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[center [size12 For as long as she could remember, [u Danielle Shepherd] was hopelessly crushing on [u Noah Lockwood]. Noah knew of the crush and he thought that Danielle was beautiful and interesting, but just not for him. She was fun as a fling and a friend. They remained friends though, but that was until [u Rowan Austen] came into the picture. She was confident and ambitious and it took no time to make Noah fall for her. Eventually getting together, Noah and Rowan became a power couple, and Danielle even became good friends with Rowan despite feeling as though she stole the man she loved.

Rowan's brother, [u Jackson Austen], comes to visit her at times. During one of his visits, Rowan and Noah have a plan and decide to play a bit of matchmaker. They decide to introduce Danielle and Jackson to one another. That is when the games really begin. They start finding ways to make the two get together and see how good they would be together. Pretty soon, Jackson's visits become more frequent and he's less interested in visiting his sister and more interested in spending time with her friend.


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[left [pic https://imgur.com/DKeVxTV.jpg]] Danielle powdered her face, looking in the mirror. She did her best to cover the black eye that a guy gave her last night when she was working late. She hated seeing Noah after situations like this happen but, he had asked her to come out to lunch. He wanted her to meet his girlfriend that he was becoming head over heels for. It hurt, not just her face but her heart.

She was practically in love with Noah for many, many years. They had even slept together a few times which didn't help her trying to get over him. He kept telling her he didn't like her that way but part of her...just kept thinking if she gave him her body, he would develop something. It just never happened.

As much as it hurt, she accepted the fact that he was with someone different and was wanting to cut things off, physically. They had been friends for soo long, it was a friendship she didn't want to lose out on. He was fun to be around and a good person, deep down. If he was happy, she would pretend to be happy.

She entered the restaurant, standing there and gazing around. She saw the back of Noah's head and smiled a bit. He made her heart race but also hurt at the same time. She was still experiencing such conflicting feelings but who was she to express them?

She walked around to the other side of the booth, across from him. She slide inside the chair and smiled. "Hey, Noah. How're you? Your girly not here yet, huh?" She asked, sitting her purse beside her and crossing her arms. "Lets hope she didn't bail on you." She teased but deep down, she was begging for her to bail.

[center [pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/143820ef239e433ea47e677424e957ff/tumblr_ostk6tGYwR1woiyb4o1_250.png]]

[right [pic https://imgur.com/U3ElOKV.jpg]] Rowan's phone beeped while she was driving to the cafe to meet Noah and his long time best friend. She glanced down, seeing it was a voicemail from her brother, Jackson. She raised an eyebrow since her phone didn't even go off. She grabbed it off the car charge and did her best to navigate to the voicemail and pay attention to the road.

She listened intently, especially to the tone of his voice. He seemed genuinely upset and she felt bad. She was supposed meet up with Noah and she was already running late. Now, her brother was coming and would be at her house in less than fourty-five minutes. That's when she got an idea...maybe they could just move the date to her apartment?? Noah would be able to meet her brother and maybe she could get to know this friend of his? She texted Jackson, letting him know she'd be a bit late coming back to her apartment but he knew where the key was.

She pulled up to the restaurant and practically ran inside. She saw Noah as well as the girl he was friends with. Danielle? she believed he said her name was. She came to the edge of the table and smiled. "I am so sorry I am late. Traffic and ugh. There really is no excuse. I hope you can forgive me." She smiled at Noah, leaning down and giving him a peck before sliding in the booth with him.

She looked at Danielle and was a bit shocked. She was very beautiful and even Noah had told her that. She just wasn't his type and he made it clear to her. She wasn't the kind of girl to get jealous over her man having other friends. She was confident in herself.

Rowan extended her hand across the table. "Danielle, right? Noah has told me so much about you. I'm Rowan. I hope we can become as good of friends as you two." She said, doing her best to earn the trust of this girl.

She leaned over to Noah, whispering in his ear. "We might need to move this party elsewhere...my brother really needs me and he's on his way to my house. We could all go there? You know how close I am to Jackson anyway."
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/Ow1RaQX.jpg]][center [size12 "You just don't get it do you?"

"You know what? I don't. We've slept together and we have...we have this connection. How can you not feel anything towards me?"

"Look, Danny, you're beautiful. You have an amazing personality. You're just not for me, okay? I'm sorry..."

"I...I need some time. I hope she's worth it."]]

[size12 That was how his conversation with Danielle went last time he saw her. He admitted that they needed to stop screwing around, that he found someone that he really wants to try with. He thinks it could work out wonderfully and honestly, it has. Except...he's avoided the fact he slept with Danielle one last time while talking to Rowan.

They'd met three weeks prior. She smiled at him across from the room and he was struck right then and there. He bought her a drink and they talked most of the night. He didn't even attempt to get her to come back to his hotel room. He wanted her to see him as a gentleman.

Now, two weeks after the conversation with Danielle, he was to meet up with both her and Rowan. He had a good, solid talk with Danielle and thought things would still work out with her. He loved their friendship and she had been there for him since high school. He just never saw her as more than a small fling. That, and he knew of her work. She was a stripper and yes, it was her lifestyle. She chose it and he wouldn't judge her for it. He wanted someone that was going farther than letting men stare at them. He knew she had gone home with a few as well.

He sat in the small cafe and went ahead and ordered his own hot coffee with two things of cream. He slides inside the booth. He thought Rowan and Danielle would get along pretty well. They were both headstrong women and important in his life. If Danielle could see how great Rowan is, then maybe she wouldn't be as pissed...and maybe she could get over him.

[center [pic https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/SLaDiREGtTqM0mM059n2hRN0XleXKJ6-1wufkxjB2oZIbhArggYl_Yox0N_Rkqsc5WDOA2mjT3mxWBh_dsYAfxHf5tuAwvcApkDG9CmUp5VxL5oPSq33LqqGrCiDBC8TZL5Htws]]

[right [pic https://imgur.com/BELEQIT.jpg]] Jackson sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "No, no, Bernard. I need those today. I can't sign off on the renovations until I have them." He paused, listening intently. He sighed heavily, "Just get me the damn papers, Bernard!" He yelled, pulling the phone away from his face and hanging up quickly.

Life had been stressful for him lately. His long term girlfriend who he had future plans with ended up leaving him for another. He actually caught them together in the hotel room he left her stay in for the night. Last time he does that. There were renovations going on in the hotel that he needed signed off and it wasn't getting done. He was having a lot of personal issues going on. He needed some cheering up and he knew just the way.

He picked up the phone and dialed his sisters phone number. It rang a few times before going to voicemail. "Ayo, it's been a rough week. I could really use someone to talk to or just...hang out. I'm gong to stop by the house. It's been awhile!" He chimed, ending the conversation at "I'll see ya soon, sis."

He was thankful for her, Rowan. She was always there. She wasn't fully aware that they had broken up. He told her that they had been having a rough patch and were on a 'break'. His very opinionated sister made sure to put her two cents in.

He grabbed his jacket, heading out the door. It was about a forty-five to an hour drive depending on how traffic was. He figured it'd give her enough time to get back in touch with him before he came - just in case she was up to something.

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