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“Grandchildren?” Connor asked with a chuckle. He’d heard that before and constantly whenever his mother got a chance. They weren’t even that old and Connor liked to think he had some time. “Are you volunteering?” He asked with a chuckle. Connor had. a busy life. Could he really navigate a family and work? Of course, finding a wife, an [I actual] wife should’ve been the first of his concerns. His father, though, had managed to succeed. It was possible he knew, but could he find the right woman that could handle a man like him; a man who woke up every morning thinking of how to take the day for all it had. “Well, the minute I settle down, she’ll have them. What about you; do you want children?” Connor looked to her briefly. His volunteer joke hopefully went well, though he was genuinely curious if Lia was the type of woman that would want a child. Had that been the plan when she met Jordan? Did she see forever with him until the real him showed up? “I shouldn’t have asked that?” he said, a bit unsure of himself then.

He left the question in the air for her to answer whenever she was ready. In the car and all buckled up the ride soon began, and it wasn’t that terrible. There were few cars on the street, which was nice, making for a peaceful ride without the terror and frustration of traffic. He rolled his eyes at her playful dig at him. It sounded like Lia had a good childhood and he as happy about hat. He knew what it was like growing up in not so great conditions.
“Well a little when I first moved in, but then it kind of fizzled out, mom thought she was pregnant and when that didn’t exactly pan out it was a bit depressing. But we started up again recently.” He said. It was no clue why his mother, Gwen so desperately wanted grandchildren.

He gave Lia a smile. “A softer appearance really?” He repeated with a shake of his head, but he did enjoy those nimble digits sifting through his soft blonde locks. They were eventually pulling over, and true to his mother’s declaration there was a tall bright pink flamingo, wearing an apron. It was an odd mascot for a BBQ restaurant, but that didn’t stop business. “We’ve only got about another hour, once we leave here.” He told Lia as he parked and turned the car off.

“Look at it!” Gwen said with a smile as she looked to Lia, pointing toward the Flamingo. Of course, all of their scrapbooks had a picture for every year they had attended the lake house, same day. Of course, they took countless of pictures, it was getting a little bit later in the afternoon and Gwen wanted to take advantage of the good lighting. Eventually they headed inside, sat at a table to order food. It wouldn’t take long before their meals were finished, and they were back on the road to the lake house.

It was a beautiful two story residence, constructed out of oak wood trees, with a beautiful slanted roof. There was a lovely patio out back with a bonfire put in the center encircled by comfy white chairs. Despite small modern touches like the tv, and the kitchen appliances, it certainly still had a warm and homey feeling to it. Pictures lined the walls, and certain tables against the walls.
The lake was practically in their backyard. There were some times he and friends would come to spend time floating and drinking. “Here we are,” Connor said then with a smile. It was still just as beautiful as before.
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Lia was sure that his mom would get along with anyone Connor introduced next. She was a wonderful woman and as long as Connor was happy, Lia had a feeling she wouldn't object to anyone. Lia chuckled. "I'm sure you will find someone," she assured him, "I think as long as she is nice and loves you like crazy your mom will be happy with anyone. Oh and give her grandchildren very quickly." At least his mom didn't seem like someone that would be against a person. Either way, Lia was going to not think about Jordan and for two day feel like a normal person. That alone was a wonderful thing.
Hearing his reply to the bikini bit, she shook her head in slight amusement. "Charming when your parents are near by," she pointed out before smiling, "Though if there is the opportunity, I'm sure you are more than capable of taking it off." God, they were acting like teenagers in spring break, but honestly it was nice to not think about anything like serious.
Feeling his hand play with the hair at the back of her neck, she smiled back. Hearing he was ready, she nodded, happily kissing him back. "You really like playing with the hair on the back of my neck, don't you?" she realized amused, at least he played with it a lot.
Then they went downstairs. Lia followed the discussion amused. "I would love that just so I can be sure he wasn't always a grown up in a suit and tie," she teased lightly. Truthfully, she doubted that if she had tried to get out of it that his parents would have allowed it. She was the illusive fiancé they hadn't met yet. There was no way she was getting out of this.
Once they were at the car and the bags were loaded, Lia got into the car, buckling up. "Your dad is really excited," she mused as he honked his horn and off they were. Lia looked outside, taking in the changing scenery. She was strangely excited about this. Not the lake house, but spending time with Connor and his family. They had welcomed her so warmly and it was wonderful to be able to spend time with them.
Feeling Connor's hand on hers, she turned back to look at him, lacing her fingers with his. "You mean go to our private lake house that has a pool for a weekend?" she asked teasingly, but in good nature, "My mom is a nurse so she has pretty whacky hours a lot of the time. But sometimes, yeah, if we got everyone's schedules to align, we would go take like a day trip either up into the mountains to hike or down to Boston and the beach. Those were always nice. For summer vacation it would then maybe be a bit longer of a stay, if they could both get off from work at the same time. What about you? Did you always go to the lake house?" She smiled at those memories of it being just the three of them. Still, she was excited about the idea of getting to know and understand Connor better.
Looking to Connor, she noticed that he hadn't styled his hair. Reaching over with her free hand, she touched a silky smooth lock. "Is this your weekend retreat look?" she asked with a smile, running a hand through his hair before pulling back as to not distract him from driving, "It looks good. I like it. Gives your face a softer appearance." Not that he didn't look good with product in it, but then he looked more stern and business like.
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Lia was getting along well with his parents and his mom was happy. That was more than he could ask for. He thought then about how nice it would be to get away from all the madness Jordan had brought into their life. This little acting gig might do them some good. They would have to face reality come Monday, but that was a problem for the future. He was not going to ruin this weekend and he could tell Lia was trying to do the same. Connor had changed into a pair of jeans from his sweats, grabbing his duffel from the closet and beginning to pack his things. “It’s going great,” he said with a smile. “I’m learning a lot about you. I guess if I do end up marrying someone, they’re going to have a hard time filling your shoes when it comes to mom,” he said with a. chuckle. He made sure to grab a few things that weren’t in the bathroom, like his cologne and of course hair supplies. Connor stared at the locks in the mirror, for once not styled which was different for him. His morning routine certainly had been thrown out the window and he wondered if that was how it would be the whole weekend. Though he certainly had no complaints.

Connor zipped up his luggage then, watching Lia slip the bikini in. “Well, if she hadn’t, I wouldn’t have objected to a dip in the pool without.” Connor watched Lia’s saunter toward him, her arms wrapping around his waist as she gazed up at him. He smiled largely, a hand reaching to play with the soft hairs at the nape of her neck. “I’m ready,” he said breathless then. Connor bent down and kissed her on the lips. Bags in tow he headed downstairs.

“So, son, we were thinking since Lia is coming along, maybe we can drive ourselves?”
“That’s not necessary,” Connor said with a chuckle. His father wouldn’t hear of it and shook his head.
“No, we insist. Besides I want to try to get some rest. Your father was a nightmare last night. Oh, Lia I am so glad you’re coming along. I can’t wait to show you all of Connor’s pictures from when he was younger.” Connor shook his head with a smirk. He popped the trunk to place their bags inside before making sure his door was secure and locked, all alarms set. He got into the car and waited for Lia to buckle up, his father honking twice to alert he was on the move then and Connor following along, though by now he had learned the path very easily.

Connor’s hand had reached out to take hers briefly, missing the feeling of her skin. “So, did you do stuff like this with your family?” He asked. If they were going to spend a weekend together, they’d be getting to know a lot about one another.
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Lia felt her face go hot at what he said. Luckily, his parents didn't seem to understand the quip or if they did, had the tact to ignore it. "Well, we were at the gym for quite a bit," she agreed. She had to admit Connor's mom was an amazing cook. Lia didn't recall having such a good breakfast in a while. Breakfast was going well and truthfully, Lia would say it was normal how they were acting. They were engaged to be married so surely feelings would be running high. Perhaps dialing it down a notch or two wouldn't hurt though.
She couldn't help a chuckle. "As your assistant, I would say I am well aware when your attention is needed and it can't be put off for a day," Lia retorted with a grin before chuckling, "Your father is right, you know. Though if it's anyone else, it's us against them." Like it was with Jordan, but she wouldn't let thoughts of him ruin this.
Lia looked to Connor, thinking on it. Had it been hard to adapt to this life? "Yes, he has high standards, but he does try to match them as well. It's not too bad. We take turns with breakfast and cooking so it's not like it only rests on one of your shoulders," she told his mom, "I guess that's the brain of an assistant. Always juggling at least two things." His mom was sweet and she really liked her. She smiled as they spoke about the restaurant, getting more and more curious about it.
After breakfast they made their way upstairs to pack. "I think it's going well so far, if I have to hazard a guess," she said, emptying one of her bags to fill it with a few things she might need, "You should be glad that Esther packed my bikini into my things. I hadn't written it on the list, since I didn't think I would need one anytime soon." She only had a few things that weren't business with her so she packed those and her toiletries. Closing the small bag, she moved over to Connor, wrapping an arm around his waist. "Well, I'm ready. How about you?" she asked, smiling. Lia was actually starting to get excited about this. A weekend away from this madness. That was what the doctor ordered.
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“Seemed to have worked up quiet the hunger last night,” he told her with a smirk. It was rare that Connor indulged in such heavy foods, but he loved his mother’s cooking. It always reminded him of his childhood. Being with his parents and Rosalia, things felt very casual, there was no sense of their actions being fake at all it seemed. He leaned into Lia’s kiss to his temple, smiling at his mother’s reaction. They truly were laying it on pretty thick and his parents didn’t seem the wiser. “You as my assistant and fiancé should be on my side,” he teased.

“Oh Connor, you should know by now that the bond between a mother and daughter in law cannot be broken. It’s us against them,” he joked as he began to eat. Connor shook his head then, eager to bite into a piece of French toast.

“I’m glad to help, I imagine Connor wears you out,” she said. “I couldn’t imagine thinking about getting up for breakfast if I worked for him and trust me, I know because he’s just like his father. Things have to be right n mistakes,” she waved her hand. “My mind can’t focus on one thing for that long.” She laughed then, his mother had always been more of the romantic and creative one of the family. Though she could be stern when she wanted and honestly had been more of the one to discipline him compared to his father who did often let him off the hook for a lot of things.

“Yes, they have rally great food,” his father said.
“And this amazing large pink flamingo. I love it, it’s just such a wild place to have a restaurant you know. It stands out compared to all the lovely trees of the woodland. “I love it though.” His mother admitted. Soon enough breakfast had come to a finished. They all did their part in cleaning, Connor making sure to remove the dishes from the previous night and pack them away as his mother loaded it with the dishes.

“We just have to pack,” Connor said, his mother lecturing him on procrastinating as he began toward the stairs.
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Lia chuckled at the thought of having her picture taken likely a billion times. "That sounds nice," she replied before thinking on it, "Well, depends on how long the photo shoot takes." After all, at some point you couldn't smile anymore. Seeing the surprise on his face, it had been worth the silly comment. "It is, dear," she mused, "Or I will just have to distract you so you don't think about your phone." Well, she was still his assistant. If it was really important, she could hardly refuse him his phone.
The activities sounded fun and Lia smiled. "That sounds fairly normal, but I'm sure it will be great," she told him before chuckling, "Sounds like there is a certain pattern there." Lia had a feeling this would be a wonderful weekend.
Once she was dressed Lia went down, smiling at the scene. It really felt like a normal, comfortable family moment and she could really picture this happening more often. It was good to see Connor and his dad discussing business and his mom cooking. Her brow arched slightly as she saw the masses of food. Was a whole army coming? Knowing what Connor ate, it was amusing to see him steal a piece of bacon and earning a slap on the hand for his troubles.
Lia smiled at the kiss on the cheek. "Starving already?" she asked amused before nodding. Grabbing the plates, she balances them on her arms, a brief stint as a waitress to showing as she carried them over to the table. Enjoying the causal feeling of it, she smiled softly as she set the table. She chucked as his mother cheeded them for talking business. "Your mom is absolutely right," Lia agreed, kissing Connor's temple, though she knew that Connor wouldn't be able keep to that
When the food was set they sat down for breakfast. Lia took a bit of everything to try it. "This is great. Thank you for all this," she said, happily eating, "So Connor tells me we'll be stopping at a diner on the way?" It felt like a good idea to make conversation. Once they were done they could quickly pack their bags and go.
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“Pictures of this rock and that tree and with you in tow, plenty of pictures of us I am sure.” Connor said with a chuckle and shake of his head. He placed his phone into his pocket then. Turning to look at Lia then who had a very mischievous look. “Oh, is that right babe?” He asked with a raised brow. He knew that he didn’t stand a chance if his mother and Lia were going to be monitoring his phone usage. “Don’t worry we’ll mostly be swimming, fishing and probably playing board games and then finally my mother manages to convince my father and I we can’t stay cooped up and we go out for dinner.” He admitted. Connor took one last look at Lia, cuddled under the blankets in his bed and he took a mental picture then. He headed out of the room, closing the door behind him. His parents were both wide awake, his father enjoying coffee as he watched the news and his mother making a breakfast fit for a whole family.

“Mom we don’t need this –“ she shook the spatula at him. “Good morning,” he said as he kissed her cheek. She smiled and finished up on the eggs; it was more than Connor ate normally that for sure. French toast, eggs, sausage and bacon – certainly a stray away from his usual healthier type of morning. Still, that didn’t stop him from stealing a piece of bacon which earned him a smack on the hand.

Lia had come down soon and Connor was sure to kiss her cheek on his way pass her. “Oh, good morning dear,” his mother said. “Can you start moving all this to the table. I’m finishing the eggs now,” she said glad for the help. Connor in his father were discussing the latest news on stock as they were heading to the table, Connor also subtly running the deal with Jordan by his father.

“Aht aht aht!” His mother warned. “Not until Monday morning do, I want to hear anything about work.” Connor blushed then, waving his hands as though surrendering before returning to his coffee, eventually starting to plate his food.
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Getting a full night's sleep the last few days had been difficult, either because of nightmares or Connor or other reasons so it had felt good to actually get as much as she needed. Lia smiled as Connor dipped down and kissed her lips, gladly returning the kiss. Watching him sit down beside her and simply enjoying the morning together Lia noticed how real it felt. If she was wearing her engagement ring, this really could have been totally normal. Shouldn't it be harder to pretend? Still, she smiled as he played with her hair.
Now it was her turn to blush at his comment. Okay, she couldn't say that she had tried to stay quiet unfortunately. Though she was relieved when he went on about his parents. "That's good," she mused, brushing the hair over her shoulder, "My dad snores too sometimes. It can be a pain." Lia looked up at Connor, his eyes almost hypnotizing her, though she couldn't resist gently nipping the finger that ran over her lips teasingly.
Sitting up, Lia listened to Connor go on about everything. "Well packing shouldn't be a problem. Don't have a lot here as it is," she mused, though she wasn't sure she exactly had attire for a lake house retreat, but she would make do with the things she had. Heck, she didn't even know what people wore to something like this. It was only two days though, so she hoped it didn't matter too much. She chucked as he explained the day. "That sounds sweet. What do they take pictures of?" she asked curiously, smiling though. It would be interesting to see what it felt like to be an outside watching this.
The thought of his mother coming up to wake them wasn't all too comfortable for her. "Yeah, maybe you should do that," she said agreed amused, "I'll get dressed and be down in a bit." Slowly she got up and began to rummage through her bag to find something to wear. Seeing him grab his phone, Lia grinned. "Don't think I won't take your phone away on this trip, if you are on it too much, dear," she warned him with a mischievous grin. If she got to play the part for a weekend, then she would milk it for what it was worth in that regard.
Once Connor was out the door, Lia focused her attention on finding something to wear. Ultimately, she decided on a pair of jeans and a nice shirt. Doing her hair and makeup was quick and less than ten minutes later, she walked downstairs. "Good morning. It smells wonderful," she said, walking into the kitchen, "Anything I can help with?" It was something she had picked up from her home. Always ask if you can help. Perhaps that also went a way to explaining her qualities as an assistant. Always helping, always being on step ahead.
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Connor had pulled on a pair of boxers and sweat, scrounging for a shirt, to which he was pulling on just as Lia was rousing awake. He was blown by her beauty even more in the morning and she certainly looked well rested. Connor walked over toward the bed then. “Good morning,” he responded. He walked over to her and dipped onto the bed, leaning over to kiss her lips. “That is the cue,” he said. Connor sat on the bed a bit, his arm draped around Lia while they had this peaceful moment of morning bliss, his hands playing with her hair. Pretending never felt so [I real]. His cheeks turned red some, shaking his head at Lia’s comment. “Well, I think you were a bit quieter this time, just a bit,” he teased. “Don’t worry, they couldn’t hear a thing. Besides my dad snores, mom probably would’ve had her plugs in.” It was so easy to tell her about his parents now, sharing small bits about his life with Rosalia. Brushed his thumb gently over her lips, staring into her eyes. The thought of having her all over again was certainly on his mind.

He kissed her cheek before coming to a stand, he was more than happy, he was ecstatic. “So, I figure we’ll have breakfast, we’ll pack and then head out. I will warn you, there’s this little dinery on the way to the lake house my parents love it, some kind of barbeque place. I just hope you’re ready for an hour of eating and then an hour of taking pictures.” Connor shook his head then. “I’ll go down and make sure she knows we are awake at least. She is not shy about coming in,” Connor admitted. His mother was not overbearing, though to some people it could come off that way. She was just very involved in his life, which he understood since she wasn’t able to conceive a child on her own.

Connor grabbed his phone to go over some emails and any messages that were missed, considering he hadn’t worked as planned the night before, he did have a bit to catch up on. His mother of course was not going to allow him working over the weekend if she could help it, so he knew he had to be quick.
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Sure, they could have stopped, but at the same time it would have been hard. There was a spell that he put on her. Made her feel like the only woman in the world. The first time they had been eager to sate themselves, but this time was different. They took their time as their hands explored one another. Happily she kissed him back, her body shuddering happily at the hand running along her spine. Still, that growl at made her smile, having to remember that that seemed to drive him wild.
How had she ever thought that she could never be intimate with a man again after Jordan? The thought that she would go without this didn't seem possible. Lia melted under Connor's touch, all the attention he seemed to give every inch of her body. Truthfully, she had forgotten about his parents being not too far away in the heat of the moment. She took in every square inch of him in as many ways as she could. Lia tried to take in everything. The way his eyes shown or his hair fell into his face, how he reacted to her touch and how the moonlight glistened on his skin as the strong muscles moved underneath. Even when they were done and snuggled together, Lia could only think of wanting to do it again, despite being more than sated.
Curled together, she had fallen asleep fast and this time no nightmare came to haunt her sleep. In her sleep she cuddled against him, happily holding on to him. At one point she briefly woke up, maybe the 4:30 alarm beat into her head, and she smiled softly at seeing him sleep tightly beside her. Careful not to wake him, she ran her hand through his hair and over the exposed tattoo gently. He looked so at peace asleep and pressing a kiss against his temple Lia turned back around to fall asleep again.
The next time she woke up to the bed shifting and the smell of food. Slowly she opened her eyes to see him already standing. "Good morning," she said softly, moving to prop herself up on her elbow, "That smells really good. Is that the cue to get up?" Still, he had a nice smile on his lips. "Someone is happy this morning," she mused before thinking for a moment, "Please tell me your apartment has think walls." She really hadn't thought about it until now and God, she hoped the apartment did. That was not something she wanted anyone to hear, least of all the parents of the guy she was doing that with. Yawning softly, she sat up slowly and stretched, enjoying the fact that there was no work today and they had actually slept in sort of.
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Connor had to laugh as well, of course they’d gotten a bit far and it was very unlikely that it would be nice and easy for them to stop and still be comfortable toward throughout the night, at least Connor felt that way. Connor smiled into her kiss, holding her close with his hand spread out against her lower back, edging up her clothing, his fingers travelling the space of her spine. Their first time had been a bit rushed and maybe they both were a bit overzealous in their intent to sate something they hadn’t known they’d been craving. They were clearly attracted to one another through and Connor felt like the most delectable fruit had been dangled in his face and offered; why not take it? He made a low growl in approval, the feeling of her hands through his hair driving him insane.

Connor had all but forgotten his parents were in the same apartment, but that hadn’t stopped him from indulging in Rosalia. Languid movements, clinging to her as though she would disappear. He felt like putty in her hands with each gasp and moan, intensely softening him up. Connor had successfully gone without such moments for quite a while before meeting Lia and yet now all he could think of was his next fix of Lia; a whole weekend of him and Lia? Mesmerizing. Connor had kissed her in the smallest of places, lapping gently at the beads of sweat, watching the flame to which he considered Lia dance with him in that dark room, nothing but a slant of moonlight gliding effortlessly over every soft curve of her.

Sleep had certainly come easy and Connor, for the first time in. while had chosen to sleep in, his arms wrapping around Lia and drawing her in close. Soon enough he could smell breakfast and he knew his mother did not like a cold meal, nor reheating one. He sat up and got out of bed then, sheet draped gently over his legs as he wiped the sleep from his eyes. He looked over his shoulder then, smiling at the enchantress in his bed.
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Lia knew that Connor didn't expect anything in return and that was what made this even more remarkable. After all, he was putting his life, his business, pretty much everything on the line for an assistant that he had only known for a while and could have easily fired. At the same time Lia wasn't someone who liked being in debt to anyone so they were at an impasse there.
She would have been fine with just playing the part of the fiancé without anything physical attached to it. They were adults and could surely sleep in the same bed without anyone freaking out about anything. Still, Lia knew that at the same time they were attracted to one another and maybe it was good if they had one weekend to get rid of these urges before they had to go back to being just platonic. Though she knew what she had told his mom was true. Not the love part, but the rest. Connor was a man that had many wonderful qualities and any woman that would marry him one day would be very lucky.
Lia smiled softly at his words before the kissing resumed, give a small sound at his hand wandering along her hip as she turned more into him, her hand going through his hair, gripping slightly as he buried his nose in her neck. She nodded softly at his words. One weekend they could give in to everything.
By the time Connor pulled back and asked, Lia couldn't help laughing softly, her chest rising and falling more rapidly. "You really think I can say no now? Some might call that emotional blackmail," she teased before cupping his cheek to kiss him again, "I want to." She leaned in to kiss him again, a leg hooking to his as one hand stayed in his hair, the other running along his back. It was slower than their first time, but it felt nice to take the time to explore him.
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Connor was helping Lia out because it was the right thing to do and surely after their tome spent together, they had become quite close and now even closer. If he didn’t help her then who would, it would be surely easy enough to lay her off and have her be someone else’s problem, but that felt wrong to him. Of course, Connor had spent some of his time downstairs trying to figure if he should go through with the charade or sleep on the couch. He was unsure if he could go through with it without breaking and as he leaned into Lia’s soft embrace, he knew he was right. He smiled as he watched her chest rise and fall gently, his heart racing from the kiss.

“I’m sure,” Connor said as he kissed her again, his hands light against her stomach as they swam across to hold her by the hip and it felt good being able to indulge in her. It felt good not stopping himself, thinking about those slight touches at work or the glances they gave one another. “Just for the weekend,” he whispered, his nose buried into her neck as he held her close.

Connor had debated with himself if it really was so terrible for them to date. He thought of this as he talked with his father, who was happy to see him finally settling down. He explained how right Lia was for him and it all came easily and more naturally. He really didn’t have to think hard. This being why Connor was so saddened that Lia had got herself caught up with Jordan.
He finally pulled away from Lia and looked at her, his hand now pressing against her bare skin. “I mean only if you wanted to,” he asked of her.
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Lia rolled her eyes in played annoyance. "Just worried the dishwasher must have swallowed you considering that almost everything had been put away already," she pointed out, trying to look at her book and not him as he was undressing to not make this more awkward for both of them. It seemed a terrible idea to bait herself with something that wasn't going to happen.
"You know not everything is about you," she told him amused, "No, I actually do read sometimes. Thought it might be a good idea to settle down for the night like this." It seemed best to try and ease her mind into sleep after this morning. It seemed so far away already.
She did look up from her book again when he snuggled close and she slide down some so she was on his eye level. "It's okay. There is no harm done. Your parents are really nice and frankly after everything you are doing for me, playing your fiancé for a weekend is hardly calling it even," she assured him.
Lia placed the book aside when she felt his gaze on her as he hovered over her. That was when he kissed her and she kissed him back, cupping his cheek gently. Oh, that felt so good. Her thoughts strayed to Romeo, but truthfully she unfortunately hadn't written in weeks. No one would be crazy enough to wait on a flake like that. She would try when this was over, but Lia would be surprised if she got a reply at all.
They simply kissed for quite a moment before Lia pulled back slightly breathless. "You sure?" she asked, considering that it had felt like he didn't want to do this, "For the weekend." One weekend couldn't hurt, right? They would be away from Seattle as it was.
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“Hey early bird gets the worm.” Connor playfully rebutted. Connor watched as she got up and headed toward the bedroom. He was a bit conflicted. Was he to act on his desires or actually fall through with this just being for pretend. He wanted her and he was attracted to Lia. Tonight had been and lines were blurring. He wasn’t sure what was the right thing to. He loaded the dishwasher, fitching the empty glasses into the recycling. He still thought another Rosalia. He finished off his drink and made sure everything was clean before heading upstairs. His parents were sleep, he could tell but the lights being off. Conner took a deep breath and entered his room. He chuckled at the sound of Lia’s voice. “Oh did you miss me that much?” He playfully questioned as he shedded his clothing. He couldn’t believe he forgot about this weekend. He really had been preoccupied, more than work usually surprisingly. Just in a pair of shorts then he got into the bed.

“So you were waiting on me?” He inquired as he snuggled in close. “I’m sorry again about all this,” he’s mentioned. Though she seemed to fit in and his parents weren’t in his back. Maybe this weekend of pretend would serve them good. Connor was hovering over her then and everything in his wanted her. It was bad and maybe stupid but what did he really have to lose? He just wanted to kiss her. Connor bent down and kissed her finally, holding her close and dammit he tried his hardest to keep away but he couldn’t. What was he fighting against ? Lia was single and so was he. Juliet hadn’t written back in weeks. What was the harm in indulging?
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