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[b "So doesna sound much different than now.."] Jamie muttered quietly. But then blinked when the dance and outfits had been mentioned. [b "Legs...ask any of the men here."]

And he did give Iris a faint smile as she brushed both their arms and got back to work. He was about to go to the table but then his uncle called for a word.

[b "Aye, uncle?"] And slowly he made his way to the man.
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 1d 6h 42m 44s
"He did go to seedy places in France and enjoyed prostitutes. Women who did a proactive dance and showed legs...can't imagine that being sexy," Petra explained before she put down a stack of papers. "I don't miss this."

Iris touched arms and walked over to the table.

Colum entered the room. "A word, lad."
  Iris / Socasm / 1d 8h 26m 25s
At those words, a chill did run down the man's spine. His uncle had lived past his thirties, but even he and everyone else saw the decline in his health. That he was not the man he had been. Still firece and scary, but changed. Sometimes he caught himself wondering how much longer.

[b "So he in his way ended it? Or helped it along?"] Jamie was curious. And thier time was different than his.

[b "Can Can girls? What are those?"] He asked with a raised brow. But then he sighed at Iris. He had learned she was a stubborn lass. [b "Just be careful.."]
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 1d 8h 50m 22s
"He died in his thirties because of syphilis and alcohol. He wasn't a happy person," Petra filled in. "What? Luce loved the art. Had a huge piece on the wall of the Can Can girls."

Iris smiled to her before shaking her head. "I've done long shifts before. I can keep standing."
  Iris / Socasm / 1d 9h 9m 37s
Jamie sighed when she said that it was more a problem with how the man had been born. The too many generations of family breeding. But it made sense to him as they hardly went outside the clans . [b "And did this artist...have a long life?"] He asked slowly.

[b "Ye still look tired..so sitting is good. I can always bring the charts you have done over and ye can look those over again from here."]
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 1d 9h 56m 12s
"I watched something on this first advertisement artist. He had the same thing. Caused by too much breeding into the same family. The man must hurt a lot," Iris said in a soft tone. "I think...sitting will be good for a few minutes."

The waves of tiredness was lost to her but this was a stressful time.
  Iris / Socasm / 1d 16h 5m 15s
[b "He always was the more scholarly of the two. After his accident as a boy. Couldn't do what others could so figured would learn what he could."] Jamie said quietly. [b "Though he is always up for a game of chess as well."]

The young woman looked exhausted. More so than he could remember seeing her before. [b "Ye sure ye dona want a break?"] He asked as he knelt down so he could look her in the eye. He had learned her eyes told what her words and facial expressions did not.
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 1d 14h 53m 43s

"I haven't worked like this since I started at the police archives," Iris said with a tired smile. "I've had one interrogation and an actual conversation over an older poetry book with Colum."

She sat down on the chair with a moan. The strange wave of exhaustion annoyed the smaller woman.
  Iris / Socasm / 1d 23h 59m 17s
The faintest of smirks crossed Jamie's lips at her soft words. Lass never did stop surprising him. And he had to admit that was part of the charms and allure. Her cute doll-like physique another allure.

Iris and Petra proved to be clever. Using Colum's position against him the way they did. Jamie had given input where he knew it was needed and to keep his uncle's attention. He knew the man and could see it was working.

With the next few weeks they were kept on their toes. All the planning, charting and the likes. Dougal watched but on this day it seemed that they were alone. Trusted, which had Jamie a little weary. [b "Ye two are amazing at all of this."] He muttered and moved closer. God it literally had been weeks since they had any time alone.
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 2d 8m 13s
"I didn't think you stopped," Iris hopped down on her own. She smiled brightly at him more stunned at the desire. It was uncomfortable, too, but exciting.

She kissed his cheek before going up the stairs. At the next meeting she proposed the idea of working for true negotiations with Petra with their less important documents and affairs- she didn't expect it to work but it did.

For a week it was sorting, finding, sorting, charting under Dougal or another hungry man's eyes.
  Iris / Socasm / 2d 30m 10s
The fact that she reacted to his kiss and hand in the hair the way she had made him want more. To take her then and there. Only did that want and desire intensify when he own had came to be in his hair. Oh he knew that he had not forgotten what it had been. Those nights. And he often thought of them.

He had been about to give in when that damn thundering of a knock came. He had to all bit drag himself away, blue eyes going to Iris. [b "Still want ye.."] He whispered and held a hand out to her as they would he with Petra to see his uncle and for the "show" as it had been put.
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 2d 42m 12s
Iris wasn't one for urges unless it came to puzzles. The feel of his fingers and that kiss pulled something from the depths of her.

Kissing him back she moved one hand through his hair. She wouldn't fight the desire that rose. She almost thought it had been lost since she had left him to go back. God, she had missed this.

The thundering knocking sounded through the stones. "Show time, kids," Petra said through the door.
  Iris / Socasm / 2d 1h 17m 2s
[b "Aye, ye would be right. Takes more to get through this head, lass."] Jamie whispered, finding himself pulled closer to her as her legs wrapped around him. Not that he minded it. The problem was it was so very tempting to have her.

It was her words that had confused the highlander. [b "Amazing? And a service for a service?"] He asked, a hand moving into her hair as he kissed her. This one deeper than the last as it seemed his control was dangling by a thread.

He would find out what they had in mind. He was sure of that.
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 2d 1h 48m 18s
"Not that you'd listen to that." Iris wrapped her legs around him more before the idea came after he spoke. She did not think of using the position for her angle. "You're amazing...a service for a service."

She kissed him happily, Petra would enjoy this move.
  Iris / Socasm / 2d 4h 56m 25s
Jamie rasied a brow when she poked her. But a smirk was given as he did pull her closer again. [b "Was that meaning that I was supposed to let it alone?"] He asked her. This felt..well it felt right.

[b "Aye, limits tend to do that. But best be careful what ye ask him for. Me uncle keeps track unlike many. Comes with being the leader of the clan."] The man warned quietly. He had seen it done and even now sometimes it could give him nightmares.
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 2d 5h 28m 33s

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