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Just little phrases and poems and other creative junk. Don’t mind me! (☆^ー^☆)


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Love is a Journey:

- David met Derrick and fell in love; they went out to the garden for a walk
- Derrick accidentally revealed that he was cutting himself
- David tried to comfort him, and they eventually have sex
- Derrick’s six older brothers come out of nowhere; they were watching
— Hans, Matthew, Aaron, Evan, Johnathan, Caspian
- Tell Derrick that it wasn’t real; they’d made David do it
- Tell Derrick that David is their ‘sugar baby’
- David leaves; brothers leave. Say they’ll tell their father to kill Derrick
- Derrick goes to Hans and offers to do the same as David so he doesn’t die
- Hans agrees and makes him match David’s exactly, starting then
- Derrick stumbles back to his room; David finds him/starts to apologize
- ‘Orpheus is at the gate!’ David runs off
- David is depressed and cute himself with the scissors
- Orpheus appears and stops him; convinces Derrick to run away with him
- They run away and board Orpheus’s ship at night
- Derrick gets scared because of the storm; he’s never liked the water
- Orpheus comforts him; they realize they love each other
- Greece port. Orpheus tells Derrick he’s a lord; Derrick gets angry/scared
- Orpheus tries to reassure Derrick, but Derrick runs away
- Orpheus chases Derrick up a cliff; tries to stop him
- Derrick pushes him away and jumps; Orpheus jumps with him
- Poseidon saves them and puts them on an island
- Derrick and Orpheus make up then have sex
- Orpheus goes diving the next morning
- Poseidon rapes him before James pulls him back
- Derrick and Orpheus get on the ship
- Derrick gets drunk and James tries to seduce him
- Orpheus interrupts and throws James overboard
- Orpheus and Derrick make up again
- Poseidon strikes, claiming Orpheus
- Orpheus has the baby onboard the boat
- Derrick’s mother is Ilithya, goddess of childbirth
- Orpheus is dying. Poseidon takes the siren and sends them towards land
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