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"No, you are crazy," Iris crossed her arms. She stared at him as if he grew another head. "Jesus Christ, You'll get a cold if you stay in there. What do you need me to do? To help with the mill..."

She understood the desire of the V of a man now, her cheeks turned pink at the thought.
  Iris / Socasm / 3h 14m 4s
The Dutch lawyer had him there. He was the impulsive one and a smirl did slip to his lips as her words. [b "Aye, I'll think of something."] Fact was, he had.

Traveling back to Lallybroch had not been the best trip. Dougal ended up with them and a wise bastard at that. Tried to take the control and Jamie stayes close to Iris. Protective of her and their charged air. Though he admittedly was amused each time Petra took her bite and subdued his uncle. Hardly anyone was able to do that.

Jenny and he had gotten into it on the second day. Well they hadn't stopped as his sister was furious for multiple reasons. He had stormed off to try and fix the mill, clothes to the side and now was in the ice water, only turning when he heard the words shouted to him. [b Nay, not crazy. Was tryna to fix the mill. Also won't be getting out until have a direct answer from ye. Will ye marry me?"]
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 3h 32m 21s
"I'm not the impulsive Scottish man just the tactful Dutch lawyer," Petra smiled in amusement.

Iris excepted the exhaustion to go away when the paper work ended. Dougal ended up traveling partway with them. She unconsciously stayed close to Jamie because of that despite the charged air.

Day two with Jenny didn't go well at Lallybroch. Seeing his clothes to the side by the mill she stepped to the side. "What the hell are you doing in there? Naked." She hadn't fully seen that in two months. God.
  Iris / Socasm / 4h 42m 48s
Her words helped him to understand a little bit better. She had seen divorces and running away. So to not like them...that would be understandable. The part that surprised him was that she gave the "I think so" as opposed to denying him as she did Patrick.

[b "Better luck there, how?"] Jamie asked her.
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 5h 9m 23s
"Probably doesn't like marriage. Happens with a nasty divorce...running out, I don't know..." Petra shrugged before flashing a smile. "She refused Patrick and that had been a year. I think so is an improvement."

Petra had an idea of the other half but didn't say. "Maybe Lallybroch will give you more luck."
  Iris / Socasm / 6h 4m 46s
Jamie looked at thw stack of pages that were held up. [b "Aye...I am more than aware. Nothing is ever set on wishes alone.."] The man said quietly.

Her reaction had him stiffen. Did she really not want to marry him? But before he could ask or say anything, Iris was excusing herself and he was left with Petra.

[b "Ye thoughts on all of this?"] He asked the older woman.
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 6h 23m 2s
"According to these marriage records when making a partnership it takes more than wishes. Witnesses on both sides," Iris held up a paper before the full meaning caught onto her.

One week and one quickie had been it physically but touching...that never stopped.

"I...I think so..." She said feeling her stomach twist together before the nausea surfaced. "Excuse me."
  Iris / Socasm / 7h 39m 11s
[b "He intends to make me marry. Has been tryna to for awhile now.. And knows me to have..How did ye put that? Interest in someone or caught me eye?"] Jamie asked quietly.

And he knew this was a very bad idea. But she was the one he wanted. Had been. And as exciting as their little escapades were, the man wanted to not have to hide.

[b "If I have ta marry... Iris, will ye be me wife? Dona wanta be married to anyone else."]
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 8h 39m 43s
Petra flashed a triumphant smile to Iris, Iris just rolled her eyes in response putting the hundred-year-old paper in a pile.

"That means he wants the deal and blood ties. Good sign, though, it means we can stop playing secretary," Petra said. "I won't be doing the marrying, though."

Iris shook her head. "Don't look at me, never had any intentions of that institute. So it worked then..."
  Iris / Socasm / 15h 59m 9s
There was something odd in what his uncle had said. Even odder in his actions. And he couldna ask about it. Because before he could, the man was saying how he needed to speak to Dougal.

[b "Christ.."] The man hissed and went back into the room.

[b "Now he apparently wants an arranged marriage.."]
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 19h 35m 48s
"Nay, canna enforce a marriage with power, but there is persuasion. It would in our best interest to have an alliance," Colum said despite wanting not say there was no choice. "I must speak to Dougal now."
  Iris / Socasm / 1d 36m 32s
Jamie could have very well said something ut the less he said the better. It was best to not wake the bear. And for the moment, the older man seemed to be in realitively decent spirits.

[b "Aye, I do.. would you be against my me choice?"] He was not going to tell his uncle until he had talked to the one he had his eye on. Iris.
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 1d 2h 37m 7s
"I cannae understand why a head of the family would send unmarried females to be messengers. Yet...my frazzled brother and documents I can find.." Colum smiled for a second. "I want a marriage arranged, doesna matter who. I suspect ye have yer eye on someone."
  Iris / Socasm / 1d 4h 7m 22s
Murtagh had been recruited to help with the charting and everything. Him knowing was actually beneficial because he could reach Colum in ways Jamie and the women could not. But as Petra had, he too passed the pair a glance. They might as well have it etched into their skin.

Jamie shot both Murtagh and Petra a quick glance and also one to Iris. But joined his uncle.

[b "We will try the best we can, uncle. Though may want to allow one of the lasses to help us as well."]
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 1d 4h 36m 50s
Petra gave her a side glance saying that they weren't that discreet. Murtagh apparantly had the same opinion.

Colum held onto the cane securely. "Ye, Murtagh, and Angus will be responsible for the travel to Edinburgh. I cannae force an alliance of blood between families, but if possible, have it happen. Allies are sparse...this family has connections and power."
  Iris / Socasm / 1d 5h 31m 30s

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