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"I guess so...I actively avoid romantic situations...some people just won't let that be," Iris poked his chest with a smile. She wouldn't trade this even if she was out of her depth.

"No, but a time limit helps, and make it seem sooner. It'll probably be two weeks, giving you one at Lallybroch, and one to get to Edinburgh."
  Iris / Socasm / 2d 5h 33m 14s
His head tilted when she asked if there was time to explain. How hard could a word and concept be to explain? [b "Dating...courting?"] They sounded similar and in his mind it was easier to have a comparison. Or it might drive him a little crazy.

When she said what she had said to his uncle, a nod was given. There was an underlying meaning. Eyes spoke more than her words did. [b "He granted it?"]
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 2d 8h 30m 7s
"Is there really time to explain?" Iris shook her head with a smile knowing her gripping insecurity was going to make an appearance. "I told Colum a week so you could visit Lallybroch before Edinburgh."

Just in case, she wanted to say. There was always the chance.
  Iris / Socasm / 2d 11h 49m 34s
[b "Dating? What is dating?"] Jamie asked her softly as he kept his arms around her. Yes, he had been to the future and this was a second chance at everything they had failed before.. But there were words and meanings still lost on him. The dating being one of them.

And slowly he did brush her hair back, forehead against hers. If they were caught like this, it would be hell for them both to be paying. But she was worth the risk of that.
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 3d 23m 23s
"Lost in translation," Iris managed a smile wrapping her arms around his neck. "Dating isn't a term now...but I like it."

It would be marriage here but that thought stalled her more than it should. Nothing felt more right than him and this moment.
  Iris / Socasm / 3d 2h 8m 54s
This woman was too good. Pure as Petra had said. Christ...and yet even he was a little ashamed. [b "A book friend?"] He asked. But he knew she was a lover of books. Had showed him some.

He leaned against her hand as she kissed him back. His own hand moved into her hair. [b "So wbat does this make us?"] He asked quietly. Good god he had forgotten just what he lips had been like. Well what more was and he wanted to be reminded.
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 3d 2h 25m 28s
"With Randall's men watching, yes. And yet I feel bad for anything false...he is a friend, a book friend," she smiled ruefully.

From the table she could easily meet his eyes. She had forgotten how deep and beautiful they were. She kissed him back softly resting her hand on his cheek, running her thumb down his cheek.
  Iris / Socasm / 3d 2h 48m 41s
[b "Christ..and this was the best way? But I...I want to meet this Harold that ye said helped you."] He said, blue gaze locked on her. And when she said the second part, Jamie moved to her and kissed her. [b "I want ye to be with me.."]

Oh he knew it would not be that easy. But at least she knew what he was wanting.
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 3d 3h 4m 58s
"Harold spared me -twice even- and I used him. I tried to tell him that I don't usually get interested. He's a good man. I just...didn't want to alert them to you," Iris admitted looking down. "We're...I don't know...but I owed you the truth."
  Iris / Socasm / 3d 3h 19m 26s
Before he could ask, she dove into the night. Told him about Randall and what had happened. And his fist clentched at his side. His anger was boiling beneathe the surface.

[b "I'll bluidy kill him. Kill the both of them."] Jamie muttered.
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 3d 3h 27m 9s
Iris hoped on the stone slab looking to him with doubtful blue-green eyes. He was dutiful, she'd give him that. Admitting to the strange force between them that seemed to pull her in each time.

"I didn't tell you what happened with Randall, I knew what happened would be worse than the fight at the pub," Iris breathed before telling of the night. She didn't understand the guilt. "I had to."
  Iris / Socasm / 3d 5h 53m 25s
Blue eyes looked around the medicine room and he sighed. He was used to seeing Claie here. But the words from Iris caught his attention and he looked back to the young woman. She had to be close to his age. Or closer than Claire had been. Even got along better too.

[b "Honestly been thinking about that... It was hard to do and hard to say 'good-bye'.. But the feelings this time.. They werena the same as the last. It's different when with ye. Just I am not sure of the how.."] It took him a little to form those words and thoughts even. More because it confused even him.
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 3d 6h 21m 26s
"The Isaksen's went from traders to lawyers when they went to Louisiana. That's q three generation act there. My dad rebelled and studied culture anthropology," Iris shrugged. "That was a trick I learned when my grandpa was in a mood from his leg. Colum has...it's caused by weak genes from inbreeding. Poor man."

She turned to him after seeing Claire everywhere here. "I helped you make a terrible mistake...she should have stayed and married you...I'm like her but not her."
  Iris / Socasm / 3d 6h 35m 57s
[b "Ye both seemed to handle Dougal better than I thought. He was impressed with both.. Petra with her fearless and straight answers. And you with the book knowledge ye have. But be careful he has eyes and ears all over the place."]

That was what he was able to tell her in the few minutes he was able to go to the medicine room himself. He was getting something to help with one of wounds he had gotten when he saved Claire before sending her back.

[b "Still along way to go.. but think they are less suspicious of the two of ye."]
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 3d 6h 47m 40s
Iris didn't remove her hand until the end absorbing each feeling warmeth from him. Shr passed a smile to him when parting for bed with Petra. Tomorrow would be the first heroes trial.

In the morning Petra started the dance with Dougal answering with precise lawyer nature leaving Iris to answer the rest. The interest in books and documents seemed to help to a degree.

Iris glanced to Jamie before she went to the medicine room during the busy hour.
  Iris / Socasm / 3d 8h 37m 52s

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