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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/WFLwq9Z.jpg]] [font roman The fact that Myles actually agreed to her original mock offer actually shocked her a little. She had to literally stop herself from appearing stunned for a second before finally regaining her senses and almost overly enthusiastically nodding in agreement. [#DDB9B9 [b "Okay. Okay, sure."]] She lilted with a pleased smile.

She sort of doubted, in a way, that there was any interest in the subject inside him and secretly wondered about the real reason, but didn't actually say anything or even really indicate that there was further innate curiosity about his interest. There was a little pang of nerves at the sudden handholding - actually more-like a simple gesture of number exchange - and her anxious smile couldn't be stifled by any decent cover-up. This moment made her feel sort of like a giddy teenager again...

His lingering hand made her slightly confused and a bit wary but nothing was said and Jen merely pulled her hand back with a slight grin. She somehow didn't actually expect him to really give her his number, and yet, there were the numbers scribbled onto her hand, already slightly smudged by her movements. [#DDB9B9 [b "Uh. Sure thing... I'll text you my schedule."]] She said with a sanguine smile while grabbing her books and preparing to leave. She wasn't exactly too bothered by the other person moving past and interrupting their moment - actually - there was some deep-seated frustration inside her that almost seemed instinctual. She just mentally shrugged that off as simple irritation and turned to leave.

The announcement reminded her of the upcoming classes she had today - all predicably about the dreaded psychology. About four to five hours of absolutely nothing but a lecture about the separate components of the human psyche all droned on by an overly worked tutor. Jen just knew that she'd be unimaginably bored for the rest of day - the library seemed like her only saving grace...

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/XqF4NOG.png]] Could Myles come to one of the lessons today? He seemed pretty alright for now and the agreement was already made. She had already left and turning back just to ask him seemed almost creepy - in her mind at least. She grabbed her phone from inside her jacket pocket and mulled on the decision before typing the beginnings of her text - which actually took her longer than needed. For some reason, this single text felt incredibly important to the point where she retreated to the sides of the hallway to actually type the message.

[#DDB9B9 [b [i > Guess who. Got classes all day about you know what. Wanna sneakaroo? Easiest would be 13:30.]]]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/qh5eKjA.jpg]] [center [font "Times New Roman"
Watching Jen dissolve into enthusiasm over her major was fun, but then her face fell like she was self conscious about it. She didn't need to be- she was beautiful when she smiled like that. His own face split into a smile, and he nodded emphatically.

[b [#628a66 "Sure. Yeah, that sounds like fun, actually."]] He was no good at psychology, but the way she talked about it made it seem like a genuinely good time. He picked up the coffee he had prepared earlier and took a drink, before setting it back down in favor of a pen. He grabbed her hand then, the one not holding books, and jotted his number down on it.

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[b [#628a66 "Text me sometime."]] he offered, lingering on her hand a second longer than necessary. He let go and sat back again as the morning announcements started. He never paid attention to them in the first place, but they were interrupted by another student with books to check out, moving past Jen to set them on the counter.
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/WFLwq9Z.jpg]] [font roman The discovery almost made her feel really embarrassed with herself. She should've guessed - [i actually] - that would've been a little rude. But... She wouldn't exactly of been unjustified for thinking any of that... [#DDB9B9 [b [i "Jennifer.. Shut up right now, before I make you stab yourself."]]] She had to mentally scold herself for that...

It wasn't unusual, though. Jen had always seen Myles just doing his own thing. There was never any goal or ulterior motive, just him. She always thought that was pretty interesting, and secretly admirable, at least for an outside perspective. She sorta wanted to live aimlessly like that, at least for a few minutes, maybe even an hour... No! She totally didn't watch him at all during high school...

All of those thoughts were soon wrapped up into a rather clumsy smile, one that Jen would try and dismiss with an equally clownish giggle. [#DDB9B9 [b "Oh..."]] Was talking with people really this hard? Jen had spent her entire last night at one big college party and partied with nearly everyone there, and actually interacting with one guy from the same high school as her - the same classes no less - was mission-impossible for her.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/XqF4NOG.png]] [font roman She was probably just hungover. [#DDB9B9 [b "Oh, yeah, totally."]] She seemed generally excited about her major, and then her face dissolved into one of unenthusiasm.

[#DDB9B9 [b "Uh... It's kinda dumb actually. Just some mushy shit about the brain and all that. How not to be depressed, how to confront your feelings. All of that doctor proctor stuff."]] She crossed her arms and shrugged a little.

[#DDB9B9 [b "But I can psychoanalyze everyone I meet now, do all of that spooky and incredibly annoying shit. Kinda cool."]] She seemed pretty proud of herself for that small monologue about her totally nonsensical new skill. It was partially true, though. Nobody could hide their feelings away from Jennifer Adams anymore - as long as they weren't anything relating to love and passion. [#DDB9B9 [b "Could sneak you in one-day. It's... an interesting class, for sure."]] She wasn't sure she actually believed that - any of that. It was mainly just another attempt at being slightly awkwardly funny...
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Of course she would ask that. Why wouldn't she ask that? It only made sense- they had gone to school together and now here he was, same age as her, in the college library. The question made him internally wince though, and he shrugged it off.

[b [#628a66 "Nah, no classes. I'm just working here for now."]] Clerical work wasn't exactly the first thing people would think of when they saw Myles, but it wasn't like he was ashamed of it. There were plenty of worse jobs he could be doing out there. at least he wasn't running drugs.

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[b [#628a66 "I'm gonna guess from the stack of books that you're a psych major."]] that made sense- she had taken the psychology elective in high school and had done pretty well, from what he remembered. Not that he paid super amounts of attention to her or anything, she was just... a really hot, smart girl. Those were rare, especially in a town like Clare.
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/WFLwq9Z.jpg]] [font roman The sound of the library aide's voice seemed to make her actually pay attention, and Jen would finally look up to see whoever was there. He looked incredibly familiar, as if she had seen him somewhere before. She subtly squinted her eyes to get a better look of his features and searched through her own memories to grasp at something that made sense...

She slowly placed a single hand on the stacked books and caught onto her own probably stupid expression, before awkwardly chuckling to herself and shoving the slip into her back pocket. Was this Myles Anderson from high school? She knew him from a few classes they had together back then. He was... memorable enough.

She didn't mind the small talk at all, in all honesty, even if Jen seemed like the type to completely snub him and walk away. A little awkward and slightly spontaneous, but actually quite pleasant nonetheless.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/XqF4NOG.png]] [font roman [#DDB9B9 [b "Uh, yeah. You're Myles... Anderson, right?"]] She answered back, a little unsurely, with whatever was blabbering out of her mouth, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear in an almost insecure fashion. [#DDB9B9 [b "... I remember you. Might've seen you in detention a few times."]] She chuckled - [i fuck], that was a terrible attempt at forced humour. [#DDB9B9 [b "So... What are you doing here? Are you studying anything?"]] She sort of assumed he was already a student here, instead of just a simple curator. After all, this wasn't exactly a common job choice for most people her age... She assumed that much, at least.
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Well fuck. He didn't like being startled, but the sudden thud of the books on the desk admittedly got him. He set down his coffee and looked up at the person who had thrown them down, opening his mouth to say something when he was struck for a moment. He recognized this girl from high school. That was Jen Adams. He blinked his surprise away and picked up the books, scanning them in, along with her card.

[b [#628a66 "Sure."]] he acknowledged her, stacking the books one on top of the other, and sliding them across to her with a slip that said when they should be returned. That should have been the end of the interaction, right? No big deal. She would take the books and leave without a second glance just like it should be. It was too fucking bad his brain never listened to a goddamn word be said.
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[b [#628a66 "You're Jen, right? We had a couple classes together in high school."]] Ah. Unintentional conversation attempts never ended well for him, so he wasn't sure what to say after that, pretending there had been an idea for it in the first place. He kept his expression neutral but friendly, and he bet it looked stupid on him.
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/WFLwq9Z.jpg]] [font roman The blaring sound of an alarm caused the brunette slumbering in her bed to grumble with pure annoyance and exhaustion. Practically crashing her fist down on the clock and kicking herself out of bed, Jen sluggishly reached for her closet and grabbed the first articles of clothing she could find, before slowly moving to her desk and staring at her own reflection in the mirror...

She looked... worn out. Dark circles etched around her eyes and last night's mistakes all there for everyone to see. Jen was never the one for college parties... She went through her usual morning routine, slapping on her foundation and applying enough make-up to make her look half-presentable, and tied her hair into a loose ponytail. This would have to do...

Time to go... She hated leaving her mother behind but college was her own choice and Jen wanted this more than anything in the world. Her mother understood, right? She wasn't particularly sure about that. Whatever - there wasn't enough time to think about any of that.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/XqF4NOG.png]] [font roman She quickly rushed downstairs and grabbed her backpack and essentials for college, before yelling goodbye to her mother and leaving the home completely. There was no time for breakfast or anything like that... That alarm clock was absolutely terrible...

Anywho... Jen was quickly in college - ready to learn and... study. [i Bleh...] She just wanted some sleep... Though, the library was always a nice place to chill out in, before any classes officially started that was. And she needed some books for one of her lessons... Something about the brain? She'd find out soon enough. She entered the library and observed all the arrays of books neatly tucked away in the bookshelves with a slight exhausted sigh... Off to the psychology section...

As soon as she was there, Jen grabbed three books and made her way to the front desk. Hmm... [i Dive Into The Human Mind...], [i The Power of Habit], and [i Stumbling on Happiness...] How pretentious... The titles themselves made her want to vomit... She dropped the books down on the desk - not really taking the time to look up and see who was there - and practically murmured instead of actually speaking... [#ff8080 [b "I'll take these three.."]] Awkwardness or rudeness? Even Jen didn't know...
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College hadn't actually meant much to Myles Anderson. He hadn't been accepted, but he [i did] need work, and leaving town to get it wasn't exactly something he could do. The town was slowly dying, not even the gas station had a position open for someone with no permanent address. A gig as the college library aide was the best he could get. The brunette stood in the mens room, just outside the library wing, and pushed a hand through his hair. It was a little messy, so he put some water on his hands and attempted to smooth it out some, until it looked presentable enough to work. It would dry that way so no one would be able to tell he'd spent yet another night on a couch.

He'd changed earlier, a simple grey t-shirt and a dark pair of jeans, as it was the last clean thing he had. He would make a mental note to hit the laundromat on his lunch, and at least do a couple of his shirts. When he figured he was presentable enough, after giving his teeth a good brush, he picked up his bag and started the routine of opening up the library for the morning. There would be a good hour until any students showed up, but he liked to make sure that everything was in its place.
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As he took his seat, after a quick sweep of the aisles to make sure that everything was still in its place, he stowed his bag under the counter and signed in, flipping on the lights to let the students know it was open. Now it was a matter of time, waiting for them to pour in. He would give this job one thing- it was the easiest fucking gig he'd ever had.
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