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[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b our story starts out in [#990000 seattle]]
[tab] [tab] [b [#990000 she]] just got a new job at an advertising firm
[tab] [tab] [tab][tab] [b [#990000 he]] is the lead of the department, a man many find to be cold
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab][tab] as his assistant [b [#990000 it's her]] responsibility to keep up with every aspect of his life
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [b [#990000 but she gets]] distracted by the love letters she finds stashed in her desk from the previous secretary
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] curious about the romantic story [b [#990000 that sadly]], came to an end
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] she decides to write back
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] hoping that maybe [b [#990000 that romeo]] is still looking for his juliet
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[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b •so] okay if not obvious the boss is the one who wrote the letters and hes coldhearted cause he was scorned;
[center [tab] [tab] [b [#990000 my idea]] is this will kind of be like a pen-pal story?
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b •do expect romance] im sorry ;-; ya girl always down for a lil' love
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 •mature themes including:[b violence, cursing, intimacy - timeskipped but briefly explained in writing depending on comfort]
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b •doesn’t matter] how much you write, just give me [i something] to work with and please don’t write more than you have to
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[center [font "century gothic" [size10 •[b this is important]: I need someone who takes no longer than 3 days to post. the main reason im making these rps is because i need a distraction. it gets boring not having someone consistent to write with
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Lia thought on it. She didn't want to see Jordan again, but if she did do that she would have to see him in court. The thought made her shudder. Perhaps it would be best to just leave it be. Jordan was gone from their life. Maybe that's all she would get. "We do have the protection thing from his assault, so that wouldn't really bring much. I don't want his money and sure putting him in jail would be nice, but it doesn't have to happen," she replied, trying to understand what she wanted, "I just... don't want there to be another girl he does that to." The thought he would simply abuse another girl while she could have warned her was the worst.
She did like Connor's mom so that the thought of spending time with her wasn't a punishment. Still, it was weird to think she would he taking care of her. "It does make sense," she agreed before smiling, "Besides would you trust anyone else would do such a good job with my wellbeing?" She knew Connor would likely distrust any stranger taking care of her. Although she was smiling Lia could tell she was growing extremely tired, her head throbbing. She wouldn't be surprised if she even looked a bit pale.
It seemed like Connor had caught himself off guard by his suggestion of her moving in and Lia couldn't help a small smile. "I more meant that people at the company would know," she explained, "But yes, I mean we've already lived together so we know we can coexist. At least if you would stop waking up in the dead of night." She couldn't help teasing him. Still, the thought that they would officially live together made her smile. That was a wonderful thought.
With Connor and his mom going to the guest room it was up to his father to help her and this time she was definitely glad for the help. It felt like the room was almost spinning around her as she stood up. It took a bit longer to get to the bedroom, but they made it. With a look of discomfort Lia laid down, glad to be back in bed. "Thank you," she said to his dad before he left and she curled up already half dozing until Connor came. "That went pretty well, I would say. Your parents really still are amazingly sweet," she told him with a small smile, her eyes half closed, "With your mom helping me you can go to work and not worry." Still, it was a crazy feeling to look around the room and think that she would officially live in this place. Lia remembered her awe of the place when she had first entered it. This was so different from anything she had ever lived in.
  Rosalia / Hoshizora / 3h 21m 33s
“With little evidence, there’s no chance of putting him away. Though, it does ensure your protection and maybe a bit of monetary gain.” Connor’s father stated. Connor just wanted this all to be over, he wanted to get rid of Jordan as soon as he could, but he wasn’t opposed to Lia finally making Jordan pay in any sense for what he had done to her. No matter what, h wanted him gone and out of their life. Connor knew his mother and she wouldn’t back down. It seemed like the most logical suggestion anyways considering he couldn’t always be around and neither Esther. Why pay a stranger to stay in his home and take care of Lia? His mother could help for free and it would give them both a chance to get to know one another, considering Lia and Connor’s relationship was still new.

“Mom,” he warned as he returned from the kitchen after putting the dishes away.
“I didn’t mean it in a bad way, just . . . well I should get to know you if you’re going to be with Connor. It’s not illogical,” she said with a pout. He knew his mother was right, Lia and his relationship was still new; hell, they hadn’t even been on a proper date.

Connor tried not to show that he had been caught off guard, though he was sure his suggestion had certainly caught Lia off guard by her reaction. “Well, I just figured it would be easier.” He wondered if he was moving too fast for her. “If you want at least. I mean Thomas will be fine.” Connor was trying not to ramble. His mother looked to him, noticing his stuttering. He brushed his hand against the back of his neck then. Connor was relieved to find that Lia was accepting his offer to move in. He smiled in her direction. He could tell that she was getting tired though.

“Well then everything is settled,” his father said with a sigh. “Why don’t we all get some rest, looks like we can use it. I take it the spare room is available?” Connor gave a small laugh. “Just let me clear up some things. Can you help Lia up to the room?”
‘I’ll come with,” his mother said. Connor knew that she just wanted to further talk to him. He nodded and began toward the stairs.
  connor / kshahidx / 6h 47m 54s
Lia understood that Connor didn't actually want to keep her out of things. He likely didn't want her relive the things that had been happening. It was exactly like what he would do and she did know he meant well. She did appreciate that, but it also meant that he had had to face his parents alone and she hated the thought that he had to do that. She did squeeze his hand to show she wasn't angry with him.
It would be hard not to stare. She had stared at herself in the mirror the first time she had seen herself. It was only natural, like wanting to look when you drove past an accident. Still, she was glad his parents were taking it as well as they did. Lia still felt like she failed at not drawing attention to her situation, but she had the feeling the more she told people, the more she would get that feeling. It was always so easy to say you would tell someone when you weren't in the situation. She had to stand by her decision and not bash herself for it, but it was hard not to.
Lia looked to his father as he said that they didn't have to do this alone and she couldn't help a small smile. It felt good to know that his parents had their backs.The offer of his friend helping her made her pause. Should she do that? "But is there even anything that can be done? I mean, I don't have any evidence. It would just be he said, she said," she asked, trying to figure out what she wanted to do, "I mean... It can't hurt to listen to what he says. Thank you." She doubted that anything could be done, but why not listen? Lia looked to Connor, wondering what he would say. She did want Jordan to pay, but she didn't see how that would work. Her head was starting to hurt and she realized this was draining her rather quickly of the bit of strength that she had right now. Lying down seemed like a wonderful idea right about now.
The suggestion of his mom staying made her look to them. Maybe it was only her, but in a way it felt like she implied that she didn't know anything about her. Aside from the part of the real nature of her relationship with Connor, she had only told the truth. "Are you sure? I wouldn't want you to feel obligated," she said slowly, but she knew that his mom wouldn't want to hear about it, "Well, if that's the case, then that would be great. Then at least Connor can be sure that I'm well taken care of and I would like to get to know your mom as well." It felt like this solution would be the best for all of them and she hoped that Connor would be able to leave the house with one worry less.
When Connor said that she looked to him. Did she just understand that correctly? "You want me to move in?" she asked, feeling like sometimes her concussion was still messing with what she understood, but she was fairly sure she understood him right. Truthfully, she hadn't even thought about what happened after this, simply assuming that she would return back to her apartment, but now... they were together, had already lived together, so why go back to her place if she would ultimately move in with him again if things went well. "I mean, I would like that. After all... I've actually lived here more since I've arrived in Seattle than my own apartment. There isn't exactly a lot in my apartment as it is. Though you do realize Thomas will notice that?" Lia told him with a smile. Was he okay with that? Lia wondered what their plan was with the other employees. They wouldn't be able to hid it forever, if they did decide to keep it quiet. There were plenty of rumors about them as it was. She did feel a little sad that she never really got to live in her apartment, because it was lovely, but moving in with Connor would be great. It would seem official and real.
  Rosalia / Hoshizora / 21h 49m 54s
Connor wasn’t sure how upset Lia would be about. Him telling his parents, but it was clear she was upset, and he felt bad about it. He just wanted to get it over with and some part of him worried that Lia would become upset if they were to bring up the details together. Still, he knew that it wasn’t his place.

“I’m sorry,” he had told her as they headed downstairs. Things were a bit uncomfortable and he could tell his parents were trying to be reasonable and to not make it obvious they were staring. Though, there was no hiding from what they had been through. They had to face the elephant in the room and so far, things seemed to be turning out well. Connor was still worried about Lia and even hearing about past attacks made his stomach hurt. He didn’t want her to blame herself for not cataloguing her attacks. If anyone was in her position, he was sure they would try everything not to think about or face what they had been through.

“Well we don’t have to think about that right now, I mean we’ve been dealing with it for a while.” Connor said with a small sigh. “This is something we have to deal with – “
“But not alone,” his father said. “Though I suppose you’re right, we should give you guys a break. I have a friend though Lia, a great lawyer who works with women of domestic violence. Maybe he can be of help.” Things were pretty normal as they ate breakfast, but it seemed the lot of them were having trouble focusing on it truly. Connor had come to a stand to start getting the dishes together.
“I don’t work you that hard,” he teased, giving her a wink.
“Well Connor you can’t leave her alone. Why don’t we stay honey?” His mother suggested. “I can help Lia out; guess we can finally get to really knew each other.”
“We still have to deal with your apartment and gathering your belongings,” Connor suggested, realizing then he had in essence asked Lia to officially move in with him.
  connor / kshahidx / 1d 2h 52m 31s
Lia wished she and Connor could still be in bed. She didn't want anyone to see her like this, even if it was his parents and it would be impossible to hide from them. That and they already knew everything as Connor had told them. "Why didn't you wait for me to tell them?" she asked softly before being led down.
She fidgeted under their gaze slightly, suddenly even more aware of every bruise on display on her arms, face and neck. It took everything she had not to hide or try and wrap her arms around herself. There was some relief in their reaction as Lia tilted her head lightly into the mother's hand. "Okay," she said softly, giving a tiny nod. Still, she felt sorry. She did smile at his mom, thanking her for helping her get to the table and gladly sank into the chair. "It's okay. That's probably the only fitting description," she assured his father at the curse.
Lia listener to Connor explain all the legal stuff. She hated that Jordan would just get away with it. "I never took pictures or told anyone... I just... covered it up," she explained softly, feeling like she had failed in some way, "I was at the hospital twice for more serious injuries, but I don't know if they recorded it as a possible abuse. One was a dislocated shoulder, I think." It had to say something that she couldn't even remember all the injuries she had acquired over the year. It wasn't much to go on and honestly, Lia didn't feel like she had any chance of winning. Who was she against someone like Jordan? It felt like an impossible task.
It was a good question. What would happen now? A small smile did appear on her lips as he spoke and kissed her knuckles. The breakfast looked good, but Lia only felt a little hungry so that she more poked at her food. The playful jab from his dad made her smile grow. "The only good part about this is that I finally get some time off," Lia joked, "Though with Connor at work we haven't figured out what to do with me. At least for the first week or two I'm pretty dependent on help." She knew that if they could figure that out it would go a long way to helping Connor feel better about leaving her at home. At least until the concussion cleared up. Somehow she would manage the ribs.
  Rosalia / Hoshizora / 1d 14h 5m 58s
Connor chuckled at Lia’s joke, “Had it my way we would still be in bed.” The morning had started off tough, but at least he had got it out of the way and while it would be tough, he knew that the road from here could only be easier. “I told them everything,” he said as he brushed his hand against her cheek. He could sense Lia’s worry, but she had to know his parents weren’t judgmental. They understood this wasn’t her fault. “C’mon,” he ushered after kissing her cheek. They couldn’t hide for long and while he didn’t want his parents to see Lia in this condition, it was better now than later.

“Oh dear,” his mother said as she crossed the room. She was hesitant before gently brushing her hand against Lia’s cheek. “Don’t you dare apologize,” she said with a sigh. She brushed the tears from her eyes before they could fall.
“I just can’t believe this,” Connor’s father stated. Connor sighed and had started to get the breakfast set. His mother was leading Lia to the table to take a seat. “So, what’s going on with this Jordan bastard.” He paused in Lia’s direction, his cheeks reddening some as it was unusual for him to curse or even talk badly of someone.
“Well, my lawyer says there’s really not much we can get him on as far as the B&E. Lia did technically let hm in, so all I can get him on is assault. Though, guess a bar fight doesn’t really count as assault.” Connor couldn’t even bring in the fact Jordan had destroyed his car, considering no one really witnessed him in the area. Esther’s charge alone would be nothing more than a slap on the wrist, probably probation and a fee. “Our only bet is Lia and that’s even a bit wavering.”

Connor had reached for his cup of coffee. It was true that Jordan had abused Lia, but they had no evidence to go off on other than the attack and he could argue himself out of jail time with the money he had. Lia had no signs of abuse, pictures or hospital records as far as he knew. But if she did, that would mean being dragged through court and Connor knew Jordan would stretch it out just to make her life hell. He couldn’t choose for her though what she wanted to do.
“So, what now?” His mother asked. Connor looked to Lia, taking her hand gently to kiss her knuckles.
“Now we move pass this”
Oh, for real this time” He father playfully jabbed. Connor snorted and rolled his eyes.
“Look everything is being figured out and we are getting through this. You don’t have to worry Dad.” He knew that his parents were just doing their jobs. It felt easier and made him relieved to know that at least the truth was finally spoken and when hopefully they could move on once Jordan was out of the picture.
  connor / kshahidx / 1d 14h 37m 7s
Lia smiled at seeing Connor come up the stairs. The joke about the bell made her chuckle, though grimaced as her ribs protested at that. "Maybe a nice collar with a bell or a real bell?" she asked teasingly, happily kissing him back. Hearing that his parents were here, it made her nervous. "Oh," she replied slowly, "Well, they clearly are able to sleep in just as much as you." Which meant not at all. "How much have you told them already?" She had no idea how long they had been talking already. For all she knew Connor had already told them everything.
Looking down at herself, Lia wished she had put on a robe or something, because in her pajamas her arms and neck with all their bruises were on display, on top of her face. "I guess I should say hi," she said, hooking herself in to Connor so he could help her down the stairs.
Once downstairs, she came face to face with his parents. If she had thought their first meeting had been terrible, this wasn't much better. "Good morning," she said softly, "I'm sorry that you had to cut your vacation short because of all this. I never meant to get anyone involved... I'm really sorry about lying to you..." That was an understatement. Lia didn't even know where to begin or if they even wanted to talk about it. God, what she must look like to them. Battered and bruised in her pajama. His mom seemed to have tears in her eyes, likely from seeing Connor already all beat up, which only seemed to become even more when she saw her. His father seemed a bit more stoic. Lia honestly had no idea what she was supposed to expect from all this.
  Rosalia / Hoshizora / 1d 19h 34m 40s
Connor tried to brace himself for his parents as he opened the door, his mother of course already distraught at seeing the bruises.
“Oh my God!” She yelped as she reached out to hug him, dropping her bags to the floor. Connor winced a little but wrapped his arms around his mother as he did miss her, and he was comforted by her touch. “What happened? Where’s Lia.”
“Honey please, let’s get inside.” His father said. At least he didn’t seem as upset as he had over the phone and Connor could tell maybe his injuries had garnered him some sympathy. His father brushed him off when he tried to help with the bags as they entered.

“Lia’s asleep, it is pretty early.” He told his parents as he began toward the kitchen. He started to get the coffee ready figuring while he was up, he would try to get breakfast started. He and Lia seemed to into have much of an appetite as of late, but he knew how important it was to keep their strength up.
“So, what happened?” His mother asked as she took a seat, Connor sighed, figuring they would at least want to rest before having him tell of the horrid story. His mother had told them that they had actually arrived the night before and stayed at a hotel near the airport, since it was late. It appeared Connor wasn’t going to get out of this.

It wasn’t as difficult as he expected for him to explain what had occurred over the last few months since Lia arrived and how it related to Jordan and his attack. The hardest part though was explaining that Lia and he hadn’t been engaged and how he had only begun his relationship with her after a couple of weeks of her starting at the company.
“I don’t see why you had to lie about the engagement,” his mother said before clucking her tongue. They were all in the kitchen then, Connor working on a small breakfast of eggs and sausage. He’d checked the clock on the oven, knowing that eventually Lia would be getting up. She always woke shortly after him.

“Look, it’s been a long couple of days and I really do love Lia,” Connor admitted to his parents. “SO please, just cut us some slack. Lia is really upset about it all.” It went without saying, but he didn’t want his parents to think any different of Lia. He heard the slight creaking and figured Lia had to be up and about. He’d reached the stairs when he saw her calling for him. “we’re going to need to get you a bell,” he joked lightly as he made his way upstairs. He took her hand then, kissing her gently. “My parents are here,” he explained.
  connor / kshahidx / 1d 21h 32m 11s
It would be hard to see his parents. Sure, Connor had assured her that they would never think badly of her, but she had after all caused this whole mess. It was without a doubt her fault that Connor had gotten involved. At all. That did make her nervous. Plus, there was the whole relationship lie. Lia remembered how excited his parents had been at meeting her, how thrilled. Now they would have to admit that it had all been masterful acting. Well, sort of. After all, they were in a relationship so that would likely help. Either way, Lia knew they would stand by this together and hopefully his parents would be lenient with them after seeing their appearance.
When he clarified both Lia looked to him. In her mind it seemed a bit early for marriage, at least they should indulge in the process of properly dating before getting to that, no? She felt her heart beat quicken. "That is a very beautiful ring for sure," she agreed softly, still trying to gauge where he was going with this. Connor did seem to be relieved at her saying she wasn't opposed to marriage. Listening to what he said, Lia smiled softly. She ran a hand through his hair. "It's okay. Those were pretty extreme situations. Rough patches will happen and I'm sure there will be times where I have my problems. The important part is that we can get past them," Lia told him, "And I think we can. We're strong. I love you too and... forever with you sounds like a dream to me." Forever with Connor would be something she could envision. Happily she kissed him back, loving the intimate and sort of sexual feeling to it.
When he pulled back Lia looked to him. "You don't know how badly I want to share this bed in a different meaning right now," she mused, but hopefully the wait would be worth it, "That is very likely." She gave a smile before soon falling asleep.
With the amount of pills in her blood stream and her blood body recovering she slept soundly and with no dreams. Lia didn't notice the alarm nor Connor getting out of bed. She did wake up a bit after him and looked around, confused why he wasn't here. "Connor," she said, but there was no answer. Carefully and slowly she sat up, waiting for the room to stop spinning before getting up. Much like yesterday Lia used the wall as support to make her way to the hallway. Once there, Lia was about to check the bathroom again when she smelled coffee and thought she heard voices coming from downstairs. Slowly, Lia made her way to the stairs, the short distance suddenly seeming impossibly long. Okay, maybe Connor had a point with her needing someone for help. At least to get from place to place. Finally reaching the stairs it felt like she had run a marathon. Looking down those steps, Lia knew there was no way that she could make it down them alone, at least not without risking actually breaking her ribs this time. "Connor," she repeated his name, hoping he would hear her this time.
  Rosalia / Hoshizora / 1d 23h 33m 14s
Connor wasn’t sure if he was prepared really to see his parents His mother was going to freak about his condition and his father would be stepping on his toes regarding the business. They knew about Connor’s past as a young boy, his trouble with authority and thought that was behind him. Now he had got himself caught up in a mess. He felt stupid for not bringing this to the Board’s attention earlier. He couldn’t blame anyone and surely not Lia as it wasn’t his place to out her story. Though, admittedly Connor hadn’t thought things would ever escalate to this point. He just had to convince his parents that things weren’t all bad. That. Would come before he would confess that his relationship with Lia hadn’t been as serious as they had made it out to be. Maybe knowing that now they were official would soften that blow.

“I guess both,” he said, a bit nervous to hear her response. He of course knew that he did want to get married. He had at one point been engaged, had Lucy not disappeared. Now that he had found himself back in love, the idea of marriage only seemed right. “I guess I liked how that ring looked on your finger,” he said finally. They had all the time in the world to get to that point of course. Connor wanted to court Lia, to take her on dates and create memories. He didn’t want an engagement to be rushed, but he definitely planned on proposing sometime in the future. Knowing that she wasn’t opposed to the idea had gave him some relief. “It’s just I know we had that rough patch where I wasn’t really . . . communicative. I just want you to know that I love you ad well, I do plan for this to be a forever thing.” He’d kissed her again, his hand gently holding her chin as he deepened the kiss.

Connor pulled away to brush her hair back, drawing her in closer. “Alright, we both need some sleep. I have no doubt like you said my parents will be here first thing.” Connor yawned then, adjusting the covers. He was truly tired from work and wasn’t surprised when he did pass out. He’d woke up to his alarm, turning it off just in time to see a message from his parents stating they had just pulled up. He groaned then, careful not to disturb Lia as he got out of the bed. He’d pulled on some sweats, ignoring a shirt as he started down the stairs to let his parents in.
  connor / kshahidx / 2d 39s
Esther's comment about her being passed out did make her blush slightly. Still, she was glad that Esther was trying to date. After all, she knew from own experience how hard it was to open up again after being attacked. However, Esther was strong and Lia was glad that she was opening her heart again. Just like she had with Connor. "I won't pass out next time, but I am glad for you," she told Esther before she left. It did strike her that she said she, but Lia was happy for Esther either way, as long as she was happy.
His teasing made her smile. "Oh, doesn't bowling with Esther and her someone sound fun?" she teased back, suppressing a small chuckle so it didn't hurt, "Well, I would be happy with a normal date before that as well." After all, they still hadn't had a first date. Still, she smiled at the kiss at the top of her head and she cuddled more into him, feeling like it was helping both of them at this point. "It won't be easy, but it needs to be done. I want to work past this, be more than this," Lia told him, knowing that it was important and she didn't always want to drag this around with her.
Lia nodded softly at what he said about work. "Of course, after all there has been so much stuff going on to hide it," shs agreed before thinking for a moment, unsure if it was a good idea, "Maybe... Once I'm better, I should come clean. The rumors are usually a lot worse than the truth." The stroking of her arm was soothing and she rested her head on his should. It wouldn't be easy to tell everyone, but Esther always said that talking about it helped.
"I bet they will be here first thing in the morning," she mused softly, "Oh yes, I think our appearance will be bad enough, not adding the apartment to it. It will work out." Gently she continued to run her hand through his hair. His words made her shudder in a good way and a soft sound escaped her as he kissed her neck, her eyes closing slightly. "Me too. Maybe once the concussion subsides we can slowly start up again," she mused, looking to him. She wished she could have him now, but something told her that would end pretty badly with her ribs and concussion.
It did worry her to see that Connor was struggling a little, but she gladly took his help, leaning on him as they walked upstairs. Hearing that he would stay with her made her smile. "Good, maybe we can relax tomorrow. As much as your parents will allow," she replied, "Who has that much time? But yeah, I suppose we will need someone. You are needed at the office." Lia didn't want him to leave, but knew that he had to work so that it would ease his mind a lot if he knew she was safe and taken care of at home.
One might think it ironic that she could still be tired after already sleeping so much, but she was and sinking into bed, she quickly curled up in the best position for her ribs, waiting for Connor to join her. That was until he asked that question and she looked to him. Maybe it was because of her concussion, but that question was confusing. "In what sense?" Lia asked, as she moved to cuddle him once he was in bed beside her, "With you? Or in general?" Resting her head on his shoulder, she looked up at him, "I mean, I would like to get married. I was engaged before, after all, and I would still want to be married, despite what happened before. So yeah... Why do you ask?" she inquired, shifting carefully to look down at him. She remembered their conversation about kids, how they had both already stated they would like kids. Back then, he had jokingly asked if she would carrying them for him, but if things stayed the way they were it might happen after all. Either way, Lia leaned down to kiss him softly.
  Rosalia / Hoshizora / 2d 1h 15m 33s
“Well a certain someone was passed out,” Esther joked at the door. “Besides I figured I would let things cool down a bit before I brought her into our world. It’s only for the strong,” she said with a wink before leaving. Connor could only laugh as he knew that Esther was quite private when it came to her life. Though, this was the first time he as well was hearing of her having a person of interest. It had taken a while for her to finally be able to trust again. He was happy to know that she was at least trying; it seemed they both had finally gotten over that hurdle and eventually seemed to find their own possible soulmate. Connor knew wit as still early in his and Lia’s relationship and of course they were in what was known as the honeymoon stage, but he couldn’t deny the strong feelings he had for Lia. Strong enough for him to admit to loving her. It felt nice to have her there cuddled against his side.
“Oh, have we moved onto the double date stage?” He had teased her before kissing the top of her head. Honestly Lia’s presence was the only thing keeping him sane and helping with the stress of all that was going on. “I’m glad you’re going to get help,” he told he. Connor knew it had been hard for Lia to even confess to him what she had been through Therapy would be tough, but it would be worth it.

“Everyone is suspicious of course, can’t stop rumors.” Connor said with a sigh, his hand gently stroking Lia’s arm. “I let them know you were involved in an [I accident] and would be away for a while. Though I’m sure eventually something will spill, it always does.” The best thing Connor could hope for was making the case with Jordan disappear quickly. He didn’t care if he was successfully charged for his attack on Connor and his home. He just wanted Lia to be safe and whatever her decision would be he would support. “My parents should be arriving tomorrow; good thing Esther cleaned the place up.” He knew that Lia’s injuries were fresh, and it would be alarming, but they couldn’t hide it from is parents and Connor hated lying to them. “Upstairs, I can’t wait for that to have a different meaning,” he teased as he kissed her neck. With a bit of a grunt he came to a stand. Connor cleared their dishes and returned to help Lia up and begin the slow start up the stairs. “I’ll stay with you tomorrow. Maybe I can find someone to take care of you for a while until you’re better.”

Inside the bedroom, he’d made sure Lia was comfortable in bed before he started to undress. It was an odd question, but he knew that he couldn’t ignore it one his parents arrived, certainly not from his mother. “What do you think about marriage?” He asked her, heading to the bed then, careful as he got under the covers.
  connor / kshahidx / 2d 1h 52m 36s
Esther being here was doing a lot for her. Once she was healed or at least feeling better she would have do something for her as well. She wasn't sure how she could ever repay Esther for all that she had done for her. Surely, being attacked by Jordan had also shaken her up. It had shaken her up, but Lia imagined her body was too busy recovering to conjure up any nightmares right now. That and she was sleeping next to Connor and that typically meant no nightmares. Lia nodded softly. "Didn't you notice the blue cheek? Well, it's more bruising on his chest, but he's okay. Luckily, nothing too drastic," she told her, her bruise flashing before her internal eye.
When Connor returned Lia had stayed on the couch and waited for him to come to her. While she wasn't full on disabled, she knew that he was right about her having to take it slow and so she would try do that, but it was hard for someone like Lia that wanted to be moving. Kissing him back, hearing that he had missed her was the best feeling in the world. Carefully she nodded. "Any idea on how you will do that?" she asked, considering this had landed in the media.
Esther announcing that she was leaving made Lia look up to her. "You didn't even tell me you're seeing someone," she said, pouting playfully before smiling, "Thank you for being here today, Esther. It really means a lot to me, but you are not getting around telling me about your someone the next time you are babysitting me. And yes, we will do that spa day once I'm able to." Once Esther was gone Lia turned to Connor. "We definitely have to invite her. I want to meet that someone," she told him.
Lia slowly sat up while Connor ate his pizza, though it was clear that was fairly exhausting for her. Still, she happily leaned against Connor, a feeling of home spreading through her that was hush wonderful. She did notice that Connor wasn't really eating and that worried her. Carefully she wrapped an arm around him, her movements slow and thoughtful to avoid too much pain. "Good. It was nice to have Esther over. Talked, watched cheesy soap operas, though I only listened and I slept a lot. I imagine it was fairly dull for her. I did ask her for the number of a therapist I could visit once I'm better," she told him, "How is everyone taking this at work? Heard from your parents yet?" She was curious as to what he had told at work about her and why she was coming in for several weeks, but Connor looked so exhausted already. "Why don't go upstairs and get into bed? It's been a long day for you," Lia suggested softly, as she began to run her hand through his hair. Perhaps it would best so they could relax a bit in each other's company.
  Rosalia / Hoshizora / 2d 4h 7s
Esther knew that Lia was going through a lot of pain both physically and mentally. All she could do was be here for her friend and try to help her through healing. She hoped Lia would find that healing through therapy and maybe her love with Connor
“Connor was hurt?” Esther asked in shock. She sighed out, of course Connor would try something so heroic as to go behind Lia’s back with the intent that he could make things better. She was just happy to find that Lia was safe and Connor. Hopefully they could put this behind them. If anything, Esther would make sure she could do her best to be the friend that Lia seemed to need. She tried to finish cleaning up more as Lia fell asleep, a part of her was too scared to allow herself to fall asleep. The attack had woken up certain part of her past that she had fought so hard to heal from, but she was not going to give Jordan the satisfaction of thinking that he was powerful enough to hurt both of the women and she had every intent to make sure that he was held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Honestly, some part of her had wished he gave her any reason to pull the trigger.

Esther had started to gather some plates for the pizza when the door opened. Connor couldn’t help the smile that had crossed his face at seeing Lia. He himself as exhausted, mentally and his body was aching some – yet, he knew that he had no time to take breaks. His father had already left a voicemail letting him know that their parents would be arriving the next day. He walked over to Lia, not wanting her to exert herself on his behalf, but he knew that Lia was strong. He had to resist making her seem like she was completely disabled. He kissed her; his hand gentle against her cheek.
“I missed you too,” he confessed to her. It was different, fully allowing himself to fall into this motion of love and such public signs of affection. “Work,” Connor said with a sigh. “I managed to smooth things over, but we have to sort this Jordan situation out as soon as possible and as discreetly.”

Esther was walking over shortly with plates for the two, carrying her own box of pizza. “Well my gig is done, and I have someone waiting for me,” she said with a wink so as to give the two their own time alone.
“Someone?” Connor questioned with a raised brow as he took his plate.
“Yes, someone I plan to bring to this gala that you didn’t invite me to!”
“Well, it’s been kind of hectic don’t you think. Thanks a lot Esther, for everything.” Esther gave them a smile.
“What’re friends for?” Esther had left then, Connor trying to get himself to eat but he couldn’t really find the strength or the appetite. He mustered a few bites before leaning back, closing his eyes some.
“How’s your day?”
  connor / kshahidx / 2d 5h 39m 43s
Lia definitely felt safe with Esther. After all, she had saved her from Jordan already and honestly she was fairly sure that Jordan wouldn't be that stupid to attack again, if he was already released on bail. She was more worried about Connor. Of course, she didn't want him to leave, but she couldn't change that. It was more that she worried about his own injuries and all the stress that had to be effecting him. She hoped that once he had gotten on top of this that they could relax for a day or two so they could both recover.
Watching Esther clean up made Lia feel uncomfortable. Not because Esther shouldn't clean up, well that too, but the biggest part was that Jordan seemed to flash before her eyes when he had attacked her. However, with her concussion she couldn't really focus on that and Esther being there helped a lot so that it just made her feel uncomfortable as her head tried to keep control of things.
"I'm pretty sure that saving a friend from an abuse ex is on the list of things that does not need to be done," she pointed out with a small smile before nodding, "Yeah, all this will heal. According to the doctors no permanent damage." Luckily. Lia smiled at the idea of a spa day. "You have no idea. I needed another one since the evening of the spa day. I came home to find Connor beat up, because he had tried to reason with Jordan," she told her, the pictures of that night haunting, but also wonderful considering that it had brought the two together.
The suggestion made her smile. "I'm pretty sure that wine is out of the question with the amount of medication I'm on, but cheesy soap operas sound amazing," Lia agreed. As it turned out TV wasn't really in it for her as looking at the screen too long made her feel sick, but Lia simply laid down and closed her eyes to listen to the drama unfold. That meant she fell asleep and woke up several times, but that was normal with a concussion and Esther didn't seem to mind.
The day went on with the two talking, watching soaps and simply relaxing. Esther had given her the number of a therapist that she would start to consult as soon as she was able to. Lia did start to worry a bit as the day was coming to a close and Connor still wasn't back. That had to mean there was a lot of work and that couldn't be good for his injuries. That and his parents would likely also be arriving back in Seattle soon, thanks to the time difference and they wouldn't waste any time getting here once they did.
Still, the two had ordered pizza from Esther's favorite pizza place by the gym, enough for Connor as well naturally, and were just getting started on eating when he came home. Lia brightened at seeing him. "You're back," she said happily, "I know, pizza isn't healthy, but as I wasn't going to make Esther cook and I'm not allowed so it seemed okay. Yours is over there." When he came closer Lia sat up to kiss him. "I missed you," she whispered softly so only he could hear, before resuming at a normal voice, "How was work? How are you feeling?" His side didn't seem to be troubling him, but you never knew. God, she didn't want to imagine what work must have been like.
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