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( oh
( awww
( I don’t want you to leave me
( come back as soon as you can, my love
  Greyson / 226d 1h 2m 51s
((Gtg sry :/
Won’t be on for a bunch of the afternoon ;.;
But I love you!
Forever and always!
  Julian / Kitten- / 226d 1h 3m 17s
/It’s not a big deal. I was getting food./ He lied.
  Greyson / 226d 1h 5m 30s
‘How else do I get your attention? You stop writing back, I’m gonna think you’re in trouble.’
  Julian / Kitten- / 226d 1h 6m 20s
[b I didn’t do it to get your attention. I did it for reasons.]
  Greyson / 226d 1h 7m 10s
‘What, cut myself? You did the same thing.’ Felix drew a quick sketch of him rolling his eyes.
  Julian / Kitten- / 226d 1h 8m 2s
[b Do that. Don’t do that. Don’t do that to get my attention.]
  Greyson / 226d 1h 9m 20s
‘Don’t do what?’ Felix cleaned and wrapped the cut, wincing.
  Julian / Kitten- / 226d 1h 9m 53s
[b I just don’t like people. Thy stress me out. Don’t fucking do that.]
  Greyson / 226d 1h 10m 32s
‘It worked! Now answer my questions. :)’ Felix gritted his teeth, scrambling for more towels and gauze
  Julian / Kitten- / 226d 1h 11m 28s
( nooo

Hasekura jerked away from his pillow, glancing down at his wrist. [b Ehat the fuck.]
  Greyson / 226d 1h 12m 30s
Felix’s eyes fell on a pair of scissors on his desk. Wincing, he lifted them and dragged the blade across his wrist, stifling a pained cry. If that didn’t get his attention…
  Julian / Kitten- / 226d 1h 13m 7s
He continued to ignore it and he couldn’t see it. He wanted to cry.
  Greyson / 226d 1h 15m 31s
‘HASEKURA. ANSWER ME. NOW.’ Felix cursed. How could he get the guy’s attention?
  Julian / Kitten- / 226d 1h 16m 29s
He didn’t see it because he wasn’t looking. If anything, he felt worse than before.
  Greyson / 226d 1h 17m 19s

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