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Alexander was being beaten up by the kid, "P-please s-stop" The kid continued before hearing Marie and running off. Alexander laid there holding himself for a few minutes and walking out of the bathroom to yet again but this time into both of them, "AHHH!!!" He helps them both up and apologies and runs off again the beatings in the restroom was showing in places he couldn't cover as he muttered under his breath, "I need to tell but I can't be seen weak but I'm already seen weak" he took a longer path to class.

He kept thinking about what to do with the bullying problem and about how tomorrow his sister is expecting him to bring someone over. If he doesn't she might do something again, "Maybe I can ask the new kid... no not with her around she will kill me if I do" He stopped at the nurse's office and got his wounds covered and cleaned, "Thanks bye" he then ran to class.

Once there he sat back down and continued his work. His ears kept picking up people around him talking about him and his rumors. He sighed and just ignored them knowing that the abuse part was correct.
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[+brown "Amber Owens,"] Amber looked at the teacher one of the students seemed to notice her name. [+brown "And yes, I am new here.]

Amber whipped her head around fast at the boy. [+brown "Was that a threat? Cause you better pray to god that it wasn't one."] Amber saw Marie looking at the kid who had talked to her with a mean look as if she didn't even have to say the words [i back off.] Amber saw as Alexander was hit with a paper ball and a PJ sandwich. She gave the kids nasty looks as Marie smiled a bit. [+brown "May I be excused? I think I forgot something in my locker."]

After Amber was released from the classroom by the teacher, she immediately started following where she thought Alexander would have gone and saw him walk into the bathroom and knew she couldn't go in there. She sighed and turned back around until she heard something loud. She was about to go help when she heard Marie's voice from the hall across. She stopped and turned to see her friend right in front of her now, [+purple "I don't think you were told the right things about that dude."]
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 111d 3h 36m 42s
The teacher looked at her, "What do you mean you don't have a book miss... um, name please?" She was now confused, "Are you new here?" Alexander sees Marie and looked away quickly when she turned her head. he was scared but not by them. A boy behind Amber whispered into her ear, "That boy has rumors that say he is either Abused or suicidal and if I suggest it's best to stay away from him or you will be in the same level as him"

Once the boy was done he threw a paper ball at him and it hit in his face. the others were either reading or laying their heads down resting. the boy next to Alexander ended up slapping a PJ sandwich into his face and walking out of the classroom by the teacher's orders laughing, "Who cares about your homework it's for wimps" Once he was gone Alexander left to clean up. He sighed walking t the bathroom, "I hate my sister" Once he reaches the bathroom he was slammed by the kid, "You loser shouldn't have come to my bathroom"
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When Amber ran into him, she hadn't seen the mean look Marie had given him, or the small little push. [+brown "Why was he so..... afraid"] Amber asked Marie as they were walking down the hall and Marie was pointing out different hallways to her until she heard her question. [+purple "Who? Him? He is just. Shy."] Marie shrugged it off like it was nothing, just an ordinary object she passed by.

Marie had acted like it was just nothing, but Amber couldn't stop thinking about it. Marie and Amber walked into class, Amber sitting right beside her. She had spotted the kid from earlier, her thoughts coming back. [+brown [i Why did Marie shrug it off like its nothing. I'm not stupid.]]

Amber looked at the kid who had yelled and looked at him just before the teacher continues the lesson. Amber realized that she didn't have a book and raised her hand to ask for a book. [+brown "I don't have a book, ma'am,"] Amber said, looking at the teacher after she had been called on. [+brown "Do you maybe have any extras?"]
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Alexander walked by not looking where he is going and bumps into Amber hitting the floor. He holds his arm and quickly apologized as he walked around her quickly heading to his next class. once there he sat in the corner as he waited for class to start. The teacher was sitting in her desk reading as students quickly poured into the classroom. Alexander sighed as he yet again bumps into someone which wasn't his fault that the guy purposely moved there when he moved.

The guy laughed as he looked at him and did a sassy sentence, "Sorry freak I think it is right for you to be abused or even kill yourself" Alexander ignored him and pulled out the needed stuff from his bag, "You're forgiven" The guy grabbed Alexander's hair on his head and lifted him up, "What did you say?" Before Alexander could say a work a piece of chalk hit the guy's head and the teacher at the board waiting for him to sit down, "Sit down Greb jr. you are not bullying today understand me if I ever see you pick on anyone I will make sure you have triple the homework and heading to the principles office you hear me?" He growled and let go sitting down, "You're, lucky freak" The teacher started to teach what the lesson is going to be, "Ok class today's lesson is about Romeo and Juliet and what the story means..." everyone pulled out their books except for the new girl which he realized was across the room.
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Amber walked into the school to see kids all around her. She felt lonely but was immediately approached by a group of girls, who looked to be sort of try-to hards, who were accompanied by a group of guys. [+brown [i Must be the populars. Maybe they are nicer to kids here than at my other school.]]

Amber realized that she still had a few fans, even though she quit a few weeks ago. It was hard for her to focus on school and work. Main reason she moved to this school was to get away from her family wanting her to model for their own money benefit.

The group of people made their way to Amber with smiles on their plaid across their faces as if they were small children in line to get ice cream, [+pink "are you Amber Owens?"]

[+brown [i Wow, so much for an introduction,]] Amber thought to herself as she nodded her head up and down. She watched as the group smiled and whispered among themselves with the same giddy smiles. Finally, after one minute of whispering, a girl stepped up. [+purple "Hi. I'm Maria, but you can call me Marie! Sorry about my friends, they get a little weird when meeting someone new and famous."]

[+brown [i The leader of course.]] Amber thought as she saw some of the people walk away and towards a lone kid. Amber wanted to go over there, but felt a tug on her hand, [+purple "Let me give you the tour around this scummy place,"] the girl-Marie- said to her as she pulled tugged one last time before they both walked away.
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