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[google-font ""] [font "Ruda" [center She's been down on her luck. Abusive ex, new job that she HATES and just everything seems to be going wrong. No matter how much she is like fate has it out for her.]]

[center [font "Ruda" There are ghosts in his past that he rather leave behind. Lost love for one thing. But he had the "cushy life".. Though doesn't quite want to get close to anyone.]]

[center [font "Ruda" Neither one has an easy time with people for their own reasons. But over a drink...or few their tongues become loose.]]

[center [font "Ruda" He offers her a job with him and she offers to be a friend.]]

[center [font "Ruda" What happens when business mixes with pleasure? And MAYBE, just MAYBE they start to fall? Or do fall?]]

[center [font "Ruda" Can they help turn the others life around?]]

[center - - - - -]

[font "Ruda" The idea was made by my Wifey. Do NOT steal the idea. Not without her permission.]


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[size12 Life was never the same anymore. Since a little girl, she always thought she would enjoy her life. That her life would be amazing for her. When did things actually start to go so bad? When did she feel like she didn't have control of her life anymore? In all reality, she wanted everything to be okay again.]

[size12 Nadia just stared at the bare wall that wasn't going to be her home anymore. She just stared at the wall trying to think where she went wrong. Ever since her mother passed away, life has been hell. In actual school her grades actually were pretty bad because she never got the proper help that she needed. She just turned herself to drugs and got tattoos all over her body. Of course, that was wrong in her father's eyes. At this point in life, she didn't even care anymore. She wanted to enjoy life. She didn't want to feel like she was on ice with everyone.]

[size12 Her father came into her room and asked she was ready. She was moving and starting a new job today. And she already doesn't even like it, and she hasn't even started it yet. Nadia simply nodded her head and then followed her father out of the house as she closed the door behind, staring at the window as they drove away.]

[size12 The only great part about all of this is a new town, but this time, she gets her own place. She doesn't have to live with her father anymore as she saved up the money so she can live on her own without him always breathing down her neck. "Are you excited for your own place?" It seemed like this would probably be something they both needed. Nadia just simply nodded, keeping her eyes glued outside the window.]

[size12 They pulled up to her place first, and she smiled as it was her first house. Not a trailer or even an apartment. It was house. And it was beautiful inside. It took Nadia forever to find it, but she found it. She quickly got her stuff out of her fathers car, and then waved bye as he droved off. "Finally.." She muttered to herself. She turned around and smiled at her house and she brought her things inside. By the time she was done with that, it was time to go to work. She rolled her eyes at the thought of it.]

[size12 Her job isn't something she really is going to enjoy. She is just filing paperwork away. Nadia's passion is to be in a tattoo parlor. But she couldn't find any place that would let her start there. She was perfect at what she did. Well, she thought she was. Nadia grabbed her jacket, and slipped it on as she walked to walk.]

[size12 Nadia spent about 7 hours there, and she hated every moment of it. She hated it because the job was way too easy for her. It paid amazing, but that's not exactly what she was looking for. She wanted a challenge with her job. She wants to enjoy her job. Nadia was already dreading go back to work tomorrow. It was now 9pm, and she was wondering what to do with her time since she hasn't heard from her father. Still thank god.]

[size12 Nadia was walking back home until she looked up and saw that she walking by a bar. Nadia shrugged her shoulders. Why not? She walked in and looked around. The bartender smiled at her and invited her over. "You look like you need a drink." Nadia laughed, and shook her head.] [size12 [b "Definitely."]] [size12 The bartender whipped her something up real quick, and because she did look young, she showed her ID to him before he even asked for it. "I know you would want to look at it, anyways."]

[size12 Nadia slumped in her seat as she looked around and notice all the people just staring at her. Nadia sighed and just sipped on her drink. This was moments like this she hated that she was all alone. She knew no one. And Nadia had no idea how she was going to meet people in this town. Her father wanted her to live her life, but this is her first time alone. Nadia sighed. The bartender frowned at her. "Are you waiting for someone?" Nadia shook her head, looking sadly at him.] [size12 [b "First time in town..."]]
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