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He nodded and hugged her to him. He heard her and smiled, “A baron born in the colonies.”
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 10d 39m 30s
Brianna nodded and hugged her grandfather. Emily stood and did get her shawl. She had asked Jamie to meet her on the deck. [b "Holding up okay..? Murtagh said you aren't a fan of the sea and travel..."] Came soft words as she leaned over the side and watched the water. It took her a moment to decide how to tell him. [b "Why I asked you to join me...I..Jamie we're going to have a bairn.."]
  Emily / MourningGlory / 8d 18h 9m 25s
“The bairn will be fine.” Murtaugh assured her, “Let your ma tell your da tonight.”
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 10d 1h 34m 37s
Brianna was just five but she was a smart five year old. "How this going to affect baby?" She asked, looking at Emily with sparkling eyes.
  Emily / MourningGlory / 10d 1h 10m 52s
When they boarded the ship they had their own rations and paid for two cabins, Murtaugh and Fergus in one and He, Emily, and Brianna in the other.
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 10d 1h 58m 15s
[b "I know..but you are not alone.."] She said sotly. She knew it would be hard
  Emily / MourningGlory / 10d 2h 7m 7s
Jamie nodded, “I worry Sassenach.” He muttered. A new world...taking the dog and cat on the ship as well...this would be...difficult.
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 10d 2h 20m 48s
Emily's hand moved into Jamie's and she gave a gentle squeeze. She knew he was afraid. [b "It will be okay..and all of us will be together.."] She said softly. Jamie would find out about the bairn on the ship..
  Emily / MourningGlory / 10d 2h 29m 40s
“We...we will go...Murtaugh, you will return to Edinburgh and arrange passage?” He asked softly and Murtaugh nodded, “I already have done it, we leave in eight days time. I trust in why Claire wrote.”
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 10d 2h 43m 32s
[b "Or let Murtagh go...and we can join him later. If he's right...you'll be dragged into another war...And Fergus and Brianna need their da...I need you."] The young woman said softly.
  Emily / MourningGlory / 10d 2h 57m 42s
“But leave Scotland?” Jamie asked softly. He had done it once and went to France and buried a daughter there.
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 10d 3h 11m 58s
Emily kept Rollo close to her as she listened to Murtagh as the man spoke. It was a lot to be taking in. And her hand moved over her stomach. [b "I..we should do it.. And Murtagh you should marry..everyone deserves to be happy.."]
  Emily / MourningGlory / 10d 3h 21m 44s
Murtaugh spoke once the young ones were asleep. “You both know I’ve read Claire’s journals. There will be a war in 5 years...we should leave for the colonies soon to avoid it, go and visit your aunt Jocasta at River Run but Jamie...there’s something you need to know that I’ve never told anyone and I swear both of ye to secrecy. When we do go to River Run, Jocasta and Hector Cameron have a son, Jonathan....Jonathan is my son...Hector has passed now and if we go...I hope to marry your Aunt Jo.
  Jamie Fraser / Polkadotrocker / 10d 3h 50m 10s
Emily laughed softly and shook her head. [b "Fair point there, Fergus. It is also easy enough to remember."] She said as she held the pup close. Soon, they were heading back to Lallybroch with both Fergus and Brianna having fallen asleep.
  Emily / MourningGlory / 10d 12h 2m 18s
"Because he rolls over." Fergus said laughing at the dog.
  Jamie Fraser / polkadotrocker / 10d 12h 10m 25s

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