyler and wondered what exactly she had gotten herself into with him. She must have been mad to just jump on a weird RV with a complete stranger like this.
  Penny / Nullification / 14d 37m 59s
Life was boring the minute you got into a routine and Tyler figured that Penny was the type to easily fall into the routine: wake up, go to work, have dinner, head home and try your best to fall asleep without succumbing to the sad reality that it all restarted the next day. Tyler had never really experienced that, even before he started time travelling; there was always something exciting going on in his day as a scientist. Though, his excitement now bordered on anxiety considering he was on the run.. There was some fun in that, but something told him Penny wouldn't enjoy the treatment from the officers if she were caught. There were many ways they could go about punishing her and with her being from the future, it was quite possible that she would find herself in the mental ward much like the past people that he had encountered.

Tyler had no time to react with the spears in their face before their ancestral threats were shook much the same as Penny and Tyler as a stampede was rapidly approaching. Tyler’s hand reached out for Penny’s arm as they both scrambled out of the way of the creatures. They were fortunate to have escaped their ancestors, but it was very likely this wouldn’t be the last of them and it would take a lot of planning if he and Penny were to still take an observation trip.

That of course was called into question as Penny was already heading toward the ship ir at least, heading toward what she suspected to be the path to the ship.
“Hey!” Tyler said as he managed to catch up to her. “Don’t tell me that scared you away?” He asked with a chuckle, nervous at that as of course it was enough to throw anyone off. “It’s only the beginning,” he said as he took her hand. “Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom,” he offered her. “But of course, I can understand you’re shaken up. Maybe I should’ve thought of somewhere a bit . . .more tame? You see - it’s just last time I was here I left something behind.” Tyler admitted.
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