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The is a wearhouse in the outskirts of a run down city where plenty of people come to chill, fight, fuck, ext. There is a bar and an old box TV that no one uses. There are rooms around the back for whoever wants them for the night. There is a drink stained couch and recliner near the old TV as well as stools that line the bar. The place continuelessly reaks of beer and sex but the in crowd has come to ingnore the smell.

I throw in my own little rules just so that everyone has fun.
1.) No rape in my wearhouse, unless consented beforehand
2.) No hateful comments outside RP
3.) ERP is strickly to happen on the couch or in a room, I dont want that shit on my floor.
4.) If shitfaced, prepare for consiquences and stay shitface for a while.
5.) This one is with exceptions, no killing eachother in here either.

Now that we know the rules, lets have some fun.

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Thalia walked into the place her nose scrunching up as she forced herself not gag as she entered. She scanned the area quickly to locate the owner before walking up to him with purpose. When she reached him she held out her hand, "Hi, i'm Thalia i'm here to get a job most likely as an entertainer of some sort."
  Thalia / -PrettyValentine- / 9d 12h 4m 29s

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