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Alexander moved into Freedom, Iowa with his big sister Joy. Everything started good until he started to bring friends over. Joy being 18 flirted with his older friends making them uneasy being there. She was upset that his friends stopped coming so she did punishments to him for not bring one over. The first month was easy usually a slap. Then the second month was bruises that cover him. The third month he was appearing with cuts over his arms and it got worse but she didn't kill him or hurt him bad enough to not go to school. The staff got worried when the bruises appeared and attempted to talk to him but he stayed quiet.
Rumors appeared when the cuts appeared, the first one was he was suicidal. Then the second one, he's abused. The rumors grew to an extravagant amount that he held that bullies picked him as their targets. One day a new kid moved into town was named _________ ________ with family and when the rumors hit , grew curious about Alexander only to find out he bumped on accident when he wasn't paying attention.

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Alexander chuckled as she finally noticed him being awake. He smiled as he dished out his plate and began eating he had a large plate seemingly enough to fill 3 people once he was done he finally responded, "Yes I'm up and you wouldn't understand fully. Only those that are magical beforehand and born under one can know. You were not born in a magical family sadly so we can't tell you."

The Father smiled as he heard him, "Alexader please follow me!"

Alexander nods and gets up to follow the Father. The mother smiled, "Deary only one in one family is able to keep their magic but they need to deserve it if you can't prove you are liable to have magic then your magic is gone he gets to keep his while Joy loses her's."

The mother chuckled, "Would you like something to drink now?"

She was very nice and caring while the father is harsh and ruthless. The mother poured some tea into her own cup and sipped from it. She knew what Amber was going to do, "I would follow them it would only bring bad luck in the future for him and it's true I had a friend who as followed and with in 20 years after he was killed by a lightning strike!"
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Amber looked at him confusedly as the pain eased away. [+brown [i what exactly are they talking about?]] She hesitated before sitting down like she was asked to do so. [+brown "That trip was not a day worth, more like a day waster,"] Amber said, rolling her eyes. [+brown "And what do you mean by did he choose me? What does that mean?"] Amber glanced at the food, deciding not to eat it at first. She tried to not think about the food but it was too hard for her not to. It was right there in front of her. She couldn't ignore it anymore, she took the first bite out of mashed potatoes. She hadn't realized how hungry she had been until then as she shoveled her food down, not caring about what the others thought of her. Amber barely noticed that Alexander was awake until she was finished. [+brown "Hello Alexander, glad to see your finally awake. Maybe you can help explain all of this stuff to me that I'm having trouble making since of."]
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The chuckled at her defense, "Well, well he's been trialed the other is supposed to be stronger than him and he has to die but when you came around you... You gave him the fight that he needed."

They pointed her the seat, "Take a seat now please."

The female chuckled, "Aw, what gave that away dear?"

They seemed to still be in their worlds not giving each other eye contact. They once again pointed to the seat knowing it has been a long and far journey. They had food and drink on the table waiting for them to eat it. when they noticed that she was in pain they were shocked about something.

The father chuckled, "You know the trip you had is a full day worth, and did he choose you?"

The mother chuckled as she looked at the food, "Well we made this stuff for some reason come and take they are not poisoned and they are fresh."

The smell of the food licked her nose as she stood there and Alexander was slowly waking up. They had four plates and two different glasses, a wine glass, and a normal glass filled with water. The food they had was two nice large hams, Mashed sweet potatoes, normal mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, peas, and a raspberry pie.

Alexander looked up to see his mom and dad and it has seemed he was a different person, "Hi mom what's going on and why am I here?"
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[+maroon "Leave Alexander alone,"] Amber said as if to defend Alexander. [+maroon "No thanks, I'll pass on your drinks or whatever they may actually be."] Amber looked at them confusedly after making her statement, [+brown "and you mean to tell me that you watched your son suffer through all that pain all that time and did nothing to help him?"] Amber continued to look at them, getting angrier by the second. [+maroon "You don't even sound like parents! I mean, who does that to their kid! And why would you choose to transport us here like that? You do know they were planning on keeping me for later,"] Amber was boiling with rage, one little thing could set her off, [+maroon "and I think you know exactly what I mean by that. Why would you erase my memory though? I've learned how to keep a secret the harder way in life."]

Amber looked back at the things she just said and silently laughed, [+maroon "funny because I have parents that did that."] She snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Alexander, [+maroon "plus, I don't want to forget Alexander. He had honestly been one of the best parts of my life so far, despite us only knowing each other for so little time."] Amber was going to continue, but she felt in pain almost everywhere, causing her to wince in pain. [+maroon "I forgot that was one of the side effects. Took it long enough to come around."]
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Alexander was asleep laying next to her and seemed to be very comfortable in it. The truck slowed to the stop and looked at Jack he nods at him and jack understood what he meant.

"Okay, everyone out," He pushing everyone out of the car.

Once he dragged Alexander out of the car, the vehicle drives off leaving them there at a house. Jack dragged him into the building and two people sat at a small round table made for four. Jack had to help the sleeping Alexander onto a chair. They saw her and were surprised

"Wow, I didn't know Alexander was a ladies man I thought he was gay," asked the one to them which was a female.

"Alexander used that as a cover all of the time," The other responded which was a male.

The female sighed, "Well my darling sit we will explain anything you want but first do you need anything to drink?"

The male chuckled, "Deary you're being too soft we only wanted Alexander, not this person we have to talk to our hired later!"

The female chuckled back, "Oh, sweety yes we wanted our son back but we have a guest we might as well treat her nice after all that she has been through even though she is 100 miles away from her house possibly more."

The male sighed, "Fine but I want her memory wiped and whatever Alexander did to her disrupted I don't want to be a grandpa so soon."
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Amber looked at the men angrily when they had placed tape on her mouth. She wasn't even a talker much when it came to danger. If they would've told her to shut up, she would've done it just fine. What is it with everyone and going to one of the extremes without trying anything other than that?

Amber jumped unexpectedly when she heard the gun shot and shivered when she caught the slightest glimpse of the body. [i [+brown How do they act its no big deal?]] Amber thought back to what the argument was about and was slightly uncomfortable by the sudden relief that hit her.

Amber yelped the slightest bit when they ripped off the tape, the pain fading away as quick as it came. Amber was just about to attack just as Alexander did, but once she saw how the driver shot something that made him pass out, she decided against it, thinking about if she should attack the driver. After careful consideration, Amber decided not to since she couldn't take them both out and it could crash the car killing them all.
  Yasmeen Farrow / cookiecookie524 / 138d 16h 23m 6s
The car went quiet when she asked that and the guy to the left tapped her mouth shut. The argument was once again resumed which one was right, kill them or spare them. The driver ended it by killing the left one without looking back. Alexander shrieked when the gun blew getting splattered with blood. The right guy opened the door quickly and threw the body off the vehicle and closed the door.

"There I hated that guy and you guys will know in the meantime. Jack untie them and take off the tape" He threw orders out as the right one did as he was commanded to do without failing a second thought.

"Yes sir" He spoke.

Once the bindings were off, Alexander pinned Jack down and held his fist in the same way but it wasn't even close to the neck of the poor guy. Jack was leaned back with his hands up. The driver shot something and Alexander passed out. He mutters something and continues to drive. Jack stood there not knowing what to do but push Alexander off of him.
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Amber woke up right after Alexander did, and it didn't take her long to realize her glasses weren't on. I didn't mess with her sight, but it worried her. It was the last thing she had from her brother, and they were missing. Amber would've stretched if it weren't for her hands being bounded together with Alexander's. It took Amber a few minutes to remember what had happened to them, looking around the place with scared eyes. Amber glanced over at Alexander and was relieved to see him alive. He might be injured, but he was alive, so that was a start. Amber decided to stay where she was, but she wasn't going to be fake sleeping this time. Amber listened in on a conversation, getting hit with a horrible headache a few minutes into listening to the conversation. Amber continued to listen to the conversation that was happen around her and jumped when one of the men said they wanted to kill them, but was quickly relieved by the next part that was said. [+brown Who told you to do this to us? Was it Joy? My parents?"]
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After 5 hours passed, Alexander woke up with his hands bounded to Amber's and he sighed knowing that these people know how to stop him. He sat there and looked around to see where they were. The truck was still moving as Two muscular guys sat on either side of them, knowing he can't escape he sat there with a large sigh.

"Why can't I get a normal family?" He muttered.

The guy to their left chuckled, "Shut up."

The guy to their right chuckled, "Let him be he had enough trouble for one day."

The male in front chuckled, "Oh, please, yes, let them be when We are done with them they will hate us."

Alexander didn't say anything when the first male told him to be quiet. He knew that they're in a mess that they can't escape with ease.

"You know what I want to kill them instead please?" The left one requested.

"NO!" was the driver's response, "We have strict orders not to kill them but deliver them unharmed and I will have to say we had to knock them out."
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Amber felt like she was doing good with the fake sleep so far. No one hadn't noticed her, [i yet]. Amber knew it was only a matter of time before they did whatever it was they would do to her. To [i them].

Amber tried to stay as calm as she could when they grabbed her. She was able to until one of the men said something about keeping her. [+brown [i Oh god. This is bad. No, its not real, just a sick dream, or even still a joke.]] Amber started to worry about what would happen to her and Alexander. Amber knew what they might have in store for herself, but she didn't have a clue about Alexander. [+brown [i I'm such a fool, why did I not take the opportunity I had? I'm so stupid!]] Amber opened her eyes for a quick second, forgetting about fake sleeping, and was seen by one of the men. The tone they used scared her since she's heard it before, just coming from someone else. [+brown [i I'm starting to think this isn't a joke.]] Amber wasn't able to do anything since seconds after she was noticed, she was accompanied with a fist to the temple, knocking her unconscious.
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The guy was killed instantly before they grab her. They started to pull her out of the bed and drag her out of the house. A husky male was holding Alexander as He was having him pinned.

"That guy was useless anyhow," A male chuckled, "You know if we make it look like we killed them we can keep the darling her for ourselves."

He lifted her head up to see her awake, "Ah playing asleep hu?"

He knew what to do and punched her. He smiled as he attacked her knowing when she seemed dead They will have her for themselves. Once he was done he ordered them to take them to the truck. The others did as ordered and threw them in the back before getting in with them.

The stranger man got into the car and drove off. Joy was smiling evilly as she watched the truck drive off knowing she won't probably see them ever again. She walked into the house shutting the door behind her. She cooked herself something up and ate it. She didn't like it but she would get it someday. Once she was done eating, she headed to bed.
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Amber had a tendency to toss and turn all night when she slept. Even before what had happened. Just a weird thing that she did when she was asleep. Amber had to go through the same memory every single night ever since it happened. Amber went through the same exact thing as she knew she would, not surprised at all.

Amber woke up to noises all around the house. Amber looked to her side the slightest bit and quickly shut her eyes after seeing a few men on the other side Amber hoped to god hoping they didn't see her awake. She had no clue what would happen if they saw her awake or asleep, but she chose the sleep option. [+brown [i Who are they? What are they doing here?]] Amber made sure not to move her eyes around since that would give her away as she went over many questions in her mind. She wanted to see what these guys were up to before doing anything to them. [+brown [i I hope your okay Alexander.]] Amber was scared of what might happen next. Were they going to kidnap her without Alexander knowing they were even here? [+brown [i No, Alexander probably knows about this.]] Amber forced an idea into her head while she was thinking, [+brown [i This is all just a sick joke by someone. Most likely my parents. Or even Joy. These people won't hurt me.]]
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Alexander chuckled at his embarrassment, "Sorry I wasn't looking, Amber."

He laid down and tried to sleep with Evil Alexander trying to keep him up. He finally succeeded around midnight. After all, he was tired of using a lot of his mana. He smiled at the thought that when she wakes up that room is going to be messed up because of her magic bursts.

He later wakes up and heads out to the kitchen to cook food. He cooks up an extremely large omelet and cuts in half one for Amber and one for himself. He eats his and gets ready for school since it is a Thursday. He hears a knock and he goes to answer it. when he opens the door everything goes black.

A guy chuckled, "He's out cold, get the girl now."

two more nods and they start trashing the place just looking for her. When the found her, they reached out to grab her. A guy looks at her and frowns and walking away.

"I can't do it I can't hurt a girl" He walks out of the house.
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Amber began to walk towards his room until he changed his direction towards a different room. [+brown "Maybe you can learn where the rooms in your own house are someday."] Amber nodded at his words to her as she walked into the other room Alexander had been pointing to. Amber didn't even look for anything in the room unless it was a bed. When Amber finally spotted the bed, she smiled, [+brown [i finally, I can get some rest.]]

Amber was already preparing herself for what came next. Preparing herself for the nightmare that she had to face every single night. The nightmare that would haunt her for the rest of her life. [+brown [i Its not even a nightmare, just a memory.]] Amber looked at her clothes and huffed, [+brown [i I guess I just have to sleep in these stupid jeans again.]] Amber expected to be awake for about fifteen minutes to an hour since thats usually how long she stayed up until sleep finally came. Amber got comfortable and fell asleep, surprised at how fast sleep came since sleep never came easily for her.
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He shook his head opening the eyed booking and reading the page, "Nope not right now the spell hadn't finished the process."

"It says nothing about your emotions being affected but I can say is rest in the room there, " he points at his room on accident even though she didn't know it.

He then looks at where he was pointing, "Oh nevermind that room there."

He then points to the right room and walks into his room, "If you need anything just yell out for me."

Once into his room he lays down and falls asleep perfectly calm. Next, think he hears is a dark laugh.

"OH, come on Evil Alexander can't I sleep for once," He growls.

"Nope," Evil Alexander chuckled psychopathically.

Alexander threw his hands up, "No I will not let you kill her."

Evil Alexander chuckled as he appeared behind her, "You know she will be more powerful than you why not?"

He tried to punch him, "Because it's wrong."
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