Bellator Academy: The Battle For Graduation

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A man is sitting in front of the class on his desk with his legs crossed over, he is addressing you and your class peers. You take a look around to see all the details of the classroom and your fellow pupils before looking back to the man in front. He speaks with a joy-filled voice “Hello again! That’s right... again”. His voice shifts to a fed-up groan “I dunno how I dealt with all of you for three years but..” his voice perks up again “it’s finally come to an end!” He stands up quickly holding his hands “To all of the idiots in the room who forgot my name, I’m Mr Winterwood, your combat teacher. You have been in this school for a full three years and to complete your training, we have a quest for you to complete!”

He walks to a blackboard picking up a ruler and starts to use it as a pointer. “Of course you lot chose this school because you want to become a protector of the realm, you all have a weapon that you earned through your entrance exam and the weapon type chose you! You know like...” He begins to speak like Olivander from Harry Potter “The wand chooses the wizard Harry” He pauses for a second before jumping back into action “You following?”. All of the class sit there a bit confused, same as you. Mr Winterwood looks at everyone laughing awkwardly but continuing “So! Now you are ready to go and join a guild and protect the kingdoms you all came from! Or are you?” He smiles looking across the class catching your eyes and he slowly comes closer to you “You will be in a team of three; if your team gets injured too badly to continue” He is now right in front of your face and leans his back down to your level before raising his voice “You’re out!” Lifting himself back up to his original position he smiles at you and continues to speak in a calm voice “And you have to repeat the year” Spinning around once to have his back facing to you he starts to walk back to the front of the class “There are three items that must be collected, so you need to find one and bring it back with your team, you need this to graduate. As you can tell looking around this room, it is impossible for you all to graduate and this is where your fighting skills come in.”

Once back at the blackboard he uses his ruler hitting the board full force making it slightly crack “Oh... the school can pay for that... I think...” You all sit there wide-eyed at what you have just seen “Can never be too strong” He laughs awkwardly for the second time “Anyways! This is the area you will be working in” On the board is a well-drawn out forest with... a crack right through the middle “The three items lay hidden somewhere in this forest. You have two weeks to retrieve one. This means you need to use your survival skills as well as your coordination and fighting skills.”

Mr Winterwood walks to his desk again resting his hands on top of it “The rules!” He says in a booming voice before it changes to a happy go lucky sounding tone with a huge smile on his face “Because all fun adventures need some rules for safety!”. His face slowly returns to a serious one his voice delicate yet stern “You cannot kill anyone! We are a school community, not a murder group... yet. You can use your weapon and or magic. On that note, if someone is no longer physically able to stand. You must stop attacking! Also, as you already know, we don’t want any overpowered bastards here! We are NOT in an anime. Finally... that’s it! Yep, stealing a relic from another team is perfectly fine! Now...” He walks round to the front of his desk sitting on it as he did at the beginning of the class and with a huge smile on his face and energetically he says “You have an hour to prepare! Pick your teams!” His face suddenly turns dark and twisted speaking in a monotone voice “Pick wisely... I’ll be counting... 3600, 3599, 3598, 3597....”

Roleplay Rules

Only talk about the plot in the OOC chat

1. You must create your or use an already existing Oc of your own. You can have up to Ocs but if this is the case one of them must be in a non-graduating team to make it fair Your characters need to be 18-21 .

2. If you have you have two Ocs they cannot be the same gender

3. If you only have a weapon or only magic you may have two of that thing but if you have both then you are limited to one.

4. We are leaving the character limit it 50 but if we get multiple one liner posts then we will bump it up.

5. No overpowering or controlling other ocs.

6. Cussing is fine but not every other word.

7. Romance is fine but it’s not the main story.

8. No creating monsters and obstacles of your own all NPCs will be played by the owners.

9. Grammar and spelling need to be okay. We understand it won't always be perfect but it needs to be understandable.

10. If you break one or more of the rules 5 times you will be kicked out.

11. All ES rules apply.

12. Ask the owners if you have any questions.


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