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[h3 sᴜɢᴀʀ ᴋɪɴᴅʟɪɴɢ]
[b Plot]: A family of younglings, they always take in those who wish to stay. Their recent addition is a girl they refer to as the yellow labrador. She chases them through the snowy hills they carve down daily.

[b Reference sheet]: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=408992 xxx]

[h3 ᴛᴇᴀʀs ᴏғ ᴀ ғᴀᴇ]
[b The Dream]: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=408993 xxx]

[h3 ɢʜᴏsᴛ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴜɢ ʙᴜɴɴɪᴇs]
[b The Dream]: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=408994 xxx]

[h3 ᵐᵒʳᵉ ᵗᵒ ᶜᵒᵐᵉ]


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[h3 Cellar Glow]
[center Introduction]

[tab ]The family had taken me. I was an exception, being almost 17 I was a definite outlier to their taste. Their son was a lonely 9-year-old, after all. He wanted Miranda first. She was 7. Miranda had met Ryan before this all had happened to her. The basement, that is.

She said at first, he didn't want to take care of her. He would ring the bell to let her know he was sending her something. Miranda would only find his dirty socks. Ryan would tell her to eat it, for his amusement. She would not get real food otherwise. Some days he wouldn't even follow through.

The only comfort she had found before my arrival, was Marianne. Her skin was rough cloth, her hair was an auburn yarn. She fit in the palm of my hand. Her clothes were drawn on, with marker, though much of it had faded. Her body looked as if it was traced with a cookie cutter. Sometimes it looked like Marianne was a plastic doll. The trick of scarce lighting down here, I assume. Or the fact I'm down here, tortured by these sickos. Marianne's appearance wasn't consistent for me. Sometimes she had buttons for eyes. Sometimes they were little LED lightbulbs that glowed red. When she sang, it was a low humming you could only hear if you had her held up to your ear. The mind is quite fragile under an immense amount of stress.

Miranda loved playing hide and seek with them. The dust bunnyman. They looked nothing like bunnies. They were made of hairs and debris that collected on the basement floor. A man had told us about it. We don't know where he came from, or where he goes, but he appears sometimes. He said if we gather clumps of hair, and pulled it from the ground, most of it would be left behind. And the ones that stayed strong between your fingers, could be turned into a dust bunnyman. If you threw that clump into the air in front of you, asking them to show themselves, they use the hair to take shape. The most important part about keeping them, though, if we didn’t want them to go away we had to keep them in the light. In the darkness, they shrieked. Their existence shredded into nothing. It was hard to keep light in the basement, there were weak light bulbs hanging scarcely from the ceiling, the windows only allowed some sunlight in. But when the bulbs did work Miranda had friends to play with. Marianne was content with watching.

I didn’t like it when Miranda would bring dust bunnyman who was aggravated. Some banged on the doors of the empty basement rooms without their bodies. Like living air. She would summon them to try and confront them. It never has gone well for either of us to confront them in dust bunnyman form. But the darkness would prevent them from doing much of anything.

On days Ryan seemed like a normal child, he would invite us to play in his room. We weren't allowed to be outside the basement. However, defying Ryan would bring punishment on us. We belonged to him. If we weren't obedient his parents had something to say. Miranda didn't mind, she was playing. She had the most fun when she knew risked getting in trouble. I was unsettled, prayed for those days to almost never come. I could not imagine what his parents would do seeing us out of the basement.

It's not like we could ask the neighbors for help. They knew well what was going on. They kept to themselves. They had their own lives, problems, and worries to attend to. They didn't need another thing affecting them. Even when we screamed for help until our throats felt swollen. When breathing was sharp and painful. We thought we could be saved, but we were ignored.

They've probably seen the children before us. They probably know everything about what's being done to us. It didn't matter, we were far too much work to save.

[center Marianne's Maze]

[tab ]After a long day of hide and seek throughout the house, we slipped back into the basement before Ryan's father noticed us. He was busy with his car, but he was consistently yelling at Ryan. It got to a point he came into the house and almost found us hiding.

I was ready for rest. The sun was setting, which meant we could have peace from the devil child. But as I sprawled onto the cold cement floor, Marianne's eyes glowed. It lit the corner of the room she was in. Miranda was off talking to the air, so it was on me to tend to Marianne. I picked her up. In my mind, I knew she wanted to lead me somewhere. I held her in a different direction, each time she hummed. Humming meant "no." Silence was a "yes."
She led me through a door, through quite a few that shouldn't have been in the basement at all. The hallways were made of the same cold cement as the actual basement. But these hallways didn't belong. Behind a door to my right, there was scuffling. Marianne wanted me to go through there. I knew I should listen, but my legs took me elsewhere. Through a door, she adamantly buzzed at. I felt bad, so I turned around to see if she wanted me to go back. But she buzzed at it. Wanting me to continue another door. But I heard the door to the room with noises open. I panicked, ran through any doors in any direction hoping to lose whatever came out of that room. I ran out of breath quickly, so I stopped to listen. Nothing. Perhaps I was finally safe. Marianne lit up with anger. She wanted me to confront whatever it was.
My choice in running mattered not. Through the doors I went, I heard it approaching me ahead. I held my breath and stood my ground. The door opened, and I lunged.
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[center [h3 Melody Acre's Perishers: Introduction]]

[tab ]Originally an island for farmers, Melody Acre had become a infamous school for magicians. The population was booming, growing closer to being a city year by year. In the woods on the mainland, Ferncreek Academy sat, hidden. It stood three stories tall, appearing disheveled, and abandoned. Its walls made of concrete, the roof made of black clay shingles. Confidently secured with the academy's finest spells, the academy was safe from oblivious eyes. The students that filled the school were often haughty and selfish. Varying in ages, it was solely based on talent and competency that a student could attend or move a class up.

[tab ]The final class before academic graduation was located on the highest floor. The stairs were dilapidated-as a matter of fact it was bricks painted white stacked atop one another. The entrance to the third floor was a hole in the floor that you had to crawl through. As if someone hastily decided that access to the third floor would be unnecessary and infrequent. While the school was well known in the state, the staff had very busy schedules, too few workers, and zero volunteers. This being the case, the academy could not renovate the flaws that made the school. Flaws, after all, were what made the school famous.

[center "If you could survive Ferncreek Academy's disasters, you could face any demon army forged by the hands of the devil himself."]

[tab ]Our hero of the story was a white-haired 17-year-old boy, Lark Forester. The boy belonged to the town's historically famous blood-line. Obviously proud of their heritage, the Foresters had high expectations of their young son. They were quiet, kept to themselves, and were always present when something in town was stirring. Many of the town folk were indifferent or neutral to the Foresters. Willing to aid those who in need, but silent when anyone had grievances.

[tab ]Extremely intelligent and fluent in the art of being a magician, this made Lark condescending to his peers. Including Anemone Roustein, an 15-year-old that just arrived to the town. The foster system for orphaned magicians had transferred her from a big city. Having no spare time nor space to help her, they sent her to Melody Acre. The perfect place to begin adulthood.

[center [h3 Melody Acre's Perishers: Estate Exam]

"[b The final test is happening today. In order to successfully become a legitimate magician in Melody Acre, you have to pass this exam. It is to escape an estate that local magicians sealed malevolent beings in. The grounds chained these souls, feeding off of their energy. Its location is on the island of Melody Acre, sitting at the west edge. The estate originally belonged to the fallen bloodline Soninde. A family who attempted to drive away the farmers of Melody Acre, to make the island solely witch folk. Which you should recall per your studies.]" The educator looked amongst his students, jabbing at anyone who refused to do the homework.
"[b The soul of the house continues in its restlessness, keeping others from seeking their peace as well. For one night students will dive into the estate, walking through its cursed hallways to find the exit. Should they die, the house will keep them. To prevent the house from devouring any student, the academy will provide spirit guardians. They will able to guide and aid in the student in working through the maze. After all, they are made from the extracted fear from previous graduates.]" He continued to explain the grounds in great detail. Mr. Farnswort will never grow fond of students not returning to this world.]

[tab ]Soon enough, the students stood outside the academy, activating their spirit guardians. Lark looked at the stone orb in his hand, with a face carved into it. He called the guardian's name, and soon the stone lit blue from its crevices. A large feline had taken form from the light rays of the orb. Lark climbed the beast, lifting off to the night sky. Anemone had nervously gripped her orb. This meant life or death. She was confident her guardian would be especially useful. It shone purple, her feet were being lifted off the ground. All of her classmates were beginning to float as well. Charmed with her borrowed ability to fly freely, she blasted into the air.

[tab ]There was just enough light pollution from the town to know which direction to head towards. The wind whipped her hair, a protection spell diverted the wind from her face. She could see the street lights below her, almost if the town challenged the stars in the sky, they shined brightly.

[tab ]Once arrived, she saw that she was second to Lark. Who rolled his eyes at her, dashing into the estate. Anemone was ready to show that know-it-all that she was just as good and worthy as him. Upon entering, it appeared just as you would expect an estate to. With a beautiful lavish chandelier, wide split staircase, and halls to the left and right. She ventured to the left, eventually coming to a door. She called on her guide and asked if he knew this room would bring her progress. He made the door light up in a purple hue as if he was on the other side. She turned the doorknob and entered the dark room. After the door closed behind her, she saw that the flooring ended right in front of her. The only way down was the dangling metal platforms she would have to transcend on. The guide held onto the chains, using it as a pulley. She was lifted down further into the darkness. There was a window that she eventually approached. Asking the orb to hold on for a moment, she broke the glass and ducked her head into the room the window protected. On the floor lay small items.

[center "[#9542e0 Hats for the mice you will meet.]" He told Anemone.]

[tab ]She gathered the tiny accessories and climbed back out the window onto the metal wire platform.

[center [b Will write more later. Maybe. idk. LOL]]
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[center [h3 Sugar Kindling: ˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵇˡᵉ ᵗʷᵒ]]

[tab ]Her tired eyes could not properly process what she was seeing. Out of all the chaos could have made its home in her cabin, she didn't imagine a dog would find itself here. It was a Golden retriever, slobbering all over the youngest of the house: Kurt. The dark-haired boy was giggling, fighting the large pup over his cinnamon toast. While the dog had its eyes on everyone's food, it only seemed to beg Kurt.

[center "[#c78b66 Zhou.... Is it someone's birthday?]" Larson's brain was sputtering, she waved her hand signaling for coffee.

"[#80191f Nope! Kurt was just minding himself outside and the dog just jumped on him! No chip, no collar-I'm gonna ask around today at work to see if anyone is missing her.]" The crimson man slipped a coffee mug into Larson's hand.

In a hurry, Helma shoved her feet into her shoes. "[#b299a8 Hey, make sure Kurt has his lunch today, okay? Oh, Kurt, dog's can't have spices, it's bad for them.]" She looks to Anielle for confirmation, quickly tying up her black hair. Anielle nodded and gave an OK.]

[tab ]Larson waves sleepily to the flustered woman. Then took a sip of her coffee in a futile attempt to wake up. Helma smiled, wished them a good day, and flew out the door. Kurt had finished his breakfast and Lianne was licking up his face. Zhou had attempted to wipe the child's face before the dog could get any people food. He asked the youngin' to do some research on taking care of a dog. Red was concerned after hearing Helma's warning. He knew that 18-year-old knew what she was talking about.

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[h3 Beached]
[tab ]Years ago, my family and I went down south. On a little summer cabin trip. Near the rental cottages, was a huge freshwater lake. It connected to the ocean through a river. We spent a lot of our time on the beach. The kids woke up as soon as the sun rose, and pleaded the adults to let them swim. Whether it be on their own, with a chaperone, we begged for anything and everything.
[center "[i We won't go past the line!]" We cried.] [tab ]One of the adults-who had enough with the begging and knowingly couldn't squeeze in some more sleep, had agreed to take us all to the beach. We were jumping for joy and we gathered up our things for our new adventure in the waters.
[tab ]The beach was beautiful and the sun boiled our blood hot enough to enjoy the cool waves. We set our things at our 'camp' where my uncle would sit and watch us. He'd lay down a mat, under the shade with all of our belongings. Just relaxing. The beach was busy already. I was used to the chatter and presence of others around me. Except for one group in particular, who stood on a dock that was designed like a gazebo. One tall blond man with sky blue eyes was talking to the group about the "rules" they had to follow. He appeared to be an instructor and everyone else was families who had signed up for the program.
[tab ]He must've felt my eyes digging into him. He turned to confirm my gaze and I ducked into the water. Hoping he didn't catch me admiring him. Children are great at embarrassing themselves. Boy, was I embarrassed. Eager to swim away from my problems. By the time I decided the best course of action was to swim away, I needed more air. [center "[i It'll be fast. He didn't notice me. I'll be gone in a flash.]" I reassured myself.] [tab ]Popping my head up, I took a mouthful of air. [center "[#62a1df Hey, there, wanna be my helper?]" He looked dead at me.] [tab ]I shook my head and looked in the direction of my uncle. Any way to break eye contact to escape... But I was curious. So I swam a few feet away and listened in.

[hr ]

[tab ]Soon enough I gathered the courage to be on the dock with Sully. His name was Sully. He was around his early 20's. His family had run this program since he was a kid so he insisted he knew what he was doing. If that didn't encourage you he would also let you know he was also a lifeguard and had all the training.
[tab ]In time I had become acquainted with everyone in his 'crew.' Close friends and family who worked on the lake for a living. Boating, diving, paddleboarding-just about all of it. He was the leader of the school of beached fish. He was charming, friendly, and gorgeous. The two weeks I spent befriending and getting to know Sully and his gang were awesome. My parents didn't hear the end of it until the school year started.

[tab ]I'm back now. At the lake. I'm not the eleven year old sully met. I'm twenty-one in a few days. I've moved to a nearby college town to come back to the beach I fell in love with. Definitely to scout out the man I was eager to follow. All these years. Did the man of these waters change?

[center "[#62a1df I'm not with Mary anymore. Just me hanging out with my school. We've calmed down a lot more.]"] The blond thirty-three-year-old informed me.
[tab ]My heart jumped. "[i Not with Mary anymore, huh?]" I thought excitedly.
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[center [h3 Sugar Kindling: ˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵇˡᵉ ᵒⁿᵉ]]

[tab ]Larson was fond of snow; she knew it as a friend. A friend who would shower you in soft fluffy support. Yet somehow could be a cruel teacher, who would knock you on your bottom if your feet couldn't move fast enough.
The brunette was especially fond of the winter mornings when the clumps of snow slowly sunk from the sky. She would step out onto the deck and feel the crisp kisses of January on her nose. Then she would take in a whiff of the coffee, freshly brewed to drift her back into the waking world. Her husband, Kieran Larson, always woke her up to the smell of coffee. He knew she liked it dark. She couldn't hide any of her weak spots with him.

[tab ]Kieran owned a Ski Hill. They had met one afternoon in the cafeteria, The Hot Pot, on the grounds, rehydrating and filling their bellies up for more snow carving. Then after they kept running into each other. It was as if they were destined to cross paths. How could they have never noticed the other before their lunch at The Hot Pot? Being a sentimental woman, Larson wondered that countless times a day. She wondered how they managed to fall in love and marry when they never noticed each other before that day.

[center [b Knock, knock.]]
[tab ]Larson's eyes flicked open. The door swung open, behind it was a young man with red-dyed hair.

[center "[#80191f Good morning, mommy!]" The man teased.
Larson groaned, "[#c78b66 if I'm mommy, who's the daddy? Can't be you, Zhou.]"
He huffed, crossing his arms. "[#80191f Duh, me. Am I not your type or something? Why Can't I be a mommy, too?]"
"[#c78b66 Shut the hell up,"] she chuckled at his dramatics. "[#c78b66 Where's my coffee?]"]

[tab ]The man with the red rose hair pointed behind him. Then left to the kitchen, which meant that Larson had to help herself.

[tab ]The kids were already up, she could hear the bickering, shuffling, and the... barking...
[center "[#c78b66 Kids don't bark.]" She thought.]
She tossed aside her blanket and scurried to the dining room.
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