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Hello all! My name is husky of snow!

Im coming back to the site to start writing again. Its been a while so im probably pretty rusty. But i should fall into the groove of things quickly.

I intend to post at least once a day, but will try to post multiple times a day if i can.

What do i enjoy writing about? Well, im a brony, so i enjoy my little pony based stories. Im also a furry, so anthro is fun. Im flexable when it comes to plot. I will incorporate your ideas into mine, or mine into yours if its what we agree to.

I will also try to make a post longer then my previous one, so expect posts to get longer. That said, please be detailed, or decently detailed, in your posts so i have something to work with.

Possable anthro plot:

In this world, there are humans, and there are the anthros. Both exist in their own villages and towns. However, the world is not at peace. The humans see the anthros as nothing more then work animals and pets. Groups of humans will travel to anthro towns, kidnaping young, healthy anthros to be sold off. However, one human sees anthros not as pets, but equals. They buy 2 lucky amthros and cares for them, giving them a good life, at the risk of his own well being, for many dont agree with their radical ideas.

Possable mlp plot

Rocksanne travels the countryside, soon finding her way to equestria. Her only possesion is her guitar, an item that ties her to her home. While its her most valuable possesion, it also holds the most pain.

Once again, an evil force comes to the land, but the mane six are nowhere in sight. Teaming up with another pony, rocksanne and her friend combat the evil, discovering an unknown element of harmony, music

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