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[Size9 The Rising Dawn Coven is a serene female hierarchy that treats their men as hearthkeepers while the women are powerful witches. Their powers come from nature, crystals and wildlife. The extent of their power is unknown to outsiders. They are guides and peace bringers to the dead and are seen as a peaceful and carefree people. The Coven is well known for their worship of the sun, extremely talented clerics, shamans, and mediums.

The Sanguis Circle is a unique coven that can only pass their magical genes down to the men. They train their younger gifted strictly, similar to military school, before continuing to advanced training. Most of the Sanguis Circle harness their power from dark magic using blood channeled into weapons, but a very select rare few can also call the dead to their aid and possess powerful psychokinesis. These people are known and faithless, violent heathens who have whisperers to the dead but are sought out for their powerful spellsword mercenaries and educated scholars.

The countless generations the clans have been rivals again each other. Sun and rain, night and day, tranquility and violence... They were all too different from each other. Until the Rising Dawn Coven came across a phenomenon: [#9d1539 [b a male witch]]. Now that he has come of age his powers are becoming hard to manage despite years of training. He was different from the rest of his coven, who will have no choice but to reach out to The Sanguis Circle to aid him in controlling his powers...


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