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It wasn't good what Thomas told her. Lia tried to keep her face neutral. Thomas's, Connor's and likely her own desk. It was starting to become clear that that wasn't just some burglary. No, if that were the case, then other desks would have been touched as well. Her and Connor's desk made sense, but why Thomas? Unless... she really hadn't been crazy and had seen Jordan yesterday. If that were the case, then that explained that. Jordan knew who Thomas was from his visit.
Lia listened to what Connor decided. It couldn't be an easy decision. Everyone could work from home, no problem, but it was a matter of security. If Jordan or whoever it was had gotten in once, he could do it again. She tried to keep a normal face as she nodded at being told to stay behind and watched the others disperse. This couldn't go on forever.
Entering with the two men, Lia looked around. Everything felt different now. Like it wasn't clean anymore, if she had to describe it. Connor's instructions to put in coffee and print figures made her furrow her brow. Surely, they had other things that were more pressing to do. With the next sentence everything became clear. The investors and Jordan were coming. Lia swallowed, hoping to swallow her fear, though that wasn't working too well. This was all planned. They were still reeling from the break in and now this. "Okay. I'll get right on that and prepare the meeting room. Do you want me there as well?" she asked, honestly not sure what to do, "Anything else you need help with?" She couldn't hid in her office and there is no was that Jordan could pull anything while so many people were there.
Once she had the answers Lia started with turning on the coffee machine and getting coffee going. The first two she took to Connor's office. "I wish it could be something stronger, but this will have to do," she mused softly, placing one on Connor's desk, "I'll check my desk and get the figures now." With that she went to her office.
The first thing she noticed were flowers and the broken vase on the floor. Lia wasn't all too upset about that, but then she stepped up to her desk and froze. Someone had definitely been there. Her chair wasn't at its normal spot. A sickening feeling was spreading in her stomach. Opening each of her drawers, she saw that they had been rummaged in, but nothing appeared missing. Lia thanked her lucky stars that she hadn't kept the Romeo letters here. That would have been a disaster. Still, with every drawer she opened, she felt sicker. Stepping back, it felt like her office was tainted, like somehow she had been violated in a deeply personal way. Jordan had been here, had done who knew what in here.
Her stomach turned again and this time it didn't settle. Lia hurried to the bathroom where she threw up her breakfast. Sitting back, she took several deep breathes. Calm down, panic is not your friend, she repeated over and over. Finally, she got up, washed her mouth before going back to her office. Lia tried to touch as little as possible as she printed out the figures. Taking them, she brought them to Connor, hoping he didn't realize she had thrown up. "The figures," she said, handing them to him, "It doesn't seem like anything was stolen. Just the flowers ruined and my desk rummaged through." Though neither really made her feel better. What had Jordan been looking for?
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“I’ll tell you on the way,” Thomas said as he grabbed his coffee and looped his arm into Lia’s. He was trying to be normal as he walked with her toward the office. He explained everything. On camera they had footage of someone breaking into the lobby ad eventually the office once they reached their floor. The footage was a bit dark and grainy, but you could see that figure shuffling around at Thomas’ desk and then walking into Connor’s office, though Lia’s office was also connected, so there was a high possibility that that they checked out his office too. As far as they could tell, nothing had been taken, but that’s why they wanted Connor to arrive first.

Connor had finally arrived and his staff was not happy or more so they were in fear for their life and very concerned about what was going on. “Alright everyone please just settle down.” He said, glad the voices had quieted down. He was searching for Lia and Thomas, glad to see that they eventually turned up. Lia made her way to his side, the security guard and her wondering what he was going to do. Connor sighed out, grabbing his phone to see the name of his highest investor Gerald, saying they’d be here for a meeting in an hour. “Great,” Connor mumbled.

“Alright, everyone. I apologize for this morning and appreciate your patience. I want everyone working from home today except for Lia and Thomas as their desks were the only one’s touched.” There were sighs of relief, but gossip no doubt as the group dispersed. Connor looked to the security guard, “Just look out for my call, send me that footage If there’s anything out of place, we call the cops.” He wanted to keep this as quiet as possible, to save the integrity of his business, but Connor also was concerned for the safety of his staff. “Let’s get inside.” Connor said, closing the door then.

“Thomas, check your desk and make sure things are good. Li – Goodwin, check your desk and get coffee on. Also please print those figures.” While Thomas was busy, he walked toward Lia. “The investors and Jordan are coming by in an hour,” he whispered to her.
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His remark about the white sweater and being spontaneous made Lia smile throughout her entire trip to tie café. She and Connor weren't anything, but they made surprisingly good roommates, after the initial starting phase of awkwardness and Lia didn't think it was just being considerate all the time. They genuinely clicked and enjoyed each other's company, even without sex.
Lia had been thinking on that when Thomas came and those thoughts instantly disappeared. "What happened?" she asked, clearly seeing in his demeanor that something had happened. As they walked to the office Thomas told her about what had happened. Someone had broken into their office. "You don't think that he would...?" she asked slowly, knowing it would only make sense, but it still seemed crazy he would break into their office. There was a sinking feeling in her stomach as they more than quickly made their way to the office where everyone else was already waiting outside. If Jordan really had broken into the office, then he likely wouldn't shy away from anything else either.
When Connor arrived she joined his side as he spoke to security, not just because she was damn curios, but because it was her job to know these things. The security guard explained that most desks appeared untouched, save for two it seemed. Naturally there was the suggestion of calling the police as well to possibly leave everyone outside until they had checked the area, though saying naturally that Connor could go inside if he wished.
Lia looked to Connor. "What do you want to do? Maybe we should take a look?" she asked softly, trying to keep her paranoia and fear at bay. There was on convulsive proof yet that it had been Jordan and that it had been her desk that was touched, so she couldn't let it get to her until then. She had to focus on the things that mattered.
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The white sweater was something different, but he enjoyed trying something new. “Sometimes, you have to be a bit spontaneous,” he said to her with a shrug. He smiled as Lia left, hoping she would arrive safely. As usual, which was [I unusual] thing to say, Connor left soon after Rosalia. Again, he made sure to check his surroundings before finally pulling off. If Jordan was already stalking Lia, it was no doubt that soon Jordan would be after Connor. That would mean they definitely had to watch their actions around one another, even in the safety of his own home.

Unbeknownst to the two, the night before Jordan had broken into their building. It wasn’t that hard, considering the security system was cheap and easy to disarm. He was there for one reason and one reason only, just to get information on where Rosalia was living . He scavenged Thomas’ desk, figuring that he may have ail or anything from HR that would have her information. He lucked out when he found the files for direct deposit. He knew Lia had stopped using the account she had when they were in New York – he wasn’t able to track her pass knowing she had bought a ticket, but he didn’t know where until he saw her in the background of a picture on the company’s Facebook page. How lucky had he been to just come across the ad and find her?

He took a picture of the address. He was distracted then by the dying roses that still remained in Lia’s office. He entered, going through the drawers, his hand dragging gently over her keyboard. He took a seat in her chair, stretching his legs on her desk. He was looking for any clue about her and Connor. Did they have sex in this office? A whore like her c4ertanly wouldn’t have said no to a guy like Connor. They were similar in some respects. Connor looked to his phone, going over the notes he had been making about her schedule. Why was she spending so much time with the guy from reception? He got up, not caring as he picked up the vase and threw it to the ground, stepping over the wilting petals as he left; exiting out the back as he entered, knowing the cameras wouldn’t catch anything once he was in the alley.

Thomas had gotten an alert from the security guard that morning about what had happened, as Connor called him after receiving his own call. He told Thomas to still go to the café as normal, and he would meet them at the office. Security was holding everyone for entering their suite until Connor arrived. They were anxious and talking in the hall; who would do such a thing?
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It was easy with Connor. Lia couldn't explain why, but somehow they just clicked. She had grown to really care about him as a friend and she appreciated what he was doing for her. She teased him about his grooming routine, but she would be lying if she said that it didn't pay off. He looked stunning and she was sure it also brought business advantages. Of course she had noticed, considering that yesterday he had spent nearly the entire time she was in the bathroom on styling. Still, she was glad that they seemed to have mostly gotten past the awkward phase of should we, shouldn't we. They definitely both found each other attractive, but right now just wasn't the time nor the place. That made the bathroom encounters less awkward as well.
She had walked past the bathroom when he had left the door open and she couldn't help peeking inside to watch him style his hair. It was fascinating with how much precision and dedication Connor did his hair. "It definitely pays off the time. It looks good," she assured him with a smile before she had continued her way into the kitchen to get everything ready for later.
When he came into the kitchen she arched a brow. "White? I don't think I've actually seen you wear white, at least not just white," Lia said surprised. She couldn't recall a single day since she worked for him that he wore white. His comment about her talking a mile a minute made her blush slightly. "Must be the waking up at 4:30. Maybe you should reconsider that, if you want a quiet morning," she teased lightly with a shrug. She couldn't say why she was talking to much. Maybe the exercise this early had relaxed her a bit.
Lia nodded about everything else. She supposed it would be too early to think of the meeting taking place, though she was sure that Jordan was moving fast in the background. "I will," she assured him just before he got a call. Waving goodbye, she got her coat and shoes and made her way to the car. Everything was calm and the ride normal. Arriving at the cafe, she didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Lia pulled out her phone to text Connor that she had arrived safely as she stepped inside. Looking around though, she didn't spot Thomas yet. Well, she was a little early so she would give him another minute or two before she would try to call, settling into a chair to wait.
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Talking to Rosalia was so easy. He was surprised how he was able to share little tidbits of his life with her. It was true that he did take a while in the bathroom, but his appearance did mean a lot to him. It was a trait that had just grown on him once he became earlier and went to school. Th world of the business kind of pushed you into that direction. He enjoyed the idea of always looking your best and would imagine the day he’d attend conferences and events with his wife on his arm dressed just as beautifully. Of course, that for the moment was a long way from this point. He did have days where he [I slacked] off though. A pair of sweats and an old tee from his college days. Of course, Rosalia didn’t see that side of him just yet.

Connor met her as she was coming out, hit with the nice floral scent and warm steam. She looked stunning, wet red hair laid out against her soft skin, the way her yes glinted some when she looked at him. “Thank you” he said as he headed inside. He’d showered and shaved, getting out with the towel wrapped around him and the door ajar for some air as he styled his hair. He chuckled, realizing he had put a lot of time into himself, but was surprised that Lia actually noticed and commented on it.

He dressed in an expensive white turtleneck, which was a bit different for him as he usually stuck to black; he was feeling [I invigorated] though. Gathering his things, Connor head downstairs to find Rosalia enjoying her own smoothie. “Thank you,” he said as he gathered the box of leftovers. He chuckled then, “You’re talking a mile a minute,” he said. “The car should be here soon. I haven’t heard anything about the meting [I yet].” He told her. He got an alert then that Lia’s car was pulling up. He could kiss her, much the same as he did the day before, but the more he resisted, the easier it would be to go back to normal. “Make sure you text me,” he said. He’d gotten a call then, waving her off as he answered, searching for his keys then.
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Lia nodded. That sounded good. Slow, but she was proud of the fact that she was doing this at all. Not only was she learning to defend herself, but also learning to be less scared and more observant. She didn't think that Connor would actually go all out on her or actually hit her hard, but she had no idea what would trigger her. Maybe she was lucky and nothing would happen, but they would see.
Taking her own sip of water, she was surprised that he actually talked about that time. Lia would have thought that he would have said he didn't want to talk about it and that would have been fair. It's not like he had pressed her on her past with Jordan. Silently she listened to him, nodding softly. "Knowing how you are now, I'm not surprised you didn't like getting picked on," she mused before chuckling, "I think every child goes against their parents at some point. I had my own rebellious phase, though that was more becoming a skater girl. Didn't last very long. Pretty much only as long as I found the guy interesting." She shook her head at the memory.
Lia turned at his words, smiling softly. "Nothing against you but you take as long as me in the bathroom and my hair takes longer to dry," she replied diplomatically, before softening slightly, "And no, I was genuinely curious." She had wanted to know and learning more about him was fascinating. Still, she was glad that she got to go first.
Lia did try to be quick and came out wrapped in a towel where she met Connor outside the bathroom. It wasn't too weird anymore luckily. "All yours," she said before moving to her room to get ready and change. Once downstairs in the kitchen, she found the things he prepared for them, smiling softly before putting their leftovers from yesterday into lunch boxes. When Connor came downstairs, she smiled, drinking the smoothie. "Thank you for this," she said before looking at the time, "Car ready for me?" It was time. This time she would try not to panic and observe more. She motioned for the lunches on the counter. "I had our leftovers packed for lunch," she told him before growing thoughtful, "Has a meeting with the investors been set yet?" She was genuinely curious, though obviously for other reasons too. She imagined that his phone was blowing up already about all this.
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“Of course, we’ll take things slow,” he said to Lia, noticing how her eyes seemed to widen at the mention of the ring. He didn’t know if he could actually hit Lia, even if it was. A playful tap or she was wearing protective gear. Yes, he believed in equality and he had no doubt that there were some strong women out there stronger than most men – but he could neve imagine actually going head to head with a woman and that said nothing to which he believed women she be feminine and dainty. No – he just hadn’t ever met a woman he found that made him angry enough to [I want] to hit them. He sighed out and took a sip of water, stretching his muscles.

“A guy like me from where I’m from, you don’t really learn, it’s kind of just bred into you.” Lia with a small smile. “I was a bit rough around the edges. Being an orphan basically and bouncing from house to house, didn’t really make it easy for me to make friends and well I didn’t like getting picked on either. Th others, well – those are longer stories. Days of being a rebellious teenager who cared about booze and going against the rules of his suburban parents.” Connor smirked as he grabbed his own towel. He watched as Lia was already heading out and making sure that she definitely got into the shower first.

“So that’s your ploy hm? Distract me with conversation to call dibs?” They soon arrived back at the apartment. He let Lia shower first, making them a couple of smoothies for an after workout snack and something to keep them pumped for the next few hours. He hoped that this work out would also ease Lia’s fear when getting to work. He knew the car system would only possibly last for so long. He took a sip of the smoothie, placing Lia’s in the fridge to stay cold before heading upstairs to catch a shower after her.
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It wasn't easy when your head was always telling you to feel scared. Lia wished she could simply be observant and not anxious, but the person she feared most was closing in so that sanity was a rarity. She knew that was what Connor was trying to teach her, but that meant for her a lot of undoing of habits that had cemented themselves in her.
Her body visibly relaxed when Connor released the hold on her. Being restrained was not pleasant for her, but over and over she reminded herself that she trusted Connor, that she had to do this to finally get out of this hell. Lia nodded as he explained the effect such an attack would have. The feeling of him gripping her neck was more disconcerting. That hit closer to home, even if it was gentle. Again she forced herself to concentrate, to believe in Connor, as she analyzed the situation. "Depending on how tight the grip is maybe nose, but more likely... elbow to the stomach... Very effective...," she told him, this time in a tone that made it clear she had experienced something similar before.
The drills were exhausting and Lia was sure she would be sore by the evening. She hadn't had a workout like this in a long time. It was interesting though and in a way fun, even if still scary for her. Luckily, today there hadn't been any punches thrown and it was more working on her basics as well as how to punch at all.
When he spoke at the end, Lia's eyes fell on the ring. That did mean punches and that made her heart quicken, but she closed her eyes for a moment. Just Connor, she thought silently. Opening her eyes, she nodded. "If you will keep teaching me, yes," she replied, "It was... actually more fun than expected, even if exhausting, both mentally and physically." No doubt he had realized that. Draping a towel over her shoulder, she moped the sweat from her brow.
Seeing the time, she knew it was time to get ready for work as they started to head back to his apartment. "So... how did you learn to fight?" she asked curiously. Since he had been adopted she imagined it had something to do with the time before, but she wasn't sure.
Soon arriving at his apartment, she looked to Connor. "Thank you for that. It feels good to take that step," Lia told him with a smile before taking a step further into the apartment, "Oh and dibs on the bathroom first." Grinning, she hurried off to get into the bathroom first. He might take just as long as her in the bathroom, but that didn't mean she couldn't go first.
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Connor could feel how Lia tensed up. She was scared he could tell, and he knew that this was mentally exhausting for her. She had to start training her body to always be ready for attack which she more than likely was already doing - but how Lia had felt lately was paranoid and anxious as opposed to just being observant of her surrounding when it came to threats. There was no use in working yourself up all your life for a [I what if] situation, but never allow yourself to get too comfortable. It was a balance one had to find and could be difficult to keep hone of, but Connor had faith in Lia.

Her breathing was slowing down, the loudest sound in the empty gym along with his own. He listened to Lia, she was doing well so far and of course he didn’t doubt her considering she was a smart woman. “Good,” he said to her finally as he released his hold. “More than likely that’ll be the easiest to disrupt vision and attention due to pain and possibly blood if you hit hard enough,” he told her. Connor was careful as he gripped her gently by the back of her neck. “And what about now?”

For the most part he was running through a few drills, just to see her response tight and what they would have to work or improve on. Lia could be quick, much like when working, she always had a plan and a plan b just in case. She just needed to trust herself. He knew they would have to head into work soon, and he’d eventually started working with her on her punches. This certainly was different for Connor, but it was a fun change in his normal schedule.
“So, every day, you’re good with doing this? Figure next time we can get in the ring.” Connor said to her.
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What Connor said peaked her interest. Lia had never met anyone that had had a similar experience as her. It wasn't that she didn't believe there weren't out there, just never met them. These kind of stories rarely came to light. It seemed like a dream to be able to kick Jordan's ass that easily. "I think... I'd like to meet your friend," she finally replied softly. It was probably more than therapeutic to actually talk to someone who had had a similar experience of any kind. Though she had the feeling the way Connor said friend that there had been more to it than just friendship between the two at some point.
It felt like it was selfish. Perhaps that was again more damage that she hadn't even thought about. "It's not?" she asked, slightly surprised. It felt like there was an awful lot of I in her sentences just then. Then again as someone who made her living by supporting others perhaps it was her nature to always think of others as well.
Lia listened to Connor as she watched him circle her, his words hitting very close to home. She hadn't told him much of her time with Jordan, but it felt like that assessment was right. Still, fight or die... It left a bitter taste in her mouth as she thought on it and made her nervous. Not just his words made her nervous. It was the way he walked around her, stalking her in a way, she realized. Her body felt a similar feeling as with Jordan and was starting to panic, but Lia took a deep breath to push that for now small feeling away. Connor wouldn't hurt me, she repeated over and over in her head.
That was when his arms wrapped around her, making her give a surprised sound, mostly because she hadn't expected it, but her head stayed in control for now. This was more unlike Jordan so she could push that away. She couldn't push away however the feeling of his body pressed against hers. Not with how they rubbed together when she tried to squirm out unsuccessfully.
No, focus, she told herself as well as she took a deep breath to try and think. Vulnerable parts. "You're too close for the obvious one," she said softly, trying to take in how their bodies were together, "Can't reach your stomach either." Not with how that was pressed against her. That left two options. Think, Lia thought, he is taller, but his body was human. Similar to her own and she knew what hurt there. "That leaves the feet, but I don't think I could hit that properly and effectively," Lia went on, trying to keep a grasp on her mind as she looked to him, again realizing how close he was when their faces were only a few inches apart, "Or your face. I could try to hit your... nose somehow. If I hit it hard enough, maybe it could break. That would be painful."
That was her final answer. Naturally, she didn't actually move to try and break his nose. Lia looked to Connor to see if she was right, her body still not liking it that she was being restricted, but for now her mind was in control. It was when her mind got swept away as well that she would have to worry about fear.
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Connor shook his head, of course Lia was deflecting by using humor.
“She had a nasty run in with a guy after a night at the bar. Said guy didn’t leave her alone, until said guy got his ass kicked by her,” Connors aid with a chuckle. Esther had been coming from the bar when she had been harassed and assaulted by this guy who had followed her from the club. At that time, she had been working as a dancer in a night club. It wasn’t unusual to find that some guys got a little bit obsessed with her. This guy was a bit more persistent though it seemed. And he was bold to finally make a move on Esther. From that point on, she was a bit more paranoid anywhere she went when she did get out. Her friend finally got her out and it only took one class for her to get hooked. She changed careers fast and made a gain of money from her social media following. They’d dated briefly, but he and Esther had careers that just didn’t work. She was constantly touring and flying different places and so was Connor, but his job made it seem more likely that he could have a normal family life – not some kind of circus moving city to city.

“You know it’s not selfish to want to be happy,” he told her, “not when it’s not hurting anyone else and certainly not if you’re hurting yourself.” He told her with a smile. Admittedly it was a bit interesting trying to wonder just where to start with Lia. She was clearly someone who took care of her body and he didn’t need to see her in such modest wear to know that, considering what he had seen just nights before. “Well, you’re right and you’re wrong. Everyone has a weakness and believe me; he doesn’t want to hurt you – yet. He wants to teach you a lesson. That’s when you hit and run. But,” Connor sighed as he walked around her. “There will be a moment when he may be possessed by the anger and that’s when you fight or die.” It was a bit gruesome to say aloud, but it was the truth.

“You only have a few second to think of what to do. You may be smaller, which is why it’s most important to plan an effective hit with all of your strength.” He quickly wrapped his arms around her. “Think about the most vulnerable parts of the body, where would you hit first- conserving as much energy as possible—to inflict injury so you can get away.”
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Jordan had screwed her over in so many ways. Lia couldn't even count all the ways that she was messed up. This situation was killing her and she couldn't take it anymore. She was tired of running, tired of all of this. Tired of feeling like she was being pitied by everyone who knew.
Being held by Connor helped her. He was becoming a pillar of support for her the more time she spent with him. One day at a time. It was her mantra and all she could do. How she would talk to the police, she didn't know, but she would figure it out. The thought of actually speaking about what happened was terrifying.
Lia turned to him when he said her name. Could he understand what she was feeling? Probably not so easily. She nodded to his question. "I can't take this anymore. I want my life back. I want to stop looking over my shoulder for him. I want to just go out and stop hiding. Stop having nightmares and letting this dictate my life. I want to find someone who will love me and never stop. Who I can love with all my heart and without fear...," she burst out, breathing slightly heavily. That was until she realized what she said and turned slightly red. "And I sound incredibly selfish...," she whispered slightly embarrassed.
That he smiled and took her hand made her relieved and she followed him down to the gym. Curiously Lia looked around at the gym. It was decent and looked high class, no surprise by the inhabitants of this apartment building. And equally unsurprising, it was empty. "I can try it out," she agreed with a nod before arching a brow, "She has a stalker ex too?" Again a terrible joke. "I try to go to the gym. Did in New York, but haven't really gotten to it here so it was mostly at home exercises," she told him, "Never learned to fight before though." She would say she was decently fit. "Though if I'm up against someone like your or Jordan, isn't my best chance to get in one blow and run for it?" she asked, unsure. She definitely wasn't stronger than either of them, nor faster or anything else. It felt like 9 out of 10 times she drew the short end of the stick. Perhaps it was lucky that Connor and Jordan were similarly built in that regard. "So how do we start?" she asked nervously.
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Nightmares. Connor sighed out then, closing his eyes to ease the thumping in his head. Jordan really did a lot of damage to Lia. How she managed to get through this day by day was incredibly inspiring to him. He held her close to him, knowing it was tough to open up. He wondered just how she could get through this enough to talk to the cops and what if she gave up and decided it would just be easier to go with Jordan? Lia seemed like type of woman who was nice enough that when the stakes were high, she would sacrifice herself. Connor didn’t think that she deserved that, and he didn’t want her to have to sacrifice herself. He felt terrible and he knew that she was vulnerable at this time. He didn’t want to push her to the point of being uncomfortable.

“Lia,” he said as a warning. She didn’t have to prove anything to him. Though he was far from the point. Lia obviously was fed up with running and hiding and having Jordan ruin her life wherever she was. “Are you sure?” He asked her as he pulled away to watch her carefully. Lia seemed like she definitely was not going to let this hold her back. He watched her dress quickly, her words strong and showing how determined she was to no longer be a helpless victim. He watched her carefully and now he was the one who was nervous. Connor took her hand with a small smile then. It was strange for how much he cared for her.

“Alright, let’s go.” He said. He grabbed some towels and led her out of the complex and toward he building’s gym. Connor liked working out this early because usually he was alone. It was a nice sized gym, a few machines to the far right, a weight section, even a rink, where there were pinching bags.
“You might enjoy this taekwondo class we have,” he said with a small smile. “Uhm there’s a girl I know, you guys might have something in common,” Connor offered with a smile. “So, do you normally work out?” He asked with a smile, “Or do you have any safety training?”
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Lia hadn't even realized that Connor entered her room. Her mind was still half caught up in her nightmare, half try to pull itself back into reality. It was hard so hard when the nightmare you are waking from was real at some point and the day wasn't any better.
Only when she felt the bed shift did she look up and realize that Connor was in her room. Luckily some light had shone in from the hall to illuminate enough of his features so she could recognize him otherwise her still thumbling mind might have thought Jordan had found her.
Him asking what had happened she felt stupid for letting a nightmare get to her like that as she still tried to regain enough breath to speak. "Nothing happened... Just... they're back. I haven't had them in a while...," she muttered, tears how threatening to roll down her cheeks, "Those eyes... They're everywhere... And those images..." It probably wasn't scary to anyone else, but to her it was.
When Connor took her in his arm that broke the last bit of control she had and tears began to roll down her cheeks as she held on to him tightly, her nails almost clawing into him unintentionally. "These stupid nightmares," she whispered, hating herself for being so easily influenced by them. The rocking felt good and she curled against him, finding comfort and safety as she felt his warm embrace and breather in his familiar scent. Slowly she was coming out of the nightmare.
Lia knew he made the suggestion of skipping the lesson for her benefit, but she vehemently shook her head. "No, no. We are having that lesson," she told him, as firmly as she could, "I'm done running away." If she waited for a day without nightmares, that could be ages. Lia forced herself out of his comforting embrace, her body still slightly shaking as she grabbed her tights and sports tanktop that she had laid out the night before. "I am done being helpless. Done being the victim," she whispered as she changed into them, not really thinking about that Connor was in the room, but he had seen everything already anyway so it didn't really matter. Pulling her hair back into a ponytail, she turned to him, trying to look as determined as she could in this state. "Please Connor," she said softly, holding out a hand to help him up from the bed. She didn't want to keep living in fear forever.
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