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Connor could see that Lia was very much upset and it was nice to see that sense of anger in her – the desire to fight. He hoped that it would carry her along through these next tough days – hell possibly weeks if Jordan had his way. Connor wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t last that long. He usually brought tape to cover the knuckles and prevent less damage, of course Connor had forgotten, still getting used to working out with someone else. Despite his lack of tussling as he was older, Connor’s knuckles still held the harshness, or maybe he had actually just blocked out the burning pain with each blow to the punching bag. He’d built up quite a sweat, hands running through his hair to keep it out of the way, though of course all product sweated out, it ended up flopping a bit in his face.

Connor grabbed his water then. He looked at Lia’s reddening knuckles. “I probably should’ve grabbed the gloves from the rec room,” he said with a chuckle as he caught his breath. It did feel good to just get that anger and tension out and though already becoming a bit sore, it was certainly worth it. “How’d it feel?” He asked, knowing that she had to be imagining that she pummeling Jordan’s face n. That would be a fight Connor wouldn’t only love to see, but sure as hell gamble on.

It was then that Esther had walked into the gym, she spotted Connor and the woman from a couple of days ago.
“Hey!” She said walking over with a smile.
“Hey Esther, you remember Lia, right?” She nodded; glad she didn’t have to embarrass herself by forgetting the young woman’s name.
“Right! Glad to see you’re doing well.” She raised a brow at the two and Connor knew that look, shaking his head. “So, you finally got him out of the office? That’s different.”
“There was some trouble in the building so figured everyone would like to work from home.” He responded with a roll of his eyes. She nodded slowly, giving a cheeky smile, “Right. Well, I’m about to start my class. You didn’t come to the one the other night.” Connor thought about how he’d been too busy drinking wine and sleeping with his assistant.
“Well, you know I’m a busy guy. But uh Lia, if you want to get some more time in? I can head upstairs, have dinner ready.”
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Lia nodded, understanding. "I know what you mean," she agreed. She was glad that they both were thinking the same thing. God, Jordan really knew how to screw with them. They needed a release that wasn't of the sexual kind, as nice as that would be. Hearing that they would still work, she chuckled. "Can't forget work," she mused, "Then it looks like we will be burning the night oil tonight." Which was fair, if they had some time off now. Going upstairs as well, she also changed into her workout clothes. She would really need to do laundry soon. After all, she didn't exactly pack a whole wardrobe when leaving her apartment.
Once they were ready they walked to the gym. Lia listened to Connor as he told her how the meeting went. It was frustrating to what was happening and Lia didn't want to imagine how Connor must be feeling to fight for control of his company. At the gym she curiously looked around. It was interesting to actually see other residence of the house. Sometimes she passed some in the hallway when she went to and from the apartment, but she had never had a chance to talk to them or get to know them. She was curious about them, but it seemed better to not attract too much attention to herself in this situation. Lia did her own stretches, feeling that her muscles were a little sore already.
They walked over to the punching bag. Looking at him and then the punching bag, she had to chuckle. "What gave you that impression?" she asked amused before making a fist like he had taught her this morning and got into her stance, also taught to her by Connor. With that she began beating the punching bag with as much anger, frustration and whatever else she had pent up about all this. How angry she was at Jordan for ruining her life again, frustrated that this was happening and just how much she hated Jordan. Internally she was cursing him with every punch and yes, very cliche imagining it was him she was punching.
By the time she was done sweat was pouring down her face, her hair slightly coming undone from her ponytail and only when she stopped did she realize that her hands hurt like hell, mostly because they were not used to punching, let alone that long for so hard. It probably wasn't even that long, but it felt like she had been beating it for like an hour. "You want a turn?" she asked sheepishly, wondering what Connor likely thought of her now. Lia moved to take a sip of water and mop up some of the sweat with a towel before watching Connor. Carefully she moved her hands, looking at them. Red, likely, hopefully not turning into bruises, though the pain wasn't that bad.
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“Well I can’t really focus on work right now,” Connor admitted to her with a small smile. Lia definitely had the right idea in mind and much the same as Connor. They both needed a release and not the one they more than likely had thought about doubtlessly. He thought about Lia in the office, if Thomas wasn’t there would he had been able to control himself? “Alright we’ll work out and then have an early dinner. And then we’ll get to work.” Connor headed upstairs to change his clothing, searching for some workout gear. He knew he needed to get his laundry done soon. Heading downstairs, he met up with Lia and they began on their way.

He was going over the meeting with her. He figured it wouldn’t hurt if they could punch away their frustrations. There were a few people inside the gym but no one that he didn’t know and the building was well stocked with machines, so there were usually enough and even more space for everyone to not feel so crowded or bunched in.
Connor began to stretch then, cracking his neck. He was a bit wound up from the meeting. He couldn’t believe that he after all of this hard work would still have to work with the likes of Jordan. He even more couldn’t believe that he had broke into the office – tainting it with his disgusting spirit.

“Let’s see what you got ,” he told her as he walked over to the punching bag. He offered Lia a little smirk. “Give it all you got,” he told her. His hands slapped the leather casing. He figured she had to have some pent up anger from what Jordan was putting her through.
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Lia was starting to get used to Thomas's slightly more sexual teasing, but it was a little harder to take when this hit so close to the truth. Well, she would say he had to be attracted to her, otherwise they wouldn't have done what they had. Still, she smiled as she rolled her eyes. "I could tell you just about anything and you would still insist we are attracted to one another," she mused softly, starting to not mind the teasing anymore. After all, Thomas didn't mean any harm. Still, she had to laugh. "Wouldn't you like to know," she teased back, nudging him in his side as well just before Connor arrived with his car.
Thomas definitely was a saving grace with his constant talking. Lia liked that he could always find something to talk about and apparently sometimes had no filter. He could make any situation more relaxed. "There already have been some positive replies as well," she added, thankful for at least some good news, if nothing else.
Once Thomas was dropped off it was more quiet as they drove a number of routes home until they were sure that they weren't being followed. Lia was glad when they finally arrived. Surprised she looked to Connor when he made those suggestion. "We're not going to work? Whatever will my boss say to that?" she asked teasingly before thinking on it, "Let's workout. I'm going to be sore from this morning anyway tomorrow so may as well add to that. Plus, I have the feeling that we both could use some physical exercise to get more level-headed again." At least she needed it after today. That and she didn't trust her stomach yet with food after throwing up. "So meet back here in 5 minutes?" she suggested, since neither of them would need too long to change, "We can then have an earlier dinner if you want." It seemed like a good compromise.
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It was just a gut feeling, but Connor would rather follow it and be wrong then not to and it be right. He had stopped to talk with security, receiving the USB from the footage. “Can you also get me recordings of the parking structure. Whoever came in about an hour after I got here.”
“Will have it first thing in the morning,” he said. Connor thanked him and headed to his car. He knew it was a longshot, depending on where Jordan parked, he could have been put off camera view. Maybe though, if he could get the make and model of his car, it would be easy to detect if he was in fact tailing him or Lia. Connor started the car and began out, circling the block to the other side of the building where he found Thomas and Lia.

“Connor likes you,” Thomas said. “Either that or he’s damn sure attracted to you. And don’t give me any of that [I friends stuff].” Thomas said poking her in the side. Honestly someone’s personal business was their own to tell and discuss, Thomas just liked to tease and lighten the situation. Still, Connor had looked at Lia in some ways than how a boss was to look at their assistant. “Just tell, you’ve seen him without his shirt off,” he teased as the car pulled up. He made a lock and key motion to his mouth before getting into the back. It was different being in Connor’s car and of course he had good taste.

He was thinking what to make Lia for dinner, admittedly, it was a bit different having Connor in the car and he didn’t really know much to converse about. Luckily Thomas was a saving grace.
“So, the party is coming along great, Lia sent out invites and I’m finalizing payment on the venue tomorrow.”
“Perfect, at least something good is going on,” Connor said to them both. He soon dropped Thomas off and started toward his place, taking different routes just in case. Eventually they arrived at the house. Connor was burning up from the sweater and already was stripping to change into something a bit more comfortable. “We’ve got a while until dinner,” he said then. “Lunch. . .workout. . . your call.” He said to Lia then.
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Lia couldn't say she was surprised that Jordan had wieseled his way in. He was good like that and again for anyone not in the know this deal was the best thing in the world. Not that it felt great to know Jordan would be around more often. Actually, it terrified her, but she knew she couldn't blame Connor. He had tried everything. "Then you know you have to be on board," she replied, sticking to her word. If it came down to this, Connor was supposed to give in and she would deal. Somehow, someway. She did feel guilty for this. After all, Jordan would have never entered any of their lives, if she had gone somewhere else or stayed in New York.
Only when Connor repeated home did she realize that she had said it. His place had become home for her. For now still a safe haven outside of this craziness with its so far wonderful evenings. Lia was glad though that Connor agreed to working from home. Seemed like the only positive thing to come from this.
Lia had grabbed her own things that she would need while Connor gave instructions to Thomas before returning. Suddenly they were very close again before hearing he would cook. "Well, I won't say no to that," she smiled softly, looking up at him. She could almost smell his cologne. God, how good would it feel to just ignore all sense and sleep with him right here on his desk? Forget this whole mess, but that wasn't a good idea, not after a day like today with Jordan apparently playing grandmaster chess or something with them.
Thomas calling for them pulled her away from those thoughts. Luckily, one might add. "All set," she replied, taking a step back before heading over to Thomas. She nodded at what Connor said before watching him walk away. "God, this day is an absolute mess," she muttered, rubbing her temple, "Let's hope tomorrow is better." Making sure to stay clear from the main areas, they made their way out to the back where she had gotten into the car the first night. That felt so long ago now. Connor soon arrived with the car and they got in. He was probably right in the assumption that neither of them should be walking to the cafe today.
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“They’re giving me until the end of the week basically for me to say I’m on board or not. Either way, Jordan is definitely going to get the contract.” With that came the knowledge that Jordan would be around until the contract had been fulfilled. Connor offered Rosalia a smile. Of course she was trying to appease him and he knew she must have felt guilty but this was something completely out of her control. Besides if he was around for longer, Connor knew that he would eventually make a mistake. Jordan breaking in did not faze Connor at all and if Jordan thought it would do good to try to initialization him into giving up on Lia, then Jordan was certainly a fool. “Home,” he said again with a smile. It was true the apartment was a bit depressing with no one but the three there and it seemed like Thomas definitely didn’t have to worry about being his desks since all meetings had been canceled.

“Yeah, guess we could head out. Thomas, go ahead and gather your things and we’ll all work at home. First thing tomorrow we will have everyone in the office. “ Thomas made sure to note that down as well as a meeting Connor wanted to discuss what had happened and give everyone a briefing to keep an eye out. He made sure to grab his materials “You cooked for me last night, it’s my turn,” he told Lia, his body arm to arm with her, close enough to smell her perfume. He’d offered to give Thomas a ride along with Lia. It was a foolish break in the plan, but something told him it wouldn’t be safe to have them walking.

“All set?” Thomas’ voice cane from the office doorway. Connor chuckled, giving a smirk in Lia’s direction. “Right, yeah everyone is all ready to go yeah? Goodwin?” Connor made sure to set the security, though they would need a new one set up and also new keys made. “I’ll pull up to the back,” Connor said as he headed opposite of them to get his car.
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Thomas and Lia had spent the time working on the event, after they had thoroughly scrubbed every inch of her offfice. It was coming smoothly for the most part. Invitations sent, place booked, decoration and caterer planned. The masked ball idea seemed to be received well and the more mystical decorations would definitely add to the mystic of the night. Not much could go wrong at this point, if one overlooked Jordan meddling in anything.
They had both tried to listen in slightly from her office, but no dice. At least it didn't sound like anyone had been killed yet. Soon they could hear people leaving and finally a door being closed rather firmly. Lia got up from her desk curiously and peeked out. Empty, they had all left.
Seeing Connor, she didn't need to ask how it had gone. His demeanor didn't really leave much to be interpreted. Still, she slowly moved over to him. "Take it that didn't go well," she said softly. God, he looked almost as terrible as she felt. "If I had liquor here of any sort, I would offer you some, but unfortunately I don't have any," she told him before signing, running a hand through her hair, "Maybe... we should also work from home today as well. I'm sure you are hiding something stronger than wine somewhere. That and maybe beat up a punching bag." It probably didn't help with this situation completely, but it couldn't be worse than staying here and looking at an empty office, which was downright depressing considering how it was normally filled with so much life, chatter and working people. This day probably couldn't get any worse.
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Connor sat at the head of the table, offering coffee that had been prepared by Lia. He took a seat at the head of the table, Jordan to his right which was a bit bothersome. To his left was one of his highest investors Eddy and then there were two other gentleman, mid-forties – people who you expected to see in the Forbes magazine. He took a sip of the coffee, sitting back in his seat as everyone began to get themselves settled.

“So,” Connor said with a smile. “It definitely is a pleasure to see you guys. I will say I apologize for seeming a bit unprepared, this meeting was a bit last minute and unfortunately, we had an office break in.” Connor had explained. The men gasped, looking around in concern.
“What happened?” Eddy asked.
“Well, looks like maybe some kind of prank. I’m not sure if any other buildings were broken into, but fortunately nothing seems. to be stolen, nothing broken, or anyone harmed.”
“Well, I’d say you’re pretty lucky.” Jordan said. Connor gripped his hands tighter as he looked to the male before giving him a nod.
“Certainly is. Nevertheless, we are all here and I think it best we get everything settled.”
“If I understood your noes on the contract Connor,” Jordan started. “There was a bit of confusion surrounding total costs. A I explained to the investors, we are willing to double our fee should we see improvements after the first six months.” Connor squirmed some in his seat.
“I think that’s a terrific idea,” Frank hat stated.
“I still just – I don’t think our plans align – I mean we haven’t touched into that demographic yet, no beta testing I just don’t see it best for us to spread to the New York area just yet with such a big company.” Connor was speaking out of his ass, but it seemed to be getting through just a little at least.

“I just want to do what’s in the best interest. You guys know me, I don’t rush into anything.” Connor looked to Jordan who was not a fan of the silence, which meant Connor possibly could’ve swayed their decision.
“End of the week,” Eddy said then. “I want you to put together a presentation. If by the end of the week, we don’t like what you have then we’re going to go ahead in moving forward, and we want you onboard.” Connor gave a stiff nod before they all came to a stand. They shared some other information about other accounts, eventually moving out of the conference room then. Connor could see that Jordan was kind of lagging behind. He wanted to confront him, but he knew Jordan had to know.

“Hopefully you make the right decision. The smart decision,” he said, looking toward Lia’s office then back to Connor. Connor happily closed the door on him when everyone left, he needed a drink to be honest.
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Lia knew she was lucky that Connor was her boss. Most male bosses would have not believed her when she told what had happened, perhaps even going as far as to accuse her of wanting to tarnish a good man's reputation. At the latest with such a big deal on the line, they would have caved. But here Connor was, not only allowing her to stay with him in his apartment and making up tactics for her to be safe, but also teaching her self defense and willing to give up a big deal because of what had happened to her. No words could describe what she thought of him.
His words made her look at him surprised. Didn't deserve to see her. No boss said that and even for a friend that was a very strange statement. It would have been easy to fire her, keep this hell from coming down on his company, but instead he was facing it head on. What exactly were they to one another? More than just hiss and assistant for sure, but she smiled at him. "Just for all this, I'll gladly cook dinner tonight," she said softly, feeling like they could both use the relaxed evening tonight.
Him touching her hand made her smile softly and it felt tingly for a moment before she pulled away. Lia nodded. "We'll make it the best event ever," she promised, not wanting to believe this would end here. Just then Thomas spoke over the speaker and Lia stepped back going towards her door where she wouldn't be seen through Connor's main entrance. "Good luck and we will get through this," she assured him before slipping in to her office, hearing the voices in the office outside. Hearing Jordan's voice left her cold, but she kept quiet and only once the men had disappeared into the conference room did she dare to begin cleaning up the mess with the flowers and broken vase, throwing it into her trash. When Thomas came in, she smiled softly. "Connor wants us to work on the event," she told him, running a hand through her hair, "Let me just disinfect my room and then we can start." She was not working here until every spot she could think of had been cleaned. Lia knew that at least Thomas understood that since she had seen him do the same thing with his desk.
  Rosalia / Hoshizora / 3d 1h 45m 31s
Connor knew that Li was trying not to show that this was a big deal. In a way, nothing had been stolen and Lia and Thomas were safe. A broken vase? That was the extent of the damage and didn’t seem to be anything they couldn’t recover from. Still, he was being challenged and he found it unfair considering that if he just stopped playing that that meant giving up on Lia and he was to going to allow Jordan’s crazy antics to win over.
“I know he won’t do anything, but I just don’t want to give him the satisfaction. He doesn’t deserve to see you –“ Connor stopped then, his tone and words leaning moving in the opposite direction of just a boss who was worried or friend who cared – more so protective in an intimate way and yes they were friends and he cared, but Connor was investing more effort into this than any other relationship he could think of. Rosalia was just a girl, what had stopped him from firing her? Obviously, there was something about her that he liked.

He felt her and there on his shoulder, both of them casting a quickly glance to make sure Thomas was nowhere in sight. He placed his hand briefly on hers, giving a small smile as her touch was gone. “You’re right. He said. “I guess this will give you time to plan the event with Thomas.” He wondered if it would be their last one, should things not go right.

“Mr. McCarthy the investors have arrived.”
“Thank you, Thomas,” Connor said as he turned off the speaker. He gave Lia a look then, coming to a stand and gathering his materials. His blood did run cold for a moment the minute he saw Jordan a cocky grin plastered on his face.
“Connor!” One of the investors called with a smile. He shook their hands.
“Morning gentlemen, please lets head into the conference room.”
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Lia had no doubt that it was Jordan. Something about this just screamed Jordan. Why else knock over the flowers? They were of no importance to anyone else and it just had that feeling of him. Call her anxious and paranoid, but she didn't doubt it. She knew him better than anyone else and more than she wanted to, but just like yesterday evening she just knew. Still, as soon as she got the chance she would disinfect every single surface in her office to have it feel clean again. If burning sage would help, she would have even done that, but Jordan was no demon, even if he acted like one.
She knew Connor felt bad for this happening, but she would never blame him. He did more than anyone for her. Lia gave him a small smile, though it was clear he was stressed, no wonder. Hearing that he wanted her to stay here, she nodded. Truthfully, she didn't think Jordan would try anything with so many witnesses, but she wouldn't argue and give Connor even more or a headache. "Okay, I'll stay in my office. Even if it takes longer, I'll have Thomas to keep me company," she assured him, trying to at least take that worry from him, "I don't think even Jordan would pull anything in this moment. Right now he's...focused on long term goals. Get this and he can be assured he's around for a long time.”
God, she didn't want to imagine what Connor had to be feeling. After all, he knew what Jordan had done and now he was fighting him for control of his company more or less. Making sure that Thomas was still busy with his desk, Lia stepped forward and placed her hand on his shoulder for a moment. "Right now, focus on your investors and the company. What Jordan did to me will only distract you, if it's in your head," she told him softly, giving his shoulder a squeeze before releasing it. Connor needed to win his investors over and keep his company. It wouldn't be easy, that she knew.
  Rosalia / Hoshizora / 3d 2h 25m 36s
Thomas quickly headed for his desk, he was sorting through everything, relieved to find that nothing was stolen. He couldn’t imagine what he would have that would be valuable. Everything for the most part was on his computer and that was password protected. He wasn’t sure if Jordan had been behind this, but if he was, Thomas figured the man was just trying to scare them and get a reaction. He probably remembered Thomas from the first meeting with Connor and held some grudge because he hadn’t given away Lia’s information. He would never regret that decision. He started to clean up his area as best as possible, making sure to wipe everything down. Even though this wasn’t his home, this was his other [I safe] space and it felt wrong to know someone had crossed the boundary and tried so hard to infect it with their negativity.

Connor could see the look of shock and panic in Lia’s face and he tried to apologize without saying anything, knowing that it wasn’t his mistake and he had done all he could. Hopefully, he could convince them without this getting out of hand, though Jordan had already crossed that bridge to be honest. He brushed his hands against his hair and tied to think whether or not to have Lia with him. “Let me think,” he said. He wasn’t sure how she could handle it, Lia kind of froze when near Jordan and now he could see why she was a bit weird that first day.

Lia had arrived at his desk then. Nothing seemed disturbed on his desk, but he wondered if Jordan liked to play tricks and made sure to put everything exactly as it was, or maybe he figured Connor was too smart to leave anything of value at his desk. He sighed out then, leaning back and soon Lia was there with coffee and the figures.
“Well, that’s good at least,” he said. He didn’t know how he was going to be able to be in the same room with Jordan and pretend that nothing happened. “I think its best you stay here,” he told her. “It shouldn’t be that long; I don’t think I want you in – that I can have you in the same room as him.”
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It wasn't good what Thomas told her. Lia tried to keep her face neutral. Thomas's, Connor's and likely her own desk. It was starting to become clear that that wasn't just some burglary. No, if that were the case, then other desks would have been touched as well. Her and Connor's desk made sense, but why Thomas? Unless... she really hadn't been crazy and had seen Jordan yesterday. If that were the case, then that explained that. Jordan knew who Thomas was from his visit.
Lia listened to what Connor decided. It couldn't be an easy decision. Everyone could work from home, no problem, but it was a matter of security. If Jordan or whoever it was had gotten in once, he could do it again. She tried to keep a normal face as she nodded at being told to stay behind and watched the others disperse. This couldn't go on forever.
Entering with the two men, Lia looked around. Everything felt different now. Like it wasn't clean anymore, if she had to describe it. Connor's instructions to put in coffee and print figures made her furrow her brow. Surely, they had other things that were more pressing to do. With the next sentence everything became clear. The investors and Jordan were coming. Lia swallowed, hoping to swallow her fear, though that wasn't working too well. This was all planned. They were still reeling from the break in and now this. "Okay. I'll get right on that and prepare the meeting room. Do you want me there as well?" she asked, honestly not sure what to do, "Anything else you need help with?" She couldn't hid in her office and there is no was that Jordan could pull anything while so many people were there.
Once she had the answers Lia started with turning on the coffee machine and getting coffee going. The first two she took to Connor's office. "I wish it could be something stronger, but this will have to do," she mused softly, placing one on Connor's desk, "I'll check my desk and get the figures now." With that she went to her office.
The first thing she noticed were flowers and the broken vase on the floor. Lia wasn't all too upset about that, but then she stepped up to her desk and froze. Someone had definitely been there. Her chair wasn't at its normal spot. A sickening feeling was spreading in her stomach. Opening each of her drawers, she saw that they had been rummaged in, but nothing appeared missing. Lia thanked her lucky stars that she hadn't kept the Romeo letters here. That would have been a disaster. Still, with every drawer she opened, she felt sicker. Stepping back, it felt like her office was tainted, like somehow she had been violated in a deeply personal way. Jordan had been here, had done who knew what in here.
Her stomach turned again and this time it didn't settle. Lia hurried to the bathroom where she threw up her breakfast. Sitting back, she took several deep breathes. Calm down, panic is not your friend, she repeated over and over. Finally, she got up, washed her mouth before going back to her office. Lia tried to touch as little as possible as she printed out the figures. Taking them, she brought them to Connor, hoping he didn't realize she had thrown up. "The figures," she said, handing them to him, "It doesn't seem like anything was stolen. Just the flowers ruined and my desk rummaged through." Though neither really made her feel better. What had Jordan been looking for?
  Rosalia / Hoshizora / 3d 3h 34m 22s
“I’ll tell you on the way,” Thomas said as he grabbed his coffee and looped his arm into Lia’s. He was trying to be normal as he walked with her toward the office. He explained everything. On camera they had footage of someone breaking into the lobby ad eventually the office once they reached their floor. The footage was a bit dark and grainy, but you could see that figure shuffling around at Thomas’ desk and then walking into Connor’s office, though Lia’s office was also connected, so there was a high possibility that that they checked out his office too. As far as they could tell, nothing had been taken, but that’s why they wanted Connor to arrive first.

Connor had finally arrived and his staff was not happy or more so they were in fear for their life and very concerned about what was going on. “Alright everyone please just settle down.” He said, glad the voices had quieted down. He was searching for Lia and Thomas, glad to see that they eventually turned up. Lia made her way to his side, the security guard and her wondering what he was going to do. Connor sighed out, grabbing his phone to see the name of his highest investor Gerald, saying they’d be here for a meeting in an hour. “Great,” Connor mumbled.

“Alright, everyone. I apologize for this morning and appreciate your patience. I want everyone working from home today except for Lia and Thomas as their desks were the only one’s touched.” There were sighs of relief, but gossip no doubt as the group dispersed. Connor looked to the security guard, “Just look out for my call, send me that footage If there’s anything out of place, we call the cops.” He wanted to keep this as quiet as possible, to save the integrity of his business, but Connor also was concerned for the safety of his staff. “Let’s get inside.” Connor said, closing the door then.

“Thomas, check your desk and make sure things are good. Li – Goodwin, check your desk and get coffee on. Also please print those figures.” While Thomas was busy, he walked toward Lia. “The investors and Jordan are coming by in an hour,” he whispered to her.
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