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I've been trying oh so long to let you know how I feel.
And if I stumble if I fall, just help me back so I can make you see.
I've been sitting here so long, wasting time, just staring at the phone.
And I was wondering should I call you,
then I thought, maybe you're not alone...

Like a river to the sea,
I will always be with you.
And if you sail away,
I will follow you.

Please give me one more night,
Give me just one more night.
'Cause I can't wait forever.
I know there'll never be a time you'll ever feel the same,
And I know it's only words.
But if you change your mind you know that I'll be here
And maybe we both can learn...]]]
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[size14 [center [font "Palatino Linotype" Love is hard and life made it nearly impossible to get over the people you were vulnerable enough to open up your body and soul to.
Broken hearts and painful memories. Bright neon lights and sweet drunken spirits. Lustful gazes and stolen kisses. One embrace is all it takes to lead to a passionate one night stand.
And it all began at an old friend's house party...]]]
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[center [size14 [font "EB Garamond" Experiment number, was that what they called it nowadays? Yeah, he probably was. Then again, maybe he'd be the only number. Ian still wasn't too sure if she just enjoyed it because of the alcohol and the drugs in her system or if he was damn good at making others feel pleasure. Whatever it was, it was a bit addicting but she didn't see herself doing that kind of thing with anyone else right at this moment. She only hoped that was a normal thing...

"I'm sorry." She chuckled. The one who should've felt cheap was her. Which she did, but that feeling was buried really deep down in the back of her mind. For safety precautions. Ian leaned into his embrace and kept her eyes on the screen as she continued to play, the sudden feeling of his closeness caused her to turn to face him. Honestly, she had felt a bit nervous when he'd suddenly leaned in and her eyes had suddenly focused on his lips. Maybe it was because she wanted to taste them once again or was curious about what else he was hiding in those skills of his.

Her eyes trailed up and met his gaze. "Who says I wouldn't be able to handle it?" She replied unconsciously. Ian smiled mischievously. She leaned closer, their lips nearly brushing against the other. "Who says you can't teach me? I'm a fast learner... and I'm [i very] open minded."

Now Ian only wondered if she was only joking or if she truly meant it. Would she really be willing to do anything? Well, given her history, she didn't know much through actions, but she knew a lot through books, videos and what her friends would talk about. But that was about it. Then again, from what she'd learned, she was pretty alright with most things. Though the tension between the two rather bothered her a bit. She still wasn't used to this kind of... flirting. But she loved to play along until she felt a bit... timid. Though Ian wasn't exactly the timid kind, but that didn't mean she wouldn't feel nervous from time to time. She'd eventually get used to it... hopefully.

Ian moved away from Mason and placed her controller on the table and stood up. "Another beer?"]]]
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Mason could tell that Ian was not impressed with his response and he figured she more than likely still had concerns about getting involved with him considering that he was best friends with Brendon. He could understand not wanting to be the person that would be blamed for breaking up a friendship. Let’s be real, often in those situations, it was rare that anyone bothered to take the side of the ex-girlfriend. Brendon could say anything, and it would forever tarnish Ian’s name. Still, if they played, I smart and simply just kept it as no strings attached, then there was nothing really to worry about. Mason. Mason wouldn’t say that Ian wasn’t like other girls. Of course, he knew plenty of girls that hadn’t put out for some kind of reason. He was just surprised that she hadn’t had a relationship or met a guy that she felt worthy of going all the way with. What had that said about hose men and it made him question just what she saw in him.

Tonight, before they were both drunk and just making an impulsive decision because neither wanted to truly back down. He watched as his character died in the game, turning to meet the burning gaze of Ian. His eyes traveled toward her lips as she expressed sternly that she was the one that needed to eb watched out for. She was a bit more confident with him than she had been the night before, where he thought maybe she was drinking to help herself calm down. They’d only both had one drink so far though and were getting along quite well, Mason would have to say.

He chuckled then his arm now draped over her shoulder. “Oh, so I’m just what experiment number one?” He teased her. Mason “You know, I’ll admit I feel kind of cheap knowing I’m just being used,” he said with a raised brow. He of course was kidding and the smile that broke proved it. He leaned in close to Ian, “And trust me, you only got a small what you can’t handle.”
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[center [pic https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/8GK_IzYTf-fttxlyxiPnUCbmlbFtst0ThyZ0YNOqq9YtIBSLSbNL4AVRJwrRm898BIXFvEjOaM-GjTMacwHKcFRwkKDcqQH_VnrBw-s6RmVPFeMy_T78uRyojiYg5sUVCnbZh0UoOxFeWXl7B_fgGUZJli5DJUntxpeYYBwi6KALsfL13gAbLVpG2U0wT0FjlEMXXqOlrognM-_F0HEq0dDEK-TpIM27uUiEfzO4JiMetwGPDNgAHheGfEOqPknFKojMDCrU4vvbSIhb5daU_kBZyfTerQpNtG8MbainJEFWX3e7RYoXw6XsBClA4ofDMpB9uXjBp8cIZsY8AqBLoI8aOjjVPdhqwc_C8LH1oxe_ZHllDqYG40oh-j9c_4JBs9LsZZhmII7ad8Bo8bUSBZuWFab9jkONBdeuGw2kFmneNlvgTMrHBVvQEa7pRrI2sFiVt9ZED0x-yoQKQ2BFWjz-1AZ0eQqf80RGjcsQPB-x1G82eDVPuxYqDGtOq_P2nXKMhH5IwwS4QZhY7R9zPMxwF5qtfaoyEvYY9TDb_Y1CrcpdhrhdUy8n1TLbfVS3faacSaBZEtazUp5h63fy-R02N8V7Qx0jIIepC3gMRYpvkD3U1948rLwykRTT7H--YKZ6EyK_xTznJ6Rzfr-XVnS-lJFHrbE4YsENDdC4mcSxiNwqsTGkweM=w265-h389-no]]

[center [size14 [font "EB Garamond" Somehow his words didn't really sit well with her. Sure they were friends and maybe they hadn't have an issue so far, but Ian was certain that she didn't want to be the beginning of it. Especially Brendon who would usually hold things against others... At least he did with her. She just hoped it wouldn't be the same case for Mason.

[i “Besides, it’s just carefree fun you know and I’m not that guy. Well not anymore.... I don’t think you could handle me if I were that guy. You barely could the night before...”]

Right, because she hadn't been the one to start it anyways... From what she could remember, she had seduced him or well given into temptation. The fact that he used to be that way only rose an internal a red flag. Maybe it was best that she didn't even tread those waters. Just because he wasn't like that now didn't mean that he wouldn't cave into that personality once more. Who knew if he was simply lying to her right now?

Ian couldn't hold it against him though, she knew what she was getting into. She had already come this far anyways and there was no point in caring anymore. The damage was already done. "I'm sure I could handle [i that] and more. I've handled worse." She shrugged her shoulders as she finished killing him off in the game. Her eyes then fixated on him, "Not sure you will be able to handle me in general." She smiled softly and looked over at the glass bong her friend had left her. "I guess you could say I had enough experience with men who only wanted that, I guess that's why I never even bothered." That and other reasons...

Most of the men she had met were all the same in some way. Same happened with women. Though Ian at this point just didn't care about any of that, even when she was bullied for it. She was alright with who she was and was comfortable in her own skin. But now it was different and it would take her some time to readjust and accept herself again.

"Sex just wasn't my thing back then. Now... I just have to figure it out. Guess I got you for that, if you don't mind." She glanced over at him for a moment before focusing on the tv once more. She restarted to a new game. "But this is fine too."]]]
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“Well it was a Brendon apology,” he said with a roll of his eyes. “This meant him just making sure I wasn’t upset. It didn’t really seem like he took the blame for his part in the fight.” Mason was rambling some then. “We’re really good friends. Trust me, I don’t think we’ll ever actually have a falling out. We both eventually get over anything we have a problem about. "Honestly there had never been anything so bad that it intervened with their friendship, certainly not a girl and Mason was surprised how upset that Brendon got when it came down to anyone, especially Mason getting involved with Ian. She certainly seemed to be weighing whether it was worth it or not for the both of them to be together if that meant that it would come between the two guys.

“You don’t have to worry about that,” Mason said as he took the controller form her. He was unfamiliar with the game, but it wasn’t that hard to actually figure out and he was certainly enjoying himself. “Besides, it’s just carefree fun you know and I’m not that guy.” He said with a chuckle. “Well not anymore.” He knows his previous actions toward her may have given her a different idea as to why he came over, but he didn’t want to that define her. “Besides, I don’t think you could handle me if I were [I that] guy. You barely could the night before,” he joked, not even minding that he was falling behind in the game.
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[center [pic https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/8GK_IzYTf-fttxlyxiPnUCbmlbFtst0ThyZ0YNOqq9YtIBSLSbNL4AVRJwrRm898BIXFvEjOaM-GjTMacwHKcFRwkKDcqQH_VnrBw-s6RmVPFeMy_T78uRyojiYg5sUVCnbZh0UoOxFeWXl7B_fgGUZJli5DJUntxpeYYBwi6KALsfL13gAbLVpG2U0wT0FjlEMXXqOlrognM-_F0HEq0dDEK-TpIM27uUiEfzO4JiMetwGPDNgAHheGfEOqPknFKojMDCrU4vvbSIhb5daU_kBZyfTerQpNtG8MbainJEFWX3e7RYoXw6XsBClA4ofDMpB9uXjBp8cIZsY8AqBLoI8aOjjVPdhqwc_C8LH1oxe_ZHllDqYG40oh-j9c_4JBs9LsZZhmII7ad8Bo8bUSBZuWFab9jkONBdeuGw2kFmneNlvgTMrHBVvQEa7pRrI2sFiVt9ZED0x-yoQKQ2BFWjz-1AZ0eQqf80RGjcsQPB-x1G82eDVPuxYqDGtOq_P2nXKMhH5IwwS4QZhY7R9zPMxwF5qtfaoyEvYY9TDb_Y1CrcpdhrhdUy8n1TLbfVS3faacSaBZEtazUp5h63fy-R02N8V7Qx0jIIepC3gMRYpvkD3U1948rLwykRTT7H--YKZ6EyK_xTznJ6Rzfr-XVnS-lJFHrbE4YsENDdC4mcSxiNwqsTGkweM=w265-h389-no]]

[center [size14 [font "EB Garamond" He claimed that he didn't want just that, but somehow she couldn't believe him. What man in his right mind wouldn't want to? Then again, Ian wasn't about to question it, it wasn't her place to do so. For all she knew, Mason was simply just another person who'd be on her list. Maybe for a long time, maybe very brief time. However long it was going to be, Ian still enjoyed his company.

Ian had gotten too lost in thought to have realized that she was still standing. She instantly made her way over and sat beside him and grabbed the controllers from the port and handed him one as she took the other. She started the game of Duck Game. Though her eyes traveled over to him. "You mentioned that Brendon came by... I actually never thought he was capable of apologizing... you two must be really good friends." She smiled softly before looking back at the game and shooting his duck. "Listen, if any of this is going to ruin the friendship between you and Brendon, I think I'd rather you keep your friendship intact with him. I don't want to be the middle man and draw you two apart. I'm not the type."]]]
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“I don’t just want that,” he said with a chuckle, still holding her. “Just guess I needed it after the day I had. And you don’t have to apologize,” he said noticing that was a bit of a habit of hers. Her voice was so small then. He chuckled and pulled back to take another sip of the beer. “Besides, I was promised video games and food so,” he said as he took a seat and turned the tv on. “I’m assuming this is the part where the games begin?” What was the harm in having a friendship with Ian, a whole friends with benefits situation? But soon the [I benefit] would get old. He didn’t want to always just hang out with her purely for that one thing, it made the whole experience seem highly – cringeworthy in his opinion. Admittedly, he was also a bit turned off by his conversation with Brendon. To some degree, it came of as though he were still interested in Ian and planned to ask her back out.

Mason wondered if that had anything to do with the fact that Ian had kissed him in front of his own eyes at the party. Not to mention they both left at the same time and people talked. This time the gossip would have some truth to it, but still stories could get out of hand. He wondered if Ian was aware of what she was getting herself into with him. He wasn’t dangerous and wouldn’t harm her, but he did have a reputation and somehow no matter how clear he tried to be, wherever he went – danger soon followed. He didn’t want to get Ian caught up in any drama or mess.

He patted the spot behind him, looking over at her while biting down on his bottom lip gently. “You going to keep me waiting?” He asked with a chuckle.
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[center [pic https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/8GK_IzYTf-fttxlyxiPnUCbmlbFtst0ThyZ0YNOqq9YtIBSLSbNL4AVRJwrRm898BIXFvEjOaM-GjTMacwHKcFRwkKDcqQH_VnrBw-s6RmVPFeMy_T78uRyojiYg5sUVCnbZh0UoOxFeWXl7B_fgGUZJli5DJUntxpeYYBwi6KALsfL13gAbLVpG2U0wT0FjlEMXXqOlrognM-_F0HEq0dDEK-TpIM27uUiEfzO4JiMetwGPDNgAHheGfEOqPknFKojMDCrU4vvbSIhb5daU_kBZyfTerQpNtG8MbainJEFWX3e7RYoXw6XsBClA4ofDMpB9uXjBp8cIZsY8AqBLoI8aOjjVPdhqwc_C8LH1oxe_ZHllDqYG40oh-j9c_4JBs9LsZZhmII7ad8Bo8bUSBZuWFab9jkONBdeuGw2kFmneNlvgTMrHBVvQEa7pRrI2sFiVt9ZED0x-yoQKQ2BFWjz-1AZ0eQqf80RGjcsQPB-x1G82eDVPuxYqDGtOq_P2nXKMhH5IwwS4QZhY7R9zPMxwF5qtfaoyEvYY9TDb_Y1CrcpdhrhdUy8n1TLbfVS3faacSaBZEtazUp5h63fy-R02N8V7Qx0jIIepC3gMRYpvkD3U1948rLwykRTT7H--YKZ6EyK_xTznJ6Rzfr-XVnS-lJFHrbE4YsENDdC4mcSxiNwqsTGkweM=w265-h389-no]]

[center [size14 [font "EB Garamond" Brendon had dropped by his job. Of course he would. After the shenanigans from last night, Brendon would obviously want to know what had happened. He was always the jealous, manipulative and possessive type. That was nothing new to Ian. But she was a bit happy to know that at least Mason didn't tell him anything. Or at least she was hoping that he didn't. She honestly didn't know what Brendon would do if he found out... not just to her but to Mason. She honestly didn't want to be the middle man in this whole situation and yet she had started to become one.

"Sorry, I guess I should've just ordered then." She spoke a bit softly as she handed him the beer and turned to grab her phone from the counter. Ian had to remind herself that this wasn't something serious, that the whole thing was simply a fling that would happen on occasions or whenever the other needed a physical touch. Nothing romantic, nothing serious and definitely no strings attached. Therefore, she honestly didn't have to treat him any differently or anything too special...

Ian dialed the pizza parlor and listened as it rung. Though she was startled and jumped in her skin at the sudden pull. He was so close to her again... The feel of his lips pressing against her skin sent shivers up and down her spine. An unconscious soft moan had slipped from her lips. His words didn't help her either. It was then that she had realized the man on the other line had heard her. Ian cleared her throat. "Um, yeah, I'd like to order... a large with pepperoni. Stuff crust." She turned to face Mason. She smiled at him as the man on the other line spoke. She simply hummed in response to the questions the pizza parlor guy asked over the phone, her eyes and thoughts a bit too focused on Mason as she then pressed her lips against his. As the order and delivery was placed, Ian then hung up the phone and pulled from the kiss. "If you really only wanted that, all you had to do was ask..."]]]
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Mason had made his way to Ian’s place and he was a bit nervous but trying not to let it show. The talk with Brendon had went fine, but of course the was considering the fact that his best friend had no clue that he had slept with his ex-girlfriend. Was it so bad? They weren’t dating any longer. Still, Mason clearly knew that she was his ex-girlfriend and somehow that seemed to lead to the answer being yes. Yes, it was absolutely terrible of him to have slept with Ian and even worst, showing up to her place to hang out knowing there was the high chance the two old fool around once more. Once the door opened, he tried busy himself, walking into the living room then.
“Hey,” he said with a smile. “Sorry, I just -uhm I got caught up at work and then Brendon dropped by, to apologize you know?” Ian was happy for the liquor but wanted to stay as clear minded as possible. “Beer works,” he commented.

He was glad to have the ice-cold bottle in his hand, taking an eager and long sip. “You didn’t have to wait for me,” he said with a chuckle. At least drinking had loosened him up a bit and he felt a bit more at ease. He realized that he needed to relax, eventually he was sure that Ian would come to her senses and figure there was no use in wasting time on a guy like him if this was just going to be casual. Though, he saw how her smile had grown at the sight of him and she’d apparently been waiting on him to reach out to her.

He couldn’t help it and had reached his arm out to draw her in close. His lips had pressed against her neck then. “Admit, I uh kind of was really looking forward to this.”
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[center [pic https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/8GK_IzYTf-fttxlyxiPnUCbmlbFtst0ThyZ0YNOqq9YtIBSLSbNL4AVRJwrRm898BIXFvEjOaM-GjTMacwHKcFRwkKDcqQH_VnrBw-s6RmVPFeMy_T78uRyojiYg5sUVCnbZh0UoOxFeWXl7B_fgGUZJli5DJUntxpeYYBwi6KALsfL13gAbLVpG2U0wT0FjlEMXXqOlrognM-_F0HEq0dDEK-TpIM27uUiEfzO4JiMetwGPDNgAHheGfEOqPknFKojMDCrU4vvbSIhb5daU_kBZyfTerQpNtG8MbainJEFWX3e7RYoXw6XsBClA4ofDMpB9uXjBp8cIZsY8AqBLoI8aOjjVPdhqwc_C8LH1oxe_ZHllDqYG40oh-j9c_4JBs9LsZZhmII7ad8Bo8bUSBZuWFab9jkONBdeuGw2kFmneNlvgTMrHBVvQEa7pRrI2sFiVt9ZED0x-yoQKQ2BFWjz-1AZ0eQqf80RGjcsQPB-x1G82eDVPuxYqDGtOq_P2nXKMhH5IwwS4QZhY7R9zPMxwF5qtfaoyEvYY9TDb_Y1CrcpdhrhdUy8n1TLbfVS3faacSaBZEtazUp5h63fy-R02N8V7Qx0jIIepC3gMRYpvkD3U1948rLwykRTT7H--YKZ6EyK_xTznJ6Rzfr-XVnS-lJFHrbE4YsENDdC4mcSxiNwqsTGkweM=w265-h389-no]]

[center [size14 [font "EB Garamond" This was torture. Ian wasn't the type to feel anxious. But somehow by the way of not receiving any response from Mason, Ian was already starting to feel the effects. She honestly had to stop feeling like this, Mason wasn't anything more than someone she had been with for a couple of hours, nothing entirely special and she was very sure that she wasn't into him. At least not like someone she'd possibly date or maybe have a little thing for. Then again, she didn't know him well enough.

Ian sighed deeply and turned on some soft metal music on her radio and made her way into the kitchen where she grabbed the bottle of whiskey and poured herself a drink. Maybe this was all really for the best. Keeping herself distant from people was a good thing and something she had learned all too well every since she had been with Brendon. But before that, Ian had been quite the sociable one. Sort of... she was more of a visual social. The type that would go to gathering and watch other people have their fun. Some would find that to be boring, but she enjoyed watching others. At least until she had summoned enough courage to talk more and be more outspoken. That part of her came along with Brendon when he demanded her to be less awkward and talk more. Basically forcing her to get along with his bros.

Back then Ian was naive enough to go along with it. But now that she looked back on it she wasn't sure why the hell she hadn't seen the red flags. They were right in front of her face, but Brendon's pretty face and charming nature got in the way and hid it away. Though Ian had learned her lesson; however, she was still in the process of learning to grow up.

The sound of her phone vibrating against the glass table caught Ian's attention as she finished up the third glass of whiskey. The young woman poured herself another and went for her phone. Her eyes reading over the letters that spelled the name of the stranger from the previous night. A grin formed on her lips. This was a sign, right? Or maybe this was life telling her to make a better move and ignore the response, make believe she never got it... Yet Ian once again allowed herself to follow her treacherous heart and responded; [i "Can't wait. x3" ] Ian smiled as she took another drink and nearly choked on it as she had accidentally swallowed it the wrong way. The woman began to cough horribly before she was fine, though the ruthless coughing had brought tears to her eyes.

It was then that her roommate's door had opened. "Hey, I'm leaving for the night, I'll be back in a day or so." Jessica spoke as she exited her room and looked at Ian. She raised an eyebrow as she looked at the phone in her hand and a drink in the other. "Oh, no honey. You don't have to give in to that. There are other men in this world that are worth those tears." Jessica shook her head.

Ian wiped her tears away and chuckled softly. "That's not what happened, Jessie."

"Don't lie to yourself, hun, it's harder if you do. I know what will make you feel better." She smiled and disappeared into her room and soon came back out with a small tin can with a cat on it and a bong. The woman placed it on the table in front of her friend and pulled a lighter out from her pocket and placed it next to the things. "My treat." She winked at Ian. "Have fun alone."

With that, Jessica was out the door, leaving Ian with a confused look on her face. That was pretty much how Ian's life went. Being misunderstood on the most part and pushed around. She was going to put a stop to it... soon enough. Ian woman placed her phone on the table while sitting on the couch and finishing up the next drink. One day it would all change... hopefully...

A knock echoed in the room, and Ian's eyes instantly shot open. When had she fallen asleep? No, the better questions was how long had she been out? Whatever the answer was, Ian tried her best to get up on her feet, feeling the effect of the alcohol taking a slight toll on her body. She was definitely tipsy but nothing she couldn't handle.

Reaching for the door, Ian opened the door, her eyes settling upon the male from the night before. Shit, she had just almost forgotten that he was supposed to come over. She still manged to smile. "Hey! I thought you weren't going to make it." She allowed him inside and the closed the door behind him. "I thought you had forgotten about me." She joked halfheartedly as she scratched the back of her head. "Kinda wanted to wait for you to order the pizza, since I'm not sure what you're into. Eating wise." She walked over to the bottle of whiskey and held it out to him. "Whiskey or beer?"]]
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Mason was not the man you brought home to your mother or father if you expected them to take a relationship seriously. He didn’t seem like the guy who you would marry and have a family with, fulfilling that All American dream of the cute pastel colored home surrounded by a white picket fence to which a shiny coated Labrador would run around in the perfectly manicured yard. He had a bit of a reputation with past relationships with women and of course his prison record didn’t do well to soothe any worries. Yet, Ian seemed to have gotten over it well enough and she wouldn’t have agreed to meeting him again if she wasn’t [I interested] in him in some way. He saw the way she eyed him, the same way her eyes had swam over him the night before as he hovered over her. She wanted him as far as he could see, and Mason had no intentions on stopping so soon into getting started with Ian.

Still, that didn’t mean that he didn’t think about Brendon and how this would affect their friendship. Brendon was the only guy that had stuck around, and he couldn’t imagine losing him as a friend and especially over a girl. Though, Mason suspected that Brendon couldn’t really care about Ian seeing as to how he acted at the party. Still, Mason wondered then what he would do if Brendon found out about him sleeping with Ian.

He had meant to text Ian, but work had distracted him and kept him busy. Not to mention every time he picked up his phone, he saw a message from Brendon which made him too nervous to go through with the message. He was surprised to find that she had finally taken to sending him a message, just as he was getting ready to punch out. He was removing the apron from his waist, looking up in shock at seeing his best friend. He quickly wiped the expression off his face, chuckling then nervously.

“Hey man,” he said as he shook his head. He stored his apron in his cubby and had returned, wrapping his arm around Brendon’s shoulders and heading out. “We’re cool – you know I just got a bit wasted and passed out. Not used to drinking like that.” Mason lied. He grabbed a smoke and quickly lit it to soothe his shaking hands as he responded to Ian. He’d planned to stay later in his shift to treat Ian to a meal, but Brendon had certainly changed that plan. It wasn’t that small of a town, but people did talk, and Mason didn’t know about being out in public with Ian just yet. He sent her a reply then, ‘[I All down, but now I’m thinking video games and pizza doesn’t sound bad. Your place?]’ Pressing send then, he slipped his phone into his pocket.

“You know where I was coming from though bud, like that thing with Ian – that’s not cool. I mean, that’s my ex.”

“Yeah yeah, I get it – I mean I wasn’t trying to step on your toes or anything.” Mason said as they walked to Brendon’s car. The two leaned against the hood then, smoking.

“I mean I wouldn’t even bother with her. She’d hot, but a tough nut to crack. Trust me,” he muttered with a dry chuckle. Mason tried not to show how uncomfortable he was then.

“Right, well look I gotta get to the house. Let’s do a drink soon?” He suggested and Bredon nodded. Mason watched as the man soon drove off, finally breathing out not sure of when he had started holding his breath in the first place. He texted Ian to let her know he would be on his way.
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[center [pic https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/8GK_IzYTf-fttxlyxiPnUCbmlbFtst0ThyZ0YNOqq9YtIBSLSbNL4AVRJwrRm898BIXFvEjOaM-GjTMacwHKcFRwkKDcqQH_VnrBw-s6RmVPFeMy_T78uRyojiYg5sUVCnbZh0UoOxFeWXl7B_fgGUZJli5DJUntxpeYYBwi6KALsfL13gAbLVpG2U0wT0FjlEMXXqOlrognM-_F0HEq0dDEK-TpIM27uUiEfzO4JiMetwGPDNgAHheGfEOqPknFKojMDCrU4vvbSIhb5daU_kBZyfTerQpNtG8MbainJEFWX3e7RYoXw6XsBClA4ofDMpB9uXjBp8cIZsY8AqBLoI8aOjjVPdhqwc_C8LH1oxe_ZHllDqYG40oh-j9c_4JBs9LsZZhmII7ad8Bo8bUSBZuWFab9jkONBdeuGw2kFmneNlvgTMrHBVvQEa7pRrI2sFiVt9ZED0x-yoQKQ2BFWjz-1AZ0eQqf80RGjcsQPB-x1G82eDVPuxYqDGtOq_P2nXKMhH5IwwS4QZhY7R9zPMxwF5qtfaoyEvYY9TDb_Y1CrcpdhrhdUy8n1TLbfVS3faacSaBZEtazUp5h63fy-R02N8V7Qx0jIIepC3gMRYpvkD3U1948rLwykRTT7H--YKZ6EyK_xTznJ6Rzfr-XVnS-lJFHrbE4YsENDdC4mcSxiNwqsTGkweM=w265-h389-no]]

[center [size14 [font "EB Garamond" That was entirely unexpected. Though Ian had felt herself melt into the fleeting gentle kiss. So much so that she had even found herself nodding in a bit of a daze. She had snapped out of the trance as soon as the door had closed and reality had checked in. What the fuck was she doing? What the fuck had she done!

“So… Mason.” She could hear Jessica bug her once more. She took a bagel from the bowl and took a bite out of it. “Nice to know he can make you moan out his name. That good?”

Ian’s face blushed a bright color of red. The young woman quietly turned to look at her friend and walked over to sit down by the counter. “It was… better than expected.” She took a sip of her coffee. This was going to bite back at her in the end. But Ian was already in too deep and at this point, it didn’t really matter. What happened between them would hopefully be a one-time thing… or maybe a couple of more times just to be sure she’d get over it. No, it was best if she kept it at a one-time thing… just so she wouldn’t get into too much trouble. Not like she wasn’t into trouble right now…

“Either that means he was horrible or you enjoyed it so much you can’t even explain it.” Jessica smirked.

Ian chuckled nervously and ran her fingers through her bangs. “I don’t really know what to say… maybe my lack of experience won’t let me judge but… he made me feel like I was on cloud nine.”

“How long have you known him?”

“Since… last night’s party…” Ian responded with a bit of shame.

“So, is he like the rebound for Brendon?”

Mason being a rebound… maybe he was in a way. But Ian truly only wanted to keep him at a close yet far distance. Just enough to keep him around but far enough to not get hurt again… Yes, she wasn’t going to take any more risks apart from last night. “He’s just a friend for now… possibly a friend with benefits who did me a favor, alright?”

“Favor of deflowering you? What kind of favor is that? Not to mention a stranger.”

Ian felt the guilt settling into her stomach, leaving a bitter taste in her mouth. A moment of passion was leading her down to a path of regret that she honestly didn’t want to walk through. But it was too late to avoid the consequences. “At least I gave it up already and I don’t have to worry about it being stolen, alright?” She took another sip from her coffee. “It doesn’t matter anymore. It’s already done.”

“Then why didn’t you give it up to Brendon? Why a stranger?”

Ian shrugged her shoulders. “Brendon was a dick and… Mason seemed… different. I don’t know… I was drunk and I was drugged. But I was still quite aware of my actions.”

Jessica sighed and nodded. “No more stupid and drastic decisions, alright?”

Ian nodded. She would just have to hope for the best…

Back to work meant that she was going to have a full blown interrogation by her friends about last night’s events. Since she was very sure that they had been notified or probably had even witnessed the events that had taken place before she had been kidnapped willingly. She was very sure that this was now going to create a lot of rumors that would probably end up biting her ass… but it was worth it. What could’ve been a disastrous night had turned out a lot more interesting that she thought it would’ve end up.

Ian had pictured herself going home smashed faced drunk, higher than the empire state and possibly passed out in the tub in her bathroom. But instead she had drank more than usual, gotten drugged apparently and ended up losing her first time to a stranger that she possibly wouldn’t ever see again. The more she thought about it the more she regretted putting herself out like that… so easily. Then again, love didn’t matter at this point in time right? Only sex mattered to everyone… And as lonely as she felt and as bad as she didn’t want to be a part of those people… she had willingly succumbed to the worldly desires and became one of them. Though at least she wouldn’t regret the person she had given it up to… hopefully.

“So why did you leave the party last night?” Ian heard her Felix say just as she walked into the room.

“Wow, not even a ‘Hey! How are you’? No, nothing?” Ian spoke softly while she slipped on the gloves.

“You’re at work, right? So I think you look fine. But after last night, you had us all worried.”

“Worried? Why?”

“Well because you were high, drunk and left with one of Brendon’s buddies and not to mention not one of the best of them.”

“Are any of his friends good to begin with?” Ian rolled her eyes. None of Brendon’s hyenas were good. Though, Mason had seemed a bit different from the rest. He had seemed a lot more laid back and down to earth. Then again she barely knew him. And probably would never have the chance to know him better than the rest. But so far, Ian liked Mason. “Mason isn’t that bad---“

“Oh, so you know his name?” Felix smirked.

“Why wouldn’t I? We hung out.” She shrugged her shoulders watching as her friend raised an eyebrow.

“Hung out? What does hung out even mean? What does it imply?”

“I took him home—“

“You what?!”

Maybe she shouldn’t have let him know anything about that little part. “We went home. I got drunk and we talked for a while. Then I went to bed. Nothing big.” Ian sighed softly.

“You didn’t fuck him? Or he didn’t try to fuck you?”

Ian blinked twice with shock. Did he find out… or did Jessica tell him? “What? Felix… what the fuck. I barely know him…”

“I don’t know, I mean… you didn’t know him but you sure did kiss him in the kitchen. Or at least that’s what Brendon said the fight was about. You being a slut and fucking one of his besties.”

Mason was Brendon’s best friend? Not just a friend… a fucking best friend. Well… that made the matters so fucking much [s shittier] better! “That was just for revenge. He called me a hoe, so I acted like one. That’s all. No big deal there.” She shrugged her shoulders again.

Felix shook his head. “You know you should be careful, Ian. I don’t want you hurt. People will talk and say that you’re the lowest scum on the earth for even befriending a guy like Mason… People already talking shit about him… and I’m not too sure you should trust the guy, ya know?”

Ian smiled and shook her head. “I won’t be reckless… you know I’m not that crazy.” Though, the matter of the fact was that she was and she had not just dipped one toe into the mess, she had thrown herself entirely into it. And now she was going to pay for it… Ian kept her mouth shut and slipped on the mask and stared down at the body of a deceased woman. At least she had already paid for their sins through death... Hopefully they were now at peace...

For the rest of the day, Ian had kept her mind on her job. She wanted to refrain from thinking about anything other than what she was doing. Aiding the body of those loved ones who were no longer walking among the living, preparing them for cremation or the wake or their burial. As the hours passed by dreadfully slow, her shift had finally came to and end and Ian had finally gone home to shower. Her eyes stared at her phone waiting for a sign. Maybe he wasn’t going to call, maybe he wasn’t going to tell her where he worked and he was just going to conveniently ‘forget’ to send her a text. Not that she’d mind it. Maybe this would be the best opportunity to forget about it all; water under the bridge. Or maybe he was just waiting for her response.
Whatever the reason was, Ian was internally battling with herself to not write to him. Not to even try but it was a lost battle as she had instantly taken her phone and texted him. Yet Ian instantly erased the message. Back and forth she continued to write and erase before she sighed in frustration and threw herself back on the bed.

Oddly enough, the pillows, the sheets… they all still smelled like him. Something she was starting to crave for… Ian grasped her phone one last time and texted him. [i “Hey, still up for tonight?”]

At the restaurant…

“Hey, why haven’t you taken my calls? Not even answered my texts.” Brendon smirked as he approached Mason. “It’s like you ghosted me after the whole brawl… Are we cool? Or do I gotta get on my knees and beg you for forgiveness?”]]
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Ian’s eyes were mesmerizing, and Mason caught sight of her lips, thinking about the night before and how great they’d felt, how carefully he had tugged at them with the growing intensifying kisses as he held her bare body in his arms. The bagel soon replaced her hand in his and Mason chuckled, thinking about how it wouldn’t come close to sating a hunger he had for her, especially with her lowering tone, Mason clearly seeing that she had definitely liked what she [I tried] with him. The small moment of intimacy was interrupted by the sound of another female and his cheeks turned red, eyes darting to the floor as a cheeky grin crossed his face. The banter between the roommates was friendly and honestly it was a funny moment between the two.

It seemed most knew of Ian’s choice of remaining a virgin and a lot of people seemed to have their own view on it. Mason actually hadn’t thought anything negative of Ian, though it made him wonder what the reason behind her choice was. Some girls decided to hold out until marriage, or it had something to do with another religious matter. Yet, Ian had taken that plunge with someone, for the most part, who was a stranger. It was heavy and a lot to process once more for him and in some sense, it did make Mason feel . . . well damn good.

“I should get going,” he said and eh was unsure what to do in this moment. Had this been with his ex, he would have kissed her goodbye and though he didn’t treat his ex right, he did love her with every fiber of his being. Mason was older now and a different girl very week wasn’t something he was into anymore. Though, he reminded himself this was just a casual engagement with Ian – a sort of friends with benefits thing.

He decided to say fuck it though and walked over to kiss her. “See you later yeah?” He asked, hoping he had caused a fluttery feeling in her stomach that would make her answer nothing short of yes. “Nice to meet you Jessica,” he said before heading out. Mason luckily had gotten in before count. He slept for a bit more, got up and showered and eventually headed to work; Ian was on his mind bad.
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[center [pic https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/8GK_IzYTf-fttxlyxiPnUCbmlbFtst0ThyZ0YNOqq9YtIBSLSbNL4AVRJwrRm898BIXFvEjOaM-GjTMacwHKcFRwkKDcqQH_VnrBw-s6RmVPFeMy_T78uRyojiYg5sUVCnbZh0UoOxFeWXl7B_fgGUZJli5DJUntxpeYYBwi6KALsfL13gAbLVpG2U0wT0FjlEMXXqOlrognM-_F0HEq0dDEK-TpIM27uUiEfzO4JiMetwGPDNgAHheGfEOqPknFKojMDCrU4vvbSIhb5daU_kBZyfTerQpNtG8MbainJEFWX3e7RYoXw6XsBClA4ofDMpB9uXjBp8cIZsY8AqBLoI8aOjjVPdhqwc_C8LH1oxe_ZHllDqYG40oh-j9c_4JBs9LsZZhmII7ad8Bo8bUSBZuWFab9jkONBdeuGw2kFmneNlvgTMrHBVvQEa7pRrI2sFiVt9ZED0x-yoQKQ2BFWjz-1AZ0eQqf80RGjcsQPB-x1G82eDVPuxYqDGtOq_P2nXKMhH5IwwS4QZhY7R9zPMxwF5qtfaoyEvYY9TDb_Y1CrcpdhrhdUy8n1TLbfVS3faacSaBZEtazUp5h63fy-R02N8V7Qx0jIIepC3gMRYpvkD3U1948rLwykRTT7H--YKZ6EyK_xTznJ6Rzfr-XVnS-lJFHrbE4YsENDdC4mcSxiNwqsTGkweM=w265-h389-no]]

[center [size14 [font "EB Garamond" Her eyes traveled down to his hand as he brushed his thumb across her hand..."So that means you work at a restaurant or is it a Diner." She smiled. Free meal wasn't exactly what she had in mind, but she did want to have en excuse to see him later on in the evening. Maybe even try and f--- Ok. So maybe Felix was right... after the first time it might've become addicting... "Sounds like a plan. Just let me know later where it is and I'll be sure to swing by once I get off of work." She grabbed a bagel from the bowl and placed it in his hand. "Now, eat this and get back before you get into trouble. I wouldn't want you to get into troubl---well into more trouble just because of me." She smiled. "Unless you have a little more of spare time... maybe... we could have a--"

"Who's that?" A voice called out from behind.

Ian looked over at her roommate, Jessica. The young brunette smiling slyly at Ian. Oh... she knew. She definitely knew... Ian's cheeks instantly turned red as she tried to avoid eye contact with her. "Jessica, this is Mason. He's a friend of mine."

"Friend, huh?" Jessica chuckled and walked over to pour herself what was left of the coffee. "From what I know, friend's aren't supposed to know what friend's taste like." She sipped her cup before smiling at the male. "So, did she hurt you and then brought you home to take care of you or did you coerce her into bringing you home to seduce her?"

Ian shook her head. "It's a long story but I went to Felix's party, I got shit face drunk, I brought him home and that's it. It's not a big deal. You bring friend's home a lot too."

Jessica chuckled. "Yeah, you're right. Though some are my friends and others are my lovers." She looked over at Mason. "It's nice to meet you, Mason. I hope to see you around more often, maybe? Or is this just a one time fling?"

"You don't have to answer that." Ian looked at Mason and then back at Jessica. "And you can go back to your cave where you usually dwell." She narrowed her eyes at her.

"Oh no. I want to actually get to know the handsome fellow that happened to deflower the prude girl. Since you know, Brendon couldn't even do it." Jessica smirked. Ian's face simply dropped. Jessica only laughed. "Oh yeah, I came home last night earlier than usual and I kinda heard some weird noises from your room. At first I thought you were watching a romantic movie or porn but now seeing this guy..." She eyed him down. "..I don't blame ya for letting him. Do you mind having a round with me?"

Ian blinked twice. "Jessica."

"What? I can only ask, right?" The woman looked over at him with a wink.
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Mason sighed out in relief, though he knew some part of Ian would probably be wary of him. It wasn't surprising for people to be cautious around a man with a record and even his boss had been apprehensive in getting him the job. Though, Mason had been a model citizen inside and he cleaned up well when he was sober. Not much work was needed for a busser or a dishwasher - though once he came near the cash register, he wasn't surprised to find eyes on him and the many tattoos didn't help. Still, Mason just focused on going to work to collect a mediocre check and calling it a day. He wasn't with the drama, which was why he was so upset that Brendon had taken his interaction with Ian so personal. Though, if he knew what the two had done it would cause even further damage and Mason was sure that Brendon finding out the two would still be seeing one another would not make this situation any easier. He debated then on whether it was right to continue pursuing this [i situationship] with Ian.

Though, the touch of her hand had let him know that she was interested and Mason couldn't deny that he had a good time with her. “No strings attached,” he said with a smirk then. “Video games?” He asked with a raised brow and she certainly was an unusual girl, he hated the term quirky, but it seemed to fit with her at this point in time. Mason ran his thumb gently over the back of her hand. “A friend sounds good - I work late tonight, but that shouldn't be a problem? I mean, if you like breakfast for dinner, you can swing by for a free email.” He suggested to her.
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[center [pic https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/8GK_IzYTf-fttxlyxiPnUCbmlbFtst0ThyZ0YNOqq9YtIBSLSbNL4AVRJwrRm898BIXFvEjOaM-GjTMacwHKcFRwkKDcqQH_VnrBw-s6RmVPFeMy_T78uRyojiYg5sUVCnbZh0UoOxFeWXl7B_fgGUZJli5DJUntxpeYYBwi6KALsfL13gAbLVpG2U0wT0FjlEMXXqOlrognM-_F0HEq0dDEK-TpIM27uUiEfzO4JiMetwGPDNgAHheGfEOqPknFKojMDCrU4vvbSIhb5daU_kBZyfTerQpNtG8MbainJEFWX3e7RYoXw6XsBClA4ofDMpB9uXjBp8cIZsY8AqBLoI8aOjjVPdhqwc_C8LH1oxe_ZHllDqYG40oh-j9c_4JBs9LsZZhmII7ad8Bo8bUSBZuWFab9jkONBdeuGw2kFmneNlvgTMrHBVvQEa7pRrI2sFiVt9ZED0x-yoQKQ2BFWjz-1AZ0eQqf80RGjcsQPB-x1G82eDVPuxYqDGtOq_P2nXKMhH5IwwS4QZhY7R9zPMxwF5qtfaoyEvYY9TDb_Y1CrcpdhrhdUy8n1TLbfVS3faacSaBZEtazUp5h63fy-R02N8V7Qx0jIIepC3gMRYpvkD3U1948rLwykRTT7H--YKZ6EyK_xTznJ6Rzfr-XVnS-lJFHrbE4YsENDdC4mcSxiNwqsTGkweM=w265-h389-no]]

[center [size14 [font "EB Garamond" Attempted murder... Ian could feel the blood drain from her face in an instant. She had slept with someone who had tried to kill someone else. And not only had slept with him but willingly given up her maidenhood to him. But... now there was no turning back. Though, Ian wasn't entirely concerned about that though, she was more concerned that she had loved it and possibly... wanted more. One night with him didn't seem like enough to her... But she would keep quiet about it... For now.

Her eyes shifted down to his feet. He was nervous... Probably worried about her response. And who could blame him? "I'm not going to lie... I am a bit freaked out... but I have no right to judge your past." She finally said as she flashed him a warm smile. "What is your past is your past. All that matters is who you are in the present and future." Ian walked around the counter and placed her hand upon his. "I think we can be good friends, if you want to be... So... I guess this could happen again. No strings attached." She chuckled crossing her heart with her index finger. "I promise." With that Ian stepped away from him.

"Maybe I can hit you up again tonight? We could maybe just hang out and... play videogames? Maybe watch a movie? Unless I'm making this awkward....but... I have a feeling that you might need a friend. I know that cominf back into society might be a little hard and like... I'm not the best of people to be friends with, I know. I know. But... it could be the start. So... What do you say, Mason?"
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