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My storage for anything I want it to be used for. Can look if you like, but paws off and NO taking the character or story stuff when that is Saved here. ~Thanks


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Dutybound, honourbound, these were words that four young adults had come to know well all their lives. Two sets of brothers and sisters who had grown up together and had been close all that time hated to hear it. It was a story of don't do this OR don't do that...Well more so for one set of siblings as they were "royals" and had to act in such a manner.

The thing though? They had fallen in love with their so called commonplace friends. Friends who actually had taught them what it meant to live life and to have some fun. That was until one of the young men was sent off to the army and to war and the other was stuck having to learn what it meant to be a prince.

The young ladies didn't want to really be separated in the same sense and knew that they would miss their brothers. Instead of playing by the rules, they ran to a place that was new to both of them and had to start lives fresh.

After three years male A was out of the army and male B was "free" from prince training and somehow ended up in the town/city that the girls had run to. How? Well it turned out that the girls had been keeping into touch with their brothers all through the years and finally it was time to reconnect. Time to see if promises made in their younger years still stood.

The even more ironic part? It was almost Christmas. Will this be the year of Christmas miracles and old flames igniting? Or will it be the year they realise nothing lasts forever?
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Cheshire Cat's Daughter
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Puppet Master;



Buffy Annalise Spinnette










{Loyal || Sarcastic || Sweet || Bitchy || Protective || Standoffish}


"Freak, different, 'black sheep'.." Are all names that could be used to describe Buffy in both her family life and school life. Ever since she was a little girl she was able to change into animals and because of that she was always the outcast. It didn't truly bother her because she liked her own space but that didn't mean she didn't grow lonely and want to know if there were others like her. Other "freaks" to society. So when she was sought out for her "talents", the young woman being disowned and having no one decided why the hell not take up the adventure. Maybe she could finally understand what she thought of as a curse.

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Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser
Brown Hair & Brown Eyes


[b Ally&Jack]



[b Holiday]



[b Emily]


Emily Heather Darcy - Maclain
Em, Emmi, Heather
Red Hair & Green Eyes
British & Scottish
Born June 18 in Bristol, England
Studies both History & Medicine
Older Sister : Danica Helen Darcy - Maclain
Brother-in-law: Christian Alexander Franklin
Niece: Amelia Nichole Franklin
Mother : Mary Lisa Darcy (British)
Father : Oliver Williams Maclain (Scottish)
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[Gamja+Flower [size25 [#be5cf5 Hi there! Yes I know what you're thinking...not another boring search thread. Well I am sorry to say that this is...But! I promise to make this as painless as possible]]]]

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[Gamja+Flower [size40 [#f90120 Don'ts]]]]

[center [b MalexMale]]
[center [b Anime Pictures as a Rule]]
[center [b Too Gorey/Dark]]
[center [b Being EXPECTED to play the male]]
[center [b Furries]]
[center [b Group Rps as a Rule]]
[center [b Rp with anyone under 18]]

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[Gamja+Flower [size40 [#13ec63 Dos]]]]

[center [b MalexFemale & FemalexFemale pairings]]
[center [b Semi-Lit/Literate Rps]]
[center [b Real.Pictures]]
[center [b Definitely brainstorming and creating something we both will love]]
[center [b Willing to try ALMOST anything at least once]]
[center [b OnexOne's]]
[center [b Doubling up on Characters]]
[center [b Partners must be 18 and older]]

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[Gamja+Flower [size25 [#be5cf5 These out on the table, I am looking for THREE more RolePlays . I will say this now... I am slow at posting and do not always have the will to write. But that doesn't mean I have quit our stories. I need partners who are patient, understanding and would be willing to work with me. I ask that you communicate with me and plot with me. I love talking to my partners and hopefully making new friends. I would also appreciate it if you get bored to just tell me and we end things on mutual terms with no hard feelings.]]]]

[center [google-font]
[Gamja+Flower [size25 [#be5cf5 See not hard at all. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully writing together!]]]]
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[b Name:]Kelsey Clarrisa Blakely - MacKenzie
[b Nickname(s):] Kels, Rissa, Claire
[b Gender:] Female
[b Age:] 23
[b Height:] 5'3"
[b Hair and Eye Colour:] Golden Brown /Dirty Blonde / Strawberry Blonde Hair & Blue Eyes
[b Nationality:] British (English) & Scottish
[b Mother:] Mary Elizabeth Blakely
[b Step-Father:] Christopher Daniel Simmons
[b Father:] Angus Bryan MacKenzie (Doctor)
[b Step-Mother:] Ellen Davina MacDonald
[b Siblings:] Karina Estella Blakely - MacKenzie -James , Bryan John Blakely - MacKenzie , Cecily Ann Blakely - MacKenzie
[b Nieces & Nephews:] Rissa , Andrew , Allen , Summer *** Felicity , Evelynn , George , Bryce
[b Occupation:] Photographer & Going for a degree in Medicine
[b Languages Spoken:] English, French, Spanish, German, & Gaelic (Scottish)




Puppet Master:

Rosemarie Elizabeth Reeser

Nick Name{s}:
Em, Esmee, Rose, Marie, Lizzy, Beth, Reese, Amie, Esther, Cloud, Pixie, Kitten, Eliza, Foxy


Spot You Want:
Female Four


Worst Fear/Memory:
Having the disposition that she does, her bubbly and aloofness kind of got her into trouble when she was sixteen. She had been so in love with her boyfriend of the time and had been convinced she would marry him . She trusted Johnny with everything and well that led to one thing and another and she got pregnant. Now she would have LOVED to keep the baby girl, but her momma and daddy had been SO mad at her. It was the first time her daddy beat her and her momma let it happen. And they had been SO disappointed in her. They made her give the baby up saying if she was going to have their help with college and have a life she had to get rid of the child of her now ex . The child would be much happier and better off without her and she would be free to start her life again. She had fought them until the last when her parents went over her head and signed the baby girl away and she had been all but ripped away from Marie.

Family History:
Growing up, Rosemarie was the only daughter of Kenneth and Alexandria Reeser. Apparently she was their miracle child and they loved her more than anything. But there was one problem, her parents were completely overbearing. There were all these rules and they expected her to be the perfect daughter. For a while, Marie tried to be who her momma and daddy wanted from her. She REALLY did but her bubbly and sassy demeanor just was a huge disappointment. Her parents kept trying with her and because of them being the way they were, the older she got, the more she pulled away. And now their relationship is practically nonexistant.

Rosemarie isn't the type of girl who fits the name she was given. She can be calm and collected when it is needed. She can be "mature" and even a "voice of reason" again IF she needs to be. But the real her is playful, sassy, and a girl who likes to have fun. In other words she's the bubbly type who can easily be known as the airhead. Sometimes she has the tendency to be impulsive and follow hers or anothers' idea without thinking it through completely. And her tendency to do that tends to get her ass in trouble. She's typically a sweetheart and fiercely loyal. Truly Miss Pixie would do anything for her friends or someone she cares a lot about.. Her agreeing to Wingfield is knowing what is wanted with the place and wanting to be a part of something bigger than just herself.

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[b Lyla Anne Storm]


Picture Link:

PuppetMaster: SheDevil

Name: Lyla (Ly/Lala) Anne Storm

Age: Eighteen

Spot You Want: Female Two 


Animal: A black and white tuxedo kitten named Ty that she has had for about a year.

What Race Are You: Half Dragon/ Half Fairy

History: Adopted by the Storms when Lyla was just months old, she and Skye had always been very close when growing up. Thick as thieves or connected at the hip were the terms that their parents would use for the two girls. And during that time in her life, Lala could say she honestly felt safe and happy. But all of that changed when her sister entered high school and she did a year later. Skye it seemed wanted to branch out and to do her own thing. And that left Lyla pretty much to fend for herself. Because of her tastes and affinity for mythical creatures, magic, and fantasy Ly was pushed to the outcasts of the school. She was of course able to make some friends but found she missed her sister and so very much preferred her own company and that of her cat once she got him. When being accepted into the Night School, Lyla was excited because it meant she had the chance to regain the lost closeness with her sister. But more than that, it meant she was finally getting a chance to understand herself and who she truly was. And she was getting the chance to meet others who are different just like she is. Her hopes are to be able to make friends with the other students and to be able to save her sister from the darkness she seems to be falling into.


[b George Oliver McDaniels]


Picture Link:

PuppetMaster: SheDevil

Name: George Oliver (Ollie) McDaniels

Age: Twenty-One

Spot You Want: Male Three


Animal: Timber Wolf Puppy named Shadow he has had for about six months

What Race Are You: Half Dream Walker/ Half Black Dog

History: George Oliver (Ollie) McDaniels was far from what one would call normal. He had been different for all his life. His mother and father were even afraid of him and the things that he seemed able to do. Well more like the fact that he seemed to be able to know what they had been dreaming and quite often revealed their secrets. As he got older, Geroge's ability it seemed grew with him and he was able to "walk into dreams" of those outside of his family. Those he tried to tell about his "talent" for lack on better words always challenged him to tell them and when he did became scared and outcasted him as a freak. He also found with the older he got, the more it seemed that those he was around he was able to sense their deaths and when they would be coming. He would try and warn them, but again learned to just quiet himself and to "fall into the shadows". He learned to be seen and not heard. It was when he decided to go to college did he move to a new town and start to date a girl who seemed sweet and openminded. But he kept his "talents" from her. And the two were happy. At least for a while. It was one night did Isabelle hear Ollie talking in his sleep did she confront him in the moment. And he had no choice but to tell her. When he did, she like everyone else deemed him freak and broke up with him. Being broken hearted and having recieved an invitation to something called The Night School, the young man filled out the application. And almost immediately it seemed he was accepted. Ollie finds that he is both excited and nervous to be attending such a school. But he is also relieved to find out that there are others who are considered deviant out there as well. He doesn't know what to expect but is hoping for the best and to possibly make friends and find a place to belong.


[b Bridget Rose Lincoln]


[#e614d2 Speech for Bri]

Picture Link:

PuppetMaster: SheDevil

Name: Bridget (Bri) Lincoln

Age: nineteen

Spot You Want: Female Three


Animal: An albino ferret named Cloud whom she has had for the last six months due to her being a birthday present. 

What Race Are You: Half Angel; Half Siren

History: Bridget Rose Lincoln has been in and out of foster homes for as long as she can remember and has never stayed with one family for long. Each time she was getting comfortable, she noticed that some strange spell or something seemed to grip those she lived with, or they would start to pull away from her claiming there was something wrong with her. And it was because it happened every time she thought she had finally found her true home did she think that all who said that of her were right. Of course she had always thought she was different, but never knew how much different she was until the day she turned nineteen and got this envelope with an explanation of the things that were happening and of a school that could help her learn to gain a grip on what she was and even meet others who like her were different and not human. Upon getting the letter, Bri fills out the form instantly and packs her stuff along with her ferret, Cloud to go to the school. When first meeting Bridget, the young woman can seem a bit cold and distant, but that is due to her past. But for those who stay around and try and get past her surface personality and whom she trusts, she will be true to herself and one of the most loyal of friends. All she hopes for is to be free and to find a place to belong among others like her.
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"Some say I have my head in the clouds and am a hopeless dreamer.."



"The truth? I walk a fine line between fantasy and reality. And that's okay with me.."

Tiffy // 25 // Female // Bisexual // Loved Friend // Hopeless Dreamer // Muse Holder // College Student // Single

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