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___ & ___ agree to participate in an extreme experiment. They will be legally married to a complete stranger. Specialists -- including a spiritualist, a relationship coach, and a sociologist -- use scientific matchmaking methods to determine the couple, who will not have met or had contact with each other until the wedding day.
The series then documents the relationships, including honeymoons and other relatable events of married life. After several weeks, each couple must decide whether to remain together or go their individual ways.

[center Char limit will be 500. I will make this RP twice. Real pictures and I'm lucky w/ it btw]

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Sasha nods. She gets on the shower and takes a long shower. ”Ready?” she asks changing her purse to a mini backpack.

[center [ outfit]]
  Sasha Mari / Simply_Random / 3d 3h 17m 36s
He nodded, "You look good in anything baby." He muttered.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 3d 3h 45m 9s
She walks in to toss out her burrito wrap. Sasha gets on her phone to check her email and work for a few minutes.

When they got to the beach they rented a jet ski. They’ll take turns riding it. She allowed him to go first. An hour later it was time to get a snack before heading to the boardwalk. They got stopped by a few of his fans. Got a on a few rides and got funnel cake to go.

“Are you sure jeans and a shirt is okay?” She asks as they walk back to the hotel.
  Sasha Mari / Simply_Random / 4d 2h 17m 35s
"All of that sounds amazing." He said kissing her
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 4d 2h 34m 22s
”There is. You have a container of French toast, sausage, scrambled eggs, and bacon. Wasn't sure what you like.” she said finally done with her burrito and now drinking her coffee.
  Sasha Mari / Simply_Random / 4d 2h 41m 32s
"I had the bacon you gave me, is there more breakfast?" he asked with a smile.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 4d 2h 47m 0s
”You didn't eat.” she says getting off him to finish eating. She goes wait in the balcony looking at their ocean view.
  Sasha Mari / Simply_Random / 4d 2h 49m 43s
"I just have to find my trunks and we can go sweetheart... thank you for coffee and breakfast. Lunch will be at the venue."
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 4d 2h 53m 37s
”So... That's a yes...” she says grabbing her breakfast burrito. Sasha for him something else. ”Alright, hurry we need to go to the beach before your soundcheck.” she says trailing kisses from his jawline to his neck.
  Sasha Mari / Simply_Random / 4d 3h 5m 14s
He took the piece of bacon and kissed her, "I think you look gorgeous but you'd have the bands jaw's on the floor and they couldn't play."
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 4d 3h 11m 5s
Sasha moves to sit on his lap. ”What about what I'm wearing now? I'm pretty comfortable right now.” she says smiling widely, offering him a piece if bacon.
  Sasha Mari / Simply_Random / 4d 3h 14m 4s
"We will see them at sound check, I'd like to spend time with my wife..... and jeans and a t shirt would be alright baby, anything your comfortable in."
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 4d 3h 30m 40s
Sasha kisses him. ”I need to know what to wear...” she says fixing her bikini bottom. ”Shouldnt you at least go say hi to your people?” she asks eyeing him.
  Sasha Mari / Simply_Random / 5d 3h 15m 31s
"I could get used to being woken up like that." he said kissing her, "Thank you for the coffee and I will come iwth you.... up to you baby but anything you wear will be perfect."
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 5d 3h 17m 54s
She stayed up for the first thirty minutes. The next day she was up, early. Worked out and went to get breakfast. She returns drinking a large latte. “Wakey, wakey.” She says going to the bathroom to put on a bathing suit. “I was told your band is just arrived. I’m going to the pool for a little. Not sure if you want to join me or go see your people.” She says taking her out the breakfast from the bag and sits down to eat. “Should I dress up for your show?” She asks munching on her breakfast burrito.

[ swimsuit]
  Sasha Mari / Simply_Random / 5d 3h 19m 28s

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