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Amber walked out after washing her hands up a bit and cleaning up, which did take long for her. [+brown "So am I supposed to hold my breath and start counting now or should I do it later?"] Amber didn't like to hold her breath like kids did when they were doing competitions. She had anger issues once and didn't know how to control it. One of the many techniques was to hold your breath for as long as you can while you think over whatever it was that you were getting mad over. She learned to control her anger obviously, but she still used the technique even though she hated it.

Amber suddenly felt as if her emotions hit her hard, almost as hard as the lack of sleep. [+brown "Are a boost of emotions one of those side effects?"] Amber started to look around, even though she didn't know what she was looking for. [+brown "And do you maybe have somewhere I can rest or something because I feel tired and a bit. I don't know, dizzy maybe the right word."]
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He chuckled looking at the book that he gave her, "You have to be really strong and high mana storage to use those two, for example, us magicals we will have about 1000 storage points. Pretty much how long you can hold your breath and multiply that by 50 I can hold my breath for 200 minutes. Your breath-holding will increase from the potion."

he got up his entire plate was dry and he placed it at the sink. He walked into his room and walked back out with something that seemed to be a handle of some sort. he placed it on the table, "This is what you use if you have a spell that creates weapons... Well if you're new to it."

He held out his hand and the light bent and mended into a sword, "Sadly I can hold it well even though I got my magic 5 years ago which this was my first spell."

Alexander swung the light sword round, "You will have to rest a lot do to the spells taking up specific amounts of mana and once that runs out your life force."

He lets go of the bright sword and it disappeared before coughing up blood, "and sadly I did use up a little bit too much earlier."
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 89d 20h 24m 40s
Amber gave the book a stare as well, but wasn't intimidated by it. [+brown "Well then am I supposed to take a nap or something?"] Amber didn't like to be asleep near people, but she tried to remind herself that she can trust Alexander. Amber wasn't listening until he said something about her evil part. [+brown "Thats not going to be good. I better not have teleportation or super speed or something,"] Amber knew what she would do if her evil side was released. She would go straight to where her parents were. To give them what they deserved. To make sure they knew how her brother felt. She didn't want to do that though. She wasn't a violent person like her parents were.

[+brown "You know, your really nice to have after the fact,"] Amber muttered through a small smile as she felt sick. She immediately hoped up and got to the bathroom just in time to use the toilet to barf. It was rough for Amber, but after a few minutes, she felt fine.
  Kate / cookiecookie524 / 89d 22h 15m 2s
He watched as she drank it down, "Um, I wouldn't drink it so quickly. If you do you'll probably mess up the side effects."

He found and opened his potion book, "Oh... Whoops, forgot about that. Um... Prepare to barf you're not supposed to eat before drinking it."

He knew he messed up, "Sorry, I forgot about that effect."

He looked at the book and reads it more. He was reading the page that had the potion. The book didn't seem that odd except for the moving eye on the front cover that seems to stare at her studying her with her every move the rest of the book was made out of brown leather and that the red leather strap kept it shut.

"Oh... Yeah, okay, so the side effects are sleepiness for an hour um... Feeling pain fr 5 minutes Um..." He looks at her then back at the book, "Uncontrollable bursts of your magic for the time you feel sleepy. This will include your evil side, Constant feelings of burning due to you separating from your evil side so don't freak out. Um... You will most likely have an allergenic break out from the flowers... Most common is sneezing and coughing pretty much like spring and that is the first few minutes."

He closes the book and tied the strap down frowning looking at her, "To be honest I don't remember those side effects."
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 91d 19h 15m 50s
Amber continued to eat as she heard him explain. When he said the last part, she didn't know if she had proven to him that she trust him and that he could trust her. A friendship without trust always breaks with her, even though she has never had a friendship with complete trust. She was always the one that didn't look out for herself, and her money that she made. It was one of the main reasons Amber quit her job. None of the money she was making was going to things like her and her brother's college. It was always going to her parents for party time, or her friends when her parents gave her money to give to them.

Amber looked at Alexander, [+brown "you haven't given me a reason not to trust you yet, unless I'm missing something here."] Amber continued to eat as well, leaving a few things on her plate since she had a small stomach. She was sure that as soon as she had that potion though, all the food would get ate.

Amber took the potion willingly and took it down like it was nothing.
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He looked at her chuckling at her question, "Of course you can I was the same way."

He smiled as he took a bite, "I'm glad you liked it."

He continued to eat until there was nothing left and placed it onto the counter. He then headed into a room and pulled something out and handing it to her, "Drink his mana potion you should feel an energy boost afterward but the energy boost feels more like a sleepy boost"

He then sat down sighing, "Also you will feel very hungry that is why you have an extremely large plate filled to the brim"

He knew what he was doing but it took him forever to make that potion. His parents gave him and his sister to jump-start their mana production in them when they were old enough. He smiled looking at her, "I will never harm a friend so drink it"

He knew from the start that he made enough to feed 6 people but that is how hungry he gets, "If you don't trust me I will tell you this that potion will jump-start you mana production in you and that is why you get tired but if you eat the food that I have prepared which is pretty much enough to feed 3 people then you will have full mana maybe more"
  Alfa279escaped / 94d 12h 56m 28s
Amber smiled, [+brown "I like pretty much love all food."]

Amber waited patiently. She wished she could have helped, but her cooking skills sucked. She had tried to learn from a young age with her aunt, but it never worked. Amber watched from behind the counter as she always did when someone was cooking. Amber was always told the best way she could help was by not getting into the way, so thats how she always helped around the kitchen, and sometimes out of the kitchen as well.

Amber sat down and looked at the food with delightful eyes. She was fast to pick up her fork and take a bite of the food and... wow. She couldn't explain how good it was. The taste was good beyond words. She looked up at Alexander with a smile, [+brown "this is probably the best thing I have ever tasted."] Amber continued to eat until he asked about her career. She completely froze. She didn't want to talk about it yet, but it seemed like there might not be another time to tell him, [+brown "I was a model, but I quit."] Amber wasn't going to explain any further, not yet at least.

Amber looked at the book, inspecting it a bit [+brown "are you sure that I can?"]
  Molly / cookiecookie524 / 95d 22h 50m 44s
Alexander nods, "Ok I hope you like this."

He started cleaning a few dishes and then started cooking. it seems like he had lost fo practice as he shuffled the pans around and mixed it. He diced and chopped peppers, onions, tomatoes, and some potatoes. He would then slide them into the pan mixing them well before heading to the fridge to pull out some eggs. Once a timer goes off he broke and poured the eggs into the pan and yet again mixing it. He waited some more before plating the food and setting up the table

"Here you go, foods ready," He placed the plates onto the table and sat down.

He waits for her to sit down as he smiled hoping that she liked it at least.

"So I'm happy that I have you as a friend, so, what do you do for a living?" He asked.

He didn't seem to know who she was for some odd reason. He poked the food with his fork and ate it all up knowing that this may be more than a simple fight. He held up a book and tossed it to her

"She planning something so best to practice some magic" He smiled
  Alfa279escaped / 95d 23h 53m 54s
Amber found herself blushing slightly as she looked at him before looking away a bit, [+brown "yeah, I'm fine, I'm glad to see you are to. And its fine, don't worry about it."] Amber heard his next question and didn't know how to answer it at first, but then opened her mouth to speak, [+brown "she jumped out the window and said she would be back later, but not in the nice way. There was something... off."] Amber looked at him, [+brown "you don't need to apologize, you saved my life, apologizing is the last thing you should be doing right now."]

Amber looked at Alexander and was immediately caught up in her thoughts. [+brown [i I know what your thinking, and stop thinking it.]] All Amber could do was smile, [+brown "you look great."] Amber couldn't help but notice how much she loved his eyes. Amber just realized how hungry she was as well when Alexander asked the question, [+brown "I'll have whatever. It doesn't matter to me."]
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As she bumped into him, he caught her before she hit the ground, [+purple "Are you OK and um... I'm glad you are ok"]

He sighed looking away blushing since he caught her, [+purple "S-sorry about that I didn't want you hurt"]

Alexander looked at her before looking around, "So where is Joy?"

Alexander looked back at her, "So I used too much mana when I fought her, sorry about that"

He stood there looking down as his white shirt and grey pants, [+blue "SO what do you think?"]

He chuckled as he realized he was hungry and his stomach roared for food. He blushed as it again roars, [+darkblue "So um... do you want anything to eat?"]

He heads for the kitchen as he looked back at her waiting for her answer. He was slim and tall this was her first time taking a good look at him. His face held diamond colored eyes that shifted slightly to what he was doing. the back of his shirt read "I love you". his shoes were one of the rare versions of it where it had gold on the sides, [+darkblue "SO what would you like me to make for you?"]
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Amber had been waiting fr so long that she decided to get some fresh air right outside the porch, leaving her glasses right next to Alexander. She ended up falling asleep, her head in her knees as she did so.

[i Amber was back in Texas with her parents being as happy as they could be. She hated these moments at home, when it was as if everyone was fine without her brother. Everything was alright, or seemed to be. Amber as listening to music on her phone while sitting on the couch, waiting for her brother to get home from school as she always did. But as soon as she heard the door open, she stood up, eyes wide open with a heart dedicated to just protecting her brother.

But it was different this time when he came home. He didn't seem to have any new scars. Amber had always wished she could stop them from happening, even when she was in a different school. Amber had excellent vision, but not a good enough eyesight to see what he had in his hand. He ignored their parents screams and yells and just walked over to Amber, giving her a hug. [+brown "Jeremy? Whats going on?"] Jeremy ignored her questions and just hugged her for another minute until he was pulled off by her father. Amber started to kick at her Mother, who was holding her back. Screaming for her to let her go until she realized what was in Jeremy's hand. Jeremy was kicked to the ground, blood seen on his face until, and continued to be kicked until her father noticed the same thing she did earlier. Amber fought harder but couldn't do anything. She knew it was too late when she heard the words [+gray "I love you Amber"] escape his mouth before a loud boom was heard.]

Amber woke up to someone calling her name. [i [+brown Wait, is that Alexander?]] Amber stood up and went back inside the house as she rubbed her eyes a bit and bumped into Alexander, falling to the ground. [+brown "Glad to see your awake."]
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After a few hours, Alexander woke up holding his head, [+darkblue "OW my head"]

He sits up as he thinks, [I [+darkblue "What happened?"]]

He tries to stand up but stumbles, his lime-green headset lays there broken in two. He then looked around to see if he got Joy and if Amber was alright. He didn't see Amber or Joy so he thought, [I [+Darkblue "Damn it she got her... I will call out in case"]

He called out, [+darkblue [I "AmBeR?"]

He was scared and if it was this feeling of loneliness he would have spoken straight but that wasn't the case. He stumbled around the house looking for her. He called once again, [+darkblue "AmBeR?"]

He stepped into the messy kitchen that the sister had left for him and he grabbed himself some medicine that the doctor prescribed so he can stable himself after using all of his mana. Once he was stabilized he called out yet again, [+purple "Amber?"]

He continues to walk around as he continued to call out her name
  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 96d 18h 6m 57s

Amber watched everything, not knowing what she could do in this situation. Amber looked at his cut to see if she needed to help with it after this was over. [i If] they got out of this. Amber had no clue what was going on around her and tried to find ways to help, but found none. Amber was beyond relieved when she saw that Joy had left and sighed.

Amber went to Alexander fast as soon as she realized he had passed out. [+brown "Alexander?"] Amber tried to shake him awake as she continued to say his name. After it didn't work the first few times, she started thinking about what Joy might do to them and stopped trying to get him up for a second, but then she went back to doing what she had been a minute ago. [+brown "This is all my fault isn't it?"] Amber asked herself, taking a break for a minute to see if he would just wake up on his own, taking off her glasses as she did so. [+brown "That feels so much better,"] Amber said as she rubbed her eyes a bit.
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Joy growled and slashed at his back cutting straight down, [+Yellow "Sadly yes if only I get mad at them"] Alexander fell onto the ground before getting back up his cut was deep but healed quickly, [+blue "Ow that hurt"] a bright flash happened and he strikes with a bright light the dagger and her arm were sliced but not cut off. She then went to stab him, Alexander blocked with his whatever light thingy he was using and it broke, [+Yellow "N-no where are you... You're music!?"]

Alexander had headphones on his head his movements and emotions were matching with whatever kind of music he is listening to. Joy ran and jumped through a window, [+Yellow "I will be back"] Alexander stumbled before falling backward passing out.

Place: Unknown
Location: Iowa

Joy walks up to three people paying them with a large stack of money, [+Yellow "Split it and kill him and her"] She tosses a photo onto the table and they look at it nodding and walking off.

  Alexander Angle/ A.A / Alfa279escaped / 97d 23h 58m 32s
Amber had to admit, as much as she hated to do so, Joy was smart. Out of all things, she didn't expect that to be the one thing that she would want. There was no hiding her disgusted look now and she knew it. Amber was speechless, she couldn't even react to anything other than with her emotions. She wanted to follow Alexander instead of being with Joy, but she was pulled into that kiss and froze. The moment brought a flash of memory that vanished from her mind as soon as it came.

Amber didn't have much time to notice what was going on, but she didn't need to. Amber saw Alexander and couldn't control herself when she hugged him. She just noticed that a life time of events happened within 5 minutes. [+brown "If thats how you date people, I don't want to know how they kiss a mouth like yours,"] Amber muttered to Joy while still hugging Alexander, feeling safer with him. She barely even realized she was hugging Alexander for the longest time and let go once she did.
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