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((Let’s just drop it for now cause like Y’know it’s hard n stuff
  Julian / Kitten- / 103d 6h 47m 28s
( sure, if you want. Idrc much at all ahhahhahahahahahahahahahah
  Greyson / 103d 6h 50m 13s
((Do we wanna continue this or no? We can’t find a plot we like :/
  Julian / Kitten- / 103d 8h 34m 44s
( I literally don’t care. I have no preference what so ever. I neither like or dislike it.
  Greyson / 104d 4h 55m 8s
((You sure? Cause if you’re liking it we can keep going.
  Julian / Kitten- / 104d 4h 55m 49s

( you do you
  Greyson / 104d 4h 56m 31s
((Okay I’m gonna be honest this is just problem after problem and I’m not really liking it
  Julian / Kitten- / 104d 4h 57m 13s
:No, you’re fine. I’m just tired.: alors. Everything he said was a lie.
  Greyson / 104d 4h 57m 44s
‘Do you not like me? Am I annoying you?’ Felix pouted.
  Julian / Kitten- / 104d 4h 59m 36s
:Yeah. That’s apparent.: He sneered at his arm before sighing. He needed sleep.
  Greyson / 104d 5h 1m 14s
Felix smiled. ‘Thank you. I think I have a little anxiety ^^;’
  Julian / Kitten- / 104d 5h 1m 49s
He rolled his eyes. So needy. :Sorry. I’ll let you know next time.:
  Greyson / 104d 5h 3m 26s
((The spelling ahahaha

‘I just automatically get worried when someone stops talking to me :/‘ Felix wrote.
  Julian / Kitten- / 104d 5h 4m 58s
:Didn’t Knie i dneedex go let you know I was getting food:
  Greyson / 104d 5h 6m 18s
((I’m back for a bit :3

Felix relaxed. ‘Okay. But still you could have let me know.’
  Julian / Kitten- / 104d 5h 17m 33s

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