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[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b there's a place in the world known as [#cc5500 the forbidden city]]
[tab] [tab] blocked off from the rest of the world after what was
[tab] [tab] [tab] known as the [b war to end all wars], to which a perfect society had been formed
[tab] [tab] [tab][tab] [b [#cc5500 she]] is a young woman who works in a mental institution, tending to those deemed [#cc5500 [I dangerous]]
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab][tab] threats to the [#cc5500 utopia] that had been created
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [b he] is a [#cc5500 patient] in the institution, a homeless person scooped off the streets
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] ran by those known as the [#cc5500 Order], strict on an orderly society
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] but when these two meet, [#cc5500 she] finds herself beginning to question
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] whether they were keeping the world out, or whether the world was keeping them [#cc5500 in]
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[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b •so] this is a magic rp; basically the war ended in a truce. the magic folk were banished to be imprisoned and the use of magic was outlawed.
[center [tab] [tab] [b [#cc5500 the Order]] were magic folk who gave up their magic for money and control of this city: [b [#cc5500 Eisland]]. the people in the institution have powers and are thought of as 'crazy' by society.
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [tab] [tab][b [#cc5500 now your character]] can have magic or maybe had a family member who had magic. either way, essentially she learns of this deceit and breaks him out - from there it becomes cat and mouse - open plot : this is highkey [b [#cc5500 steampunk vibes]] keep in mind
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b •do expect romance] im sorry ;-; ya girl always down for a lil' love
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 •mature themes including: [b violence, cursing, intimacy - timeskipped but briefly explained in writing depending on comfort]
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b •doesn’t matter] how much you write, just give me [i something] to work with and please don’t write more than you have to
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b •don’t copy my posts.] please push the story forward, world build if you can; I understand writer's block but it’s harder for me to construct a post if you literally just rewrote my post and added one piece of dialogue. this story is supposed to flesh out our character's lives and bring realism to their falling in love
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 •[b this is important]: I need someone who takes no longer than 3 days to post. the main reason im making these rps is because i need a distraction. it gets boring not having someone consistent to write with
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b •communicate;] I work full time so i understand having a life and being busy. you don’t have to message me every day, but if I don’t hear from you for a week im just deleting the thread. there's no need to force a story


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Vermont had shrunk some a bit, unused to being that close to someone in quite a while. Well, patients were different. They were so gone in a different world; they had no idea what the idea of [I space] was. He played with the flame like it was a tiny red ball, tossing it rom hands to hand before closing his fist tight, a slight sizzle and stream of some slithering out of his fist. He opened his hand to see the burn, it would fade throughout the day, a dull pain to remind him of his power. He could feel her heart beating quickly, watch as there was a small drip of sweat on her forehead. The room had grown a bit warmer it seemed, and Vermont waved his hand slowly, cooling down finally. Playtime was over though; Maddox was asking the questions that mattered.

“Oh, you don’t know?” He asked with faux surprise. “It’s no wonder as very few actually knew what the Order was up to. All the people knew was that they wanted the war to stop and to bring their country back to what it once was.” He fumbled with the dry meat, knowing he had used a lot of energy and despite the taste, had to finish eating. “So, the magic people and anyone deemed [I unfit] for society were stolen from their home and the homeless from the streets and dumped in her expected to die. Unless, of course you were willing to [I rehabilitate] yourself.” It was ludicrous to say it aloud, but it was the truth and a widespread one.

“It’s usually not one’s place to tell [I another] who they are and why they are the way they are. You have to figure that out for yourself.” Truthfully, Vermont didn’t doubt they had bugged the room, which is why he tried his hardest to mostly work at night. Even if they saw him writing, it wouldn’t come off as anything if he was subtle enough. Vermont stared into Maddox’s eyes, his turning bright – flaming almost with such intensity. “You’ll learn soon enough,” he said. He’d visit her in her dream, it was safer that way and Vermont started to think then, maybe this was his way out.
  vermont / SincerelyLily / 1d 2h 49m 51s
Maddox’s breath caught in her throat. She was sure that her eyes had widened. After all it was not everyday that you casually saw someone create fire in the palm of their hand. Surprisingly she wasn’t scared. She moved closer to the male. “But- how... I mean... how?” She asked slowly and softly.

Something inside her started burning. Almost like all the nerves in her body were firing. A tingling sensation in her fingers. “Vermont, why are you really in here?” She asked him now in arms length from him. Her eyes flicked up from the flame. She was starting to have a feeling that she didn’t know half of what was really going on in this city.

She would be lying if she said she didn’t feel light headed. Feel almost like she was going to pass out when Vermont made the flame appear. She was a relatively logical girl. Unexplainable supernatural things didn’t exist in the world she knew. But she also couldn’t deny there was a pull she felt. A feeling she never had in her life before, that she was complete, no longer missing a part of herself.

“Also you said you hid the words. Why can I see them then?” She hoped the last question didn’t sound obstinate. She meant it at face value. Why could she see them? What did it mean about her?
  Maddox Cole / SoulDreamer / 2d 7h 37m 18s
Vermont had nearly finished his peaches then. He watched Maddox carefully. It was certainly a bit scary to know that she could read it. She couldn’t understand it thought and that comforted him more. Vermont considered that maybe she was unaware of her gift or did she think that he was a bit out there and had played a trick on her. He could tell she was confused as to why he was making a big deal out of her seeing the writing when of course she was not supposed to be able to see it unless she wasn’t human. This meant she couldn’t have known. He sucked the juice of the peaches off his fingers, grabbing a napkin to dry them then. Vermont smirked a little, it was interesting being around someone with so much power unlike the others that were turning into boring drones.

“Well you see, I went through so much trouble to hide it,” he admitted. He looked toward her then. She looked very unique and healthy, he assumed she had a decent and rich family life. Yet she worked at the hospital and she seemed like the type to be doing something a bit different than the medical field. He’d snapped his fingers then, a burning little flame then held in his hands. He wanted to have her reaction then.

He’d be able to tell if her power would kick in and she could save him, or if she’d been hexed as a test to weed him out for not taking his medication. It was risky, but Vermont needed to save his thoughts and keep them hidden.
  vermont / SincerelyLily / 3d 6h 48m 20s
She noted his smile. It seemed sincere. He seemed just as worried as she was. It was endearing in a way. She let her eyes wander the walls. Her head leaned to the side as she tried to figure out how to describe it. “It’s like it’s filled with thoughts. Ideas. And there are different colors sometimes. Blue, black and red ink was used at different times I think.” She smiled looking at it. There was something so familiar about the words. Even though she didn’t quite understand what was written.

“I am not exactly sure what is written I haven’t really tried to read it.” She told him. “There is something that feels familiar about them however. I also feel this hopeful energy surrounding them. Which I know sounds odd.” She laughed her last sentence off a little bit.

She rubbed her arm and looked back at him and away from the words. “Why do you ask?” She asked curiously. It seemed like a weird question to ask. She had eyes, he was almost acting if people usually couldn’t or something.
  Maddox Cole / SoulDreamer / 3d 16h 11m 49s
She wasn’t late, but the energy around her certainly had made Vermont a bit anxious. His eyes darted between her and the wall as he sat up. He knew the previous day must have been a bit different and nerve wrecking or her. He hadn’t meant to act out, but she had caught him by surprise. Maybe it also had something to do with his lack of being to socialize after all he’d been through. She was nervous, he could sense and trying her hardest to be calm as though she would get a repeat of the day before with him. He offered a small smile as he noted the peaches, she had grabbed for him. Today wasn’t a peaches day, he had taking a liking to her offer.

“Thank you,” he said. It was uncommon Afterall for most of the staff to be friendly or go out of their way for the patients. “You didn’t upset me,” he told her as he turned from his breakfast to look at her. He could feel his body growing hot, his eyes looking to the wall and back. “I was just surprised I s’ppose.” He chewed on his bottom lip then. What if this was a test? What if she was sent undercover to weed out those with power – he wondered if it had become obvious that he wasn’t taking his medication.

“What do you see?” He asked her then, bright eyes moving from the red head and back toward the wall. If she did see anything, who was she working for? How had she gone unnoticed?
  vermont / SincerelyLily / 6d 15h 42m 20s
Maddox looked at the door for a second. Her fingers tightening her grip on the tray. She had made she to grab him peaches. He had seemed to enjoy them yesterday. She worried he would still be angry, suspicious almost of her. She was worried those words would burn so brightly in her mind again that she couldn’t think of anything other than those words, and the boy who wrote them.

She sucked in air through her nose and slow released it from her mouth to calm herself down. Then she opened the door slowly. “Hey Vermont. How did you sleep?” She asked entering the room. “Here’s breakfast, I grabbed some peaches. It looked like you liked them.” She pointed to them after she had put the tray down on the table.

She played with a strand of her hair waiting for his reply. “Also I’m sorry I upset you yesterday... I really didn’t mean to. Curiosity got the better of me” she said smiling apologetically at the young man. She thought of her dream again. Vermont’s voice almost reminded her of the voice in the dream.
  Maddox Cole / SoulDreamer / 7d 16h 1m 18s
Vermont hadn’t been able or go to sleep, not until he was positive that he had finished writing everything he remembered, and he collapsed on the bed, a sweaty mess. He sighed out then, laying back on the cool sheets of the bed and closing his eyes. He had. A brief moment of release from pressure, but his head was pounding. He’d not felt this way in. while and knew it was a result of not only just overworking himself, but he was working with someone of great power.

It could have been someone who knew of magic, or maybe one of the patients in the building who somehow managed to hold onto a small shred of power. He knew what it was like for your magic to be drained and Vermont had sworn that would never be him. Luckily, he had always remained low on the radar and his power wasn’t seen as one to be weary of; after all he wasn’t at the top like the Order had been. Like everything in life there were tears and a grading system. Still, he was watched as though he was a rogue warlock; he did know many that took advantage of their magic, but Vermont wasn’t like that: he wasn’t a monster.

Exhaustion soon won him over, when he awoke it was disorienting and he cursed knowing he had adjusted his schedule. He’d taken a shower, grateful that it was early enough that he had some time alone. He couldn’t shake Maddox out of his mind though and as he headed back to his room, he thought about he way she had looked at him. She didn’t seem scared at all and there was something so [I familiar] about her; allowing him to be comfortable around her without even knowing her. It was odd having that feeling with another person considering his condition and even before his isolation, he’d only felt that way with those he met on the street. He frowned then laying on the bed with his hands behind his head as he stared at the ceiling – counting the seconds then until breakfast.
  vermont / SincerelyLily / 12d 20h 24m 16s
She heard his words as she turned to leave. Glancing back she smiled at him. His facial expression seemed to resemble a smile as well. [+crimson "I will."] she then left the room. She headed for the locker room where she changed back into her regular clothes. Her clothes were simple and of neutral tones. In her pant pocket she stuffed a pocket watch. She exited the building finding herself turning back to look at it once more. She found herself wondering again why someone like Vermont was kept there. He didn't seem like he was a danger to society or himself even. Other than the writing on his walls that he seemed to not want to talk about he seemed quite sane as well. Granted she only had met him once.

Her parents wouldn't allow someone to be unjustly kept there right? She started walking towards the tram that would take her home. Still lost in thought. Her mind kept going to those words. They burned bright in her minds eye. Almost like they glowed. They filled her with this energy that she couldn't explain. She stepped onto the tram and tried to just drop the day from her mind. Vermont's body language greatly suggested he was not keen to talk about it with her any time soon. She knew she just had to drop it. Maybe quietly observe to gain insight.

Maddox sat near the window of the tram rubbing her temples. There were more challenges at the institution then she expected. Her fellow coworkers seemed on average dull, angry, perhaps cruel. They acted like the patients were subhuman. And the patients-residents- seemed lifeless at times. She had witnessed one person being restrained as she rambled about something. Maddox thought she heard the woman saying she used to have power. That she would gain her magic back. Seemed like a very odd and specific delusion.

When she got off the tram she made her way to her apartment. She noted officers on duty nearby. It seemed that since the end of the war that security had been doubled. Maddox figured it was the worry that there were still terrorists about. Though they were past that time in Maddox's mind. She laid down in bed letting her mind drift off to sleep. Hopefully tomorrow would be better.

Her dream was blurry. It was a light filled room. There was a muffled male voice calling out to her. She tried to make out the man but as soon as the fuzz started to dissipate she woke up. She blinked awake hearing birds chirp. The dream felt weird.

Maddox pulled herself out of bed and threw on the shower. She pushed away her confusion about the dream and vowed to not ask again about the words. As she finished her shower and went to get dressed for the day. It was on the crowded tram that she tied up her hair this time. One less thing to worry about at work. She hopped off at the stop by her work and made her way in. Barely saying hi to the woman at the desk this time. It seemed like she had breakfast duty again. It would be interesting to see what today would bring.
  Maddox Cole / SoulDreamer / 13d 17h 43m 38s
It was unusual, her behavior and that was the first thing that Maddox noticed. She didn't seem that scared of him and yet, he could tell she seemed to be very apprehensive in her speech and actions, as though she knew he was capable of harmm. Though, wasn't that the thought of anyone walking into an asylum? Vermont was curious why she was lying - though for a moment he considered his powers were weakening and maybe she did see the writing on the wall. Still, she backed down and while that helped in alleviating his worry, it still made him a bit anxious that she brought it up as she was the first of the hospital staff to do so. Vermont hoped he hasn't come off rude. He looked at her then with something he considered a smile.

“Say hello to the moon for me,” he mentioned to her. It was a common saying in the magic world, as the moon was a true symbol of their most powerful moments. Vermont had done his best to keep track of time and somehow he managed to keep track of the supermoon that was coming up. He missed being outside, but knew that it wouldn't be long before he was allowed such pleasure.

Sleep don't come easy, which he wasn't expecting. Though, he was surprised by the dream that played behind closed eyelids - him a blue orb, sucked into a bright red fire creating a flame amongst shadows that sunk into the dark shadows.

The writing on his wall had burst into flames then, the wall radiating heat and t was that warmth to which Vermont woke up to in the middle of the night. He was disoriented then, trying to memorize the burning letters before they evaporated, leaving a pool of ash on the floor. He couldn't sleep after that, hands furiously writing on the wall - was this his step toward freedom? The missing link?
  vermont / SincerelyLily / 23d 17h 53m 36s
Maddox heard the door slam behind her and it sounded like the lock turned. She felt her head twitch to almost look at the door. It was strange. But it had to be the wind right? There was no other explanation that made sense to her other than freak chance of wind and that perhaps they had an autolocking system on the doors. Her eyes met his. They were different. Harder. He didn't have that level of coldness in his eyes when they were strangers but now they were unfeeling.

Something she had said had made him upset. Maddox hadn't meant to do this. Something about the idea of upsetting him made her feel low. [+crimson "The words on the walls."] she said raising her finger slowly pointing at one of the walls. [+crimson "It's all over the-"] she trailed off as his eyes hadn't changed expression. Was it all in her head? Was it something he didn't like talking about?

[+crimson "Forget it. I am sorry I brought it up."] She had just met this man, why did the idea that by asking this simple question she had ruined any further conversation between them cause her stomach to feel so heavy. [+crimson "It's time for me to get ready to end my shift anyways."] she said not letting her voice get meek but stay at her typical tone. Hoping that she still seemed like a relatively confident person to him. [+crimson "Hope you have a good rest of your afternoon and night Vermont"] She made eye contact with him again a sort of sadness passing through her eyes as she looked at him. Then she turned around taking a key to unlock the door that had locked behind her. [+crimson "See you tomorrow."] she said before opening the door.
  Maddox Cole / SoulDreamer / 27d 9h 42m 34s
“Warm,” he said with a smile as he tried to think back to how that felt. He tried not to dwell on it for too long, knowing that soon he wouldn’t have to ask. Soon he would be out of this place and would be able to experience it for himself. He slurped at some of the juice from the peaches before he actually started to eat them. He didn’t really think much of conversation from then, suspecting that she would have left. He was surprised when she was still standing in the room and a part of him felt anxious and wanted to offer her a seat, though there was minimal furniture and his bed was all that was offered. “How long?” He asked with a raised brow. He’d been keeping track with tally marks near his bed. Though after a while it didn’t seem to matter much to him. Vermont frowned then as he had finished his peaches. “I don’t know, maybe about four years?” He’d taken one bite of the sandwich before removing the cheese.

The next words out of her mouth were surprising and a man like Vermont who was so used to routine was not usually surprised. Still, somehow Maddox had seemed to disrupt his day twice now. He turned sharply and the look on his face was cold, eyes alight and the door slamming behind her with force, locking. Her asking wouldn’t have been unusual, [I if] she were to see it. The thing was, he had hexed his writing. The only ones who could see it were magic folk and there was no way they would allow Maddox to have a job at the facility if she were of magick blood.

“What writing?” He asked her, wondering if she would push the inquiry.
  vermont / SincerelyLily / 31d 15h 48m 24s
Maddox entered the room her eyes falling to the walls again quickly. She noted that it seemed there was more writing on the wall now. He scanned his lunch as soon as she had put it down. She noted that it seemed that he liked peaches. She felt the need to make a mental note of it. It was then that she realized he was continuing their small conversation. It hadn't fazed her that he didn't get to have a lot of time outdoors.

There was a sad feeling that washed over her with that thought before she answered. [+crimson "Well today it is warm. Makes your skin feel alive. There is kind of a fog that can be seen a lot. Its light and doesn't block out the sun. I think its because of the transportation."] Her eyes rested on Vermont as she finished her sentence. She noticed that there was a tiredness in his eyes. [+crimson "How long have you been in here...?"] she asked. She figured awhile based on all the writing. The fact that there was different ink colors all around as well.

Maddox listened to his answer then paused for a beat. Then she asked the question that had been burning in the back of her mind. [+crimson "Vermont, I hope you don't mind me asking this but what is all the writing on the wall about?"] she chewed her bottom lip a bit waiting for his response.
  Maddox Cole / SoulDreamer / 32d 12h 45m 47s
Vermont was furiously scribbling on the wall then. The ink from his pen now a startling bright red color, stark in contrast form the black and blue he had originally been using. He’d managed to transpose the ink into being invisible but struggled with the spell so that but worked on humans. He wanted badly to get out of this place. He had no clue where he would go, but had hope that those who managed to get away had found a place to call their own: a new home. Vermont knew that his kind were able to leave clues behind. Not to mention one of the patients had dribbled on and on about a map across the city, a hidden map. Vermont had wanted to get more details, but he’d never saw the man again. It turned out that he had been found dead inside his room, to which he knew had to be a murder and not suicide.

Vermont was pulled from the dark thoughts by the tapping on his door. “Come in,” he said. Though he didn’t have to say come in, still he appreciated Maddox’s care towards manners, and he knew it was her by the light steps she made – almost as though she were floating just a centimeter above ground. He looked over his shoulder then to see she had brought lunch: a ham sandwich, peaches, and chocolate milk. The peaches were his favorite.

He knew he was her last stop and for some reason her presence didn’t make him uncomfortable like the other orderlies did. He opened the package of peaches, licking the spilled juice off his thumb. He was trying to figure her out. Her aura was familiar, and it was kind – unlike the strange push away from others that Vermont dealt with. He decides to entertain her with conversation. “How is it. . . outside?” He asked. They weren’t typically allowed outside; he hadn’t felt the sun’s rays or the brisk cold wind during a winter night in years.
  vermont / SincerelyLily / 32d 17h 34m 50s
As she moved through the rest of her morning she couldn’t help but let her mind drift to Vermont. Not just the way his voice made her feel comfortable, at ease. But also the way that she could almost draw his face in her mind. The edge of his cheekbones and point of his nose. And even beyond him. The walls. What did the words mean? Why had he put them there?

Questions she wanted to ask him rattled around in her mind. When she has come back for the tray. He had been out. Probably taking in some air that didn’t occupy the small box that was his room. So again she couldn’t ask him. She hoped when she finally had the chance that the question didn’t make him uncomfortable.

Most of the other patients she interacted with seemed far off like they were on a different plane of existence. They didn’t look at her much less communicate with her. It felt draining. She found herself chewing her lip as she looked at the time. Counting the minutes till it was time to bring lunch.

Maddox gladly volunteered to bring the lunch to the patients. The orderlies all probably thought she was trying to be over zealous make a good impression. They cared little. Meant more of a break for them. She went through the deliveries in the reverse order that breakfast had been given. Ending on Vermont’s door she let her knuckles tap on it. Only opening the door enough to speak through it. [+crimson “Hello Vermont, I have your lunch. May I come in?”] she asked through the door. Wanting to give him the respect humans deserved she waited to hear his answer. Not barging in like she had this morning. She had felt that it had threw him off guard when she did that.
  Maddox Cole / SoulDreamer / 34d 10h 41m 4s
“Maddox,” he said as he looked up at her before repeating it again several times under his breath. Vermont brushed his hand through his hair then before turning his attention to the meal. It was usually the same each week, each day differed however, and Vermont had come to know what to expect by now. This morning was an egg omelet, sausage, and a very sad looking two stack of pancakes. He drizzled the syrup on it, taking a bite of microwaved eggs. He was surprised that she was still there. Vermont paused in his eating and turned toward her.

“Vermont.” He said to her simply. Most of the orderlies treated them as though they were [I others]. For some, their first times could be intimidating and there were some patients that were a bit wild. They had lost any shred of who they were and what made them: their powers. Vermont could only hope that he would be able to maintain his power – he had plans to break out soon. Where he would go, he had no clue. He knew though that once he escaped if he was found, it wouldn’t be his choice to keep his power and very well it was likely he would lose his life.

His eyes looked toward the wall before looking back to her. He figured maybe she had a trouble looking him in the eye. “Later.” He said simply before turning his back to her and finishing his meal. He was thrown off by her admittedly, shifting in his seat then. She had changed his routine, not being the normal woman who brought his breakfast, but it was something he could get used to.

“Maddox,” he whispered, surprised at how her name flowed off his tongue so easily, his eyes closing. Why did he feel so familiar with her? He’d finished breakfast and had busied himself with a little bit of outside time. It was only so long before he returned to his room. Lunch time was always when things got rowdy and it made it hard for him to think. He huddled in the corner, pulling out his marker to which he always stole from the rec room and began to write on the wall. Something about Maddox had set off a fire in him, and he found himself coming up with new spells.
  vermont / SincerelyLily / 38d 8h 55s

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