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[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b our story starts out in [#990000 seattle]]
[tab] [tab] [b [#990000 she]] just got a new job at an advertising firm
[tab] [tab] [tab][tab] [b [#990000 he]] is the lead of the department, a man many find to be cold
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab][tab] as his assistant [b [#990000 it's her]] responsibility to keep up with every aspect of his life
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [b [#990000 but she gets]] distracted by the love letters she finds stashed in her desk from the previous secretary
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] curious about the romantic story [b [#990000 that sadly]], came to an end
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] she decides to write back
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] hoping that maybe [b [#990000 that romeo]] is still looking for his juliet
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[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b •so] okay if not obvious the boss is the one who wrote the letters and hes coldhearted cause he was scorned;
[center [tab] [tab] [b [#990000 my idea]] is this will kind of be like a pen-pal story?
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b •do expect romance] im sorry ;-; ya girl always down for a lil' love
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 •mature themes including:[b violence, cursing, intimacy - timeskipped but briefly explained in writing depending on comfort]
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b •doesn’t matter] how much you write, just give me [i something] to work with and please don’t write more than you have to
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[center [font "century gothic" [size10 •[b this is important]: I need someone who takes no longer than 3 days to post. the main reason im making these rps is because i need a distraction. it gets boring not having someone consistent to write with
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“You’re the best,” Connor said as he squeezed her hand. He soon stood up to head and meet the doctor again and see what he needed to do to make sure that everything was in place for Lucy. It was at that time that she was beginning to wake up. After filling out the necessary paperwork, Connor was allowed into the room. He sat there, his hand reaching for Lucy’s.
“Hey you,” he said softly. She looked disoriented, her eyes slowly swimming back and forth. But after months of being in the hospital, she wasn’t that confused much longer.
“Ugh I hate it here.” Lucy finally registered Connor’s voice though and she turned to face him. “Some birthday.” She tried to sit up, to which he quickly stood and gently laid her down.
“Hey relax.”
“My head hurts.”
“Yeah well according to Thomas you took a nasty fall. Why didn’t you tell me you weren’t feeling well?”
“It’s your birthday Connor. It wasn’t about me.”
“You sure made it that way.” Connor sighed. It seemed today he was failing at communication. “Why did you come Lucy? Why did you contact me?”
“I wanted to tell you for myself in person. I love you, I didn’t mean to just leave like that and –“
“Lucy I’m married.”
“Then why are you here?” Here how pained her yell was made Connor fall silent.
“Because I care.” He sighed out. “You should’ve told me.”
“And then what? We’re you going to take care of me Connor? Mr. Big business man with the plan? You wanted perfection and how could I give that if I didn’t even know if I would live or die?”
“I –“ Connor thought then. Could he really have taken care of her during her beginning stages. Even now he was so unsure of how they would care for her the next few days.
“Exactly. So don’t give me your bullshit Connor. I just wanted to say goodbye.” It seemed Lucy was well aware of her prognosis.
“Lia is allowing me to have you stay with us. I just – I don’t end this to be difficult.”
“Well good luck with that. How long will it be before she wants me gone?”
“Lia is not like that.”
“I know – because she loves you.” Lucy said, a year falling down her face.

Esther walked over toward Lia.
“So what’s up?” She could tell the conversation between the two wasn’t pleasant but was that so surprising considering the circumstance?
  connor / kshahidx / 1h 13m 7s
This wasn't supposed to happen. They weren't supposed to be questioning one another's loyalty. Instead they should be happy and excitedly planning a wedding and preparing for whenever she might get pregnant. Why did it feel like she was watching her life shatter to bits before her very eyes?
Feeling Esther take her hand, Lia felt grateful that her friend was here. That she didn't have to do this alone or at least had someone who understood what she was going through. Lia squeezed her hand like she was a life ring in a storm. Listening to Ester, she understood where she was coming from. Her tapping her ring made her smile slightly, even laugh a hint at saying they were the hotter couple. "Thank you Esther. You don't know how much this means to me," she said as she hugged her, "It's just... so hard not to get in my head about all this." How Connor acted around Lucy.
Connor was clearly very distressed so that she held him close. No matter how upset seh might be with him, she didn't want him to feel bad. Taking a seat beside him, she squeezed his hand gently. Hearing what he said, Lia paused. Cancer. "I'm so sorry," she found herself saying and meant it. She wouldn't want anyone to have that, not even Lucy. She drew him close once more.
Just seeing the way that Connor looked at her Lia had a feeling she was about to hear something she didn't want to. And she was right. Lucy stay with them... Only a few doors down from where they slept. Lia had never wanted Lucy near their house, tainting it, let alone in it. And while Connor said no, it was very clear that she couldn't. What kind of person would she be? She wasn't cruel and even if she didn't like Lucy, she couldn't turn someone with cancer away. Plus, she had her doubts that Connor wouldn't look at her differently if she said no. Just the way he looked at her as he spoke that request proved it. Lia lowered her gaze, not looking at how Connor's thumb ran over her ring. It felt like she was suffocating as she said the words, "She can stay." She would never again be safe from Lucy. How could Connor ever turn away from her now that she was sick? He was too kind for that. "I guess you'll need to sign some forms to say she can be released into your care," she told him, not knowing what else to say.
  Rosalia / Hoshizora / 1h 49m 51s
Esther could understand why Lia wanted to stay silent. Her mind was probably running with a million thoughts and he thought it best she let Lia talk when she was ready at least, she often felt that way when she got upset and with all that was happening, Lia had every right to be upset. They had finally reached the hospital when Lia felt comfortable to break down and confess her fears to her friend. Esther felt horrible, reaching out to take Lia’s hand. Her feelings were valid, even more so considering how Connor reacted to Lucy fainting. She knew that this wasn’t something one could easily get over and as much as everyone wanted to deny it, it was clear that Connor still had feelings for Lucy. Whether they were stronger than his love for Lia, no one but Connor could say. Though Esther didn’t believe that. Lia had changed Connor’s life so much. Since they became involved with one another, Connor was happier and more vibrant. He was a whole different person. When he was with Lucy he wasn’t like that. Sure, they were happy, but he was focused on being perfect. With Lia, perfection wasn’t necessary and she so obviously accepted his flaws.

“Look Lia, if there’s one thing I know about Connor is that he is still learning how to understand emotions and deal with them. With his past, this is still all new for him. But I have no doubt that he would consider you some kind of replacement Lucy.” She tapped the ring on Lia’s finger. “Or else I truly believe he wouldn’t have married you. Trust me, if Connor really wanted Lucy, he would’ve went out of his way to find her. and you just happened to walk in right at the perfect time. I mean come on,” she said with a chuckle. “You and Connor make a way hotter couple.” She hugged Lia before they finally got out of the car.

Connor buried his nose in Lia’s neck. “I’m so glad you’re here.” He told her before he pulled away. He noticed Esther who looked like she was ready to lecture him. He took a seat on the chair then, his hand holding onto Lia’s.
“They say she has cancer. How couldn’t she have told me?” He wondered then If that was possibly the reason she had decided to leave. Maybe that had been what she was trying to tell him. “It’s not looking very good for her. They think she should rest for the night and then discharge in the morning. But I don’t know about leaving her all alone.” Connor looked up at Lia then. This was asking too much after the discussion they already had. “She mentioned she had a friend here, maybe I can try to get in touch with them, see when they can take care of her. I guess until then . . . she can stay with us? I know it’s a lot to ask Lia. I just – I don’t want her to feel like she’s alone.” Connor sighed, running his hand through his hair. This night was seemingly turning less and less festive. “You can so no. you’re my wife and you get to decide this just as much,” he said, his thumb running over her ring. “Nothing in this world could make me find any reason not to love you.”
  connor / kshahidx / 2h 29m 37s
Lia was so thankful for their parents taking care of everything at the restaurant as well as bring the presents and whatnot to their house as they had absolutely no idea how long everything would take at the hospital.
Did Lia feel good about letting Connor go with Lucy? No, but she knew that Connor would feel even worse if he thought he couldn't, because it might hurt her feelings. Kissing him back, she gave Connor a reassuring look before watching him leave. Then her reassurance faltered. Of course, Connor had been worried when she had been in the hospital and he cared for Lucy in some capacity, but it hurt. Hurt so badly that he was rushing just as much as if she was in the hospital.
Esther volunteering to go to the hospital with her made Lia feel incredibly grateful so that she hugged her friend tightly. Getting in the car, they drove in silence before she parked the car in the parking lot of the hospital. Lia finally spoke, "I hate this feeling. I don't want to have it. I want to believe in my relationship with Connor and our love, but... I feel like a replacement, inferior. God knows that if Lucy hadn't left, Connor would never have fallen for me. He still loves her." Her voice shook and once more she felt herself crying. Why had she ever allowed Lucy into Connor's life?
Once Lia had composed herself, she made her way to the entrance of the hospital. After a few inquiries she found Connor. The way he stood there, the guardian to Lucy's door, hurt like hell as she stepped closer. When he finally saw her Lia was surprised when Connor rushed over to hug her tightly. She held on to him, just allowing him to feel what he felt. "What happened? Is Lucy alright?" she asked softly.
  Rosalia / Hoshizora / 3h 37m 39s
Their parents assured they would make sure that everything at the restaurant was taken care of. Certainly this caused even more speculation among the guests. Connor looked to Lia, he didn’t want to leave her and yet he knew she felt it best that Lucy not wake up in an ambulance confused and alone. He kissed Lia deeply before he soon left. He could see the look Esther gave him, to which he did feel some shame. Esther knew the position that Lia was in and how she felt. Of course when she wanted to date Connor again, he was already completely infatuated with Lucy, so much so that he planned to marry her. while one could say Lia was incredibly brave for what she did, Esther knew that it had to beating her up inside. She decided she would go to the hospital as well. Lia needed a friend at this time.

Connor had jumped into the back seat. His hand gripped Lucy’s tight. He was scared for her. Was it because she hadn’t too much to eat? Was she sick? He reasons for her unconsciousness was insurmountable and it was scary. He realized then why Lia had been worried about them. This feeling he had for Lucy was something he hadn’t actually acknowledged. He’d liked the attention Lucy gave him, the way she touched him because it showed that she still loved him and while things had certainly changed, he did still love her.

Once at the hospital he was separated from her. It was about half an hour before he was allowed to see her. though, she was unconscious.
“What’s going on? She was fine when she got to the party.” He said to the doctor.
“Are you her husband?” The question did throw him back a bit, he considered the doctor only wanted to release information to family.
“No, a friend. But look I’m the closest thing she has to family. I mean her parents are gone, she doesn’t have a brother or sister. Just tell me what’s going on?” Connor seemed to be in a tunnel then as the doctor began to explain Lucy’s dealings with cancer. She’s just recently had chemotherapy and more than likely this was just a case of exhaustion. She would be fine, but the odds of her beating cancer this time was unlikely.

It had explained how tired she was sometimes when they talked on the phone or despite how great she looked, he couldn’t deny the weight loss from when they last saw each other. Cancer. The very thought made him shudder. He shrugged his hands in his pockets, looking through the window at her sleeping figure. He soon turned to find Lia, running over to her to hug her tightly.
  connor / kshahidx / 4h 1m 48s
Lia hadn't wanted to make a scene. She hadn't wanted to ruin everything for Connor today, but she couldn't take Lucy shamelessly flirting with Connor. She didn't care about being acknowledged about the party or being on his arm the whole time, but she did care about the fact that Lucy was suddenly acting like it and in a dress that clearly was meant to entice.
Just as much, she hadn't wanted to cry, but she couldn't help it. How could Connor not see that this was effecting her? That he never once considered his own actions towards Lucy or at least Lucy's herself. Lia didn't doubt that he loved her, but it was hard.
When Connor stepped closer she wrapped her arms around him and cried into his shirt, her hands clawing at the back of his shirt like he might disappear. When Connor kneeled before her she looked at him as he brushed her tears away. Hiccups came up every now and then as she listened. "It's not that I don't want you to talk to her. I do think you need closure and I want you to have that. That's why I invited you. I just can't watch her flirting with you," she said softly, wiping the last of her tears away.
They still had a lot to talk about, but that could wait until later. However, it seemed no talks were happening at all as Thomas burst into the door. "What?" Lia said as she and Connor exchanged a look before hurrying after Thomas, "What happened?" True to his word, there Lucy laid on the floor. While Lia was not Lucy's greatest fan, she didn't want anything to happen to her.
Luckily an ambulance soon came and the medics were lifting Lucy onto a stretcher and into the ambulance. "Go with her," Lia told Connor, knowing he would want to be there, "I'll follow with the car." The party was now ruined anyway. While Connor left, Lia, Thomas and Esther figured out the logistics of everything before Lia drove to the hospital where she entered, looking around for Connor.
  Rosalia / Hoshizora / 5h 15m 48s
Connor hadn’t noticed the whisperings, though maybe that was because he was giving them something to whisper about. Had he really been that involved with Lucy? He figured it would make more sense if he was with Lia and parading her around. After all, she was the one who had the idea to set this up to begin with and while it may have hurt her, she also was the one who made the decision to invite Lucy. He felt terrible then. It was clear as he spoke to Lucy that she hadn’t forgotten what they had and maybe some part of her thought that her coming back would reignite those feelings in Connor. Truthfully, it did somewhat. Though his love for Lia surpassed that and that’s something he wanted Lia to understand. Still, how could a woman so easily forget that his ex-lover him and still loved him after reading their exchanges between each other?

Lucy had tried to cover it up, but there was the hand to his chest as he laughed while they talked about old times. Had he made their relationship out to be this boring mess where she only wanted him for his money, purely because he didn’t want to think about how much he did love Lucy and how she had hurt him when she just disappeared? They still hadn’t even gotten to that.
“I didn’t mean to call you crazy.” He said, though Lia was on a roll and Connor figured it best to shut up and let her vent her frustrations. These were thoughts she clearly carried since Thanksgiving and maybe it was a realization or advice from friends to which she decided to finally tell Connor how she felt about Lucy entirely. Their last argument had kind of fizzled away with a nice dinner and a trip on the yacht, that wouldn’t solve everything, every time and Connor knew that but Lia was making it very clear.

Connor watched as Lia sank onto the chair and as did his shoulders as he sighed out. What was he doing? Her fingers reached out to draw him in and Connor’s eyes brimmed with tears as he felt Lia’s soaking his shirt. His hand reached to smooth her hair.
“I’m sorry,” he said with a shake of his head. He bent down to meet her gaze, his thumb brushing away her tears. “I’m such an asshole. I didn’t mean to embarrass you or hurt you. You know I hate to see you cry. I’ll talk to her okay, make it very clear and we can enjoy the rest of this night.” He suggested. Though it seems that talk would wait as a panicked Thomas soon entered the office they were in.
“Lucy just passed out!” He announced, already dialing 911.
  connor / kshahidx / 5h 51m 19s
Lia gave Esther a look. "Do I look happy?" she asked with a sigh, running a hand through her hair, "He deserves to have that closure..." Was it closure though? The way that Connor looked at Lucy didn't make it feel like that. "Was I stupid for making this happen?" Lia whispered. She had absolutely no one else to blame but herself. Even her mother had come around when Esther left. "Is that her? The reason you fought during Thanksgiving?" Sue asked softly.
"Yeah...," Lia muttered.
"And you invited her?" her mother inquired, looking over to Connor and Lucy in their corner, "Lia, he is your husband, but you don't have to take everything."
That was happening now as she stood opposite of Connor in the office of the restaurant. He clearly didn't understand where she was coming from. "Don't act like you don't know? The way she touches you, how often, how close she stands to you," Lia listed frustrated, biting on the inside of her cheek, "Do you know what it feels like when people whisper about your husband with another woman?" No, she would not cry right now.
"Oh, so now I'm crazy! You always seem very quick to call me crazy when something happens that isn't so great for you," Lia snapped, feeling hurt. She didn't want to fight with him. This was his birthday and she had invited Lucy, but she couldn't take it. "No, I'm not blaming you, but how could I have known she would fling herself back at you the second she sees you? You aren't encouraging her, but it's not like you're telling her to back off," Lia pointed out frustrated.
Connor's words hit her like a slap and sank onto a chair, trying to not burst into tears. Her body shook slightly. "No, of course not. I love you Connor," Lia whispered and she felt tears begin to roll down her cheeks, "But try to understand me. I've read your letters. I know how much you loved her. How much she loved you. Can you blame me for reacting like this when I see how she acts towards you?" It was clear to Lia that Lucy still had feelings for him. How could she ever explain that she felt inferior? That she felt like some replacement? Who would settle for the replacement when they could have the original? "Tell her to stop flirting with you," was all Lia could say. Talking was one thing, but Lucy didn't seem to have any qualms about flirting with Connor in front of everyone. Connor was the only one who could stop this and he had to make it clear once and for all. Lia reached her hand out to pull Connor close. She didn't want to fight with him.
  Rosalia / Hoshizora / 19h 13m 43s
“But are you happy?” Esther asked. She knew this was a tough decision and had it been her, she would’ve deleted Lucy from Connor’s phone or even blocked her. Then again, it was wrong to not want him to have that closure or to have those he loved and appreciated here. Lia invited Lucy for a resin she suspected. Though, maybe the invitation was just too brief. Connor assured Lucy he would be back she soon came forth to Lia. It was an off arrangement but he thought the two should at least speak to one whither. After all, as Lucy let him know Lia was the one to invite her. Connor didn’t say much as he was led down the hall by Lia and he hadn’t noticed how upset she was until under the not so great lighting in the hallway.
“What are you going on about?” Connor asked as Lia expressed her frustrations. The buzz was gone. G now and he was trying to understand what he had done wrong. He thought about Lucy. Yes, she had held him close, her hand brushed against his but Lia had to know that she was his wife and he would never do anything to hurt or humiliate her.

“I’m taking you for granted?” He asked her in shock. “I can’t help if you spin a narrative out of your mind.”

Connor sighed, he’d already messed up and said the wrong thing.” You invited her. And now I’m to blame ?” Had he noticed Lucy flirting, yes. Though Connor didn’t think into it too deeply. He loved Lia. Still he didn’t know that his interaction with Lia was being perceived a different way.

“Why don’t we end this altogether? Is that what you want? What do I have to do to prove to you she’s just a part of my past Lia ?”
  connor / kshahidx / 19h 58m 11s
Watching Connor and Lucy, Lia couldn't deny that they looked good together. His light hair and her darker hair gave a wonderful contrast. Her stomach churned uncomfortably. Suddenly everything from this morning seemed irrelevant. How Lucy touched Connor so intimately. She wanted to yell and scream, but she knew this was all her fault. No one had forced her to invite Lucy. Now she had to face the consequences.
Lia downed her drink in one go before sighing. Why had she decided to drive? She wanted nothing more than to drown her sorrow in alcohol? Of course, Esther had a point. "What else was I supposed to do? She was coming either way. This way he's happy," Lia replied, finding it extremely uncomfortable to watch how Lucy was always touching Connor and he didn't seem to mind. In fact she hadn't seen him this happy in... ever. Lia felt like breaking something, crying and simply angry. How the two seemed to huddle in a corner, ignoring everyone else. At least Thomas was the life of the party so that it went on well anyway. This was why she hadn't wanted to meet Lucy. Hadn't want to see this.
Just then Connor showed up. At least he didn't have lipstick stains on his neck or anything. That was something, though she had heard more than enough whispering about the two. Before Connor could speak Lia found herself saying, "Can we talk shortly?" Not waiting for an answer she took his hand and led him to down a hall where she knew the office of the manager was. Luckily it was empty so that she closed the door behind them so no one would hear them.
Lia couldn't take it anymore. How dare Lucy come to this party that she invited her to and shamelessly flirt with Connor in front of her? "What the hell are you doing?" Lia demanded to know angrily, her frustration and anger coming out unbridled, "I know it's your birthday and you have every right to talk to her so I shouldn't say anything, but this is going too far. You are my God damn husband, Connor. Act like it. Tell her to back off. And don't you dare tell me you don't realize she's flirting with you. The entire room can see it. I won't be humiliated or taken for granted like this." She would not be made a fool of. Lia glared at him, her arms crossed before her chest. She was ready to drive home without him and to let Connor see how he got home, if she bothered to let him in.
  Rosalia / Hoshizora / 21h 17m 33s
“I thought you went back to California,” Connor said. He was clearly confused as he hadn’t expected her to be here.
“Well I got a special call from Lia and she suggested I come.” Connor was surprised by that considering that Lia didn’t know her number. Though the thought maybe Thomas had a hand in it. This was after all a surprise party and he was just glad that Lia was allowing Lucy here in the first place.
“I know you’re not the shores type so , this was fun. I wouldn’t miss it,” she told Connor as she placed a hand to his cheek. He took her hand in his own.
“I’m glad you’re here.”

Esther looked to Lia as she handed over a drink. Thomas and her girlfriend were having too good of a time as being the life of the party and making sure all of Connor’s gifts were out to the side. Drinks were flowing and everyone was in a good mood. Though, Esther knew that feeling Lia had. Hell, she had it the same night that Connor told her he had plans to propose to Lucy.
“I can’t believe you invited her,” Esther said. Though she knew that Lia was trying to make him happy. Still, Lucy was very much making it known that she was close to Connor whether by conversation or too many touches to his shoulder.

The two had dipped away into a corner, Connor completely absolved by her. He was honestly shocked. It felt like forever since he daw Lucy. She was the same, though he noticed her thin frame. Still, that didn’t take away from her beauty. Talking to her felt like old times. It occurred then to Connor that he should introduce Lucy to Lia. He went searching for her then. He was extremely happy.
  connor / kshahidx / 21h 42m 56s
"Only because it's your birthday," Lia teased, but she would naturally gladly drive Connor around on other days as well, "Besides, I got to get used to my new car." She was glad that Connor didn't seem the wiser about what he was actually walking into, which she was pleased about. Not once had she slipped up, despite sometimes really wanting to tell him or some close calls where Connor had nearly caught the three conspiring.
It was all worth it when she saw Connor's expression. Friends, family, coworkers, even some ex coworkers came. Nearly everyone they had invited had accepted. This that hadn't had prior engagements, like a wedding or similar things, but otherwise would have come. Connor was popular and Lia felt proud to call him her husband. Lia knew that Connor wasn't one for celebrating his birthday, but just to show him how many people cared about him made it worth it. Lia smiled at what Connor said and happily accepted the kiss, wrapping her arms around him. "That's all I want," she said and stepped aside to allow people to congratulate him.
That was when the bell announced another guest and even without meeting her Lia knew who she was. Just seeing Lucy Lia felt like all her horrible thoughts were confirmed. She felt frumpy compared to how glamorous and stunning Lucy looked. Not to mention, she made an entrance. Everyone else had come on time to be there when they arrived. Not Lucy. Seeing her rush over to hug Connor and how he held her ran a dagger through Lia's heart, but she swallowed it. This was Connor's birthday and she wanted him happy. If... Lucy did that, she would be okay.
Giving Connor a soft nod at his gaze, she stepped aside, feeling like it would be awkward if she was hovering over them for their first encounter in who knew how long. That and Lia felt the extreme need for a drink. While she had to drive, one glass of champagne wouldn't hurt. Taking one, she stepped over to Esther. "I think we did a great job," she said, trying not to look towards Connor and Lucy, though it was incredibly hard.
  Rosalia / Hoshizora / 23h 44m 53s
Connor couldn’t help that slight glimmer in his eyes at the possibility of Lia using the ribbon on him. Of course he knew she be a passionate lover and he looked forward to how she would get him back after what he had done. He followed her out of the room and downstairs where he grabbed his coat. He had no complaints for Lia driving.
“So you’re my chauffeur for the night,” he teased as he got into the passenger seat. He enjoyed the ride into the city, knowing they’d be having lunch at his favorite place was also a bonus. When they arrived Connor could tell it was packed but he wasn’t surprised as they had good food. It was his favorite place for a reason. Of course he figured Lia would’ve made a reservation so they wouldn’t have to worry about finding a table. When Connor entered, he was incredibly surprised to find that all of his friends and coworkers were there. Of course his parents and Lia’s were front and center and while Connor considered that Lia would maybe set up a surprise dinner. He had no clue tag she would go the surprise party route. He turned to her then, his cheeks red as this was the biggest celebration he had for his birthday since his adoption and after that, Carol and Greg learned soon enough Connor preferred smaller engagements. Though this, this was something different entirely. This was his whole life presented in front of him, people who cared and loved him were here and while he knew that Lia had help, he had no doubt it was her idea.

“Top of the top,” Connor said as he took Lia in his arms to kiss her. Though soon enough he was overwhelmed by his guests telling him happy birthday. Though the ding of a bell at the door announced another guest or perhaps a potential customer. He could tell that Lia had rented out nearly half the pace of the restaurant for him alone. When Connor turned he was surprised to see Lucy.

She was dressed in a black silk dress that stopped a little below the knees, with sleeves that shrugged off the shoulder and just a bit of cleavage exposed by the peeping heart cut out. Her hair was slicked back into a ponytail, accentuating the high cheekbones.
Connor was actually shocked as he had thought she left already. She ran over to hug him to which he held her close. He looked to Lia then, she had to set this up.
  connor / kshahidx / 1d 1h 22m 10s
That was certainly something and it was clear that as much as Connor liked taking what he wanted, he let it just as much if she took what she wanted. More than content she rested on Connor and tried to catch her breath. It was intimate to just lay there after everything and to catch their breath, basking in what they had just done.
Lia couldn't help wondering slightly if this state of sexual desire was partially fueled by the knowledge that Connor would be meeting Lucy later. That she wanted to remind him of what he had and maybe just stake her claim a little. She knew it was ridiculous considering she was the one with a ring on her finger, but Lia couldn't help feeling a little insecure. "Then don't expect me to play fair either," Lia mused as she picked up the ribbon, "Not just you can wield this." She gave him a teasing grin, wondering if he would like it if he one day got his payback.
Nodding, she accepted the kiss before slowly getting up. Taking his hand, she saw her wrists, slightly red imprints from her struggles. "Looks like I'll be opting for a long sleeved dress," she mused as they slipped into the bathroom. Seeing herself in the mirror, she was sufficiently marked, though it was clear Connor had at least taken care that you wouldn't be able to see the bruises. Seeing the hickey she placed on his neck, she gave a sheepish smile. This time they behaved, save a kiss and some cleaning of the other before stepping out to dry off. Lia opted for a dress and some tights to go for a more causal look herself.
Lia couldn't help smiling at seeing him wear her watch, even more so of the message that was engraved on it. "All set. I call I'm driving," she said as she grabbed her key along with her coat and shoes. The drive wasn't long as the restaurant was at the plaza. As she had to entertain Connor in the morning, she had left final preparations to Thomas and Esther, but she was sure that they had everything covered.
Arriving in the parking lot, Lia smiled to him. "Shall we?" she asked and kissed him once more before getting out of the car. Taking Connor's hand, they walked to the entrance. While you could see that people were inside, it was impossible to tell who from the outside. Lia was close to bursting from excitement, but kept it in. Opening the door for them, she allowed Connor to walk in first where he was promptly greeted by everyone yelling, "Happy birthday!" The inside was wonderfully decorated with streamers, balloons and other things. Instead of the typical restaurant setup, it was a buffet of the most popular dishes as well as Connor's favorites, but anything could still be ordered if wanted. A huge cake was naturally also there. The tables were arranged so it made for easy conversation and later dancing, if one wanted to. There were quite a few people present, family and friends and even some close, personal business friends. Lia looked to Connor with a smile. "Did I top it?" she asked teasingly before people were already swarming over to congratulate him. So far Lia couldn't see Lucy, but that meant nothing.
  Rosalia / Hoshizora / 1d 2h 16m 38s
Connor loved when Lia was demanding, searching continuously for her own pleasure and it only intensified after how he had teased her beforehand. His hands were placed on her hips, aiding her in her pursuit. He leaned up to kiss her deeply, his hand now knotting her hair, wrapping the red strands around his hand into a fist, just tight enough to give a good amount of pressure. He could tell she had longed for him and he knew she wouldn’t be happy until she finally reached that point she desperately craved as he kissed between her legs. When it all seemed to reach its point, he watched the look of pure satisfaction wipe over Lia’s face as she called out his name. Connor joined in, small grunts releasing with each thrust until he was sure they both had given all they could. He lay back then, breathing hard, with Lia resting on his chest. He couldn’t help the small chuckles that escaped in between he breaths he took.

“Who said I had to play fair?” he teased Lia. It would’ve been nice to lay in bed then, no plans for the rest of the day and being able to enjoy one’s company. Though, Connor knew that they wouldn’t be resting as much if they stayed in bed any longer. They both had some sort of heightened desire that day, though maybe that was considering how the morning had started. Either way, he knew they had to get ready to meet his parents.
“Maybe next time you’ll find some way to get me back,” Connor said with a chuckle as he smoothed down her hair. “We should get ready,” he suggested as he kissed the top of her head. He waited for Lia to adjust herself, finally coming from under her and standing up. He reached is hand out for her, they could at least shower together.

As the water heated up, Connor took a look at himself in the mirror, small hickies decorating random parts of his body, one just at his neck. It’d be hard to cover without a turtle neck and even then he was sure there would be a peek of the bruise. He smirked then, somehow satisfied at his and Lia’s ways of marking one another. When the water was already, he stepped in. while he was able to control temptation, he still couldn’t help the desire to kiss Lia. So far she had made this day incredible. After getting out, he dried off and started to get ready. Connor had dried his hair and slicked back the strands. He decided to dress a bit more casual considering it was lunch. He wore a light grey turtleneck with small black fibers and a pair of black jeans paired with some brown boots. Of course, his accessory of choice being the watch that Lia had gotten him. He responded to the happy birthday messages, and his mother letting him know they would be at the restaurant soon.

Connor finally looked over to Lia, “All set?”
  connor / kshahidx / 1d 3h 13m 23s

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