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I am open to all roleplays and is willing to do anything that you want to throw at me. I can stretch my typing limit that is if I'm on a computer but this is my phone I typed this on so please don't kill me if it is a little short if it's long I will not post on phone but on my computer I would like a patient and willing partner. I'm 15 but I can seem older than what I seem,I am Autistic with ADHD and ADD be warned I can seem more hyperactive if I don't have my coffee or tea. I can be bored to easily and can stop posting for a few days. I do have school so if you guys flood me with too much I will pop please be patient and that is all I ask of you guys. If you are nice I will be nice I will have only exceptions on that part if it's in me. My rules are extremely simple the list is on the bottom

Be nice if doing an OOC chat unless you're mad about something
Be patient I'm slow to type and I have no computer during the weekends
If you want a literate Roleplay the number count is 1000 or more and paragraph is at least 3 in total
You must be able to play with 15-year-old that turns 16 in April 20th if not less
Hate the OC not the Controller
Website rules Apply
[b [i AND HAVE FUN]]

[B [I please send me a PM if you have any questions]]


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