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It was a night she hoped, would be a night off.
A long sleep without being interrupted was what she prayed for and desperately wanted.
An early rest called her name and it was within moment of reaching over and clicking off the lamp on the bedside table, that the woman hit the pillow and fell into a slumber.

Oh it was nice.
A wonderful dream of her relaxing on a beach with a pinata colada in hand with no care in the world - swam through her mind only for it to be destroyed with the sound of her phone, vibrating against the wood of the table.
"Ugh...." she murmured, turning over her body so she rested on her stomach but the vibrations continued and that was when she knew - something was wrong.

Turning back over, Mia reached and grabbed the cell and accepted the call, bringing the device to her ear.
"This better be good..." she spoke into the receiver only to hear a crackle on the end of the line before listening to a voice she knew too well.

"32 Vine Grove. He has struck again...."

Mia sighed.

Up from the bed, changed her clothes into the outfit that others would see that of her having dominance and power - hair down and grabbing the holster that carried her gun, Detective Rossi left her home and drove just a single mile to a house that housed a victim that did not deserve to die.


The sirens wailed.
Through several streets they sped, Mia's car included until they all came to a spot at their destination - not knowing they had passed the house of the murderer that had killed this girl along with several others.
Murders that had terrified the city.

"What do we have?..." Mia spoke out as she removed herself from the car and began to wander to the front of the home.

"Female. Mid 20's. Her name is Jessica Martin. Neighbour called it in after hearing screams. She is in the bedroom.."
"Like all..the others....." Mia replied to herself in a hushed tone as she stepped inside a house that was stuffy. Humid from the heat of the night before finally finding herself in the bedroom.
It smelt like sex.
It smelt like a night of passion that led to upmost dread.

All the blood, she swore she could taste the metallic upon her tongue.

The victim remained on the bed.
Cut up.
Eyes open, fogged up and glazed over. Jessica's last image was her killer and Mia's heart broke for her and her family.

"He has gotten alot more violent...." she spoke, leaning down to have a closer look at the victim.
Blood, sex and her perfume filled the air.


"He had fun with this girl. Tortured her and left her to bleed out ...suffer, when all the others had been instant. I feel like he is testing me..." she spoke, leaning back up with a sigh. "Get the coroner in here...."

Outside, people stood around a perimeter.
They watched and spoke among themselves wondering what was going on. Mia stepped out from the house and looked around.
Police and forensics were doing their job, while she cussed under her breath and ran fingers through her long blonde hair.

"I will get son of a bitch. Count on that...."
  MeisjeKelly / 37d 13h 32m 25s
It was just another cool evening. Nothing to particular was happening. Not yet anyways. There was about to be a lot of trouble.

Mathis breathed in the cool air as he smiles to himself. You could say he wasn't your original person. You also couldn't say he was a good guy either. Mathis knew exactly what was going on. He was being watched constantly. Or that is how he felt. He did his job. A job that he enjoyed very well. He was basically like your local hit man. Didn't like someone? He got rid of them. After you paid him. He wasn't going to do this type of work for free. No way.

Mathis lured in women. But he mainly worked at night. Because he needed his rest during the day because he will be out all night. Tonight was a different night though. Because he knew information. He knew that the FBI was trying to catch him. The question is... Can they even catch him? Doubtful. But he needed to do this plan carefully and precisely.

Mathis has been stalking his prey all night. She was a pretty blonde, skinny, and she had beautiful blue eyes. Mathis licked his lips some and then watched as she said bye to her friends and walked into the bar. Mathis smirked as he watched her sit down at the bar. [i This is going to be too easy. A few drinks later and I will have her under my control.] Mathis smirked as he walked into the bar and went to the bar and sat down next to her. [b "I'll take vodka on the rocks."] Mathis looked out of the corner of his eye as he saw the blonde looking him up and down, giggling and then looking away.

Mathis took a sip of his drink and then looked over at her smiling. The two started to talk and she got a few more drinks in her. She was ready to go home, but the shocking thing - she invited him over. Mathis agreed he would go to her house. They get into a cab and he realized this would be perfect because she didn't live too far from his house.

Once they got to her house - he locked the door behind him. Watching her every move. Listening to her giggle. Mathis saw a picture and she had kids. Mathis thought about this for a minute. Was he actually going to take those children's mother out of the world?


The two ended up making passionate love, and then he looked down her. [b "It was nice knowing you."] He tied her up, tortured her. Listening to her scream loudly brought so much pleasure to his body. He shivered. Once he was done, he left her there to die. He did enough to her that by the time the police got there she would be dead. And there would be no evidence. He took off his gloves and shoved them in his pocket. Took a picture. Because he needed proof that he did. Went back to his house, and waited for the cops go flying by to the female's house. It was nothing but a game to him now.
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