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Amber laughed at the kid when Alexander hit him and directed a smile Alexander's way,"that was epic!" Amber looked at Alexander with a strange look when he started to apologize,"you don't need to, its all good." Amber was confused as to what he needed to pay her back for. It was such an odd thing to her to where the thought of thinking about it any longer kind of gave her a headache to think about. Amber smiled at the ball that had made it in for some reason.

She knew what would happen next, an entire team against the two best players, minus the coach Amber was getting ready until she heard what Alexander's next words. Amber looked a little confused but went along with it and hoped that Alexander was as good as coach really said he was. She knew he was better at planning than her, but the playing part was what needed to be determined. She thought that the two of them might play equally as good, but she also didn't know. Nor did she care. She didn't care about being the best like some people.
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it was the boy who spammed his pj sandwich into Alexander's face, [+darkgrey "Come at me if you can hotshot] Alexander taking this moment of revenge got him out with a ball to the head, [+blue "Do the sandwich again I dare you and next time I will go for your crotch when I get that sandwich and who would ditch Chocolate Peanut butter?"] The kid got mad and walked to the out field, [+darkgrey "Lucky B**ch"]

Couch was Already aiming for Alexander Attacking him and an unexpected time which he thought only to see Alexander had snatched Amber's only ball from her to block it before handing it back, [+blue "Sorry about that I will figure some way to repay you for that"] Couch growled, [+orange "Damn you're a lucky kid"] Alexander pointed at him picking up a ball, [+blue "Well game over couch we out number you two to one"] Couch smiled as he looked at him, [+orange "You played almost your whole team just like usual well played you played just like a king but yet still haven't gotten out once"] He throws a ball and hits the back board making it go into the basket, [+orange "But remember I'm good at getting my team in"] just as he said that his team rushes back to their side of the field, [+Blue "I expected that, You see I tricked you I didn't out play them I simply used them to help win and that is what I'm going to do"]
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Amber collected ball after ball, tossing some to other players on her team as she hit several kids. She had been getting up from collecting a ball when a ball was aimed right at her face, but she caught it just in time and smiled at the kid who looked shocked. Amber looked at the coach and swore to herself to wait. [+brown [i I just want to be the one to hit him so hard he won't realize what hit him.]] She started to dodge balls that were being thrown at her like no one had ever seen. Amber saw a ball in the air being flown like rainbow style and smiled as a ball was thrown at her. She swiftly dodged it as she caught the ball in the air and grinned. She aimed a ball at one of the kids and threw it with so much force to where the sound of the ball hitting this kid could be heard from everywhere in the gym. She tried to show an apologetic look, but she couldn't stop herself from grinning. Amber saw a ball flying right for one of the people she didn't recognize on her team and caught it before it even came up to them.

Amber glanced at Alexander and grinned, [i [+brown he has some skills.]] She looked back to see a faster ball than one of the students could throw being thrown at her as she moved out of the way just in time and looked to see who her enemy was.
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He chuckled,Y[+blue "You haven't seen how our couch does things around here but sure we will see"] The whistle blows and Alexander threw his ball hard enough and hit the first kid out. He runs back collecting three balls the couch was stretching as he waits, [+orange "Alexander why do you team up with your enemies that's my question"] Alexander laughed, [+blue "Hey I like to face you face to face but I can't catch a ball"]

Couch finally threw a ball and it hit the wall hard echoing the sound of it's hit, [+orange "Well now I guess I have to clean up after you" ] they both laughed at the remark couch made as they continued. Alexander threw a ball at couch and jumps over it, [+orange "Nice shot there"] Alexander ran back to the back of the line to get another ball as Couch's team takes more people, [+blue "Dang it couch why do you have to go for me?"] Couch laughs, [+Orange "Because you plan things correctly that can get me and my entire team out with breaking a drop of sweat"]
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[+brown "I can as well,"] Amber smiled, looking at Alexander,[+brown "I'm not as new as you might think."] Amber remembered the many people she had beaten. Thats why they didn't play dodge ball without arguments at her last school. The teams were always arguing about which team Amber was on. She had never gotten out and was always one of the last ones, if not the last one and always earned victory.

Amber looked at her team and compared them to the other. The coach would probably be the hardest, but they should be easy. She looked at Alexander and knew he was probably the best, other than her. She didn't want to test that though. She could tell by the way he planned out everything and thought. Amber felt was relieved that someone else on the team knew what they were doing and not just her this time. She glanced at the other team once again before looking right back at her own and making a statement. [+brown "Just let me do it, please. I promise I can.]
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Alexander smiled, [+blue "Good stay in the middle don't get hit we give newcomers here a survival chance for the first round"]
He then walked to the front of the group knowing where his placement is like he has been assigned there before multiple times, [+blue "Ok people we know the drill for newcomers give her some ball and shots"]
He pointed to the center of the defense section for basketball smiling, [+blue "it's Ok that will be your spot for now"]

The guy looked at him growling, [+red "OK hotshot what's the plan couch has chosen his team and it's not us"]
Alexander chuckled, [+blue "I need two people to take him out you will stick with me since you pointed it out who else wants to help me take couch out?"]
No one stepped up and that made Alexander a little upset, [+rblue "Look we need to win this if you don't want to help because I need those two distractions that couch will not realize what hit him"]
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[+brown "Nope, just your imagination,"] Amber looked back as she smiled a cute but devious smile and didn't even flinch. Bullies like this guy were nothing compared to what she had seen before stepping foot into this school. Amber saw Alexander's outstretched hand and took it, shaking it gently before pulling her hand back. [+brown "You probably already know, but whatever. It's Amber to ya. Don't worry, I might have glasses, but I'm not blind,"] she wasn't going to let anyone suffer the same fate she had seen before in her brother.

Amber looked at the guy that had stormed off and knew she could easily take care of a problem like him. She let a whisper out from under her breath that could only be heard if someone was close enough,[+brown "is it just me, or does that guy look like a rodent?"] Amber snapped out of her thoughts as she returned to reality. [+brown "I'm ready for some dodge ball already."] Amber sighed as she looked around a bit before returning her gaze back to Alexander.
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They looked at her cracking his knuckles, [b [+red "what was that dear? do I hear the words you need a beating?"]]
He was pissed as he looked down at her before Alexander butted in, [+blue "Look we need her to last long if you follow my plan correctly she will be able to throw a few shots off without being hit"]
He looks at her and holds out his hand, [+blue "Hello I'm Alexander I'm sorry about the two times the girl you are with are bullies and are the most popular kids in the school she pretty much picks on the weaklings like me but hey it's not my problem that the whole school hates me"]
The guy growled, [b [+red "Ok you off lucky next time you won't"]]
He walks off stopping on the ground leaving her with Alexander. He seemed confident about her but he doesn't think that she might bully him but he does at times.

He thinks, [I [+lightblue 'Good I will keep my sister out of it even though she was really the one who started it']]
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Amber sighed as she walked out of the classroom, halls flooded and everything. She hadn't seen Marie when she walked out of the classroom. She remembered that this was time for gym and smiled. She was known for doing sports in her last school. Any and every sport she loved. Heck, she could even play curling without getting bored.

Amber got to gym as she avoided some random dude once again from asking her out. She was starting to like this school until that last period struck. Amber was excited when she heard that they were playing dodge ball since she was the best at her school. She knew she might get picked last this time, but not next time. And as she predicted, she was picked last.

Amber looked at them with dark cold mean eyes. "Last time I checked, you people were the only freaks around here I've seen. And I have a name too you know. Maybe you should try learning it for once before I start calling you guys random names." Amber wasn't going to let them push people around like she had seen before. She wasn't going to be a bystander this time she had promised herself before showing up to school.
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Alexander walked into the classroom having more wounds on him as he sat down He continued to work muttering, "I don't need anyone having others is useless" He continued to work as more and more people surround him smiling and chuckling. Alexander was still calm during the commotion and the people were getting upset. They then start doing mean things to him before the bell ringed making it PE time for him. He quickly grabs his stuff and headed out of the room to the gum so he can do dodgeball.

He does enjoy it but not when He is the last to be picked for the game even though he is the best. This time it was different, he was the leader this time and first to pick. He looked at them thinking no one was as eager to join him that he can see. which was annoying so he started to pick out people. He looked at the other team after they had picked their last one and realized the last one was again the new kid, "I guess you can join"

The others behind him gave him a ball and walked away laughing, "Good luck freak Hey new kid come with us we are going to set the field" Alexander sighed and followed along not speaking to her and stopped when he got a tug, "HU?"
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Amber either had really good hearing, or Jack was very loud, but as soon as she heard him and Alexander was out of the room, she had a feeling it was going to be bad. As soon as she headed for the door, someone had an arm around her waist once again. [+blue "Might want to stay out of trouble princess."] Amber wasn't dumb, she knew what was going on. Marie or someone must have planned to keep her as far away from Alexander as possible. She was able to get free but was pushed towards the classroom. She knew it was no use, that she wasn't strong enough.

Amber looked around and sighed. [+brown [i Why me? Out of all people, and I'm the one.]] Amber sat down in her seat and waited, it was all she could do. She couldn't do anything else with herself. She saw as people looked at her and seemed to be watching her. Amber got up once again and saw the same guy. [+brown "Is a girl not aloud to go to the bathroom?"] Amber asked the question as if the guy was keeping a secret from her.
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The guy chuckled, "Oh come one I know you want too" he was trying his best on attracting her but realized that he isn't and he backed off, "Ok fine I will let you go” Alexander was still being calm as people continued to try to get him to fight back. He stood up and walked out of the class to see Marie waiting and just snuck right by hopefully she didn’t spot him. He walked to his locker and opened it looking around for rummaging through his locker and heading back to class. A kid tripped him and he looked up and knew exactly who it was, “Oh hey jack sorry for tripping over your shoes” Jack smiled, “I’m not here for that”

He kicked him back down and started to beat him up again. He growls, “You worthless piece of garbage you don’t do nothing with your problems and that’s why it makes you an easy target” He stopped and walked away as Alexander looks at him, “I think the situation first and how I’m going to handle it but I don’t need anyone’s help even if it takes away my friends so go away”
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Amber had sat with a bunch of kids at lunch who all seemed interested in her. She was relieved that no one had asked her out yet. Her mom would be disappointed, but her mom wasn't around to judge her this time. Amber had gotten into the classroom and was relieved to see that Marie wasn't around. She thought of her as a friend, for now at least, but she needed a break from that girl sometimes.

Amber saw Alexander and felt sort of bad for him as flashbacks from earlier came back to mind. She shivered as the thought left her mind as quick as it came. She saw Alexander and almost went to go help him until she was being pulled into a hug that she couldn't seem to get out of since she wasn't as strong. She heard the question and smiled a bit wildly, knowing she was going to set this guy up for humiliation, until she looked up and saw his face. "Depends who is asking." She tried to wiggle free a bit more but decided it was no use and that maybe this would make it easier for this guy to trust her. He is kind of.... nope, don't even think about it. Amber knew that now that Marie wasn't around, guys were probably going to start hitting on her more.
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Time skip
it was lunchtime and Alexander just sat in his classroom eating what he had and watched the time, "Ok 20 more minutes till lunch was over" He continued to eat until it was 5 minutes. Once he had put the food away, he started the classwork quickly. He had everything down when the class filled up and he yet again sees Amber but not with the other one but the same things happen again the kid next to him stepped on his foot and he looked at him shaking his head, "I don't feel there anymore" He then kicked his shin and he screamed in pain, "OW!!" He then fell onto the ground as he held his shin.

He then got up and sat back down staying neutral as everyone around him tries to start a fight with him. Alexander was able to resist so much pressure around him that it felt like he had done this million times. His cool was like stone hard to break as he is continuously bullied. a guy behind Amber was trying to get her attention and ended up hugging her, "Hey dear why don't we go on a date hu?"
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Amber started to apologize to Alexander just before she got a mean look from Marie shot her way. A look of confusion and slight horror came when she saw Alexander's face as memories of her brother being beaten every day for no reason came to mind. She froze in memory until Marie started shaking her a bit. [+purple "Amber, are you okay?"]

Amber thought for a second and knew she must be hanging with the wrong crowd already; [+brown [i I gotta give her a chance though.]] After Amber looked at Marie during their silence period, she finally spoke up, breaking the silence. [+brown "Why did you follow me?"]

[+purple "I didn't want you to get lost, and I needed to stop you from getting into [i his] drama."]

Another moment of silence until Marie spoke up, [+purple "I need to tell you something about that.... guy."] Marie had to stop herself from calling him freak. Marie told Amber lies about how he had bullied her and made fun of her as they started to walk back to class. Amber knew she didn't believe her for one second and made a goal to see what he is really like.
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