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Jamie knew what would be coming. Questions of where he had been, where Claire vanished to, and why did he have these lassed with him.. Two of the questions would be easy enough. The third not so much.

It was the hand on his leg that made him give a quick glance and nod. His own hand had moved over her own.

Whatever happened from here on out.. They were quite literally trying to rewrite history.
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 3d 9h 59m 49s
Petra and Iris glanced at each other before Iris nodded. Same meaning only Petra would be prepared while Iris would need to settle her nerves.

One hand went under the table and touched his leg in thanks before she ate lightly. There'd be questions after Claire disappeared and they returned instead.
  Iris / Socasm / 3d 18h 37s
Colum had not quite understood why Jamie would come and bring two lasses with him as he had. But the man had a more level head and would not make a big deal of it all. At least not before the hall.

"Not interrogstion, lass. But I will be asking the two of ye questions. This is a first for young Jamie to bringing anyone back like this." The man said as food was placed before them.

Jamie kept his gaze down but did steal glances to both Iris and Petra. His silent promise that he would rejoin them when he could.
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 3d 19h 25m 23s
Iris wanted nothing more than to disappear in that moment. The stares and one glare from a young woman. Petra took it in with her chin sticking out.

Iris sat down taking in the sights. "I suppose the interrogation begins after food?"
  Iris / Socasm / 4d 1h 38m 24s
Jamie gave her a faint smile. [b "This was what I was remembering when I led you through that day. Not this exactly...just the people and the liveliness.."] He said quietly as they entered the hall, a dinner in progress.

He did give his uncle a bow of the head. [b "Uncle, this is Iris and Petra..."] He said to let the man know who he brought with him. He was given a nod and motion to take his seat, both women motioned to the head table.
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 4d 1h 57m 55s
The juxtaposition was not lost on her. Only this time she was entering on his arm with arm.

"I can see why you were sad..this is amazing," she leaned into him with a smile thinking of the first almost kiss. There was a dinner when they reached the great hall, she gripped his arm in response. "Amazing."
  Iris / Socasm / 4d 2h 6m 1s
"Then I'll be obliged to try and behave." The older man said. Would he? Probably not. Just felt as if he should say so. And he gave the three a nod as they began through the 'cout yard'.

Jamie sighed. [b "The man doesna bite too much. Bigger bark.. Just ye will want ta be careful."] He said arm still in Iris'.

And he did lead them through the arched halls. The same he had dragged Iris through a few days after their meeting. But now she saw it alive.
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 4d 2h 2m 20s
"I think we met each other half way with this..." Iris smiled to herself. Being with Jamie and Murtagh again. "Murtagh, this is my cousin, Petra. Be kind. She doesn't find dirty jokes as fun."

Petra shook her head. "It's not that bad."

Iris took Jamie's arm with both happiness and the familiar shame. Petra followed by their side prepared to do a majority of the talking.
  Iris / Socasm / 4d 5h 24m 13s
To see Iris with Jamie had come as a shock to the man. He had not known she cojld travel time, but it also came as a welcome one. "Lad talked ye into it, no doubt?" He asked and hugged he back. "Missed ye too. With that clever wit."

Jamie smirked faintly. No doubt he would get a good couple punches from Mutagh later. And his arm moved out to Iris. [b "Me uncle had word to expect us..."]
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 4d 5h 59m 7s
Iris remained closer to Jamie in the two day trip. One cold night cuddling with him despite the shame of her actions.

Castle Leoch was even more opposing intact than abandoned. The life within the walls was something else. She broke into a smile seeing Murtagh giving a small hug. "Sorry, I aided Jamie in mischief," she said. "I missed your jokes."
  Iris / Socasm / 4d 7h 38m 48s
Jamie listened to her words as they were spoken. And took them in. [b "Mina be more good in ye than ye think. Wouldna come all this way if na."] The Scott said quietly and then looked to the fire again. [b "And it will be that which can also be a great downfall... Just wanta be able to change things this time.."]
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 4d 8h 22m 47s
"A good head doesn't mean a good heart, those are hard to find," Petra said with a thin smile. "It's too late to get her back and show my uncle. I can face another. That's what you two have in common- unwavering courage to do right for what you love. It's nice."
  Iris / Socasm / 4d 15h 9m 27s
She seemed confident in herself. Something that would be needed when it came to his uncle. Most would not be so willing or even eager to meet with him and to put their wits against his. So he had to give it to her that she seemed so...determined. Because the man scared him.

[b "Ye seem like ye have a good head. Shoudna be much trouble for ye. Though it is beyond me how ye are so excited to face the bluidy bastard. Man scares even me. And aye. Think Iris and I will fair with me other uncle just fine."]
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 4d 8h 32m 4s
"It's the Viking domination, Norse-Gaels, they call it. There's even similar words like bairn." Petra smiled widely. "I'm a lawyer, I get paid good money to burrow in and obliterate the opponent. Think you and Iris can handle that?"
  Iris / Socasm / 5d 2h 46m 47s
[b "That may be a key point.. the similar belief.. And perhaps more can be changed than we think.."] Jamie said quietly. Petra sounded like she almost didn't believe any of this would be working.

[b "I will wish ye luck with Dougal...though Colum can be swayed if you gain his ear.."] Which meant they would all have their work cut out for them
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 5d 2h 56m 31s

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