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She licked her lips smiling, [+yellow "So you try to bribe me with a deal so tempting... sure deal but now you have a bigger problem"] She holds up a ring, [+Yellow "You will now have to marry me"] Alexander's eyes widened as he backs away. She sat there chuckling, [+Yellow "A deal's a deal"] Alexander opened his mouth to protest but closed it in fear of hi getting hurt.

She smiled waiting for her response she was smart but yet she knows when and how to strike. She shook the ring laughing, [+Yellow "Next time pull up restrictions before you make a deal"] She pulls her close before kissing her deeply, [+Yellow "I will greatly enjoy this"] Alexander walks into his room and shuts the door locking himself in knowing that she had lost and there, [+blue "Another failer to rescue me sad how many had ended in the same fate"]

She smiled as she examined her body, [+Yellow "Sadly I'm not as interested as I used to goodbye"] SHe holds up a danger she hides in her boot and Alexander blocked it with his wing, [+blue "No I will not let another one die"]
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Amber looked at Cad before he left and thought to herself, [+brown [i coward.]] Amber heard her next words and smiled, [+brown "you might have to try a bit harder than that."]] Amber gave wanted to give Joy a taste of her own medicine for talking to people like that, especially her brother. She didn't understand how people could be so cruel towards their family when they did nothing to them.

Amber was getting angry and upset. There wasn't a thing she could do anymore. If she did, she would just be putting Alexander in danger. She sighed,[+brown "how about instead of arguing we make a bit of a deal."] Amber sighed as she thought to herself, [i [+brown I can't believe I'm saying this or even offering this.]] She looked at Joy and tried to hide the anger behind a calm face, [+brown "I'll do what you want for a while, but there is a condition."] Amber looked from Alexander to Joy before speaking again, [+brown "you have to leave Alexander alone. Thats my offer, take it or leave it."]
  Amber Owens / cookiecookie524 / 98d 10h 29m 59s
Joy sighed shaking her head, [+Yellow "If you don't come back he will be in more in pain thanks to you"] She knew what herself was more able to kill her brother, [+Yellow "Or I can kill him"] Alexander was hiding behind her thing about his wings which appeared behind him, [+blue "Come on sis don't kill me"] Cad was already gone and the door swung shut. She laughed, [+Yellow "I will deal with him later for being such a greedy freak if you haven't suspected I paid your friends to make you bad against him but I guess I got to cut their pay as well"]

Alexander covered her a little seemingly ready for whatever his sister has in store for her, [+blue "S-sister I-"] She roared, [+Yellow "I told you not to call me that"] He sat there now quiet scared to even speak to her. She smiled, [+Yellow "Don't think I'm joking my friend"] Alexander covered her allowing her to see Joy but not letting her do anything else but speak.
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Amber looked at Joy with serious eyes, [+brown "it is my business since he is my friend."] She wanted to say more to Joy just to tick her off, but she decided against it. She didn't know how much she was capable of and didn't feel like testing it out to see the answer. She went over to Cad to make sure her friend wasn't hurt, not caring what Joy thought.

Amber looked at Joy with eyes of rage when she slapped Alexander. Amber wanted Joy to feel the pain she had just caused Alexander for some reason. A feeling she hadn't felt in a while. [+brown [i I'm not sitting on the sidelines this time]] Amber thought to herself as she went over to Alexander to make sure he was alright. [+brown "If you touch either one of them again, I'll walk out that door and you will never see me again,"] Amber told Joy through an angry and threatening look. She knew she was pushing it now, but what else was she going to do? Watch her friends go through pain as she sat in luxury with Joy, not in a million years.
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Joy chuckled, [+yellow "Why should I answer that it's not your business"] Alexander sighed, [+blue "You will see him in a few days so don't worry but he will not be fine"] Cad broke out of the room, [+red "You do not lock me in there"] She chuckled, [+yellow "Oh yeah right scared of the dark?"]

Alexander shook her head, [+blue "Don't kill him like last time sis] She slapped him, [+yellow "Don't talk to me like that"] He held his cheek and his hand was in what seems to be holding a dagger or sword, [+blue "As I said do-"] She slaps him again, [+yellow "I'm sorry but what was that?"]

He growled but just sat there doing nothing. She chuckled as she looked away, [+yellow "That is what I thought anyhow back to what I was saying I will make sure you stay out"] She holds up a fist as she looks at him with a threatening look. He backs away, [+red "N-now, now there is no need to fight"]
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Amber looked at Joy one last time before going inside of the house. She tried not to look at anyone and just looked down since she knew if she looked at anyone there, she would probably give them a suspicious look. She perked up when she heard Cad being dragged away by Joy into another room. [+brown "Is he going to be okay?"] she whispered to where anyone could barely hear it.

She thought about leaving for a second when Joy didn't come back with Cad. [+brown [i How was Alexander used to that? Shouldn't he be worried for his friend? Scared maybe? What does he mean by "there goes another one?"]]

[+brown "I'm not answering anything until you tell me what happened to Cad,"] Amber demanded, looking at the both of them with a bit of a worried but strange look. She was confused and worried, but not scared. Scared was beyond the last thing she felt now. She had a feeling she was safe from Joy for now, but she didn't really want to test her luck too much either.
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Alexander sighed as Joy nods and took her hand, [+Yellow "Yes that is me, Joy Sin Angle, please forgive my motions and come in"] Alexander was inside already and Cad followed him whispering to him, [+Red "Hey what is up with your sister?"] He chuckled, [+blue "You know she has sensitive hearing?"] His eyes widened, [+red "Wait, what?!"] Joy grabbed him and dragged him into a separate room. After 5 minutes she walks out without him, [+yellow "Ok don't worry about him"]

Alexander sighed shaking his head, [+blue "Welp there goes another one"] She chuckled as she knows what he meant, [+yellow "I'm not sorry about it"] Alexander sighed, [+blue "So what do you play Amber?"] Joy was watching her deeply with a large smile as she listens intensely. Alexander pushes her away, [+blue "Joy this is my friend I rather you do not scare her away... like the last several"] She shot him a look and he backs away, [+blue "N-nevermind"
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Amber was surprised by the sudden turn of events that had just happened, but she tried not to think of them much even though there was no avoiding the thoughts and she knew it. Amber felt a little bad for the other kid. It wasn't her fault really that she like her better. As soon as this girl hangs out with her though, she probably won't want to. But you never know. Amber gave him a small apologetic smile before turning to Alexander's sister. [+brown "And you are Joy, isn't that correct?" ]

Amber smiled as she observed the older girl,[+brown [i she's definitely stronger, I don't know about faster. That would probably be my best bet if it came down to it.]] Amber looked at Alexander with a slight worried look when Joy looked away for a split second. Amber held out her hand to introduce herself, eve though she kind of didn't want to,[+brown "I'm Amber Owens,"] she said through a smile. No matter how bad she wanted to say something mean to her face, she held herself back knowing it would be stupid to try and pull off something like that. She would most likely loose that fight before it even began.
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Alexander chuckled, [+blue "heh Yeah that's my question I asked her several times but she wouldn't answer me] He motioned them to follow and head off to his house. the kid chuckled, [+red "I'm Cad] He took a left, right straight for a while then a right and left and they were there] His house wasn't big but it wasn't small, [+blue "Well we are here"] He walks to the house and opens the door only to get kicked out of the house, [+yellow "I told you to... oh you did sorry about that"]

Alexander groaned, [+blue "Really sister OW"] She growled, [Yellow "Hey, at least you did as you asked"] Alexander growled as he got up, [+blue "Yeah"] He walks in ad joy spots the two, [+Yellow "They both are cute but I will love the female"] Alexander's eyes widened as he almost laughs and the kid got mad, [+red "WHAT?!"] She chuckled, [+Yellow "Yep you're cute but she outmatches you"] Alexander sighed, [+blue "Get used to it but she will find out later"]
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Amber sighed,[+brown "I guess I'll come."] What else could she do? Go to her house which had no one home for her to see or tell her what happened today was just a mistake and everything could be okay. Amber looked at him,[+brown "and its fine I guess. Just.... don't do it again."] Amber heard the other kid and looked at him weirdly,[+brown "okay then. What's your name anyways?"] Amber took off her glasses since they were hurting her eyes too much. She didn't even need them, but she always wore them anyways. After a minute, she put them back on. Even though her eyes hurt, she still continues to wear them.

[+brown "Wait, isn't your sister older than all your classmates or whatever? Why is she hitting on them when she could go to another school or something?"] Amber was actually confused. Why would someone's sister want to flirt with their brother's friends? If her brother would have done that, she would've never talked to him and their relationship wouldn't have been a sweet one.
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After school was over Alexander walked to her, [+blue "Sorry about that I was just being precautious with you and I might have almost sliced you in half if it wasn't that kid if there is anything you want e to do I can make it up to you"] The kid walked behind him, [+red "Well for one, you threatened both of use and two who are your hunters?"] Alexander sighed, [+blue "Well My sister wants me to bring over a few friends so you want to come and I will explain everything there on how this started why I'm dripping blood on the ground whatever your questions are I will answer them"] THe kid chuckled, [+red "Heh sure why not"]

Alexander waited for Amber to answer and sighed, [+blue "It's your choice but no promises that she will hit on both of you"] he again waited for his answer and the kid perked up, [+red "I'm fine with that your sister is hot anyhow"] Alexander chuckled, [+blue"Ok so he's fine with that"]
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Amber looked at Alexander with eyes of true terror when he put his fist up on her neck, causing her to completely freeze like she was solid. Amber didn't even hear what the two kids had to say, she was just in her own world and memories as everything happened around her. After she had been dragged away, she finally moved again as she felt her neck for whatever he may have done while she was frozen solid. Nothing. She let a sigh of relief escape her mouth as she looked at the gym. Her mood was killed, there was no way she was playing dodge ball and something that triggered her emotions like this happened, she made a kid knock back into the wall and gave them a black eye since the ball landed in their face. She used the excuse,"I need to figure out where my next class is." It wasn't easy, but she got away. She escaped to the back of the school to concentrate on the past events until the bell rang.

Amber traveled to her next class and was thankful to see no one she knew, even though they knew her all to well. Amber sighed as she sat through the class, telling some guy to stop looking at her and annoying her with notes and taps on the shoulders. It was better than some of the classes she already had in the past few hours to her.
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When Alexander saw movement he pinned her to the wall with a fist to her neck but not touching her, [+blue "Why do you follow me?"] The kid was afraid of what might happen and pulled Alexander away, [+red "Dude calm down it's not like she's going to kill you"] Alexander looked at her growling, [+blue "Still I had the abilities hidden from my hunters but if she's one and tries to attack me I won't hesitate to slice her in half same goes for you but I'm sorry for pulling that to you because of reasons"] there were a bright flash and a female was behind him, [+Yellow "So I see you shared our Secret Alexander Sin Angle What did I say about that?"] Alexander walked away not saying a word dragging them away from her, [+blue "Don't worry that's my sister"]

Alexander dragged them back into the gum and continued to play as if nothing happened. After gum was over he disappeared grabbing all his things. when the next class started he didn't see anyone else that he knew or even respected but everyone stayed away from as best as possible.
  Alfa279escaped / 104d 13h 55m 21s
Amber threw about 6 balls which hit played on the other side as she caught some also. She had gotten 9 kids out before all the chaos happened. She looked at what the kids were looking at and whispering about and kind of smiled when she saw what happened to Alexander, even though she had no clue why.

Amber saw the kid that had called him a freak follow him, making her follow as well. Some of her team members looked confused at the entire situation, she ignored everyone's reactions as she walked past them. What she had seen didn't shock her too much for some reason, but it made her feel weird thinking about it. She followed silently and hid behind the small corner that was there as she listened. No matter what this kid was going to say to him, she still wouldn't trust him. She listened in on the conversation, and almost fell but ended up catching herself right before she did. Amber was able to make her breathing silent as she stayed right where she was, waiting for something to happen. Almost wanting to dare that kid to do something.
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Alexander runs back to the end of the basketball court and ran forward throwing a ball really hard and hitting the back of the hoop. Later getting Couch and two kids out with three more, [+orange "Damn it, kid"] Alexander smiled as he thinks of something and sneezes and wings appeared, They were white and were extremely large the seem to allow him to fly. Everyone stopped to look at him and Alexander looked at them confused, [+blue "What?"] They pointed at him indicating his back and he looks behind him to see the wings, [+blue "Sh*t, Couch may I use the restroom?"] Couch nods slowly and Alexander runs out of the room as if those wings didn't have weight.

The kid that called him freak followed him, [+red "Hey wait up"] Alexander looked at him, [+blue "Y-yes s-sir"] He backed away slowly in fear of the kid going to hurt him. He sighed, [+red "No, no, it's fine how did you have those hidden?"] He chuckled, [+blue "Th-They are not hidden they are magic the wings appear when I think about them and or danger I can't fly though"] He was still keeping his distance from him in case of anything. The kid frowns, [+red "cool but stop backing away"]
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