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((It’s cute

‘So do you still live in Korea? There’s a Korean family that just moved in next door.’

((Gotta go So if I disappear that’s why :/
I love you, forever and always! (☆^ー^☆)
  Julian / Kitten- / 7d 15h 52m 54s
( kura is dumb okay

He gave a small nod. [b That’s cool I guess.]
  Greyson / 7d 15h 55m 18s
((What does it look like lol

‘I’m German, actually. I speak English though. And German.’
  Julian / Kitten- / 7d 15h 56m 12s
[b It’s not. It doesn’t look right in my language. I’m from Korea. You?]
  Greyson / 7d 15h 57m 53s
‘Why? I think it’s cute. And anyways. Where do you live?’ Felix sat on his bed, biting his lip.
  Julian / Kitten- / 7d 15h 58m 49s
[b It’s not bad for me. There’s nothing you can do to help. And don’t call me that.]
  Greyson / 7d 16h 4m 5s
‘Why stop cutting? Because it’s bad for you.’ Felix bit his lip. ‘What’s bothering you, Kura? Can I help?’
  Julian / Kitten- / 7d 16h 5m 37s
[b Why?] He wasn’t very taught about the whole soulmate thing. [b I’m Hasekura.]
  Greyson / 7d 16h 6m 51s
Felix watched mew marks appear and translate into English. ‘Stop cutting yourself,’ he wrote. ‘I’m Felix. What’s your name?’
  Julian / Kitten- / 7d 16h 8m 29s
He got to his feet, searching to find a bathroom. He didn’t mind that it was bleeding. When he got the marker he wrote above the other marks, what?
  Greyson / 7d 16h 10m 31s
((It switches languages hahaha

Felix scrambled to the bathroom and found towels and gauze, wiping away the blood and then wrapping the injury.
  Julian / Kitten- / 7d 16h 11m 48s
( wait what

He blinked down at the marks now. They were changing. Then he recoiled, knife dropping from his hands.
  Greyson / 7d 16h 17m 50s
((Fuck you but I already thought of this so ha

As Felix watched, the marks began to morph into something different, in another language.
  Julian / Kitten- / 7d 16h 18m 47s
( just for that

Hasekura blinked. Something just appeared above it. He couldn’t tell what it meant. He was.. korean.
  Greyson / 7d 16h 20m 37s
Felix scrambled to his desk and grabbed a pen. “Stop!” he wrote, right above the cut, hoping to high heavens that his soulmate spoke English.
  Julian / Kitten- / 7d 16h 21m 36s

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