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Allison Grace and her three best friends; Lena, Carlie, and Sophie had finally saved up enough money to go to Panama City Beach for two weeks the summer before the real world started. They all packed up in Skyler's jeep and drove the ten hours from Tennesse. After they got back home, they would only have two weeks before they headed to college, all of them spreading over the Country. Allison, herself was going to the University of Miami. She couldn't wait to spread her wings and get away from the middle of Tennessee. She was so excited to start her new life.

They'd arrived at the Hotel around four in the afternoon, they dropped their bags off in the room, excited when they'd seen that they were on the first floor. [b "It's gonna be so easy to just hop the rail! I can't believe we're here for two whole weeks, y'all!"] she said. The suite was a two bedroom, two bath. They were sharing rooms, Carlie, her absolute best friend, was rooming with her.

They had all changed into their swimsuits and headed to the beach, taking all the towels, Frisbee's, and boogie boards with them. They laid out and tanned, along with playing Frisbee the rest of the evening until sunset. Then they'd decided that they would go back, shower and head out for dinner.

Alli arrived back to the balcony first. She was catching all the extra toys as the other girls were throwing everything to her. She watched as the last Frisbee went and landed on the balcony next to theirs. [b "Hey! That was mine!"] she squealed. She playfully glared at the girls before hopping the rail. [b "I have to get it."] she said. She stared at the balcony before hopping it as well.
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