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[font roman [center Hello. I’m not in the mood to make this fancy or anything, but this will be pretty simple anyway. I am currently looking for someone to roleplay with. I am into practically every genre, but I favour thriller and horror, and I play as both genders along with sexualities. I’m pretty detailed and consider myself to have good grammar. I’m very much into romance and romantic themes and I don’t mind doing intimate scenes.

I currently have two main ideas that I want to try out - heavily inspired by other media sources if you couldn't already tell. I value communication as well with all my partners. If you’re looking for some roleplay samples of mine feel free to take a peek at my main account [b -Cosmos-.]
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[center [font roman Heavily inspired by [b Resident Evil 2]
Prompt [b A]
[center [font roman [b He] has just successfully graduated from the police academy and has been requested an assignment to work for the NYC Police Department. [b She] has worked for a mercenary organisation for years and has just been assigned to infiltrate the Fryxwell Laboratory, hidden beneath the city within the sewers, for the cure to the bioweapon that has been accidentally unleashed upon the city.

[b He] arrives at the police station only to find everyone either to be dead or turned into cannibalistic monsters. After fighting his way out and being attacked by one of the monsters just before escaping, [b She] saves him from death and introduces herself as part of the FBI - an agent sent to investigate the happenings of the virus and the whereabouts of the cure.

[b He] trusts [b her] enough to agree in helping [b her] search for the cure, completely oblivious to [b her] true identity and intentions. Throughout the journey, [b they] both begin falling for each other under extreme circumstances and [b her] ideologies and motives are questioned by [b herself], but feelings must never get in the way of work.

What happens when [b he] discovers [b her] true identity?
What happens when [b her] true intentions and motives are revealed?]]]]
[b Rules]
- The ending for this one can vary - can either be happy or sad or even neutral.
- Dark themes [b will] be included along with mature themes and topics - death, gore, intimacy etc.
- 18+ [b NO] exceptions.
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[center [font roman Inspired by [b Isle of Dogs]
Prompt [b B ]]
[center [font roman Set far within the future, the world has been plunged into an idolised society where everyone follows a strict and neat code - everyone must live in order and continue the endless cycle of life without fail or question.

When, by executive decree, all those who have disrupted the perfect utopia of San Marie City are exiled to a vast garbage-dump called Trash Island, the former lover of one of those exiled ventures to the island to search for their lost love.

Trash Island is the epitome of a dystopia - with no proper food or shelter for anyone, most have been forced to live savagely and do anything to survive the unforgiving wasteland of the island.

[center [b Rules]
- The ending for this one can vary - can either be happy or sad or even neutral.
- Dark themes [b will] be included along with mature themes and topics - death, gore, intimacy etc.
- Those that have been exiled aren't all just criminals or whatever - anything from speaking out of line or stepping out of the cycle can get you exiled. Keep that in mind, please.
- Anyone with any traces of disease and/or illness is exiled immediately without question.
- 18+ [b NO] exceptions.]
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