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This is going to be a place for my plots, pictures, muses, etc.
Do NOT take anything out of here. I worked super hard on everything that is in here.


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aвdυcтed || ғeмale or мale needed

[center [pic]] [center [size10 This roleplay is based loosely off the show Finding Carter. I'm just kind of adding more to the story. Please do not take anything out of here.]]

[google-font ""] [font "Ruda" [center Information on each character:]]
[font "Ruda" [center [b Muse A:]]] [font "Ruda" [center Got abducted as a child. Doesn't know she was abducted.]]
[font "Ruda" [center [b Muse B:]]] [font "Ruda" [center Knew from the state when he/she met muse A that was something wasn't right. Eventually found out who her real mother is. Because her mother has been looking for. Never tells muse a. Muse A and Muse B become best friends.]]

[center [pic]]
[font "Ruda" [center Muse A is in college now and is starting to learn new secrets about her little family. She decided to stay living with her family since it was her first year in college. But as time goes on, she learns new things through different people. Muse A starts to get done to the truth when everything just goes horrible wrong.]]

[font "Ruda" [center Muse A and Muse B went to college together, and to this day he/she still knows the secrets of Muse A's family. Muse B wants to tell Muse A but doesn't know how. Things start to freak him out when he/she went to class one day and Muse A wasn't in class. Must B went through the first class, but didn't attend any of his other classes as he thought something terribly happened to Muse A. Muse B starts to look for Muse A and realizes he/she can't find them anywhere.]]

[font "Ruda" [center Muse A has been abducted by someone else. Someone who knew the family secret. Muse A was starting to find everything out and this secret person didn't want her to find out anything. This secret person ends up torturing and tries multiple times to kill Muse A. Things are super weird to her. She has no idea where she is. But the room she is in look vaguely familiar.]]

[font "Ruda" [center Muse A was able to find an old cell phone in the room, dial in the number to call her best friend to try and tell him/her that she has been abducted and then someone comes in the room and Muse B hears a scream and then the line hangs up.]]

[font "Ruda" [center What will Muse B do? Will he end up finding Muse A? Will get ahold of Muse A biologically mother to try and help him/her find Muse A? You won't know unless you join]] [font "Ruda" [center [b [u Abducted!]]]
[center [pic]]
[font "Ruda" [center [size12 C H A R A C T E R S O F T H E R O L E P L A Y]]]
[font "Ruda" [center [b Muse A: Taken by BeautifulDesire-]]]

[font "Ruda" [center [b Muse B: Open{Male/Female}]]]

[font "Ruda" [center [size10 When joining, please send me a link of your character you will be using.]]]

[center [pic]]
[font "Ruda" [center [size15 R U L E S O F T H E R O L E P L A Y]]]

[font "Ruda" 1. Real or illustrated photos are fine with me. Nothing huge though. If the photo is too big, I will ask you resize it, or I can resize it for you.]
[font "Ruda" 2. You will be playing Muse 2. You can either be a male or a female. Whatever you prefer.]
[font "Ruda" 3. Like I said before, this idea is based off the show of Finding Carter. If you have seen it, awesome. But you don't need to have seen the show to join this roleplay.]
[font "Ruda" 4. If there is any ideas you want to throw towards the roleplay, I will listen. Maybe we can make the roleplay go farther.]
[font "Ruda" 5. Do not steal the plot. If you want to use something like it, PLEASE make sure you ask first and give me credit.]
[font "Ruda" 6. No cybering. We will TS only.]
[font "Ruda" 7. No instant romance either. Romance can be added later, I'm okay with that.]
[font "Ruda" 8. No one liners. I want at least a couple of paragraphs.]
[font "Ruda" 9. Drama! Add lots of drama. That's what the roleplay is all about.]
[font "Ruda" 10. I want at least a post every day to every 2 days since it's a semi-literate roleplay.]
[font "Ruda" 11. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! Have fun!!!]
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