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Are to discuss and chat about the rp


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ahh lol i understand how that is exactly as it is said//
  Sally_Williams / 14d 17h 36m 26s
Skylar is the main force behind team destroy, she always finds a way to get what she wants lol
  MythicMallow / 14d 17h 40m 18s
alright i agree to those characters completely//

they seem cool
  Sally_Williams / 14d 17h 43m 19s
~Team Save~
genos - terrorist
alex - killed for revenge

~Team Destroy~
maddie and max -twins. Cannibals who enjoy torturing their prey
stylar - skylar's best friend. Is scizophrenic.
skylar - seems sweet, do one thing wrong and your done for
  MythicMallow / 14d 17h 44m 35s
Sure, I would like to know the characters for just in cases//
  Sally_Williams / 14d 17h 51m 51s
Would you like to know the other characters, i am planning to use?
  MythicMallow / 14d 17h 52m 54s
Well shes a bit of both being insane but helpful at the same time
  Sally_Williams / 14d 18h 6m 47s
Nice so the new 'resident' is called sayaka. And of course she's inocent and isn't crazy. Are you team destroy or save?
  MythicMallow / 14d 18h 8m 37s
alright so the rp, I want to use my creepypasta character sally williams
  Tsukino_Serina / 14d 18h 12m 26s

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